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In vivo growth-inhibition of Sarcoma 180 by piplartine and piperine, two alkaloid amides from Piper

Author(s): Bezerra D.P. | Castro F.O. | Alves A.P.N.N. | Pessoa C. | Moraes M.O. | Silveira E.R. | Lima M.A.S. | Elmiro F.J.M. | Costa-Lotufo L.V.
In vitro effects of nanoparticles on renal cells

Author(s): L'Azou Béatrice | Jorly Joana | On Dinhill | Sellier Elisabeth | Moisan Frédéric | Fleury-Feith Jocelyne | Cambar Jean | Brochard Patrick | Ohayon-Courtès Céline
Enhanced antitumor efficacy of cisplatin in combination with HemoHIM in tumor-bearing mice

Author(s): Park Hae-Ran | Ju Eun-Jin | Jo Sung-Kee | Jung Uhee | Kim Sung-Ho | Yee Sung-Tae
Calcineurin inhibitor toxicity in renal allografts: Morphologic clues from protocol biopsies

Author(s): Sharma Alok | Jain Sumeet | Gupta Ruchika | Guleria Sandeep | Agarwal Sanjay | Dinda Amit
Serum neutrophil gelatinase-B associated lipocalin (NGAL) levels in Down’s syndrome patients

Author(s): Dogliotti Giada | Galliera Emanuela | Licastro Federico | Porcellini Elisa | Corsi Massimiliano
Cytotoxicity and oxidative stress induced by different metallic nanoparticles on human kidney cells

Author(s): Pujalté Igor | Passagne Isabelle | Brouillaud Brigitte | Tréguer Mona | Durand Etienne | Ohayon-Courtès Céline | L'Azou Béatrice
Evaluation of Kidney Function in Male New Zealand White Rabbits, Subsequent to a 90 days Exposure to Uranyl Nitrate in the Drinking Water

Author(s): A. Mahmoudzadeh, M.Sc | E. Javadi, Ph.D. | Z. Mohseni, M.Sc. | M. Foroughizadeh, M.D.
A new era of cancer treatment: carbon nanotubes as drug delivery tools

Author(s): Madani SY | Naderi N | Dissanayake O | Tan A | Seifalian AM
Physiological and Histopathological Effects in Catfish (Clarias lazera) Exposed to Dyestuff and Chemical Wastewater

Author(s): A.M. Abdel-Moneim | N.M. Abou Shabana | S.E.M. Khadre | H.H. Abdel-Kader
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