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Enhancement of silicon using micro-patterned surfaces of thin films

Author(s): E Kaivosoja | S Myllymaa | V-P Kouri | K Myllymaa | R Lappalainen | YT Konttinen
Canine candidate genes for dilated cardiomyopathy: annotation of and polymorphic markers for 14 genes

Author(s): Wiersma Anje | Leegwater Peter | van Oost Bernard | Ollier William | Dukes-McEwan Joanna
ER-to-cell surface signalling: calreticulin and cell adhesion

Author(s): Sylvia Papp | Marc P. Fadel | Michal Opas
Sub-typing of renal cell tumours; contribution of ancillary techniques

Author(s): Pradhan Dinesh | Kakkar Nandita | Bal Amanjit | Singh Shrawan | Joshi Kusum
Proteomic analysis of PBMCs: characterization of potential HIV-associated proteins

Author(s): Zhang Lijun | Jia Xiaofang | Zhang Xiaojun | Sun Jianjun | Peng Xia | Qi Tangkai | Ma Fang | Yin Lin | Yao Yamin | Qiu Chao | Lu Hongzhou
Downregulation of CD147 expression alters cytoskeleton architecture and inhibits gelatinase production and SAPK pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Author(s): Qian Ai-Rong | Zhang Wei | Cao Jian-Ping | Yang Peng-Fei | Gao Xiang | Wang Zhe | Xu Hui-Yun | Weng Yuan-Yuan | Shang Peng
Twist expression promotes migration and invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Matsuo Noriyuki | Shiraha Hidenori | Fujikawa Tatsuya | Takaoka Nobuyuki | Ueda Naoki | Tanaka Shigetomi | Nishina Shinichi | Nakanishi Yutaka | Uemura Masayuki | Takaki Akinobu | Nakamura Shinichiro | Kobayashi Yoshiyuki | Nouso Kazuhiro | Yagi Takahito | Yamamoto Kazuhide
Improved Adhesion, Growth and Maturation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells on Polyethylene Grafted with Bioactive Molecules and Carbon Particles

Author(s): Martin Parizek | Nikola Kasalkova | Lucie Bacakova | Petr Slepicka | Vera Lisa | Martina Blazkova | Vaclav Svorcik
Correlating cell architecture with osteogenesis: first steps towards live single cell monitoring

Author(s): A-K Born | M Rottmar | S Lischer | M Pleskova | A Bruinink | K Maniura-Weber
Sarcoglycan and integrin localization in normal human skeletal muscle: a confocal laser scanning microscope study

Author(s): G Anastasi | G Cutroneo | G Rizzo | A Arco | G Santoro | P Bramanti | AG Vitetta | A Pisani | F Trimarchi | A Favaloro
Functional assay, expression of growth factors and proteins modulating bone-arrangement in human osteoblasts seeded on an anorganic bovine bone biomaterial

Author(s): O Trubiani | S Fulle | T Traini | M Paludi | R la Rovere | M Orciani | S Caputi | A Piattelli
A large-scale electrophoresis- and chromatography-based determination of gene expression profiles in bovine brain capillary endothelial cells after the re-induction of blood-brain barrier properties

Author(s): Pottiez Gwënaël | Deracinois Barbara | Duban-Deweer Sophie | Cecchelli Roméo | Fenart Laurence | Karamanos Yannis | Flahaut Christophe
The cytoskeleton of the electric tissue of Electrophorus electricus, L.

Cytoskeletal and cellular adhesion proteins in zebrafish (Danio rerio) myogenesis

Author(s): Costa M.L. | Escaleira R. | Manasfi M. | Souza L.F. de | Mermelstein C.S.
Fibroblast and osteoblast adhesion and morphology on calcium phosphate surfaces

Author(s): Baxter L. C. | Frauchiger V. | Textor M. | ap Gwynn I. | Richards R. G.
Ultrastructural analysis of development of myocardium in calreticulin-deficient mice

Author(s): Lozyk Mira | Papp Sylvia | Zhang Xiaochu | Nakamura Kimitoshi | Michalak Marek | Opas Michal
Inhibition of cell motility by troglitazone in human ovarian carcinoma cell line

Author(s): Yang Yuh-Cheng | Ho Tsung-Chuan | Chen Show-Li | Lai Huei-Yi | Wu Ju-Yun | Tsao Yeou-Ping
Distribution of costameric proteins in normal human ventricular and atrial cardiac muscle.

Author(s): Debora Di Mauro | Roberto Gaeta | Alba Arco | Demetrio Milardi | Salvatore Lentini | Michele Runci | Giuseppina Rizzo | Ludovico Magaudda
Vinculin Motion Modes Analysis with Elastic Network Model

Author(s): Xiong Jiao | Shan Chang | Lifeng Yang | Meiwen An | Weiyi Chen
ER-to-cell surface signalling: calreticulin and cell adhesion

Author(s): Sylvia Papp | Marc P. Fadel | Michal Opas
Homocysteine and Cardiac Neural Crest Cell Cytoskeletal Proteins in the Chick Embryo

Author(s): Anthony M. Mwakikunga | Amanda L. Clubine | Darrell J. Wiens
Familial dilated cardiomyopathy associated with congenital defects in the setting of a novel VCL mutation (Lys815Arg) in conjunction with a known MYPBC3 variant

Author(s): Quinn S. Wells | Natalie L. Ausborn | Birgit H. Funke | Jean P. Pfotenhauer | Joseph L. Fredi | Samantha Baxter | Thomas G. DiSalvo | Charles C. Hong
Ureaplasma parvum infection alters filamin a dynamics in host cells

Author(s): Allam Ayman | Alvarez Sophie | Brown Mary | Reyes Leticia
A Nanodot Array Modulates Cell Adhesion and Induces an Apoptosis-Like Abnormality in NIH-3T3 Cells

Author(s): Pan Hsu-An | Hung Yao-Ching | Su Chia-Wei | Tai Shih-Ming | Chen Chiun-Hsun | Ko Fu-Hsiang | Steve Huang G
The evolutionary history of the catenin gene family during metazoan evolution

Author(s): Zhao Zi-Ming | Reynolds Albert | Gaucher Eric
DHT deficiency perturbs the integrity of the rat seminiferous epithelium by disrupting tight and adherens junctions

Author(s): Agnieszka Kolasa | Mariola Marchlewicz | Lidia Wenda-Różewicka | Barbara Wiszniewska
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