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When is it time for reverse transcription to start and go?

Author(s): Mougel Marylène | Houzet Laurent | Darlix Jean-Luc
Studies on membrane topology, N-glycosylation and functionality of SARS-CoV membrane protein

Author(s): Voß Daniel | Pfefferle Susanne | Drosten Christian | Stevermann Lea | Traggiai Elisabetta | Lanzavecchia Antonio | Becker Stephan
Production of FMDV virus-like particles by a SUMO fusion protein approach in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Lee Chien-Der | Yan Yao-Pei | Liang Shu-Mei | Wang Ting-Fang
Hepatitis C Virus E2 Protein Ectodomain Is Essential for Assembly of Infectious Virions

Author(s): Alessia Bianchi | Stefania Crotta | Michela Brazzoli | Steven K. H. Foung | Marcello Merola
Rotavirus-Like Particles: A Novel Nanocarrier for the Gut

Author(s): Naima G. Cortes-Perez | Catherine Sapin | Loïc Jaffrelo | Sabine Daou | Jean Pierre Grill | Philippe Langella | Philippe Seksik | Laurent Beaugerie | Serge Chwetzoff | Germain Trugnan
Lipid Membranes in Poxvirus Replication

Author(s): Jason P. Laliberte | Bernard Moss
Full-length Ebola glycoprotein accumulates in the endoplasmic reticulum

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Suchita | Hope Thomas
Tracking hantavirus nucleocapsid protein using intracellular antibodies

Author(s): Li Jiandong | Zhang Quanfu | Wang Tao | Li Chuan | Liang Mifang | Li Dexin
The pp24 phosphoprotein of Mason-Pfizer monkey virus contributes to viral genome packaging

Author(s): Bohl Christopher | Brown Shanna | Weldon Robert
Packaging of actin into Ebola virus VLPs

Author(s): Han Ziying | Harty Ronald
Intracellular assembly and budding of the Murine Leukemia Virus in infected cells

Author(s): Houzet Laurent | Gay Bernard | Morichaud Zakia | Briant Laurence | Mougel Marylène
Observation of the low frequency vibrational modes of bacteriophage M13 in water by Raman spectroscopy

Author(s): Tsen KT | Dykeman Eric | Sankey Otto | Lin Nien-Tsung | Tsen Shaw-Wei | Kiang Juliann
The cell biology of HIV-1 and other retroviruses

Author(s): Freed Eric | Mouland Andrew
Caveolin-1 interacts with the Gag precursor of murine leukaemia virus and modulates virus production

Author(s): Yu Zheng | Beer Christiane | Koester Mario | Wirth Manfred
Discovery of significant variants containing large deletions in the 5'UTR of human hepatitis C virus (HCV)

Author(s): Revie Dennis | Alberti Michael | Braich Ravi | Bayles David | Prichard John | Salahuddin S Zaki
The Average Mutual Information Profile as a Genomic Signature

Author(s): Bauer Mark | Schuster Sheldon | Sayood Khalid
A role for CD81 on the late steps of HIV-1 replication in a chronically infected T cell line

Author(s): Grigorov Boyan | Attuil-Audenis Valérie | Perugi Fabien | Nedelec Martine | Watson Sarah | Pique Claudine | Darlix Jean-Luc | Conjeaud Hélène | Muriaux Delphine
Vaccinia virus p37 interacts with host proteins associated with LE-derived transport vesicle biogenesis

Author(s): Chen Yali | Honeychurch Kady | Yang Guang | Byrd Chelsea | Harver Chris | Hruby Dennis | Jordan Robert
y Human herpesvirus 6 envelope components enriched in lipid rafts: evidence for virion-associated lipid rafts

Author(s): Kawabata Akiko | Tang Huamin | Huang Honglan | Yamanishi Koichi | Mori Yasuko
Lipid Metabolism and HCV Infection

Author(s): Paul Targett-Adams | Steeve Boulant | Mark W. Douglas | John McLauchlan
The Role of Lipids in Retrovirus Replication

Author(s): Abdul A. Waheed | Eric O. Freed
Last Stop Before Exit – Hepatitis C Assembly and Release as Antiviral Drug Targets

Author(s): Birke Andrea Tews | Costin-Ioan Popescu | Jean Dubuisson
A nuclear export signal within the structural Gag protein is required for prototype foamy virus replication

Author(s): Renault Noémie | Tobaly-Tapiero Joelle | Paris Joris | Giron Marie-Lou | Coiffic Audrey | Roingeard Philippe | Saïb Ali
Pathway Complexity of Model Virus Capsid Assembly Systems

Author(s): Navodit Misra | Daniel Lees | Tiequan Zhang | Russell Schwartz
Discovery of frameshifting in Alphavirus 6K resolves a 20-year enigma

Author(s): Firth Andrew | Chung Betty | Fleeton Marina | Atkins John
Chemical Sensors – from Molecules, Complex Mixtures to Cells – Supramolecular Imprinting Strategies

Author(s): Franz L. Dickert | Peter A. Lieberzeit | Oliver Hayden | Sylvia Gazda-Miarecka | Konstantin Halikias | Karl Jürgen Mann | Christian Palfinger
The YPLGVG sequence of the Nipah virus matrix protein is required for budding

Author(s): Patch Jared | Han Ziying | McCarthy Sarah | Yan Lianying | Wang Lin-Fa | Harty Ronald | Broder Christopher
Modulation of HIV-1 infectivity and cyclophilin A-dependence by Gag sequence and target cell type

Author(s): Matsuoka Saori | Dam Elisabeth | Lecossier Denise | Clavel François | Hance Allan
Simple high-cell density fed-batch technique for high-level recombinant protein production with Pichia pastoris: Application to intracellular production of Hepatitis B surface antigen

Author(s): Gurramkonda Chandrasekhar | Adnan Ahmad | Gäbel Thomas | Lünsdorf Heinrich | Ross Anton | Nemani Satish | Swaminathan Sathyamangalam | Khanna Navin | Rinas Ursula
Isolation and characterization of a small antiretroviral molecule affecting HIV-1 capsid morphology

Author(s): Abdurahman Samir | Végvári Ákos | Levi Michael | Höglund Stefan | Högberg Marita | Tong Weimin | Romero Ivan | Balzarini Jan | Vahlne Anders
Interaction of a C-terminal Truncated Hepatitis C Virus Core Protein with Plasmid DNA Vaccine Leads to in vitro Assembly of Heterogeneous Virus-like Particles

Author(s): Nelson Acosta-Rivero | Joanna Poutou | Alexis Mussachio | Viviana Falcon | Yaraima Aguilera | Armando Rodriguez | Angel Perez | Julio C. Aguilar | Maria C de la Rosa | Felix Alvarez
Ultrastructural Evidences of Hepatitis B Infection in Human Liver Biopsies Disclose Complex Assembly and Morphogenesis Pathways for Hepatitis B Virus

Author(s): Viviana Falcon | Ivon Menéndez | Nelson Acosta-Rivero | Mineko Shibayama | Marıa C. De la Rosa | Jose Luna- Munoz | Magdalena Miranda-Sanchez | Jorge V Gavilondo | Deliana Lopez | Santiago Duenas-Carrera | Bienvenido Gra | Glay Chinea | Luisa Tamayo Garcia | Waldo Garcia | Eduardo Vidal | Enrique Arus-Soler | Jose Silva | Felix Alvarez | Emilio F. Acosta | Jesus Seoane | Juan Morales-Grillo | Eduardo Penton | Juan Kouri | Victor Tsutsumi
Cross-packaging of genetically distinct mouse and primate retroviral RNAs

Author(s): Al Dhaheri Noura | Phillip Pretty | Ghazawi Akela | Ali Jahabar | Beebi Elizabeth | Jaballah Soumeya | Rizvi Tahir
Defects in cellular sorting and retroviral assembly induced by GGA overexpression

Author(s): Joshi Anjali | Nagashima Kunio | Freed Eric
A physical map of the papaya genome with integrated genetic map and genome sequence

Author(s): Yu Qingyi | Tong Eric | Skelton Rachel | Bowers John | Jones Meghan | Murray Jan | Hou Shaobin | Guan Peizhu | Acob Ricelle | Luo Ming-Cheng | Moore Paul | Alam Maqsudul | Paterson Andrew | Ming Ray
Effect of Type-I Interferon on Retroviruses

Author(s): Esperanza Gómez-Lucía | Victorio M. Collado | Guadalupe Miró | Ana Doménech
The Influence of Shape on Parallel Self-Assembly

Author(s): Shuhei Miyashita | Zoltán Nagy | Bradley J. Nelson | Rolf Pfeifer
An overview on nanocarrier technology- Aquasomes

Author(s): Shahabade Gururaj S*,Bhosale Ashok V,Mutha Swati S.,Bhosale Nilesh R.,Khade Prashant H.,Bhadane Nishant P.,Shinde Sagar T.
Analysis of Prototype Foamy Virus particle-host cell interaction with autofluorescent retroviral particles

Author(s): Stirnnagel Kristin | Lüftenegger Daniel | Stange Annett | Swiersy Anka | Müllers Erik | Reh Juliane | Stanke Nicole | Große Arend | Chiantia Salvatore | Keller Heiko | Schwille Petra | Hanenberg Helmut | Zentgraf Hanswalter | Lindemann Dirk
A simple fluorescence based assay for quantification of human immunodeficiency virus particle release

Author(s): Hermle Johannes | Anders Maria | Heuser Anke-Mareil | Müller Barbara
Filoviruses are ancient and integrated into mammalian genomes

Author(s): Taylor Derek | Leach Robert | Bruenn Jeremy
De novo characterization of a whitefly transcriptome and analysis of its gene expression during development

Author(s): Wang Xiao-Wei | Luan Jun-Bo | Li Jun-Min | Bao Yan-Yuan | Zhang Chuan-Xi | Liu Shu-Sheng
Self-assembly of virus-like particles of porcine circovirus type 2 capsid protein expressed from Escherichia coli

Author(s): Yin Shuanghui | Sun Shiqi | Yang Shunli | Shang Youjun | Cai Xuepeng | Liu Xiangtao
Rule-based spatial modeling with diffusing, geometrically constrained molecules

Author(s): Gruenert Gerd | Ibrahim Bashar | Lenser Thorsten | Lohel Maiko | Hinze Thomas | Dittrich Peter
Light whole genome sequence for SNP discovery across domestic cat breeds

Author(s): Mullikin James | Hansen Nancy | Shen Lei | Ebling Heather | Donahue William | Tao Wei | Saranga David | Brand Adrianne | Rubenfield Marc | Young Alice | Cruz Pedro | Driscoll Carlos | David Victor | Al-Murrani Samer | Locniskar Mary | Abrahamsen Mitchell | O'Brien Stephen | Smith Douglas | Brockman Jeffrey
Core as a Novel Viral Target for Hepatitis C Drugs

Author(s): Arthur Donny Strosberg | Smitha Kota | Virginia Takahashi | John K. Snyder | Guillaume Mousseau
Obtención de un anticuerpo contra la proteína p65 del virus de la tristeza de los cítricos y resultados preliminares de la expresión in vivo

Author(s): Torres Yanneth | Guzmán Mónica | Chaparro Orlando | Oliveros Óscar | Acosta Orlando | Peñaranda José
Profiling of cellular proteins in porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus virions by proteomics analysis

Author(s): Zhang Chengwen | Xue Chunyi | Li Yan | Kong Qingming | Ren Xiangpeng | Li Xiaoming | Shu Dingming | Bi Yingzuo | Cao Yongchang
Identification of a novel linear B-cell epitope in the UL26 and UL26.5 proteins of Duck Enteritis Virus

Author(s): Liu Xiaoli | Han Zongxi | Shao Yuhao | Yu Dan | Li Huixin | Wang Yu | Kong Xiangang | Liu Shengwang
Combinatorial analysis and algorithms for quasispecies reconstruction using next-generation sequencing

Author(s): Prosperi Mattia | Prosperi Luciano | Bruselles Alessandro | Abbate Isabella | Rozera Gabriella | Vincenti Donatella | Solmone Maria | Capobianchi Maria | Ulivi Giovanni
Baculovirus display of single chain antibody (scFv) using a novel signal peptide

Author(s): Kitidee Kuntida | Nangola Sawitree | Gonzalez Gaëlle | Boulanger Pierre | Tayapiwatana Chatchai | Hong Saw-See
Steatosis and insulin resistance in hepatitis C: A way out for the virus?

Author(s): José A Del Campo, Manuel Romero-Gómez
Expression and characterization of recombinant VP19c protein and N-terminal from duck enteritis virus

Author(s): Xiang Jun | Zhang Shunchuan | Cheng Anchun | Wang Mingshu | Chang Hua | Shen Chanjuan | Zhu Dekang | Jia Renyong | Luo Qihui | Chen Zhengli | Chen Xiaoyue
Highly conserved serine residue 40 in HIV-1 p6 regulates capsid processing and virus core assembly

Author(s): Votteler Jörg | Neumann Liane | Hahn Sabine | Hahn Friedrich | Rauch Pia | Schmidt Kerstin | Studtrucker Nicole | Solbak Sara | Fossen Torgils | Henklein Peter | Ott David | Holland Gudrun | Bannert Norbert | Schubert Ulrich
Intracellular localization of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) virus glycoproteins

Author(s): Haferkamp Sebastian | Fernando Lisa | Schwarz Tino | Feldmann Heinz | Flick Ramon
Variability and conservation in hepatitis B virus core protein

Author(s): Chain Benjamin | Myers Richard
Tat gets the "green" light on transcription initiation

Author(s): Brady John | Kashanchi Fatah
Functional and Genetic Analysis of Coronavirus Replicase-Transcriptase Proteins.

Author(s): Sawicki | Sawicki | Younker | Meyer | Thiel | Stokes | Siddell
Involvement of HTLV-I Tax and CREB in aneuploidy: a bioinformatics approach

Author(s): de la Fuente Cynthia | Gupta Madhur | Klase Zachary | Strouss Katharine | Cahan Patrick | McCaffery Timothy | Galante Anthony | Soteropoulos Patricia | Pumfery Anne | Fujii Masahiro | Kashanchi Fatah
Identification and classification of human cytomegalovirus capsids in textured electron micrographs using deformed template matching

Author(s): Ryner Martin | Strömberg Jan-Olov | Söderberg-Nauclér Cecilia | Homman-Loudiyi Mohammed
The conserved dileucine- and tyrosine-based motifs in MLV and MPMV envelope glycoproteins are both important to regulate a common Env intracellular trafficking

Author(s): Blot Vincent | Lopez-Vergès Sandra | Breton Marie | Pique Claudine | Berlioz-Torrent Clarisse | Grange Marie-Pierre
Truncated forms of viral VP2 proteins fused to EGFP assemble into fluorescent parvovirus-like particles

Author(s): Gilbert Leona | Toivola Jouni | Välilehto Outi | Saloniemi Taija | Cunningham Claire | White Daniel | Mäkelä Anna | Korhonen Eila | Vuento Matti | Oker-Blom Christian
Quantitative analysis of Nipah virus proteins released as virus-like particles reveals central role for the matrix protein

Author(s): Patch Jared | Crameri Gary | Wang Lin-Fa | Eaton Bryan | Broder Christopher
Bluetongue virus RNA binding protein NS2 is a modulator of viral replication and assembly

Author(s): Kar Alak | Bhattacharya Bishnupriya | Roy Polly
Human Polycomb group EED protein negatively affects HIV-1 assembly and release

Author(s): Rakotobe Dina | Tardy Jean-Claude | André Patrice | Hong Saw | Darlix Jean-Luc | Boulanger Pierre
Crystal structure of vaccinia virus uracil-DNA glycosylase reveals dimeric assembly

Author(s): Schormann Norbert | Grigorian Alexei | Samal Alexandra | Krishnan Raman | DeLucas Lawrence | Chattopadhyay Debasish
Intracellular HIV-1 Gag localization is impaired by mutations in the nucleocapsid zinc fingers

Author(s): Grigorov Boyan | Décimo Didier | Smagulova Fatima | Péchoux Christine | Mougel Marylène | Muriaux Delphine | Darlix Jean-Luc
Characterization of the equine 2'-5' oligoadenylate synthetase 1 (OAS1) and ribonuclease L (RNASEL) innate immunity genes

Author(s): Rios Jonathan | Perelygin Andrey | Long Maureen | Lear Teri | Zharkikh Andrey | Brinton Margo | Adelson David
Construction and characterization of recombinant flaviviruses bearing insertions between E and NS1 genes

Author(s): Bonaldo Myrna | Mello Samanta | Trindade Gisela | Rangel Aymara | Duarte Adriana | Oliveira Prisciliana | Freire Marcos | Kubelka Claire | Galler Ricardo
Role of the long cytoplasmic domain of the SIV Env glycoprotein in early and late stages of infection

Author(s): Vzorov Andrei | Weidmann Armin | Kozyr Natalia | Khaoustov Vladimir | Yoffe Boris | Compans Richard
Design of a trans protease lentiviral packaging system that produces high titer virus

Author(s): Westerman Karen | Ao Zhujun | Cohen Éric | Leboulch Philippe
Membrane interaction and structure of the transmembrane domain of influenza hemagglutinin and its fusion peptide complex

Author(s): Chang Ding-Kwo | Cheng Shu-Fang | Kantchev Eric | Lin Chi-Hui | Liu Yu-Tsan
The histone chaperone protein Nucleosome Assembly Protein-1 (hNAP-1) binds HIV-1 Tat and promotes viral transcription

Author(s): Vardabasso Chiara | Manganaro Lara | Lusic Marina | Marcello Alessandro | Giacca Mauro
The host protein Staufen1 interacts with the Pr55Gag zinc fingers and regulates HIV-1 assembly via its N-terminus

Author(s): Chatel-Chaix Laurent | Boulay Karine | Mouland Andrew | DesGroseillers Luc
VSV-G pseudotyping rescues HIV-1 CA mutations that impair core assembly or stability

Author(s): Brun Sonia | Solignat Maxime | Gay Bernard | Bernard Eric | Chaloin Laurent | Fenard David | Devaux Christian | Chazal Nathalie | Briant Laurence
The Coronavirus E Protein: Assembly and Beyond

Author(s): Travis R. Ruch | Carolyn E. Machamer
Inhibition Effect of Alpha-Lipoic Acid on the Propagation of Influenza A Virus in MDCK Cells

Author(s): Si-Wei Bai§, Cui-Ying Chen§, Jun Ji, Qing-Mei Xie*, Yun Ma1, Bao-Li Sun, Chun-Yi Xue1, Yong-Chang Cao1, Jing-Yun Ma and Ying-Zuo Bi
Expression and characterization of UL16 gene from duck enteritis virus

Author(s): He Qin | Yang Qiao | Cheng Anchun | Wang Mingshu | Xiang Jun | Zhu Dekang | Jia Renyong | Luo Qihui | Chen Zhengli | Zhou Yi | Chen Xiaoyue
Enhancing genome investigations in the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus via BAC library construction and characterization

Author(s): Hickner Paul | deBruyn Becky | Lovin Diane | Mori Akio | Saski Christopher | Severson David
Cellular kinases incorporated into HIV-1 particles: passive or active passengers?

Author(s): Giroud Charline | Chazal Nathalie | Briant Laurence
Orthoretroviral-like prototype foamy virus gag-pol expression is compatible with viral replication

Author(s): Swiersy Anka | Wiek Constanze | Reh Juliane | Zentgraf Hanswalter | Lindemann Dirk
Hepatitis C Virus Assembly Imaging

Author(s): Costin-Ioan Popescu | Yves Rouillé | Jean Dubuisson
Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for Insect Virus Discovery

Author(s): Sijun Liu | Diveena Vijayendran | Bryony C. Bonning
Analysis of the melon (Cucumis melo) small RNAome by high-throughput pyrosequencing

Author(s): Gonzalez-Ibeas Daniel | Blanca José | Donaire Livia | Saladié Montserrat | Mascarell-Creus Albert | Cano-Delgado Ana | Garcia-Mas Jordi | Llave Cesar | Aranda Miguel
Antiviral activity of α-helical stapled peptides designed from the HIV-1 capsid dimerization domain

Author(s): Zhang Hongtao | Curreli Francesca | Zhang Xihui | Bhattacharya Shibani | Waheed Abdul | Cooper Alan | Cowburn David | Freed Eric | Debnath Asim
In vitro assembly of xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus CA-NC protein

Author(s): Hadravová Romana | Štokrová Jitka | Doležal Michal | Pichová Iva | Ruml Tomáš | Rumlová Michaela
In vitro characterisation of Bovine Leukemia Virus capsid protein self-assembly

Author(s): Obal Gonzalo | Lepault Jean | Carrion Federico | Tome Lorena | Moratorio Gonzalo | Rama Gonzalo | Bianchi Sergio | Pritsch Otto
Design and evaluation of a multi-epitope assembly Peptide (MEAP) against herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in BALB/c mice

Author(s): Wang Xingsheng | Xie Guangyan | Liao Jianming | Yin Dengke | Guan Wenyan | Pan Mingjie | Li Jingnian | Li Yuexi
Claudin-1 required for HCV virus entry has high potential for phosphorylation and O-glycosylation

Author(s): Ahmad Waqar | Shabbiri Khadija | Ijaz Bushra | Asad Sultan | Sarwar Muhammad | Gull Sana | Kausar Humera | Fouzia Kiran | Shahid Imran | Hassan Sajida
Molecular and process design for rotavirus-like particle production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Rodríguez-Limas William | Tyo Keith | Nielsen Jens | Ramírez Octavio | Palomares Laura
A novel recombinant pseudorabies virus expressing parvovirus VP2 gene: Immunogenicity and protective efficacy in swine

Author(s): Chen Yang | Guo Wanzhu | Xu Zhiwen | Yan Qigui | Luo Yan | Shi Qian | Chen Dishi | Zhu Ling | Wang Xiaoyu
New Insights into HTLV-1 Particle Structure, Assembly, and Gag-Gag Interactions in Living Cells

Author(s): Keir H. Fogarty | Wei Zhang | Iwen F. Grigsby | Jolene L. Johnson | Yan Chen | Joachim D. Mueller | Louis M. Mansky
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