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Numerical Solution of the Heat Accumulator Layer by Means of FEM

Author(s): Pavel Fiala | Ivo Behunek | Eva Kadlecova
Turbulent Flow Measurement in Vortex Settling Basin

Author(s): Jafar Chapokpour | Javad Farhoudi | Ebrahim Amiri Tokaldany
Cross-Sectional Measuring of Optical Beam

Author(s): Tomas David | Jan Latal | Frantisek Hanacek | Petr Koudelka | Jan Vitasek | Petr Siska | Jan Skapa | Vladimir Vasinek
Oxygen exchange and ice melt measured at the ice-water interface by eddy correlation

Author(s): M. H. Long | D. Koopmans | P. Berg | S. Rysgaard | R. N. Glud | D. H. Søgaard
Coupling a new turbulence parametrization to RegCM adds realistic stratocumulus clouds

Author(s): T. A. O'Brien | P. Y. Chuang | L. C. Sloan | I. C. Faloona | D. L. Rossiter
Protective effects of vitamin E on cyclosporineA-induced toxicity in rat testis

Author(s): Hamidreza Sameni | Saeed Haghighi | Mohammadhasan Tabrizi Amjad
Direct Deposition of Micron-Thick Aligned Ceramic TiO2 Nanofibrous Film on FTOs by Double-Needle Electrospinning Using Air-Turbulence Shielded Disc Collector

Author(s): T. Krishnamoorthy | V. Thavasi | V. Akshara | A. Senthil Kumar | D. Pliszka | S. G. Mhaisalkar | S. Ramakrishna
Ocena parametrów turbulencji rytmu zatokowego u dzieci bez organicznej choroby serca

Author(s): Piotr Kędziora | Beata Kierzkowska | Katarzyna Niewiadomska-Jarosik

Author(s): Debasish Nandi | Asit Baran Puri | Indrajit Basak
Global variation of meteor trail plasma turbulence

Author(s): L. P. Dyrud | J. Urbina | J. T. Fentzke | E. Hibbit | J. Hinrichs
The Turbopause experiment: atmospheric stability and turbulent structure spanning the turbopause altitude

Author(s): G. A. Lehmacher | T. D. Scott | M. F. Larsen | S. G. Bilén | C. L. Croskey | J. D. Mitchell | M. Rapp | F.-J. Lübken | R. L. Collins
Modified guidance laws to escape microbursts with turbulence

Author(s): Atilla Dogan | Pierre T. Kabamba
A Second-Order Turbulence Model Based on a Reynolds Stress Approach for Two-Phase Flow—Part I: Adiabatic Cases

Author(s): S. Mimouni | F. Archambeau | M. Boucker | J. Laviéville | C. Morel
A CFD-based analysis of the 14-Bis aircraft aerodynamics and stability

Author(s): Leonardo Ostan Bitencourt | Gregori Pogorzelski | Ramon Morais de Freitas | João Luiz F. Azevedo
Ocena turbulencji rytmu zatokowego w populacji osób zdrowych

Author(s): Sylwia Cebula | Beata ?redniawa | Agata Musialik-Łydka | Jacek Kowalczyk | Radosław Lenarczyk | Oskar Kowalski | Patrycja Pruszkowska-Skrzep | Zbigniew Kalarus
Heart rate turbulence and variability in patients with ventricular arrhythmias

Author(s): Federico Lombardi | Fabrizio Tundo | Abdalrahim Abukwaik | Diego Tarricone
Impact of surface disinfection and sterile draping of furniture on room air quality in a cardiac procedure room with a ventilation and air-conditioning system (extrusion airflow, cleanroom class 1b (DIN 1946-4))

Author(s): Below, Harald | Ryll, Sylvia | Empen, Klaus | Dornquast, Tina | Felix, Stefan | Rosenau, Heike | Kramer, Sebastian | Kramer, Axel
A Molecular Theory of the Onset of Turbulence

Author(s): Amador Muriel | Sergei Novopashin | Jose Perico Esguerra | Edgardo Gutierrez
Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines

Author(s): Jovanovic Zoran S. | Basara Branislav S. | Tomić Miroljub V. | Petrović Velimir S.
Numerical Solution of the Heat Accumulator Layer by Means of FEM

Author(s): Pavel Fiala | Ivo Behunek | Eva Kadlecova
Cross-Sectional Measuring of Optical Beam

Author(s): Tomas David | Jan Latal | Frantisek Hanacek | Petr Koudelka | Jan Vitasek | Petr Siska | Jan Skapa | Vladimir Vasinek
Quasi-geostrophic turbulence and generalized scale invariance, a theoretical reply

Author(s): D. Schertzer | I. Tchiguirinskaia | S. Lovejoy | A. F. Tuck
Measurements and Models of Heat Flux and Plumes from Hydrothermal Discharges Near the Deep Seafloor

Author(s): Daniela Di Iorio | J. William Lavelle | Peter A. Ron | Karen Bemis | Guangyu Xu | Leonid N. Germanovich | Robert P. Lowell | Gence Genc
Turbulence Observations in a Buoyant Hydrothermal Plume on the East Pacific Rise

Author(s): Andreas M. Thurnherr | Louis C. St. Laurent
Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Plumes in the Near-Bottom Boundary Layer at Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge

Author(s): Susan Hautala | H. Paul Johnson | Matthew Pruis | Irene García-Berdeal | Tor Bjorklund
A modified Ekman layer model

Author(s): Jaak Heinloo | Aleksander Toompuu
Dynamic Pressure Fluctuations in Stepped Three-Side Spillway

Author(s): Hamed Taghizadeh | Seyed Ali Akbar Salehi Neyshabour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh
The Numerical Investigation on Vortex Flow Behavior Using FLOW-3D

Author(s): Jafar Chapokpour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh | Javad Farhoudi
Power laws and inverse motion modelling: application to turbulence measurements from satellite images

Author(s): Patrick Héas | Etienne Mémin | Dominique Heitz | Pablo D. Mininni
Tales of the Survivors: The Bumiputera Entrepreneurs’ Experience

Author(s): Suraiya Ishak | Ahmad Raflis Che Omar | Azhar Ahmad
Globalism and Corporate Identity in the Post-crisis Economy

Author(s): Diana Andreia HRISTACHE | Silvia Elena IACOB
Coupling processes and exchange of energy and reactive and non-reactive trace gases at a forest site – results of the EGER experiment

Author(s): T. Foken | F. X. Meixner | E. Falge | C. Zetzsch | A. Serafimovich | A. Bargsten | T. Behrendt | T. Biermann | C. Breuninger | S. Dix | T. Gerken | M. Hunner | L. Lehmann-Pape | K. Hens | G. Jocher | J. Kesselmeier | J. Lüers | J.-C. Mayer | A. Moravek | D. Plake | M. Riederer | F. Rütz | M. Scheibe | L. Siebicke | M. Sörgel | K. Staudt | I. Trebs | A. Tsokankunku | M. Welling | V. Wolff | Z. Zhu
The Influence of Inflow Condition on the Generation of Tumbling Flow Using Detached Eddy Simulation

Author(s): Mhmed Mouqallid | Elhoussin Affad | Mustapha Mahdaoui | Abdelouahad Ait msaad
Scaling laws of diffusion and time intermittency generated by coherent structures in atmospheric turbulence

Author(s): P. Paradisi | R. Cesari | A. Donateo | D. Contini | P. Allegrini
Areal-averaged trace gas emission rates from long-range open-path measurements in stable boundary layer conditions

Author(s): K. Schäfer | R. H. Grant | S. Emeis | A. Raabe | C. von der Heide | H. P. Schmid
Cloud screening and quality control algorithm for star photometer data: assessment with lidar measurements and with all-sky-images

Author(s): D. Pérez-Ramírez | H. Lyamani | F. J. Olmo | D. N. Whiteman | F. Navas-Guzman | L. Alados-Arboledas
Central Arctic atmospheric summer conditions during the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS): contrasting to previous expeditions

Author(s): M. Tjernström | C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. D. Shupe | P. O. G. Persson | J. Sedlar | T. Mauritsen | C. Leck | J. Paatero | M. Szczodrak | C. R. Wheeler
CFD Analysis of Flow through Compressor Cascade

Author(s): K.M.Pandey | S.Chakraborty | K.Deb
Onset of Turbulence in Planar and Circular Pipe

Author(s): L. Jirkovsky | L. Bo-ot
Solid-liquid mass transfer in a Peirce-Smith converter: A physical modelling study

Author(s): Deside Kudzai Chibwe | Guven Akdogan | Jacques Eksteen
From Luzon Strait to Dongsha Plateau: Stages in the Life of an Internal Wave

Author(s): David M. Farmer | Matthew H. Alford | Ren-Chieh Lien | Yiing Jiang Yang | Ming-Huei Chang | Qiang Li
Turbulent Properties of Internal Waves in the South China Sea

Author(s): Louis St. Laurent | Harper Simmons | Tswen Yung Tang | YuHuai Wang
Experimental analysis of turbulence effect in settling velocity of suspended sediments

Author(s): H. Salinas–Tapia | J.A. García–Aragón | C. Díaz–Delgado
Recalibrated turbulence profiles at San Pedro Mártir

Author(s): R. Avila | L. J. Su00E1nchez | I. Cruz-Gonzu00E1lez | E. Carrasco | V. M. Castau00F1o
Aerosols-cloud microphysics-thermodynamics-turbulence: evaluating supersaturation in a marine stratocumulus cloud

Author(s): F. Ditas | R. A. Shaw | H. Siebert | M. Simmel | B. Wehner | A. Wiedensohler
Atmospheric chemistry and physics in the atmosphere of a developed megacity (London): an overview of the REPARTEE experiment and its conclusions

Author(s): R. M. Harrison | M. Dall'Osto | D. C. S. Beddows | A. J. Thorpe | W. J. Bloss | J. D. Allan | H. Coe | J. R. Dorsey | M. Gallagher | C. Martin | J. Whitehead | P. I. Williams | R. L. Jones | J. M. Langridge | A. K. Benton | S. M. Ball | B. Langford | C. N. Hewitt | B. Davison | D. Martin | K. Petersson | S. J. Henshaw | I. R. White | D. E. Shallcross | J. F. Barlow | T. Dunbar | F. Davies | E. Nemitz | G. J. Phillips | C. Helfter | C. F. Di Marco | S. Smith
Aerosol Properties over Ranchi Measured from Aethalometer

Author(s): Manoj Kumar | Kumari Lipi | S Sureshbabu | N C Mahanti
RANS and LES Modeling of the GE10 Burner

Author(s): Valerio Battaglia | Roberto Modi | Vincent Moreu | Vladimir Zimont
Joint RANS/LES Modeling of Flameless Combustion

Author(s): Vladimir L. Zimont | Valerio Battaglia
CFD Simulation of Dilute Gas-Solid Flow in 90oSquare Bend

Author(s): T. A. Mikhail | Walid A. Aissa | S. A. Hassanein | O. Hamdy
A Hyperbolic Eulerian Model for Dilute Two-Phase Suspensions

Author(s): Sarah Hank | Richard Saurel | Olivier Le Metayer
Wind Tunnel at LABINTHAP (Updated)

Author(s): P. Rosas Quiterio | M. Toledo Velázquez | G. Tolentino Eslava | R. Tolentino Eslava | J. Abugaber Francis
Experimental Study for the Determination of the Material Diameter of the Riprap Bed Protection

Author(s): Joongu Kang | Sanghwa Jung | DOongsub Rhee | Hongkoo Yeo
Water Velocity Measurements on a Vertical Barrier Screen at the Bonneville Dam Second Powerhouse

Author(s): James S. Hughes | Z. Daniel Deng | Mark A. Weiland | Jayson J. Martinez | Yong Yuan
Space-Time Codes for Wireless Optical Communications

Author(s): Haas Shane M | Shapiro Jeffrey H | Tarokh Vahid
On the Capacity of FSO Links over Gamma-Gamma Atmospheric Turbulence Channels Using OOK Signaling

Author(s): García-Zambrana Antonio | Castillo-Vázquez Carmen | Castillo-Vázquez Beatriz

Author(s): Rodríguez, E. | De Luca | Meraz, M. | Alvarez-Ramirez, J.
Turbulent Flow Inside and Above a Wind Farm: A Wind-Tunnel Study

Author(s): Leonardo P. Chamorro | Fernando Porté-Agel
Influence of twisted tape turbulence promoter on fouling reduction in microfiltration of milk proteins

Author(s): Popović Svetlana S. | Jovičević Dragica Z. | Đurić Mirjana S. | Milanović Spasenija D. | Tekić Miodrag N.
Lagrangian coherent structures in tropical cyclone intensification

Author(s): B. Rutherford | G. Dangelmayr | M. T. Montgomery
Magnetic reconnection as an element of turbulence

Author(s): S. Servidio | P. Dmitruk | A. Greco | M. Wan | S. Donato | P. A. Cassak | M. A. Shay | V. Carbone | W. H. Matthaeus
On the segregation of chemical species in a clear boundary layer over heterogeneous land surfaces

Author(s): H. G. Ouwersloot | J. Vilà-Guerau de Arellano | C. C. van Heerwaarden | L. N. Ganzeveld | M. C. Krol | J. Lelieveld
Modeling the ascent of sounding balloons: derivation of the vertical air motion

Author(s): A. Gallice | F. G. Wienhold | C. R. Hoyle | F. Immler | T. Peter
Observations of the boundary layer, cloud, and aerosol variability in the southeast Pacific near-coastal marine stratocumulus during VOCALS-REx

Author(s): X. Zheng | B. Albrecht | H. H. Jonsson | D. Khelif | G. Feingold | P. Minnis | K. Ayers | P. Chuang | S. Donaher | D. Rossiter | V. Ghate | J. Ruiz-Plancarte | S. Sun-Mack
Three-dimensional spatial structures of solar wind turbulence from 10 000-km to 100-km scales

Author(s): Y. Narita | K.-H. Glassmeier | M. L. Goldstein | U. Motschmann | F. Sahraoui
ExchanGE processes in mountainous Regions (EGER) – overview of design, methods, and first results

Author(s): T. Foken | F. X. Meixner | E. Falge | C. Zetzsch | A. Serafimovich | A. Bargsten | T. Behrendt | T. Biermann | C. Breuninger | S. Dix | T. Gerken | M. Hunner | L. Lehmann-Pape | K. Hens | G. Jocher | J. Kesselmeier | J. Lüers | J.-C. Mayer | A. Moravek | D. Plake | M. Riederer | F. Rütz | M. Scheibe | L. Siebicke | M. Sörgel | K. Staudt | I. Trebs | A. Tsokankunku | M. Welling | V. Wolff | Z. Zhu
Influence of waves on Lagrangian acceleration in two-dimensional turbulent flows⋆ ⋆⋆ ⋆⋆⋆

Author(s): Nguyen van yen Romain | Kadoch Benjamin | Kumar Vivek | Ménétrier Benjamin | Farge Marie | Schneider Kai | Douady Diane | Guez Lionel
Directional and scale-dependent statistics of quasi-static magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

Author(s): Okamoto Naoya | Yoshimatsu Katsunori | Schneider Kai | Farge Marie
The effect of bowl-in-piston geometry layout on fluid flow pattern

Author(s): Jovanovic Zoran S. | Živanović Zlatomir M. | Šakota Željko B. | Tomić Miroljub V. | Petrović Velimir S.
Influence of upstream flow characteristics on the reattachment phenomenon in shallow cavities

Author(s): Madi Arous Fatima | Mataoui Amina | Bouahmed Zahia

Author(s): Aurel BURCIU
CFD Modeling of Particulate Matter Dispersion from Kerman Cement Plant

Author(s): A. Alizadehdakhel | A. Ghavidel | M. Panahandeh
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