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HIV-associated adipose redistribution syndrome (HARS): definition, epidemiology and clinical impact

Author(s): Lichtenstein Kenneth | Balasubramanyam Ashok | Sekhar Rajagopal | Freedland Eric
Associated factors for a hyperechogenic pancreas on endoscopic ultrasound

Author(s): Cheol Woong Choi, Gwang Ha Kim, Dae Hwan Kang, Hyung Wook Kim, Dong Uk Kim, Jeong Heo, Geun Am Song, Do Youn Park, Suk Kim
HIV-associated adipose redistribution syndrome (HARS): etiology and pathophysiological mechanisms

Author(s): Lichtenstein Kenneth | Balasubramanyam Ashok | Sekhar Rajagopal | Freedland Eric
Circulating omentin concentration increases after weight loss

Author(s): Moreno-Navarrete José | Catalán Victoria | Ortega Francisco | Gómez-Ambrosi Javier | Ricart Wifredo | Frühbeck Gema | Fernández-Real José
Body circumferences: clinical implications emerging from a new geometric model

Author(s): Heymsfield Steven | Martin-Nguyen Allison | Fong Tung | Gallagher Dympna | Pietrobelli Angelo
Changes induced by dietary energy intake and divergent selection for muscle fat content in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), assessed by transcriptome and proteome analysis of the liver

Author(s): Kolditz Catherine-Ines | Paboeuf Gilles | Borthaire Maïena | Esquerré Diane | SanCristobal Magali | Lefèvre Florence | Médale Françoise
Young adult obese subjects with and without insulin resistance: what is the role of chronic inflammation and how to weigh it non-invasively?

Author(s): Tarantino Giovanni | Colicchio Patrizia | Conca Paolo | Finelli Carmine | Di Minno Matteo | Tarantino Marianna | Capone Domenico | Pasanisi Fabrizio
Sexual dimorphism of adipose tissue distribution across the lifespan: a cross-sectional whole-body magnetic resonance imaging study

Author(s): Shen Wei | Punyanitya Mark | Silva Analiza | Chen Jun | Gallagher Dympna | Sardinha Luís | Allison David | Heymsfield Steven
Fat distribution and longitudinal anthropometric changes in HIV-infected men with and without clinical evidence of lipodystrophy and HIV-uninfected controls: A substudy of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study

Author(s): Brown Todd | Xu Xiaoqiang | John Majnu | Singh Jaya | Kingsley Lawrence | Palella Frank | Witt Mallory | Margolick Joseph | Dobs Adrian
Visceral obesity and the risk of Barrett's esophagus in Japanese patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Author(s): Akiyama Tomoyuki | Yoneda Masato | Inamori Masahiko | Iida Hiroshi | Endo Hiroki | Hosono Kunihiro | Yoneda Kyoko | Fujita Koji | Koide Tomoko | Tokoro Chikako | Takahashi Hirokazu | Goto Ayumu | Abe Yasunobu | Kirikoshi Hiroyuki | Kobayashi Noritoshi | Kubota Kensuke | Saito Satoru | Nakajima Atsushi
Effect of Food Restriction on Adipose Tissue in Spontaneously Diabetic Torii Fatty Rats

Author(s): Hisayo Morinaga | Takeshi Ohta | Kenichi Matsui | Tomohiko Sasase | Sumiaki Fukuda | Makoto Ito | Masatoshi Ueda | Yukihito Ishii | Katsuhiro Miyajima | Mutsuyoshi Matsushita
Lipoprotein lipase expression, serum lipid and tissue lipid deposition in orally-administered glycyrrhizic acid-treated rats

Author(s): Lim Wai | Chia Yoke | Liong Shih | Ton So | Kadir Khalid | Syed Husain Sharifah
Gln27Glu variant of Beta2-adrenoceptor gene affects male type fat accumulation in women

Author(s): Kunnas Tarja | Lahtio Riikka | Kortelainen Marja-Leena | Kalela Anne | Nikkari Seppo
Is the Adipose Tissue the Key Road to Inflammation?

Author(s): Stéphanie Lucas | Claudie Verwaerde | Isabelle Wolowczuk
Role of Receptor-Interacting Protein 140 in human fat cells

Author(s): Mejhert Niklas | Laurencikiene Jurga | Pettersson Amanda | Kaaman Maria | Stenson Britta | Rydén Mikael | Dahlman Ingrid
Gene expression profiles in Atlantic salmon adipose-derived stromo-vascular fraction during differentiation into adipocytes

Author(s): Todorčević Marijana | Škugor Stanko | Krasnov Aleksei | Ruyter Bente
Study of caveolin-1 gene expression in whole adipose tissue and its subfractions and during differentiation of human adipocytes

Author(s): Fernández-Real José | Catalán Victoria | Moreno-Navarrete José | Gómez-Ambrosi Javier | Ortega Francisco | Rodriguez-Hermosa Jose | Ricart Wifredo | Frühbeck Gema
Validation of endogenous reference genes for qRT-PCR analysis of human visceral adipose samples

Author(s): Mehta Rohini | Birerdinc Aybike | Hossain Noreen | Afendy Arian | Chandhoke Vikas | Younossi Zobair | Baranova Ancha
FTO variant rs9939609 is associated with body mass index and waist circumference, but not with energy intake or physical activity in European- and African-American youth

Author(s): Liu Gaifen | Zhu Haidong | Lagou Vasiliki | Gutin Bernard | Stallmann-Jorgensen Inger | Treiber Frank | Dong Yanbin | Snieder Harold
Multi-Scale Characterization of the PEPCK-Cmus Mouse through 3D Cryo-Imaging

Author(s): Debashish Roy | Madhusudhana Gargesha | Grant J. Steyer | Parvin Hakimi | Richard W. Hanson | David L. Wilson
Epicardial adipose tissue in patients with heart failure

Author(s): Doesch Christina | Haghi Dariusch | Flüchter Stephan | Suselbeck Tim | Schoenberg Stefan | Michaely Henrik | Borggrefe Martin | Papavassiliu Theano
Diet-induced obesity in zebrafish shares common pathophysiological pathways with mammalian obesity

Author(s): Oka Takehiko | Nishimura Yuhei | Zang Liqing | Hirano Minoru | Shimada Yasuhito | Wang Zhipeng | Umemoto Noriko | Kuroyanagi Junya | Nishimura Norihiro | Tanaka Toshio
Analysis of lifestyle and metabolic predictors of visceral obesity with Bayesian Networks

Author(s): Aussem Alex | Tchernof André | de Morais Sérgio | Rome Sophie
Abdominal adipose tissue: Significance and methods of detection

Author(s): Srdić Biljana | Stokić Edita | Polzović Agneza | Babović Siniša S.
PPARgamma activation attenuates T-lymphocyte-dependent inflammation of adipose tissue and development of insulin resistance in obese mice

Author(s): Foryst-Ludwig Anna | Hartge Martin | Clemenz Markus | Sprang Christiane | Heß Katharina | Marx Nikolaus | Unger Thomas | Kintscher Ulrich
Detection of metabolic syndrome features among childhood cancer survivors: A target to prevent disease

Author(s): Adriana Aparecida Siviero-Miachon | Angela Maria Spinola-Castro | Gil Guerra-Junior

Author(s): Dong-il Seo | Wi-Young So | Sung Ha | Eun-Jung Yoo | Daeyeol Kim | Harshvardhan Singh | Christopher A. Fahs | Lindy Rossow | Debra A. Bemben | Michael G. Bemben | Eonho Kim
Waist to hip ratio and trunk to extremity fat (DXA) are better surrogates for IMCL and for visceral fat respectively than for subcutaneous fat in adolescent girls

Author(s): Savgan-Gurol Eray | Bredella Miriam | Russell Melissa | Mendes Nara | Klibanski Anne | Misra Madhusmita
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the metabolic syndrome: An update

Author(s): R Scott Rector, John P Thyfault, Yongzhong Wei, Jamal A Ibdah
Strategies for reducing body fat mass: effects of liposuction and exercise on cardiovascular risk factors and adiposity

Author(s): Benatti FB | Lira FS | Oyama LM | Oller do Nascimento CM | Lancha AH Jr
Novel anti-inflammatory role of SLPI in adipose tissue and its regulation by high fat diet

Author(s): Adapala Venkata | Buhman Kimberly | Ajuwon Kolapo
Quantitative and qualitative differences in subcutaneous adipose tissue stores across lipodystrophy types shown by magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Al-Attar Salam | Pollex Rebecca | Robinson John | Miskie Brooke | Walcarius Rhonda | Little Cynthia | Rutt Brian | Hegele Robert
Genome-wide association to body mass index and waist circumference: the Framingham Heart Study 100K project

Author(s): Fox Caroline | Heard-Costa Nancy | Cupples L Adrienne | Dupuis Josée | Vasan Ramachandran | Atwood Larry
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation Does Not Reduce Visceral Adipose Tissue in Middle-Aged Men Engaged in a Resistance-Training Program

Author(s): Adams Roger | Hsueh Andie | Alford Betty | King Clay | Mo Huanbiao | Wildman Robert
Impact of estrogen receptor gene polymorphisms and mRNA levels on obesity and lipolysis – a cohort study

Author(s): Nilsson Maria | Dahlman Ingrid | Jiao Hong | Gustafsson Jan-Åke | Arner Peter | Dahlman-Wright Karin
Obesity, Adipocytokines and Cancer

Author(s): Takayuki Masaki | Hironobu Yoshimatsu
Muscle fat content and abdominal adipose tissue distribution investigated by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in obese children and adolescents

Author(s): Cilius Esmann Fonvig | Dorthe S. Bille | Elizaveta Chabanova | Tenna R. H. Nielsen | Henrik S. Thomsen | Jens-Christian Holm
Twelve-Week Aerobic Training Decreases Chemerin Level and Improves Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Overweight and Obese Men

Author(s): Abbas Saremi | Nader Shavandi | Mohammad Parastesh | Hassan Daneshmand
 Traumatic Panniculitis of the Right Thigh: A Case Report

Author(s): Nikhil Shellagi | Gabriel Rodrigues
Negative association of acetate with visceral adipose tissue and insulin levels

Author(s): Layden BT | Yalamanchi SK | Wolever TMS | Dunaif A | Lowe Jr WL
Muscle fat content and abdominal adipose tissue distribution investigated by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in obese children and youths

Author(s): Cilius E. Fonvig | Dorthe S. Bille | Elizaveta Chabanova | Tenna R. H. Nielsen | Henrik S. Thomsen | Jens-Christian Holm
The relationship between perceived sense of control and visceral adipose tissue - the North Texas Healthy Heart Study

Author(s): Cardarelli Roberto | Hogan Sandy-Asari | Fulda Kimberly | Carroll Joan
Visceral Abdominal and Subfascial Femoral Adipose Tissue Have Opposite Associations with Liver Fat in Overweight and Obese Premenopausal Caucasian Women

Author(s): Paulo M. Rocha | José T. Barata | Cláudia S. Minderico | Analiza M. Silva | Pedro J. Teixeira | Luís B. Sardinha
Relationship between Visceral Adiposity and Plasma Adiponectin Concentration: Effect of Weight Loss

Author(s): E Nasseri | M Djalali | SA Keshavarz | M Hosseini | AR Dorosty | M Chamari
Tejido adiposo como glándula endocrina. Implicaciones fisiopatológicas.

Author(s): Dayamí García Torres | Maricel F. Castellanos González | Raúl Cedeño Morales | Mikhail Benet Rodríguez | Illovis Ramírez Arteaga
Isocaloric intake of a high-fat diet modifies adiposity and lipid handling in a sex dependent manner in rats

Author(s): Estrany Maria | Proenza Ana | Lladó Isabel | Gianotti Magdalena
New adipokines vaspin and omentin. Circulating levels and gene expression in adipose tissue from morbidly obese women

Author(s): Auguet Teresa | Quintero Yunuen | Riesco David | Morancho Beatriz | Terra Ximena | Crescenti Anna | Broch Montserrat | Aguilar Carmen | Olona Montserrat | Porras José | Hernandez Mercè | Sabench Fátima | del Castillo Daniel | Richart Cristóbal
Cereal based diets modulate some markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in lean and obese Zucker rats

Author(s): Belobrajdic Damien | Lam Yan | Mano Mark | Wittert Gary | Bird Anthony
Adiponectin mRNA Expression in the Cat (Felis domesticus)

Author(s): Angela L. Lusby | Stephen A. Kania | Joseph W. Bartges | Claudia A. Kirk
Adiponectin, a key adipokine in obesity related liver diseases

Author(s): Christa Buechler | Josef Wanninger | Markus Neumeier
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