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Fuzzy Clustering: An Approachfor Mining Usage Profilesfrom Web

Author(s): Ms.Archana N. Boob | Prof. D. M. Dakhane
J-A Hysteresis Model Parameters Estimation using GA

Author(s): Bogomir Zidaric | Damijan Miljavec
The Errors Caused by Test Site Configuration at the Radiated Emission Measurement

Author(s): Miki Bittera | Josef Hallon | Karol Kovac | Imrich Szolik
E-model MOS Estimate Improvement through Jitter Buffer Packet Loss Modelling

Author(s): Adrian Kovac | Michal Halas | Milos Orgon | Miroslav Voznak
Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Imaging Reports

Author(s): Mahtab Karami | Reza Safdari | Soheila Refahi
Peran Kondisi Pemangku Kepentingan Dalam Keberhasilan Proyek

Author(s): Herry Pintardi Chandra | Indarto . | I Putu Artama Wiguna | Peter Kaming
The use of Grey System Theory in predicting the road traffic accident in Fars province in Iran

Author(s): Ali Mohammadi | leyla Moradi | Ahmad Talebnejad | Abdolreza Nadaf
Application of Probabilistic Analysis in Finite Element Modeling of Prestressed Inverted T-Beam with Web Openings

Author(s): Tie Ming | Cheng Hock Tian | Zahrizan bin Zakaria | Ideris bin Zakaria
Effect of primary organic sea spray emissions on cloud condensation nuclei concentrations

Author(s): D. M. Westervelt | R. H. Moore | A. Nenes | P. J. Adams
Attribution and evolution of ozone from Asian wild fires using satellite and aircraft measurements during the ARCTAS campaign

Author(s): R. Dupont | B. Pierce | J. Worden | J. Hair | M. Fenn | P. Hamer | M. Natarajan | T. Schaack | A. Lenzen | E. Apel | J. Dibb | G. Diskin | G. Huey | A. Weinheimer | Y. Kondo | D. Knapp
Constraining the CO2 budget of the corn belt: exploring uncertainties from the assumptions in a mesoscale inverse system

Author(s): T. Lauvaux | A. E. Schuh | M. Uliasz | S. Richardson | N. Miles | A. E. Andrews | C. Sweeney | L. I. Diaz | D. Martins | P. B. Shepson | K. J. Davis
Combining Bayesian methods and aircraft observations to constrain the HO. + NO2 reaction rate

Author(s): B. H. Henderson | R. W. Pinder | J. Crooks | R. C. Cohen | A. G. Carlton | H. O. T. Pye | W. Vizuete
The scale problem in quantifying aerosol indirect effects

Author(s): A. McComiskey | G. Feingold
Mapping tropical forest biomass with radar and spaceborne LiDAR in Lopé National Park, Gabon: overcoming problems of high biomass and persistent cloud

Author(s): E. T. A. Mitchard | S. S. Saatchi | L. J. T. White | K. A. Abernethy | K. J. Jeffery | S. L. Lewis | M. Collins | M. A. Lefsky | M. E. Leal | I. H. Woodhouse | P. Meir
Land use change and the impact on greenhouse gas exchange in north Australian savanna soils

Author(s): S. P. P. Grover | S. J. Livesley | L. B. Hutley | H. Jamali | B. Fest | J. Beringer | K. Butterbach-Bahl | S. K. Arndt
Modelling water provision as an ecosystem service in a large East African river basin

Author(s): B. Notter | H. Hurni | U. Wiesmann | K. C. Abbaspour
Calibration of column-averaged CH4 over European TCCON FTS sites with airborne in-situ measurements

Author(s): M. C. Geibel | J. Messerschmidt | C. Gerbig | T. Blumenstock | F. Hase | O. Kolle | J. V. Lavrič | J. Notholt | M. Palm | M. Rettinger | M. Schmidt | R. Sussmann | T. Warneke | D. G. Feist
Simulation of solar-cycle response in tropical total column ozone using SORCE irradiance

Author(s): K.-F. Li | X. Jiang | M.-C. Liang | Y. L. Yung
Sulfur isotope fractionation during heterogeneous oxidation of SO2 on mineral dust

Author(s): E. Harris | B. Sinha | S. Foley | J. N. Crowley | S. Borrmann | P. Hoppe
Development and chamber evaluation of the MCM v3.2 degradation scheme for β-caryophyllene

Author(s): M. E. Jenkin | K. P. Wyche | C. J. Evans | T. Carr | P. S. Monks | M. R. Alfarra | M. H. Barley | G. B. McFiggans | J. C. Young | A. R. Rickard
Technical Notes: Calibration and validation of geophysical observation models

Author(s): M. S. Salama | R. Van der Velde | H. J. van der Woerd | J. C. Kromkamp | C. J. M. Philippart | A. T. Joseph | P. E. O'Neill | R. H. Lang | T. Gish | P. J. Werdell | Z. Su
Chapter G2 Carbon emissions from land use and land-cover change

Author(s): R. A. Houghton | G. R. van der Werf | R. S. DeFries | M. C. Hansen | J. I. House | C. Le Quéré | J. Pongratz | N. Ramankutty
On the uncertainty of phenological responses to climate change and its implication for terrestrial biosphere models

Author(s): M. Migliavacca | O. Sonnentag | T. F. Keenan | A. Cescatti | J. O'Keefe | A. D. Richardson
A synthesis of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fuel combustion

Author(s): R. J. Andres | T. A. Boden | F.-M. Bréon | P. Ciais | S. Davis | D. Erickson | J. S. Gregg | A. Jacobson | G. Marland | J. Miller | T. Oda | J. G. J. Olivier | M. R. Raupach | P. Rayner | K. Treanton
Contrasting trends in hydrologic extremes for two sub-arctic catchments in northern Sweden − does glacier melt matter?

Author(s): H. E. Dahlke | S. W. Lyon | J. R. Stedinger | G. Rosqvist | P. Jansson
Flowing with the changing needs of hydrogeology instruction

Author(s): T. Gleeson | D. M. Allen | G. Ferguson
Assessing the impact of uncertainty on flood risk estimates with reliability analysis using 1-D and 2-D hydraulic models

Author(s): L. Altarejos-García | M. L. Martínez-Chenoll | I. Escuder-Bueno | A. Serrano-Lombillo
Atlantic transport variability at 25° N in six hydrographic sections

Author(s): C. P. Atkinson | H. L. Bryden | S. A. Cunningham | B. A. King
Risk Analysis for Critical Infrastructures Using Fuzzy TOPSIS

Author(s): Morteza Yazdani | Ali Alidoosti | Mohammad Hossein Basiri

Building Climate Resilience in the Blue Nile/Abay Highlands: A Framework for Action

Author(s): Belay Simane | Benjamin F. Zaitchik | Desalegn Mesfin
Stochastic Electric Power Generation Unit Commitment in Deregulated Power Market Environment

Author(s): F. Gharehdaghi | H. Jamali | M. Deysi | A. Khalili

Author(s): Dragoi Ionut | David Marcel | Boldea Monica

Author(s): Rodrigo Menon Simões Moita | Alexandre Guerra
Error Estimation for the Linearized Auto-Localization Algorithm

Author(s): Jorge Guevara | Antonio R. Jiménez | Jose Carlos Prieto | Fernando Seco
A fuzzy mixed integer linear programming model for integrating procurement-production-distribution planning in supply chain

Author(s): Alireza Pourrousta | Saleh Dehbari | Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | Amir Imenpour | Mahdi Naderi-Beni
Evaluating high risks in large-scale projects using an extended VIKOR method under a fuzzy environment

Author(s): S. Ebrahimnejad | S. M. Mousavi | R Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | M Heydar
The EXOR Gate Under Uncertainty: A Case Study

Author(s): Svetlana N. Yanushkevich | An Hong Tran | Golam Tangim | Vladimir P. Shmerko | Elena N. Zaitseva | Vitaly Levashenko
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
Globalism and Corporate Identity in the Post-crisis Economy

Author(s): Diana Andreia HRISTACHE | Silvia Elena IACOB
Drivers of Customers’ Reactions to Service Failures: The Israeli Experience

Author(s): Aviv Shoham | Yossi Gavish | Sigal Segev
Design Novel Lookup Table Changed Auto Tuning FSMC: Applied to Robot Manipulator

Author(s): Farzin Piltan | Mohammad Ali Dialame | Abbas Zare | Ali Badri
ClOOCl photolysis at high solar zenith angles: analysis of the RECONCILE self-match flight

Author(s): O. Sumińska-Ebersoldt | R. Lehmann | T. Wegner | J.-U. Grooß | E. Hösen | R. Weigel | W. Frey | S. Griessbach | V. Mitev | C. Emde | C. M. Volk | S. Borrmann | M. Rex | F. Stroh | M. von Hobe
Air pollution control and decreasing new particle formation lead to strong climate warming

Author(s): R. Makkonen | A. Asmi | V.-M. Kerminen | M. Boy | A. Arneth | P. Hari | M. Kulmala
Atmospheric greenhouse gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY: comparison to ground-based FTS measurements and model results

Author(s): O. Schneising | P. Bergamaschi | H. Bovensmann | M. Buchwitz | J. P. Burrows | N. M. Deutscher | D. W. T. Griffith | J. Heymann | R. Macatangay | J. Messerschmidt | J. Notholt | M. Rettinger | M. Reuter | R. Sussmann | V. A. Velazco | T. Warneke | P. O. Wennberg | D. Wunch
Study of OH-initiated degradation of 2-aminoethanol

Author(s): M. Karl | C. Dye | N. Schmidbauer | A. Wisthaler | T. Mikoviny | B. D'Anna | M. Müller | E. Borrás | E. Clemente | A. Muñoz | R. Porras | M. Ródenas | M. Vázquez | T. Brauers
Modelling future changes in surface ozone: a parameterized approach

Author(s): O. Wild | A. M. Fiore | D. T. Shindell | R. M. Doherty | W. J. Collins | F. J. Dentener | M. G. Schultz | S. Gong | I. A. MacKenzie | G. Zeng | P. Hess | B. N. Duncan | D. J. Bergmann | S. Szopa | J. E. Jonson | T. J. Keating | A. Zuber
Effect of wind speed on aerosol optical depth over remote oceans, based on data from the Maritime Aerosol Network

Author(s): A. Smirnov | A. M. Sayer | B. N. Holben | N. C. Hsu | S. M. Sakerin | A. Macke | N. B. Nelson | Y. Courcoux | T. J. Smyth | P. Croot | P. K. Quinn | J. Sciare | S. K. Gulev | S. Piketh | R. Losno | S. Kinne | V. F. Radionov
Profiles of CH4, HDO, H2O, and N2O with improved lower tropospheric vertical resolution from Aura TES radiances

Author(s): J. Worden | S. Kulawik | C. Frankenberg | V. Payne | K. Bowman | K. Cady-Peirara | K. Wecht | J.-E. Lee | D. Noone
HCl and ClO in activated Arctic air; first retrieved vertical profiles from TELIS submillimetre limb spectra

Author(s): A. de Lange | M. Birk | G. de Lange | F. Friedl-Vallon | O. Kiselev | V. Koshelets | G. Maucher | H. Oelhaf | A. Selig | P. Vogt | G. Wagner | J. Landgraf
Estimating the near-surface permafrost-carbon feedback on global warming

Author(s): T. Schneider von Deimling | M. Meinshausen | A. Levermann | V. Huber | K. Frieler | D. M. Lawrence | V. Brovkin
Towards orbital dating of the EPICA Dome C ice core using δO2/N2

Author(s): A. Landais | G. Dreyfus | E. Capron | K. Pol | M. F. Loutre | D. Raynaud | V. Y. Lipenkov | L. Arnaud | V. Masson-Delmotte | D. Paillard | J. Jouzel | M. Leuenberger
A New Algorithm for the Satellite-Based Retrieval of Solar Surface Irradiance in Spectral Bands

Author(s): Richard Mueller | Tanja Behrendt | Annette Hammer | Axel Kemper
Pitfalls in transaction time

Author(s): Helena Palovska
Secure Cooperative Spectrum Sensing based on the Distance between Bodies of Evidence

Author(s): Xiwen Tang | Yingguan Wang | Yi Wang | Yanjun Hu
Developing a Novel Method for Road Hazardous Segment Identification Based on Fuzzy Reasoning and GIS

Author(s): Farhad Samadzadegan | J. A. Rod Blais | Meysam Effati | Mohammad Ali Rajabi
The Effect of Prices on Risk Aversion

Author(s): Francisco J. Vázquez | Richard Watt
The Effect of Prices on Risk Aversion

Author(s): Francisco J. Vázquez | Richard Watt
The scientific basis for a satellite mission to retrieve CCN concentrations and their impacts on convective clouds

Author(s): D. Rosenfeld | E. Williams | M. O. Andreae | E. Freud | U. Pöschl | N. O. Rennó
Areal-averaged trace gas emission rates from long-range open-path measurements in stable boundary layer conditions

Author(s): K. Schäfer | R. H. Grant | S. Emeis | A. Raabe | C. von der Heide | H. P. Schmid
Measuring variations of δ18O and δ2H in atmospheric water vapour using laser spectroscopy: an instrument characterisation study

Author(s): F. Aemisegger | P. Sturm | P. Graf | H. Sodemann | S. Pfahl | A. Knohl | H. Wernli
MIPAS detection of cloud and aerosol particle occurrence in the UTLS with comparison to HIRDLS and CALIOP

Author(s): H. Sembhi | J. Remedios | T. Trent | D. P. Moore | R. Spang | S. Massie | J.-P. Vernier
Ranges of moisture-source temperatures estimated from Antarctic ice core stable isotope records over the glacial-interglacial cycles

Author(s): R. Uemura | V. Masson-Delmotte | J. Jouzel | A. Landais | H. Motoyama | B. Stenni
High-resolution projections of surface water availability for Tasmania, Australia

Author(s): J. C. Bennett | F. L. N. Ling | D. A. Post | M. R. Grose | S. C. Corney | B. Graham | G. K. Holz | J. J. Katzfey | N. L. Bindoff
Filling the white space on maps of European runoff trends: estimates from a multi-model ensemble

Author(s): K. Stahl | L. M. Tallaksen | J. Hannaford | H. A. J. van Lanen
Development of a conceptual model of the hydrologic response of tropical Andean micro-catchments in Southern Ecuador

Author(s): P. Crespo | J. Feyen | W. Buytaert | R. Célleri | H.-G. Frede | M. Ramírez | L. Breuer
Statistical adaptation of ALADIN RCM outputs over the French alpine massifs – application to future climate and snow cover

Author(s): M. Rousselot | Y. Durand | G. Giraud | L. Mérindol | I. Dombrowski-Etchevers | M. Déqué
Sensitivity of basal conditions in an inverse model: Vestfonna Ice-Cap, Nordaustlandet/Svalbard

Author(s): M. Schäfer | T. Zwinger | P. Christoffersen | F. Gillet-Chaulet | K. Laakso | R. Pettersson | V. A. Pohjola | T. Strozzi | J. C. Moore
Uncertainty in future solid ice discharge from Antarctica

Author(s): R. Winkelmann | A. Levermann | K. Frieler | M. A. Martin

Author(s): Ondřej Man | Libor Pantělejev | Zbyněk Pešina
AERONET and ESR sun direct products comparison performed on Cimel CE318 and Prede POM01 solar radiometers

Author(s): V. Estellés | M. Campanelli | T. J. Smyth | M. P. Utrillas | J. A. Martínez-Lozano
RECCAP uncertainty

Author(s): I. G. Enting | P. J. Rayner | P. Ciais
The European CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O balance between 2001 and 2005

Author(s): S. Luyssaert | G. Abril | R. Andres | D. Bastviken | V. Bellassen | P. Bergamaschi | P. Bousquet | F. Chevallier | P. Ciais | M. Corazza | R. Dechow | K.-H. Erb | G. Etiope | A. Fortems-Cheiney | G. Grassi | J. Hartman | M. Jung | J. Lathière | A. Lohila | N. Moosdorf | S. Njakou Djomo | J. Otto | D. Papale | W. Peters | P. Peylin | P. Raymond | C. Rödenbeck | S. Saarnio | E.-D. Schulze | S. Szopa | R. Thompson | P. J. Verkerk | N. Vuichard | R. Wang | M. Wattenbach | S. Zaehle
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
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