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The icon of city in digital culture

Author(s): Vesna Petrešin Robert | Laurant-Paul Robert

Author(s): Meléndez - Álvarez Bernardo Francisco
The State Chart Metaphor for the Design of Collaborative Virtual Environments

Author(s): Ugo Barchetti | Alberto Bucciero | Anna Lissa Guido | Luca Mainetti | Roberto Paiano | Andrea Pandurino
A mágica do jogo e o potencial do brincar

Author(s): Roberta Purper Brandão | Maria Inês Garcia de Freitas Bittencourt | Junia de Vilhena
As novas tecnologias e o ensino-aprendizagem

Author(s): Eliane Vigneron Barreto Aguiar
Overview and Challenges of Overlay Networks: A Survey

Author(s): Jaime Galán-Jiménez | Alfonso Gazo-Cervero
E-Learning on the Cloud

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Zoube
Creating Multiuser Web3D Applications Embedded in Web Pages

Author(s): Xandre Chourio | Francisco Luengo | Gerardo Pirela
Recording traces to monitor learners’ activity during lab work sessions in a virtual reality environment

Author(s): Cyrille Baudouin | Michel Beney | Pierre Chevaillier | Agnès Le Pallec
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
Enhanced ANT Colony algorithm for Grid Scheduling

Author(s): D.Maruthanayagam | Dr.R.UmaRani
Students’ perceptions about their competencies in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Author(s): Ana María de Guadalupe Arras-Vota, Ph.D. | Carlos Arturo Torres-Gastelú, Ph.D. | Ana María García-Valcárcel Muñoz-Repiso, Ph.D.
A Multi-Purpose Scenario-based Simulator for Smart House Environments

Author(s): Zahra Forootan Jahromi | Amir Rajabzadeh | Ali Reza Manashty
A Virtual Sensor for Online Fault Detection of Multitooth-Tools

Author(s): Andres Bustillo | Maritza Correa | Anibal Reñones
The transfer from survey (map-like) to route representations into Virtual Reality Mazes: effect of age and cerebral lesion

Author(s): Carelli Laura | Rusconi Maria | Scarabelli Chiara | Stampatori Chiara | Mattioli Flavia | Riva Giuseppe
Assessing the Feasibility of Using Virtual Environments in Distance Education

Author(s): Constance M. Johnson | Kirsten N. Corazzini | Ryan Shaw
Virtual Knowledge Production within a Physician Educational Outreach Program

Author(s): Mowafa Said Househ | Andre W. Kushniruk | Malcolm Maclure | Bruce Carleton | Denise Cloutier-Fisher
Autoria na web 2.0 no contexto da educação e a ética dos hackers / Authoring on the web 2.0: educational view and hacker ethic

Author(s): Marcia Izabel Fugisawa Souza | Luciana Oliveira Silva | Izabel Cristina Araújo
An authorization Framework for Grid Security using GT4

Author(s): Debabrata Singh | Bhupendra Gupta | B. M. Acharya | Sarbeswar Hota
Instant e-Teaching Framework Model for Live Online Teaching

Author(s): Suhailan Safei | Mat Atar Mat Amin | Ahmad Nazari Mohd Rose | Mohd Nordin Abdul Rahman
Level of Presence in Team-Building Activities: Gaming Component in Virtual Environments

Author(s): Gianluca De Leo | Koren S. Goodman | Elena Radici | Scott R. Secrhist | Thomas W. Mastaglio
Developing Dynamic Virtual Environments Using Hierarchical, Tree-Structured Approach

Author(s): Wan Mohd Rizhan Wan Idris | Elissa Nadia Madi | Md Yazid Mohd Saman
Experiences of using mobile technologies and virtual fieldtrips in Physical Geography: implications for hydrology education

Author(s): D. G. Kingston | W. J. Eastwood | P. I. Jones | R. Johnson | S. Marshall | D. M. Hannah
Design and development of exams from Semantic Web Tools

Author(s): María del Mar Sánchez Vera | María Paz Prendes Espinosa | Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis
Self-Paced (Asynchronous) BCI Control of a Wheelchair in Virtual Environments: A Case Study with a Tetraplegic

Author(s): Robert Leeb | Doron Friedman | Gernot R. Müller-Putz | Reinhold Scherer | Mel Slater | Gert Pfurtscheller
From personal to social: learning environments that work

Author(s): Mar Camacho | Sònia Guilana
Studying the effects of virtual biodiversity research infrastructures

Author(s): Daphne Duin | Peter van den Besselaar
Cloud Computing

Author(s): Rahul Pareek
Integrating Collaboration and Accessibility for Deploying Virtual Labs using VLCAP

Author(s): Raghu Raman, Prema Nedungadi | Prema Nedungadi | Krishnashree Achuthan | Shyam Diwakar
Insights on Using WALC Platform as a Learning Tool

Author(s): C.P. Leão | F. Soares | S. Costas
Blended Learning: A Ubiquitous Learning Environment for Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Fatemeh Behjat | Mortaza Yamini | Mohammad Sadegh Bagheri
Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition System for Dynamic Applications

Author(s): Siddharth S. Rautaray | Anupam Agrawal
Mood Inference Machine: Framework to Infer Affective Phenomena in ROODA Virtual Learning Environment

Author(s): Magalí Teresinha Longhi | Patricia Alejandra Behar | Magda Bercht
Obstacle Avoidance Through Visual Teleoperation

Author(s): Muhammad Usman Keerio
Students’ perceptions about their competencies in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Author(s): Ana María de Guadalupe Arras-Vota, Ph.D. | Carlos Arturo Torres-Gastelú, Ph.D. | Ana María García-Valcárcel Muñoz-Repiso, Ph.D.
An Online Landscape Object Library to Support Interactive Landscape Planning

Author(s): Subhash Sharma | Christopher Pettit | Ian Bishop | Pang Chan | Falak Sheth
A Logical Approach to Supporting Professional Learning Communities

Author(s): Laurie F. Ruberg | Meri Cummings | Debra C. B. Piecka | Chris Ruckman | Ralph Seward
Competencias en los procesos de enseñanza-aprendizaje virtual y semipresencial Teaching Skills in Virtual and Blended Learning Environments

Author(s): Francisco Imbernón Muñoz | Patricia Silva García | Carolina Guzmán Valenzuela
Tribus digitales en las aulas universitarias Digital Tribes in the University Classrooms

Author(s): Alfonso Gutiérrez Martín | Andrés Palacios Picos | Luis Torrego Egido
Personal Learning Environment design and the professors' educative training on ICT

Author(s): Julio Cabero | Julio Barroso Osuna | MªCarmen Llorente Cejudo
Is librarianship vanishing?

Author(s): Jadranka Lasić-Lazić | Radovan Vrana
Securing IEEE 802.11g WLAN Using Open VPN and its Impact Analysis

Author(s): Praveen Likhar | Ravi Shankar Yadav | Keshava Rao M
Parameterized Facial Expression Synthesis Based on MPEG-4

Author(s): Raouzaiou Amaryllis | Tsapatsoulis Nicolas | Karpouzis Kostas | Kollias Stefanos
3D-Audio Matting, Postediting, and Rerendering from Field Recordings

Author(s): Gallo Emmanuel | Tsingos Nicolas | Lemaitre Guillaume
Virtual Reality System with Integrated Sound Field Simulation and Reproduction

Author(s): Lentz Tobias | Schröder Dirk | Vorländer Michael | Assenmacher Ingo
Development of a 3D immersive videogame to improve arm-postural coordination in patients with TBI

Author(s): Ustinova Ksenia | Leonard Wesley | Cassavaugh Nicholas | Ingersoll Christopher
Iterative Object Localization Algorithm Using Visual Images with a Reference Coordinate

Author(s): Park Kyoung-Su | Lee Jinseok | Stanaćević Milutin | Hong Sangjin | Cho We-Duke
Advances in Modal Analysis Using a Robust and Multiscale Method

Author(s): Picard Cécile | Frisson Christian | Faure François | Drettakis George | Kry PaulG
Workload-aware VM Scheduling on Multicore Systems

Author(s): Insoon Jo | Im Y. Jung | Heon Y. Yeom
Transparent Caching of Virtual Stubs for Improved Performance in Ubiquitous Environments

Author(s): Lachhman Das Dhomeja | Yasir Arfat Malkani | Asad Ali Shaikh | Ayaz Keerio
Emerging Technologies for Autonomous Language Learning

Author(s): Mark Warschauer | Meei-Ling Liaw
Research on Dynamic Water Surface and Ripple Animation

Author(s): Yufen Feng | Haiyan Fan
Online 3D Terrain Visualization: Implementation and Testing

Author(s): C.M. Ruzinoor | A.R.M. Shariff | A.R. Mahmud | B. Pradhan
Evaluation of Intelligent Agent Frameworks for Human Learning

Author(s): Mohamed Soliman | Christian Guetl
Learning Outcomes in Two Different Teaching Approach in Nursing Education in Iran: E-Learning versus Lecture

Author(s): Neda Mehrdad | Mitra Zolfaghari | Naser Bahrani | Sana Eybpoosh
Security Architecture of Cloud Computing

Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Invariant-Based Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones

Author(s): Jie Shen | Lei Luo | Xiaoyu Zheng
Emerging Technologies and Applications on Interactive Entertainments

Author(s): Frederick W.B. Li | Rynson W. H. Lau
Real time Virtual View Generation For Augmented Virtuality System

Author(s): Yong Tang | Hongbin Gu | Lai Zhou
Participation of the young ones in virtual worlds: a look at experiences and motivations

Author(s): Ahmer Iqbal, Marja Kankaanranta, Pekka Neittaanmäki
Cloud Computing

Author(s): Rahul Pareek | Anju Gautam
Critical Pedagogy and Web 2.0: teacher training to transform the classroom

Author(s): Juan José Cardona Fernández | Luis Ibáñez Luque
ïSCOPE: Safer care for older persons (in residential) environments: A study protocol

Author(s): Cranley Lisa | Norton Peter | Cummings Greta | Barnard Debbie | Estabrooks Carole

Author(s): Maja PIVEC | Cristina STEFANELLI | Inger-Marie F. CHRISTENSEN | Jutta PAUSCHENWEIN
INSTRUCTIONAL SYSTEMS DESIGN (ISD): Theory and Practice in Second Life

From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
from Editorial

Author(s): Ugur dEMİRAY
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Integrating RFIDs and Smart Objects into a UnifiedInternet of Things Architecture

Author(s): Evangelos A. Kosmatos | Nikolaos D. Tselikas | Anthony C. Boucouvalas

Author(s): Lucio T. DE PAOLIS | Marco PULIMENO | Giovanni ALOISIO
A comparative analysis of dynamic grids vs. virtual grids using the A3pviGrid framework

Author(s): Avinash Shankaranarayanan | Christine Amaldas
Data center virtualization and its economic implications for the companies

Author(s): Logica BANICA | Mariana JURIAN | Cristian STEFAN
Data Fusion Algorithms for Multiple Inertial Measurement Units

Author(s): Jared B. Bancroft | Gérard Lachapelle
Virtual Prototype Modeling and Simulation of Pipe Wagon Articulating System

Author(s): Ying Li | Samuel Frimpong | Wenyuan Liu

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