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Gliricidia Leafmeal in Layer?s Diet: Effect on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Economy of Production

Author(s): Ige, A.O. | A.A. Odunsi | J.A. Akinlade | L.O. Ojedapo | S.A. Ameen | O.A. Aderinola | T.A. Rafiu
Newcastle Disease Antibodies in Parent Stock, Yolk and Chicks

Author(s): Saidu, L. | P.A. Abdu | L.B. Tekdek
Feeding Value of Mango Leaf (Mangifera indica) for Growing Rabbits

Author(s): A.O. Fafiolu | O.O. Oduguwa | A.M. Bamgbose | A.O. Oso | O.A. Isah | J.E.N. Olatunji | A.V. Jegede
Nutritive Value of Malted Sorghum Sprout in West African Dwarf Sheep Fed Soybean Stover Based Diets

Author(s): B.O. Oduguwa | A.O. Jolaosho | O.J. Babayemi | A.B.J. Aina | I.F. Adu
Reference Values for Some Physiological and Biochemical Parameters in Rats at Puberty

Author(s): Ozgur Kaynar | Armagan Hayirli | Ahmet Yildiz | Zafer Okumu | Fikrullah Kisa | Emel Banu Buyukunal Bal | Harun Polat | Fuat Erdem
Astragalin from Cassia alata Induces DNA Adducts in Vitro and Repairable DNA Damage in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Samuel Saito | Givaldo Silva | Regineide Xavier Santos | Grace Gosmann | Cristina Pungartnik | Martin Brendel
Il valore dell’intorno

Author(s): Emanuele Ferrarese
The values of landscape in everyday life

Author(s): Monika Micheel
Rafah, 1982: dentro o fuori campo?

Author(s): Lorenzo Navone
È qui New Babylon? Is New Babylon Here?

Author(s): Francesco Careri
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided elastography in the nodal staging of oesophageal cancer

Author(s): Stuart Paterson | Fraser Duthie | Adrian J Stanley
Histotype-based prognostic classification of gastric cancer

Author(s): Anna Maria Chiaravalli | Catherine Klersy | Alessandro Vanoli | Andrea Ferretti | Carlo Capella | Enrico Solcia
Citologia por aspiración con aguja fina en las lesiones tumorales de la mama.

Author(s): Vilma Rebolledo P | Luis Sucre P | Michelle Capocefalo R | Felipe Saldivia S | Eddy V Mora
Valor e Vantagem Competitiva: Buscando Definições, Relações e Repercussões

Author(s): Nobuiuki Costa Ito | Paulo Hayashi Jr. | Fernando Antonio Prado Gimenez | Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer
Executive MBA Programs: What Do Students Perceive as Value for their Practices?

Author(s): Ana Claudia Souza Vazquez | Roberto Lima Ruas
Multi-wavelength Raman lidar, sunphotometric and aircraft measurements in combination with inversion models for the estimation of the aerosol optical and physico-chemical properties over Athens, Greece

Author(s): R. E. Mamouri | A. Papayannis | V. Amiridis | D. Müller | P. Kokkalis | S. Rapsomanikis | E. T. Karageorgos | G. Tsaknakis | A. Nenes | S. Kazadzis | E. Remoundaki
A gas chromatographic instrument for measurement of hydrogen cyanide in the lower atmosphere

Author(s): J. L. Ambrose | Y. Zhou | K. Haase | H. R. Mayne | R. Talbot | B. C. Sive
Ranges of moisture-source temperatures estimated from Antarctic ice core stable isotope records over the glacial-interglacial cycles

Author(s): R. Uemura | V. Masson-Delmotte | J. Jouzel | A. Landais | H. Motoyama | B. Stenni
Rapid coupling of Antarctic temperature and atmospheric CO2 during deglaciation

Author(s): J. B. Pedro | S. O. Rasmussen | T. D. van Ommen
Threshold values and management options for nutrients in a catchment of a temperate estuary with poor ecological status

Author(s): K. Hinsby | S. Markager | B. Kronvang | J. Windolf | T. O. Sonnenborg | L. Thorling
“Mainstreaming” Interprofessional Education within Hospital Settings: Findings from a Multiple Case Study

Author(s): Elisa Hollenberg | Scott Reeves | Mary Agnes Beduz | Lianne Jeffs | Debbie Kwan | Jacques Lee | Mandy Lowe | Jane Merkley | Lynne Sinclair | Maria Tassone | Ivy Oandasan

Author(s): Dušan Rodziňák | Dáša Jakubéczyová | Vladimír Zahradníček | Pavol Hvizdoš

Author(s): Stanislava Fintová | Radomila Konečná | Gianni Nicoletto
Summertime photochemistry during CAREBeijing-2007: RO x budgets and O3 formation

Author(s): Z. Liu | Y. Wang | D. Gu | C. Zhao | L. G. Huey | R. Stickel | J. Liao | M. Shao | T. Zhu | L. Zeng | A. Amoroso | F. Costabile | C.-C. Chang | S.-C. Liu
An isotope view on ionising radiation as a source of sulphuric acid

Author(s): M. B. Enghoff | N. Bork | S. Hattori | C. Meusinger | M. Nakagawa | J. O. P. Pedersen | S. Danielache | Y. Ueno | M. S. Johnson | N. Yoshida | H. Svensmark
Contributions of ectomycorrhizal fungal mats to forest soil respiration

Author(s): C. L. Phillips | L. A. Kluber | J. P. Martin | B. A. Caldwell | B. J. Bond

Author(s): Zong-Yan Cai | Cheng-Chen Hsu | Mei-Chich Hsu | Mao-Shung Huang | Chao-Pin Yang | Wan-Chi Lin | Borcherng Su
Auto-Representação e Decisão Moral

Author(s): Edson Alves de Souza Filho | Herbert D. Saltzstein | Anderson Scardua
A Convenient Route to 4-Carboxy-4-Anilidopiperidine Esters and Acids

Author(s): János Marton | Brita Glaenzel | Julia Roessler | Daniela Golaszewski | Gjermund Henriksen
Coloring edges and vertices of graphs without short or long cycles

Author(s): Vadim V. Lozin | Marcin Kaminski
Drug-eluting Balloons in Coronary Artery Disease: Past, Present and Future

Author(s): Anouar Belkacemi | Pieter Stella | Michiel Voskuil | Kevin Onsea | Chunlai Shao | Pieter Doevendans | Pierfrancesco Agostoni
Time-series Analysis of Pollutants in East Coast Peninsular Malaysia.

Author(s): M.Z. Ibrahim ,R. Zailan, M. Ismail, M.S. Lola
Evaluation of combined disc method for the detection of metallo-β-lactamase producing Gram negative bacilli

Author(s): Omair, M. | Usman, J. | Kaleem, F. | Hassan, A. | Khalid, A. | Fahim, Q.
Evaluation of acoustic radiation force impulse imaging for determination of liver stiffness using transient elastography as a reference

Author(s): Gerald Kircheis | Abdurrahman Sagir | Christoph Vogt | Stephan vom Dahl | Ralf Kubitz | Dieter Häussinger
Framework for assessing quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease in Sweden

Author(s): Martin Rejler | Jörgen Tholstrup | Mattias Elg | Anna Spångéus | Boel Andersson Gäre
Interleukin-8, a promising predictor for prognosis of pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Ying Chen | Min Shi | Guan-Zhen Yu | Xiao-Ran Qin | Gang Jin | Peng Chen | Ming-Hua Zhu
Interactions of short chain phenylalkanoic acids within ionic surfactant micelles in aqueous media

Author(s): Naeem Kashif | Shah Syed W.H. | Naseem Bushra | Shah Syed S.
On the kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction on Ni-MoOx composite catalysts in alkaline solutions

Author(s): Jović Borka M. | Lačnjevac Uroš Č. | Jović Vladimir D. | Gajić-Krstajić Ljiljana M. | Krstajić Nedeljko V.
A Global Mobility Management Scheme for Reducing Overall Handover Latency in IP based VANETs

Author(s): Muhammad Nawaz Khan | Ishtiaq Wahid | Gulzar Mehmood
Climate data for parameterisation of lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction models

Author(s): Ekaterina Kourzeneva | Eric Martin | Yurii Batrak | Patrick le Moigne
The Economic Value of Mangroves: A Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Marwa E. Salem | D. Evan Mercer
A noninvasive multi-analyte diagnostic assay: combining protein and DNA markers to stratify bladder cancer patients

Author(s): Fernandez CA | Millholl | JM | Zwarthoff EC | Feldman AS | Karnes RJ | Shuber AP
Image Watermarking Algorithm using DCT, DWT and SVD

Author(s): Nidhi H. Divecha | N. N. Jani
Analysis of Iris Images for Iris Recognition System

Author(s): Anuradha Shrivas | Preeti Tuli
Generic Network Intrusion Prevention System

Author(s): Kamini Nalavade | B.B.Meshram
Green Marketing: Opportunities And Challenges

Author(s): Tushar K. Savale | Anil F. Sharma | Prabodhan U. Patil
Antiphishing Model with URL & Image based Webpage Matching

Author(s): Madhuri S. Arade | P.C. Bhaskar | R.K.Kamat
Achieving Consensus with Individual Centrality Approach

Author(s): Vitri Tundjungsari | Jazi Eko Istiyanto | Edi Winarko | Retantyo Wardoyo
Image Stenography Skin Tone Detection


Author(s): Cristina Ionela FĂDUR | Daniela CIOTINĂ
IntellectCloud cloud application's mÉnage

Author(s): Deepti Ghuge | Girish Tere
Antiphishing Model with URL & Image based Webpage Matching

Author(s): Madhuri S. Arade | P.C. Bhaskar | R.K.Kamat
Thermal lens spectrometry: Optimizing amplitude and shortening the transient time

Author(s): Rubens Silva | Marcos A. C. de Araújo | Pedro Jali | Sanclayton G. C. Moreira | Petrus Alcantara Jr. | Paulo C. de Oliveira
Weak localization and percolation effects in annealed In2O3-ZnO thin films

Author(s): B. Shinozaki | S. Ezaki | K. Hidaka | K. Makise | T. Asano | K. Yano | H. Nakamura
Microwave absorption properties of NiCoFe2O4-graphite embedded poly(o-phenetidine) nanocomposites

Author(s): Anil Ohlan | Kuldeep Singh | Namita Gandhi | Amita Chandra | S. K. Dhawan
Pt/CdTe/Pt asymmetric nano-Schottky diodes from colloidal quantum dots

Author(s): Jayakrishna Khatei | K. S. R. Koteswara Rao
Noise Reduction of an Image by using Function Approximation Techniques.


Author(s): Chinmay Chandrakar | M.K. Kowar
Earlier Detection of Oral Cancer from Fuzzy Based Photo Plethysmography

Author(s): R.Hari Kumar | C.Ganesh babu | P.Shri vignesh
Analyzing Digital Signature Robustness with Message Digest Algorithms

Author(s): Rubina B. Patel | Naveen Chaudhary
Realization & Implementation of Wireless Parking System with GSM Based Security

Author(s): Meenakshi Tripathi | M. S. Gaur | Vijay Laxmi
Qualitative Phytochemical analysis of Bauhinia tomentosa Linn flower by HPTLC

Author(s): V. Kishor Kumar*, P. Satheesh Kumar, M. Rajan, A. Vinod Kumar, Rajesh Boppana,
Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Aerial parts of Piper trioicum Roxb.

Author(s): Aparna Lakshmi I*1, Gobinath M1, Madhusudan T 1, Praveen kumar D 1, Suresh kumar Reddy A 1, Saraswathi L 1, Geetha C 1, Chandana I 1
Genetic diversity analysis and polymorphism in Acanthus ilicifolius

Author(s): Arun john, Ganesh.S, Jannet Vennila.J
Design and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets of Carbamazepine

Author(s): K. Ramanjaneyulu1*, Pamula Reddy B, V.Ravikiran, K R Mohan babu, L Srinivas, K. Yamini saraswathi, S.srujana, Prathima patil
Performance Analysis of an InGaAs Based p-i-n Photodetector

Author(s): Diponkar Kundu | Dilip Kumar Sarker | Md. Galib Hasan | Pallab Kanti Podder | Md. Masudur Rahman
New Approach of Data Encryption Standard Algorithm

Author(s): Shah Kruti R | Bhavika Gambhava
Development and Comparative Studies of Bio-based and Synthetic Fiber Based Sandwich Structures

Author(s): Sripathy Mallaiah | Krishna Vinayak Sharma | M Krishna
Phytochemical analysis and Antimicrobial activities of different plant parts of Vitex negundo L.

Author(s): Sujogya Kumar Panda1*, Laxmipriya Padhi2, Gargee Mohanty1, Gunanidhi Sahoo2, Sushil Kumar Dutta2
Antioxidant activity and estimation of total phenolic content of Gyrocarpus asiaticus by colorimetry

Author(s): T.Vithya1, Dr.V.kavimani2, B.Rajkapoor1, K.B.Premakumari, 1 K.Alhasjajiju3
In vitro antioxidant activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus

Author(s): Sujeet Singh* , Bhagirath Pohriyal, Yadunath M. Joshi, V. J. Kadam.
Novel lipid-based micro formulation and optimization of etoricoxib loaded solid lipid microparticles by using response surface methodology

Author(s): Subhra Prakash Bhattacharyya*1, 1Debapriya Sarkar, 1Indrani Bhattacharyya, 1Pintu Dey, 2Bhaskar Mazumder
Nicotine therapy: whether a good or bad move in Parkinsonism in concert with HSPs?

Author(s): Pravir Kumar1, 3, *, Shalini Pal1, R. Karunya1 and Rashmi Ambasta2
Standardization of Neorise Granules

Author(s): Dhruv Mandali1*, Saurabh Parmar2, Tejas Patel1, Deshbandhu Joshi2, Dr. K N Patel3
In vitro antioxidant activity of Bauhinia variegata Linn. leaves

Author(s): A.Saraswathy 1,*Gayathri Gunalan1, and Vijayalakshmi Krishnamurthy2

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