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An Improved UPFC Control to Enhance Power System Stability

Author(s): Ashwin Kumar Sahoo | S. S Dash | T. Thyagarajan
Non-conventional method for friction compensation in DC drive position tracking

Author(s): Teodor DUMITRIU | Mihai CULEA | Mihai NICHITA | Traian MUNTEANU
Illumination Compensation in Pig Skin Texture Using Local-Global Block Analysis

Author(s): M Iqbal Saripan | Mohd Hafrizal Azmi | Raja Syamsul Azmir Raja Abdullah | Laili Hayati Anuar
Variable Structure Control of DFIG for Wind Power Generation and Harmonic Current Mitigation

Impact of early applied upper limb stimulation: The EXPLICIT-stroke programme design

Author(s): Kwakkel Gert | Meskers Carel | van Wegen Erwin | Lankhorst Guus | Geurts Alexander | van Kuijk Annet | Lindeman Eline | Visser-Meily Anne | de Vlugt Erwin | Arendzen J Hans
Gene expression signature of cerebellar hypoplasia in a mouse model of Down syndrome during postnatal development

Author(s): Laffaire Julien | Rivals Isabelle | Dauphinot Luce | Pasteau Fabien | Wehrle Rosine | Larrat Benoit | Vitalis Tania | Moldrich Randal | Rossier Jean | Sinkus Ralph | Herault Yann | Dusart Isabelle | Potier Marie-Claude
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Marian Marciniak | Ioannis Tomkos
System and method for partial LCVR Stokes polarimeter thermal drift compensation

Author(s): Terrier P. | Charbois J.M. | Devlaminck V.
Active Power Filter with Indirect Control for Line-Frequency Controlled Rectifiers

Author(s): Emil ROSU | Mihai CULEA | Teodor DUMITRIU | Traian MUNTEANU | Romeo PADURARU
Enhanced Mode Selection Algorithm for H.264 encoder for Application in Low Computational power devices

Author(s): Sourabh Rungta | Kshitij Verma | Neeta Tripathi | Anupam Shukla
Effect of cataract surgery on retinal nerve fiber layer thickness parameters using scanning laser polarimetry (GDxVCC)

Author(s): Dada Tanuj | Behera Geeta | Agarwal Anand | Kumar Sanjeev | Sihota Ramanjit | Panda Anita
Development and pilot testing of HEXORR: Hand EXOskeleton Rehabilitation Robot

Author(s): Schabowsky Christopher | Godfrey Sasha | Holley Rahsaan | Lum Peter
A Fast Mode Selection Algorithm Using Texture Analysis for H.264/AVC

Author(s): Sourabh Rungta | Kshitij Verma | Vahid Majid Nezhad
Empirically testing the relationship between income distribution, perceived value of money and pay satisfaction Empirically testing the relationship between income distribution, perceived value of money and pay satisfaction

Author(s): Azman Ismail | Oscar Dousin | Antonia Girardi | Zainal Ariffin Ahmad | Mohd Noor Mohd Shariff | Abdul Halim Majid | Muhammad Madi Abdullah | Zalina Ibrahim
Design of Compressed Memory Model Based on AVC Standard for Robotics

Author(s): Devaraj Verma C | VijayaKumar M.V
Plasticity of histamine H3 receptor expression and binding in the vestibular nuclei after labyrinthectomy in rat

Author(s): Lozada Adrian | Aarnisalo Antti | Karlstedt Kaj | Stark Holger | Panula Pertti
Targeting determinants of dosage compensation in Drosophila.

Author(s): Dahlsveen Ina K | Gilfillan Gregor D | Shelest Vladimir I | Lamm Rosemarie | Becker Peter B
Long-term and seasonal variations in CO2: linkages to catchment alkalinity generation

Author(s): S.A. Norton | B.J. Cosby | I.J. Fernandez | J.S. Kahl | M. Robbins Church
Evaluation of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness measurement following laser in situ keratomileusis using scanning laser polarimetry

Author(s): Dada Tanuj | Chaudhary Sunil | Muralidhar Rajamani | Nair Soman | Sihota Ramanjit | Vajpayee Rasik
Higher Frequency Magnetic Single Sheet Tester

Author(s): Vaclav Havlicek | Martin Pokorny
Apology Strategies of Iranian Undergraduate Students

Author(s): Mohammad Dadkhah Tehrani | Omid Rezaei | Salman Dezhara | Reza Soltani Kafrani
Higher Frequency Magnetic Single Sheet Tester

Author(s): Vaclav Havlicek | Martin Pokorny
Does Compensation and Demographical Variable Influence on Teachers Commitment and Job Satisfaction? A Study of University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Author(s): Talat Islam | Zulifqar Ahmad | Ishfaq Ahmed | Ashfaq Ahmad | Saeed Muhammad | Saher Khushi Muhammad
A study of the user's perception of economic value in nursing visits to primary care by the method of contingent valuation

Author(s): Martín-Fernández Jesús | Pérez-Rivas Francisco | Gómez-Gascón Tomás | del Cura-González Isabel | Tello Bernabé Eugenia | Rodríguez-Martínez Gemma | Polentinos-Castro Elena | Domínguez-Bidagor Julia | Ariza-Cardiel Gloria | Conde-López Juan | Beamud-Lagos Milagros | Aguado-Arroyo Óscar | Sanz-Bayona Teresa | Gil-Lacruz Ana
Fuzzy Support Vector Machines Control for 6-DOF Parallel Robot

Author(s): Dequan Zhu | Tao Mei | Lei Sun
Solving DOPF in VSWGs Integrated Power System Using Improved Evolutionary Programming

Author(s): Gonggui Chen | Hangtian Lei | Haibing Fang | Jian Xu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Bale Reddy
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