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Generating a lexicon of Scandinavian modals

Author(s): Gunnar Hrafn Hrafnbjargarson
Nominalisierung und Argumentstruktur

Author(s): Lányi, Éva
Semantic approximations and flexibility in the dynamic construction and “deconstruction” of meaning

Author(s): Karine Duvignau | M. Fossard | Bruno Gaume | Maria Alice Pimenta | Juliette Elie

Author(s): Dwi Puspitorini | Dwi Woro Retno Mastuti
Scope and semimodal verbs: two approaches

Author(s): Richter, Michael
Estructuras sintácticas de la oración en el piapoco

Author(s): Reinoso Galindo, Andrés
Clases y tipos de predicados en la lengua Kogui

Author(s): Ortiz Ricaurte, Carolina
Eesti regilaulude verbisemantika

Author(s): Kanni Labi
A comparative study of core vocabulary frequency in children who Stutter and who do not stutter in primary school

Author(s): Farhad Sakhaei | Mohammad Rahim Shahbodaghi | Soghrat Faqihzadeh | Shahin Nematzadeh
Differential impairment of noun and verb consequent to LH lesions in Persian Aphasic patients

Author(s): Rabeeh Ariaei | Dr. Reza Nilipour | Dr. Hassan Ashayeri
The Ibibio Locative Copular Constructions

Author(s): Ogbonna Anyanwu
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