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Upstream waves and field line resonances: simultaneous presence and alternation in Pc3 pulsation events

Author(s): J. Verõ | H. Lühr | M. Vellante | I. Best | J. Střeštik | J. C. Miletits | L. Holló | J. Szendrõi | B. Zieger
Cluster EDI convection measurements across the high-latitude plasma sheet boundary at midnight

Author(s): J. M. Quinn | G. Paschmann | R. B. Torbert | H. Vaith | C. E. McIlwain | G. Haerendel | O. Bauer | T. M. Bauer | W. Baumjohann | W. Fillius | M. Foerster | S. Frey | E. Georgescu | S. S. Kerr | C. A. Kletzing | H. Matsui | P. Puhl-Quinn | E. C. Whipple
Downward auroral currents from the reconnection Hall-region

Author(s): R. A. Treumann | R. Nakamura | W. Baumjohann
1107 Quantification of left ventricular strain using turbo field echo produces less variable data than using fast field echo

Author(s): Pahlm-Webb Ulrika | Hedstrom Erik | Heiberg Einar | Bergvall Erik | Soneson Helen | Arheden Hakan
Variability of magnetic field spectra in the Earth's magnetotail

Author(s): A. A. Petrukovich | D. V. Malakhov
Pc3 pulsations during variable IMF conditions

Author(s): U. Villante | S. Lepidi | P. Francia | M. Vellante | A. Meloni | R. P. Lepping | F. Mariani
Ion velocity distributions within the LLBL and their possible implication to multiple reconnections

Author(s): O. L. Vaisberg | L. A. Avanov | T. E. Moore | V. N. Smirnov
Vigour variability in hybrid kernels of triticale with Aegilops under the influence of biostimulation

Author(s): Achremowicz B. | Gruszecka D. | Kornarzyński K. | Kulpa D. | Pietruszewski S.
Investigating the Icr Effect in a Zhadin’s Cell

Author(s): L. Giuliani | E. D'Emilia | S. Grimaldi | A. Lisi | N. Bobkova | M. N. Zhadin
Some Exact Solutions of Plane Steady Hydromagnetic Flow with Variable Viscosity

Author(s): Pankaj Mishra | R. B. Mishra | Atul K. Srivastava
Classical Particle in Presence of Magnetic Field, Hyperbolic Lobachevsky and Spherical Riemann Models

Author(s): V.V. Kudryashov | Yu.A. Kurochkin | E.M. Ovsiyuk | V.M. Red'kov
Magnetotail response during a strong substorm as observed by GEOTAIL in the distant tail

Author(s): A. Belehaki | R. W. McEntire | S. Kokubun | T. Yamamoto
Conjugate observations of the day-side reconnection electric field: A GEM boundary layer campaign

Author(s): M. Pinnock | A. S. Rodger | K. B. Baker | G. Lu | M. Hairston
Cluster magnetic field observations in the magnetosheath: four-point measurements of mirror structures

Author(s): E. A. Lucek | M. W. Dunlop | T. S. Horbury | A. Balogh | P. Brown | P. Cargill | C. Carr | K.-H. Fornaçon | E. Georgescu | T. Oddy
First simultaneous observations of flux transfer events at the high-latitude magnetopause by the Cluster spacecraft and pulsed radar signatures in the conjugate ionosphere by the CUTLASS and EISCAT radars

Author(s): J. A. Wild | S. W. H. Cowley | J. A. Davies | H. Khan | M. Lester | S. E. Milan | G. Provan | T. K. Yeoman | A. Balogh | M. W. Dunlop | K.-H. Fornaçon | E. Georgescu
Latitudinal and radial variation of >2 GeV/n protons and alpha-particles at solar maximum: ULYSSES COSPIN/KET and neutron monitor network observations

Author(s): A. V. Belov | E. A. Eroshenko | B. Heber | V. G. Yanke | A. Raviart | R. Müller-Mellin | H. Kunow
The location and rate of dayside reconnection during an interval of southward interplanetary magnetic field

Author(s): M. Pinnock | G. Chisham | I. J. Coleman | M. P. Freeman | M. Hairston | J.-P. Villain
Simultaneous observations of magnetopause flux transfer events and of their associated signatures at ionospheric altitudes

Author(s): K. A. McWilliams | G. J. Sofko | T. K. Yeoman | S. E. Milan | D. G. Sibeck | T. Nagai | T. Mukai | I. J. Coleman | T. Hori | F. J. Rich
Plasma convection across the polar cap, plasma mantle and cusp: Cluster EDI observations

Author(s): H. Vaith | G. Paschmann | J. M. Quinn | M. Förster | E. Georgescu | S. E. Haaland | B. Klecker | C. A. Kletzing | P. A. Puhl-Quinn | H. Rème | R. B. Torbert
Combined TOPEX/Poseidon TEC and ionosonde observations of negative low-latitude ionospheric storms

Author(s): K. J. W. Lynn | M. Sjarifudin | T. J. Harris | M. Le Huy
Measuring the dayside reconnection rate during an interval of due northward interplanetary magnetic field

Author(s): G. Chisham | M. P. Freeman | I. J. Coleman | M. Pinnock | M. R. Hairston | M. Lester | G. Sofko
Cluster observation of continuous reconnection at dayside magnetopause in the vicinity of cusp

Author(s): Y. Zheng | G. Le | J. A. Slavin | M. L. Goldstein | C. Cattell | A. Balogh | E. A. Lucek | H. Rème | J. P. Eastwood | M. Wilber | G. Parks | A. Retinò | A. Fazakerley
Electric field measurements of DC and long wavelength structures associated with sporadic-E layers and QP radar echoes

Author(s): R. Pfaff | H. Freudenreich | T. Yokoyama | M. Yamamoto | S. Fukao | H. Mori | S. Ohtsuki | N. Iwagami
Simultaneous Double Star and Cluster FTEs observations on the dawnside flank of the magnetosphere

Author(s): A. Marchaudon | C. J. Owen | J.-M. Bosqued | R. C. Fear | A. N. Fazakerley | M. W. Dunlop | A. D. Lahiff | C. Carr | A. Balogh | P.-A. Lindqvist | H. Rème
Local structure of the magnetotail current sheet: 2001 Cluster observations

Author(s): A. Runov | V. A. Sergeev | R. Nakamura | W. Baumjohann | S. Apatenkov | Y. Asano | T. Takada | M. Volwerk | Z. Vörös | T. L. Zhang | J.-A. Sauvaud | H. Rème | A. Balogh
Physics of the Ion Composition Boundary: a comparative 3-D hybrid simulation study of Mars and Titan

Author(s): S. Simon | A. Boesswetter | T. Bagdonat | U. Motschmann
Three-dimensional multispecies hybrid simulation of Titan's highly variable plasma environment

Author(s): S. Simon | A. Boesswetter | T. Bagdonat | U. Motschmann | J. Schuele
CLUSTER observations of electron outflowing beams carrying downward currents above the polar cap by northward IMF

Author(s): A. Teste | D. Fontaine | J.-A. Sauvaud | R. Maggiolo | P. Canu | A. Fazakerley
Quasiperiodic ULF-pulsations in Saturn's magnetosphere

Author(s): G. Kleindienst | K.-H. Glassmeier | S. Simon | M. K. Dougherty | N. Krupp
The IMaX polarimeter for the solar telescope SUNRISE of the NASA long duration balloon program

Author(s): Alvarez-Herrero A. | Martínez-Pillet V. | del Toro Iniesta J.C. | Domingo V.
Thermal, radioactive and magnetic properties of the lavas of the Mt Melbourne Volcanic Field (Victoria Land, Antarctica)

Author(s): Vincenzo Pasquale, | Massimo Verdoya | Paolo Chiozzi | Egidio Armadillo

Author(s): A. C. Raga | J. Cantu00F3 | F. De Colle | A. Esquivel | P. Kajdic | A. Rodru00EDguez-Gonzu00E1lez | P. F. Velu00E1zquez
Effect of light rare earth doping in 123 high temperature supercoductors

Author(s): M. Mirzadeh | P. Maleki | M. Akhavan
fMRI-compatible rehabilitation hand device

Author(s): Khanicheh Azadeh | Muto Andrew | Triantafyllou Christina | Weinberg Brian | Astrakas Loukas | Tzika Aria | Mavroidis Constantinos
Paleomagnetic study of the Valle de Santiago volcanics, Michoacán-Guanajuato volcanic field, Mexico

Author(s): Rosa María Uribe-Cifuentes | Jaime Urrutia-Fucugauchi
fMRI Brain-Computer Interface: A Tool for Neuroscientific Research and Treatment

Author(s): Ranganatha Sitaram | Andrea Caria | Ralf Veit | Tilman Gaber | Giuseppina Rota | Andrea Kuebler | Niels Birbaumer
Adjoint Variable Method for the Study of Combined Active and Passive Magnetic Shielding

Author(s): Peter Sergeant | Ivan Cimrák | Valdemar Melicher | Luc Dupré | Roger Van Keer
Magnetic and Low Temperature Conductivity Studies in Oxidized Nano Ni Films

Author(s): P.J. Sadashivaiah | T. Sankarappa | T. Sujatha | P. Saravanan | Santoshkumar | M. Prashantkumar | G.B. Devidas | B. Vijayakumar | N. Nagaraja | N. Sharanabasava
Unsteady Flow of a Dusty Visco-Elastic Fluid Through a Incliend Channel

Author(s): Geetanjali Alle | Aashis.S. Roy | Sangshetty Kalyane | Ravi M Sonth
Characteristics of the terrestrial field-aligned current system

Author(s): J. W. Gjerloev | S. Ohtani | T. Iijima | B. Anderson | J. Slavin | G. Le
Effect of variable frequency electromagnetic field on deposit formation in installations with geothermal water in Sijarinjska spa (Serbia)

Author(s): Stojiljković Dragan T. | Mitić Nebojša Č. | Šmelcerović Andrija | Kaličanin Biljana | Tasić-Kostov Marija | Đurović-Petrović Maja
Microstructure cantilever beam for current measurement

Author(s): H.A.B. Mustafa | M.T.E. Khan
Self-calibrating Coil Sensitivity Profiles for Parallel Imaging Based on Anisotropic Diffusion

Author(s): XiaoFang Liu | XiuZi Ye | SanYuan Zhang | Feng Liu
Regularized Least Squares Estimating Sensitivity for Self-calibrating Parallel Imaging

Author(s): XiaoFang Liu | Xiuzi Ye | Sanyuan Zhang | Feng Liu

Author(s): Zoran B Boričić | Dragiša D Nikodijević | Dragica R Milenković | Živojin Stamenković | Dragan S Živković | Miloš M Jovanović
The Evaluation of Polyethylene/Clay Composite from Solid State NMR

Author(s): Regina F. Nogueira | Maria Inês B. Tavares | Rosane A. S. San Gil | Antônio G. Ferreira
The Use of Solid State NMR to Evaluate the Carbohydrates in Commercial Coffee Granules

Author(s): Regina Freitas Nogueira | Elisangela Fabiana Boffo | Maria Inês Bruno Tavares | Leonardo A. Moreira | Leila Aley Tavares | Antônio Gilberto Ferreira
Effects of 50 HZ Magnetic Field on Some Factors of Immune System in the Male Guinea Pigs

Author(s): H. Sedghi | S. Zare | H. Hayatgeibi | S. Alivandi | A. G. Ebadi
The Magnetic Field Induced by a Lightning Strike's Indirect Effect Double Exponential Current Waveform

Author(s): Scott L. Meredith | Susan K. Earles | Ivica N. Kostanic | Niescja E. Turner
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