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Pathogen Sensors

Author(s): Joseph Irudayaraj
Propuesta metodológica de evaluación de interfaces de OPACs. INNOPAC versus UNICORN.

Author(s): Rodríguez Bravo, Blanca | Alvite Díez, Mª Luisa
M-SURGE: new software specifically designed for multistate capture-recapture models

Author(s): Choquet, R. | Reboulet, A.-M. | Pradel, R. | Gimenez, O. | Lebreton, J.-D.
How Good Are Students at Assessing the Quality of Their Applications?

Author(s): V.J. Hobbs | T.J McGill | H.E Rowe
One decade of imaging precipitation measurement by 2D-video-distrometer

Author(s): M. Schönhuber | G. Lammer | W. L. Randeu
MetaEasy: A Meta-Analysis Add-In for Microsoft Excel

Author(s): Evangelos Kontopantelis | David Reeves
Evolving towards better architectures for remote laboratories: a practical case

Author(s): Javier Garcia-Zubia | Diego Lopez-de-Ipiña | Pablo Orduña
Model-Based Analysis of Flow-Mediated Dilation and Intima-Media Thickness

Author(s): G. Bartoli | G. Menegaz | M. Lisi | G. Di Stolfo | S. Dragoni | T. Gori
MIMAS 3.0 is a Multiomics Information Management and Annotation System

Author(s): Gattiker Alexandre | Hermida Leandro | Liechti Robin | Xenarios Ioannis | Collin Olivier | Rougemont Jacques | Primig Michael
OpenFLUX: efficient modelling software for 13C-based metabolic flux analysis

Author(s): Quek Lake-Ee | Wittmann Christoph | Nielsen Lars | Krömer Jens
A User Model for Information Erasure

Author(s): Filippo Del Tedesco | David Sands
MAHII: Machine And Human Interactive Interface

Author(s): G. Sahoo | Bhupesh Kumar Singh
The Validation and Development of Electronic Language Test

Author(s): Norazah Mohd Nordin | Shahrul Ridzuan Arshad | Norizan Abdul Razak | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Online Test Automation for new Generation of Silverlight Web Applications

Author(s): Appasami Govindasamy | Suresh Joseph.K | Annadurai P.
Comparison of two WHO partographs: a one year randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Swamy Mallaiah Kenchaveeriah | Kamal Prakash Patil | Tania Gurudeep Singh
Instant e-Teaching Framework Model for Live Online Teaching

Author(s): Suhailan Safei | Mat Atar Mat Amin | Ahmad Nazari Mohd Rose | Mohd Nordin Abdul Rahman
YANA – a software tool for analyzing flux modes, gene-expression and enzyme activities

Author(s): Schwarz Roland | Musch Patrick | von Kamp Axel | Engels Bernd | Schirmer Heiner | Schuster Stefan | Dandekar Thomas
The 3of5 web application for complex and comprehensive pattern matching in protein sequences

Author(s): Seiler Markus | Mehrle Alexander | Poustka Annemarie | Wiemann Stefan
Evaluation of an interactive case simulation system in dermatology and venereology for medical students

Author(s): Wahlgren Carl-Fredrik | Edelbring Samuel | Fors Uno | Hindbeck Hans | Ståhle Mona
One decade of imaging precipitation measurement by 2D-video-distrometer

Author(s): M. Schönhuber | G. Lammer | W. L. Randeu
Development of a nutrition knowledge questionnaire for obese adults

Author(s): Anne Feren | Liv E Torheim | Inger T L Lillegaard
Usefulness and applicability of the revised dengue case classification by disease: multi-centre study in 18 countries

Author(s): Barniol Judit | Gaczkowski Roger | Barbato Eliana | da Cunha Rivaldo | Salgado Doris | Martínez Eric | Segarra Carmita | Pleites Sandoval Ernesto | Mishra Ajay | Laksono Ida | Lum Lucy | Martínez José | Núnez Andrea | Balsameda Angel | Allende Ivan | Ramírez Gladys | Dimaano Efren | Thomacheck Kay | Akbar Naeema | Ooi Eng | Villegas Elci | Hien Tran | Farrar Jeremy | Horstick Olaf | Kroeger Axel | Jaenisch Thomas
Air Swipe: A Modified Swipe Gesture System

Author(s): Rekha Sugandhi | Abin A. Alichan | Ankit Dave | Yogesh Bhumkar
Assessment of the effectiveness of standardized infusion devices for healthcare management

Author(s): Shio Sugita | Hideko Aida | Aya Okada | Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Prototype System for Monitoring and Computing Greenhouse gases

Author(s): R. Jaichandran | A. Anthony Irudhayarj
Investigating Text Input Methods for Mobile Phones

Author(s): Barry O’Riordan | Kevin Curran | Derek Woods

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