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Effect of an Oxadiazoline and a Lignan on Mycolic Acid Biosynthesis and Ultrastructural Changes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Author(s): Eduard Baquero | Wiston Quiñones | Wellman Ribon | Maria Leonor Caldas | Ladys Sarmiento | Fernando Echeverri
Matrix metalloproteinases in subjects with type 1 diabetes

Author(s): Gharagozlian Sedegheh | Svennevig Katja | Bangstad Hans-Jacob | Winberg Jan-Olof | Kolset Svein
Prostatic stromal microenvironment and experimental diabetes

Author(s): DL Ribeiro | EJ Caldeira | EM Cândido | AJ Manzato | SR Taboga | VH Cagnon
Sequential Ultrastructural Changes of WISH Cells Infected with Encephalomyocarditis Virus

Author(s): Fahad Al-Majhdi | Saud A. Alarifi | Mohammed Mubarak
Unlocking the ultrastructure of colorectal cancer cells in vitro using selective staining

Author(s): Joanna M Biazik, Kristina A Jahn, Yingying Su, Ya-Na Wu, Filip Braet
Antitumor effect of matrine in human hepatoma G2 cells by inducing apoptosis and autophagy

Author(s): Jun-Qiang Zhang, Yu-Min Li, Tao Liu, Wen-Ting He, Ying-Tai Chen, Xiao-Hui Chen, Xun Li, Wen-Ce Zhou, Jian-Feng Yi, Zhi-Jian Ren
Ursodeoxycholic acid treatment improves hepatocyte ultrastructure in rat liver fibrosis

Author(s): Nuket Mas, Ilker Tasci, Bilgin Comert, Ramazan Ocal, Mehmet Refik Mas
Ultrastructural changes in hepatocytes after taurine treatment in CCl induced liver injury

Author(s): Ilker Tasci, Nuket Mas, Mehmet Refik Mas, Murvet Tuncer, Bilgin Comert
Intestinal epithelial dysplasia (tufting enteropathy)

Author(s): Goulet Olivier | Salomon Julie | Ruemmele Frank | de Serres Natacha | Brousse Nicole
Multi-minicore disease: A rare form of myopathy

Author(s): Sharma M | Gulati S | Sarkar C | Jain D | Kalra V | Suri V
Nemaline rod myopathy: A rare form of myopathy

Author(s): Sharma M | Gulati S | Atri S | Seth R | Kalra V | Das T | Sarkar C
Ultrastructure and Development of Anthracoidea Elynae Ustilospores

Author(s): Marcel PARVU | Alina Elena PARVU | Constantin CRACIUN | Lucian BARBU-TUDORAN | Mihai PUSCAS
CNS Genes Implicated in Relapse

Author(s): Kara L. Kuntz-Melcavage | Willard M. Freeman | Kent E. Vrana
Structural and Ultrastructural Analysis of Cerebral Cortex, Cerebellum, and Hypothalamus from Diabetic Rats

Author(s): Juan P. Hernández-Fonseca | Jaimar Rincón | Adriana Pedreañez | Ninoska Viera | José L. Arcaya | Edgardo Carrizo | Jesús Mosquera
Ultrastructural developments during spermiogenesis in goat (Capra Hircus).

Author(s): Rajnesh Kumar Sharma | Jitender Kumar Bhardwaj | Neelam Ahlawat
Immunolocalization of ricin accumulation during castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) seed development

Author(s): Aisy Botega Baldoni | Ana Cláudia Guerra Araújo | Mayara Holanda de Carvalho | Ana Cristina M. M. Gomes | Francisco J. L. Aragao
Total salvianolic acid improves ischemia-reperfusion-induced microcirculatory disturbance in rat mesentery

Author(s): Ming-Xia Wang, Yu-Ying Liu, Bai-He Hu, Xiao-Hong Wei, Xin Chang, Kai Sun, Jing-Yu Fan, Fu-Long Liao, Chuan-She Wang, Jun Zheng, Jing-Yan Han
Tissue remodeling: a mating-induced differentiation program for the Drosophila oviduct

Author(s): Kapelnikov Anat | Rivlin Patricia | Hoy Ronald | Heifetz Yael
Developmental competence and ultrastructural changes of heat-stressed mouse early blastocysts produced in vitro

Author(s): Pingping QU | Wenru TIAN | Zhongling JIANG | Shansong GAO | Tao LI | Zhongjie TIAN | Mingzhi WANG
Growth inhibition and ultrastructural alterations induced by Δ24(25)-sterol methyltransferase inhibitors in Candida spp. isolates, including non-albicans organisms

Author(s): Ishida Kelly | Rodrigues Juliany | Ribeiro Marcos | Vila Taíssa | de Souza Wanderley | Urbina Julio | Nakamura Celso | Rozental Sonia
Histopathological effects of cisplatin, doxorubicin and 5-flurouracil (5-FU) on the liver of male albino rats

Author(s): Hassan I El-Sayyad, Mohamed F Ismail, F M Shalaby, RF Abou-El-Magd, Rajiv L Gaur, Augusta Fernando, Madhwa HG Raj, Allal Ouhtit
The role of phosphodiesterase 3 in endotoxin-induced acute kidney injury

Author(s): Choi Won-Il | Kwon Kun Young | Seo Jeong Wook | Beagle John | Quinn Deborah | Hales Charles
Response of Halimeda to ocean acidification: field and laboratory evidence

Author(s): L. L. Robbins | P. O. Knorr | P. Hallock
The Ultrastructural Analyses of Meniscus Histology in Osteoarthritic Knees

Author(s): Alper Kaya | Sibel Serin Kılıçoğlu | Berk Güçlü | Esra Erdemli | İsmet Teoman Benli
Melanin is an essential component for the integrity of the cell wall of Aspergillus fumigatus conidia

Author(s): Pihet Marc | Vandeputte Patrick | Tronchin Guy | Renier Gilles | Saulnier Patrick | Georgeault Sonia | Mallet Romain | Chabasse Dominique | Symoens Françoise | Bouchara Jean-Philippe
Nuclear bodies domain changes with microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis

Author(s): JM Seguí-Simarro | I Bárány | R Suárez | B Fadón | PS Testillano | MC Risueño
Daytime food restriction alters liver glycogen, triacylglycerols, and cell size. A histochemical, morphometric, and ultrastructural study

Author(s): Díaz-Muñoz Mauricio | Vázquez-Martínez Olivia | Báez-Ruiz Adrián | Martínez-Cabrera Gema | Soto-Abraham María | Ávila-Casado María | Larriva-Sahd Jorge
Effects of vitrification on nuclear maturation, ultrastructural changes and gene expression of canine oocytes

Author(s): Turathum Bongkoch | Saikhun Kulnasan | Sangsuwan Parisatcha | Kitiyanant Yindee
Histological and Ultrastructural Changes Induced by Two Carbamate Molluscicides on the Digestive Gland of Eobania vermiculata

Author(s): Sherifa S. Hamed | Nabila E. Abdelmeguied | Amina E. Essawy | Mohamed A. Radwan | Amira E. Hegazy
The Effects of Clomiphene Citrate Administration in Ovariectomised Rats: An Ultrastructural Study

Author(s): Berna Guney Saruhan | M. Aydin Ketani | Yusuf Nergiz | Celal Ilgaz | Murat Akkus | Sennur Ketani
Morphological Features of Normal Human Skeletal Muscle in Different Age Groups: A Histological and Ultrastructural Study

Author(s): Raesa A. Mohamed | Hoda M. El Aasar | Lobna A. Mohamed | Amal M. Abbas
Chloroquine-Induced Retinopathy in the Rat. Immunohistochemical and Ultrastructural Study

Author(s): Dina H. Abdel Kader | Safinaz Salah El Din Sayed | Tarek A. El-Ghamrawy
Ultrastructural Changes in Hepatopancreas of Palaemon serratus, Following Treatment with Petroleum Carcinogenic Compounds

Author(s): Nabila E. Abdelmeguid | Hassan E. Awad | Ahmed M. Ibrahim | Nabiha A. Yousef
Ophthalmological findings in series of incontinentia pigmenti patients from Serbia

Author(s): Minić Snežana | Novotny Gerd E.K. | Stefanović Ivan | Obradović Miljana | Trpinac Dušan
Liver atrophy following portacaval shunt in normal rats: A morphologic and ultrastructural study

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Todorović Vera N. | Boričić Ivan V. | Šikić Branka
Gastrin (g) and enterochromaffin: Like (ecl) cells in the stomach of portocaval-shunted rats: Radioimmunological, immunocytochemical and ultrastructural study

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Todorovoć Vera | Nikolić Ivan | Petakov Marijana D. | Šikić Branka | Vučević Danijela
Ultrastructural and biochemical changes in the turkeys liver after the chronic cadmium exposure

Author(s): Holovská Katarína | Cigánková Viera | Almášiová Viera | Sobeková Anna | Nad Pavel | Skalická Magdaléna
Changes in Botrytis cinerea Conidia Caused by Berberis vulgaris Extract

Author(s): Marcel PARVU | Alina Elena PARVU | Constantin CRACIUN | Lucian BARBU-TUDORAN | Laurian VLASE | Mircea TAMAS | Oana ROSCA-CASIAN | Ovidiu PERSECA | Ana-Maria MOLNAR
Tooth macromorphological and ultrastructural analysis of osteological material from the medieval locality of St. Panteleimon Church in Niš

Author(s): Mitić Nadica | Mitić Aleksandar | Mitić Vladimir | Savić Vojin | Nikolić Marija
Immunolocalization of ricin accumulation during castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) seed development

Author(s): Aisy Botega Baldoni | Ana Cláudia Guerra Araújo | Mayara Holanda de Carvalho | Ana Cristina M. M. Gomes | Francisco J. L. Aragao
Ultrastructural Change of Cerebellum in Exposed Rats to 3mT Electromagnetic Field

Author(s): Allahvaysi Ozra | Solaeymani-Rad Jafar | Lida Moradi | Ghasem Saki
Protective Effect of Silymarin on Cisplatin-induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats

Author(s): Nabila E. Abdelmeguid | Hania N. Chmaisse | Noura S. Abou Zeinab
Murine model for congenital CMV infection and hearing impairment

Author(s): Juanjuan Chen | Yan Feng | Li Chen | Haizhi Liu | Ling Wang | Xinrong Wang | Juan Xiao | Tao Liu | Zongzhi Yin | Suhua Chen
Absence of IFNγ expression induces neuronal degeneration in the spinal cord of adult mice

Author(s): Victório Sheila | Havton Leif | Oliveira Alexandre
Disruption of colonic barrier function and induction of mediator release by strains of Campylobacter jejuni that invade epithelial cells

Author(s): Johannes Beltinger, Jo del Buono, Maeve M Skelly, John Thornley, Robin C Spiller, William A Stack, Christopher J Hawkey
Effects of fluoxetine on mast cell morphology and protease-1 expression in gastric antrum in a rat model of depression

Author(s): Zhen-Hua Chen, Ling Xiao, Ji-Hong Chen, He-Shen Luo, Gao-Hua Wang, Yong-Lan Huang, Xiao-Ping Wang
Immunohistochemical localization of glutathione S-transferase-pi in human colorectal polyps

Author(s): Eleni Gaitanarou, Eleni Seretis, Dimitrios Xinopoulos, Emmanuel Paraskevas, Niki Arnoyiannaki, Irene Voloudakis-Baltatzis
Rationale and design of a proof-of-concept trial investigating the effect of uninterrupted perioperative (par)enteral nutrition on amino acid profile, cardiomyocytes structure, and cardiac perfusion and metabolism of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting

Author(s): Visser Marlieke | Davids Mariska | Verberne Hein | Kok Wouter | Niessen Hans | van Venrooij Lenny | Cocchieri Riccardo | Wisselink Willem | de Mol Bas | van Leeuwen Paul
Induction of apoptosis in rat peripheral blood lymphocytes by the anticancer drug CI-994 (acetyldinaline)

Author(s): Graziano Michael J. | Spoon Teresa A. | Cockrell Erin A. | Rowse Paul E. | Gonzales Andrea J.
Behaviour of moderately differentiated osteoblast-like cells cultured in contact with bioactive glasses

Author(s): Hattar S. | Berdal A. | Asselin A. | Loty S. | Greenspan D. C. | Sautier J-M.
Plasmodium yoelii 17XL infection up-regulates RANTES, CCR1, CCR3 and CCR5 expression, and induces ultrastructural changes in the cerebellum

Author(s): Sarfo Bismark | Armah Henry | Irune Ikovwaiza | Adjei Andrew | Olver Christine | Singh Shailesh | Lillard James | Stiles Jonathan
Haematopoietic development and immunological function in the absence of cathepsin D

Author(s): Tulone Calogero | Uchiyama Yasuo | Novelli Marco | Grosvenor Nicholas | Saftig Paul | Chain Benjamin
Dynamic remodelling of synapses can occur in the absence of the parent cell body

Author(s): Bettini Natalia | Moores Thomas | Baxter Becki | Deuchars Jim | Parson Simon
Altered expression pattern of integrin alphavbeta3 correlates with actin cytoskeleton in primary cultures of human breast cancer

Author(s): Havaki Sophia | Kouloukoussa Mirsini | Amawi Kawther | Drosos Yiannis | Arvanitis Leonidas | Goutas Nikos | Vlachodimitropoulos Dimitrios | Vassilaros Stamatis | Katsantoni Eleni | Voloudakis-Baltatzis Irene | Aleporou-Marinou Vassiliki | Kittas Christos | Marinos Evangelos
Electrical transthoracic discharges in albine rats: ultrastructural changes in atrial myocardium

Author(s): Celso Ferreira | Japy Angelini de Oliveira Filho | Marcelo Ferreira | Cristofer André Caous | Celso Ferreira Filho | Adriano Meneghini
Hairy cell leukemia: Clinical, pathological and ultrastructural findings in Asian-Indians

Author(s): Chatterjee T | Panigrahi I | Mahapatra M | Pati H | Kumar R | Naithani R | Wadhwa S | Choudhry V | Saxena R
Displayed correlation between gene expression profiles and submicroscopic alterations in response to cetuximab, gefitinib and EGF in human colon cancer cell lines

Author(s): Solmi Rossella | Lauriola Mattia | Francesconi Mirko | Martini Désirée | Voltattorni Manuela | Ceccarelli Claudio | Ugolini Giampaolo | Rosati Giancarlo | Zanotti Simone | Montroni Isacco | Mattei Gabriella | Taffurelli Mario | Santini Donatella | Pezzetti Furio | Ruggeri Alessandro | Castellani Gastone | Guidotti Lia | Coppola Domenico | Strippoli Pierluigi
Diurnal rhythms of pinealocyte ultrastructure, pineal serotonin content and plasma melatonin level in the domestic pig.

Author(s): Bogdan Lewczuk | Marcin Nowicki | Magdalena Prusik | Barbara Przybylska-Gornowicz
Ultrastructural features of supraspinal muscles in rabbits after long-term transcutaneous lateral electrical surface stimulation (LESS)

Author(s): Ireneusz M. Kowalski | Józef Szarek | Izabella Babińska | Joanna Wojtkiewicz | Anna Andrzejewska | Joanna Lipińska | Mariusz Majewski
Alteration of parafollicular (C) cells activity in the experimental model of hypothyroidism in rats.

Author(s): Robert Lukasz Zbucki | Maria Malgorzata Winnicka | Boguslaw Sawicki | Beata Szynaka | Anna Andrzejewska | Zbigniew Puchalski
Ultrastructural changes in the developing chicken cornea following caffeine administration.

Author(s): Kujawa-Hadryś Monika | Tosik Dariusz | Bartel Hieronim
Effects of excess vitamin B6 intake on cerebral cortex neurons in rat: an ultrastructural study

Author(s): Ramazan Demir | Goksemin Acar | Gamze Tanriover | Yasemin Seval | Umit Ali Kayisli | Aysel Agar
Biochemical and ultrastructural changes in the liver of European perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in response to cyanobacterial bloom in the Gruža reservoir

Author(s): Perendija Branka R. | Despotović Svetlana G. | Radovanović Tijana B. | Gavrić Jelena P. | Mitić Borković Slavica S. | Pavlović S.Z. | Ognjanović Branka I. | Simić Snežana B. | Pajović Snežana B. | Saičić Zorica S.
Cadmium influences the 5-Fluorouracil cytotoxic effects on breast cancer cells

Author(s): Y. Asara | J. A. Marchal | P. Bandiera | V. Mazzarello | L. G. Delogu | M. A. Sotgiu | A. Montella | R. Madeddu
The Effect of Diazoxide on Ultrastructural Changes Following Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury of Rat Brain

Author(s): Mehdi Mehdizadeh | Majid Katebi | Mansoure Soleimani | Mohammad Hassan Farahani Pad | Ali Hoseini Tehrani | Mohammad Taghi Joghataei
Novel microfilaricidal activity of nanosilver

Author(s): Singh SK | Goswami K | Sharma RD | Reddy MVR | Dash D
Tapetum development in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants with modlfied level of histone H1 variants

Author(s): Joanna Ślusarczyk | Teresa Tykarska | Andrzej Wierzbicki | Andrzej Jerzmanowski
Ultrastructure of the Interstitial Tissue in the Testis of the Egyptian Dromedary Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): M. I. Abd-Elaziz, A. M. Kassem, D. M. Zaghloul*, A. E. Derbalah and M. H. Bolefa
Endothelial cell apoptosis in brown adipose tissue of rats induced by hyperinsulinaemia: the possible role of TNF-α

Author(s): M. Markelic | K. Velickovic | I. Golic | V. Otasevic | A. Stancic | A. Jankovic | M. Vucetic | B. Buzadzic | B. Korac | A. Korac
4-Acetoxydolastane Diterpene from the Brazilian Brown Alga Canistrocarpus cervicornis as Antileishmanial Agent

Author(s): Adriana Oliveira dos Santos | Elizandra Aparecida Britta | Everson Miguel Bianco | Tania Ueda-Nakamura | Benedito Prado Dias Filho | Renato Crespo Pereira | Celso Vataru Nakamura
Cellulose Isolation Methodology for NMR Analysis of Cellulose Ultrastructure

Author(s): Marcus B. Foston | Chistopher A. Hubbell | Art J. Ragauskas

Author(s): A. Modjtabai | M.A. Hairstone | H. Tabatabai | H. Achtianipour
The Ultrastructural Study of Oocyte and Zona Pellucida in Ovarian Follicles of Untreated and Metformin-Treated Diabetic Rats Subsequent to Induction of Experimental Diabetes

Author(s): Pouya Pournaghi D.V.M. | Rajabali Sadrkhanlou Ph.D. | Shapour Hasanzadeh Ph.D. | Amirabbas Farshid Ph.D.
Cultured myoblasts from patients affected by myotonic dystrophy type 2 exhibit senescence-related features: ultrastructural evidence

Author(s): M. Malatesta | M. Giagnacovo | L.V. Renna | R. Cardani | G. Meola | C. Pellicciari
Effect of benzene extract of Ocimum sanctum leaves on cauda epididymal spermatozoa of rats

Author(s): Mukhtar Ahmed | Nazeer Ahamed | Ravindranath H Aladakatti | Mukhtar Ahmed G Ghodesawar
Investigations of hippocampal astrocytes in lipopolysaccharide-preconditioned rats in the pilocarpine model of epilepsy

Author(s): Jadwiga Jaworska-Adamu | Mirosława Dmowska | Regina Cybulska | Aleksandra Krawczyk | Bożena Pawlikowska-Pawlęga
Structural and ultrastructural study of Capsicum annuum leaves after treatment with Uncaria tomentosa bark extracts

Author(s): Teresa Tykarska | Krzysztof Gulewicz | Alicja Zobel | Julita Augustynowicz | Katarzyna Żurowska | Mieczysław Kuraś
Influence of change in the proportion of H1 histone variants on microsporogenesis and development of male gametophyte in transgenic plants of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Author(s): Joanna Ślusarczyk | Andrzej Wierzbicki | Marcin Przewłoka | Teresa Tykarska | Andrzej Jerzmanowski | Mieczysław Kuraś
Multimodal assessment of painful peripheral neuropathy induced by chronic oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in mice

Author(s): Renn Cynthia | Carozzi Valentina | Rhee Peter | Gallop Danisha | Dorsey Susan | Cavaletti Guido
Neuromuscular abnormality and autonomic dysfunction in patients with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis

Author(s): Chen Shu-Fang | Tsai Nai-Wen | Chang Chung-Chih | Lu Cheng-Hsien | Huang Chi-Ren | Chuang Yao-Chung | Chang Wen-Neng
Ultrastructural changes of the intracellular surfactant pool in a rat model of lung transplantation-related events

Author(s): Knudsen Lars | Waizy Hazibullah | Fehrenbach Heinz | Richter Joachim | Wahlers Thorsten | Wittwer Thorsten | Ochs Matthias
Zoledronic acid inhibits vasculogenic mimicry in murine osteosarcoma cell line in vitro

Author(s): Fu Dehao | He Xianfeng | Yang Shuhua | Xu Weihua | Lin Tao | Feng Xiaobo
Ultrastructural Alterations in the Epidermis of Patients with Tinea Pedis

Author(s): Yurdagül Canberk | Bülent Ahıshalı | Funda Durmaz Onar | Ebru Karabulut
The Effect of Citrullus colocynthis Pulp Extract on the Liver of Diabetic Rats a Light and Scanning Electron Microscopic Study

Author(s): Mohammad Khalil | Gamal Mohamed | Mohammad Dallak | Fahaid Al-Hashem | Hussein Sakr | Refaat A. Eid | Mohamed A. Adly | Mahmoud Al-Khateeb | Saleh Banihani | Zuhair Hassan | Nabil Bashir
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