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Can Propranolol be used as the first line treatment in infantile hemangioma?

Author(s): Yasemin Altuner Torun | Ayşe Betül Ergül | İsmail Dursun
Accommodation in mild traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Wesley Green, MS | Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, OD, PhD | Preethi Thiagarajan, BS Optom, MS | Dora Szymano-wicz, BS | Diana P. Ludlam, BS, COVT | Neera Kapoor, OD, MS
Damage to the anterior visual pathway and brain parenchyma following external pituitary irradiation.

Author(s): Kundra S | Sharma B | Banerjee A | Ayyagari S | Dhir S | Kak V
Clinical and genetic study of a Chinese family with spinocerebellar ataxia type 7

Author(s): Han Yan | Deng Benqiang | Liu Mingyuan | Jiang Jianming | Wu Shuai | Guan Yangtai
Acute visual loss and intraocular hemorrhages associated with endoscopic spinal surgery

Author(s): Marilita M Moschos | Alexandros Rouvas | Alexios Papaspirou | Michael Apostolopoulos
Dysfunctional regulation of ocular blood flow: A risk factor for glaucoma?

Author(s): Danny Moore | Alon Harris | Darrell WuDunn | Nisha Kheradiya | Brent Siesky
Collagen cross-linking: Strengthening the unstable cornea

Author(s): Oren Tomkins | Hanna J Garzozi
Registration of visual impairment due to diabetic retinopathy in a subpopulation of Cambridgeshire

Author(s): Patel Gordon-Bennett | Aseema Misra | Wendy Newsom | Declan Flanagan
Cognitive functions in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder

Author(s): Ozdel Osman | Karadag Filiz | Atesci Figen | Oguzhanoglu Nalan | Cabuk Talip
Self-Reported Oral Hygiene Practices and Periodontal Status of Visually Impaired Adults

Author(s): Tuti Ningseh Mohd-Dom | Rokiah Omar | Nor Aida Abdul Malik | Khairunnisa Saiman | Nu'amirazura Rahmat
Clinical characteristics of amblyopic cases

Author(s): Betül Tuğcu | Ceren Gürez | Erdal Yüzbaşıoğlu | Fırat Helvacıoğlu | Ahmet Ağaçhan
Health Literacy Among Parents of Pediatric Patients Seen in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Tran, T. Paul | Robinson, Laura M | Keebler, John R | Walker, Richard A | Wadman, Michael C
Palpation by blind examiners: A novel approach for glaucoma screening

Author(s): Fatemeh Heidary | Reza Gharebaghi | Roghayeh Heidary
Blindness and visual impairment in retinitis pigmentosa: a Cameroonian hospital-based study

Author(s): André Omgbwa Eballe | Godefroy Koki | Claude Bernard Emche | et al
Cognitive decline tracks motor progression and not disease duration in Parkinson patients

Author(s): BD Riggeal | GP Crucian | P Seignourel | CE Jacobson IV | MS Okun | et al
A clinical study of annular cyclitis

Author(s): Marilita Michael Moschos | Yan Guex-Crosier | Ioannis Margetis | Leonidas Zografos
Unilateral optic neuritis as a presentation of neurobrucellosis

Author(s): Rita Marques | Cristina Martins | Inês Machado | José Paulo Monteiro | Nuno Campos | Paulo Calhau
Outcomes of cataract surgery in a rural and urban south Indian population

Author(s): Vijaya Lingam | George Ronnie | Rashima A | Raju Prema | Arvind Hemamalini | Baskaran Mani | Ve Ramesh
Monitoring of clinical signs in goats with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

Author(s): Konold Timm | Bone Gemma | Phelan Laura | Simmons Marion | González Lorenzo | Sisó Sílvia | Goldmann Wilfred | Cawthraw Saira | Hawkins Steve
Pilot case-control investigation of risk factors for hip fractures in the urban Indian population

Author(s): Jha Ruchira | Mithal Ambrish | Malhotra Nidhi | Brown Edward
Analysis of user characteristics related to drop-off detection with long cane

Author(s): Dae Shik Kim, PhD | Robert Wall Emerson, PhD | Amy Curtis, PhD
Congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles

Author(s): Cooymans Pascale | Al-Zuhaibi Sana | Al-Senawi Rana | Ganesh Anuradha
Refractive ocular conditions and reasons for spectacles renewal in a resource-limited economy

Author(s): Ayanniyi Abdulkabir | Folorunso Francisca | Adepoju Feyisayo
Mobius Syndrome Or Brainstem Dysgenesis : Case Description And Mini Review

Author(s): Thankappan Bindu | Taly A B | Sinha S | Arunodaya G R
Pattern of childhood blindness at a referral center in Saudi Arabia.

Author(s): Tabbara Khalid | El-Sheikh Hisham | Shawaf Shucri
Health Profile Of Aged Persons In Urban & Rural Field Practice Areas Of Medical College, Amrisar

Author(s): Padda A.S | Mohan V | Singh Jagjit | Deepti S.S | Singh Gurmeet | Dhillon H.S
Identification of symptom and functional domains that fibromyalgia patients would like to see improved: a cluster analysis

Author(s): Bennett Robert | Russell Jon | Cappelleri Joseph | Bushmakin Andrew | Zlateva Gergana | Sadosky Alesia
Validity and cost-effectiveness of methods for screening of primary open angle glaucoma

Author(s): Antony, Katja | Genser, Dieter | Fröschl, Barbara
Primary hemiarthroplasty versus conservative treatment for comminuted fractures of the proximal humerus in the elderly (ProCon): A Multicenter Randomized Controlled trial

Author(s): Den Hartog Dennis | Van Lieshout Esther | Tuinebreijer Wim | Polinder Suzanne | Van Beeck Ed | Breederveld Roelf | Bronkhorst Maarten | Eerenberg Jan | Rhemrev Steven | Roerdink W Herbert | Schraa Gerrit | Van der Vis Harm | Van Thiel Thom | Patka Peter | Nijs Stefaan | Schep Niels
Healthcare costs associated with progressive diabetic retinopathy among National Health Insurance enrollees in Taiwan, 2000-2004

Author(s): Woung Lin-Chung | Tsai Ching-Yao | Chou Hsin-Kai | Tsai Ming-Tsu | Tsai Wei-Her | Chou Pesus | Shen Shih-Tsuo
Surgery of Primary Melanomas

Author(s): Piotr Rutkowski | Marcin Zdzienicki | Zbigniew I. Nowecki | Alexander C. J. van Akkooi
Characteristics of optic disc melanocytomas presenting with visual dysfunction

Author(s): Al-Rashaed Saba | Abboud Emad | Nowilaty Sawsan
Burden of childhood-onset arthritis

Author(s): Moorthy Lakshmi | Peterson Margaret | Hassett Afton | Lehman Thomas
A prospective descriptive study of cryptococcal meningitis in HIV uninfected patients in Vietnam - high prevalence of Cryptococcus neoformans var grubii in the absence of underlying disease

Author(s): Chau Tran | Mai Nguyen | Phu Nguyen | Nghia Ho | Chuong Ly | Sinh Dinh | Duong Van | Diep Pham | Campbell James | Baker Stephen | Hien Tran | Lalloo David | Farrar Jeremy | Day Jeremy
At-home training with closed-loop augmented-reality cueing device for improving gait in patients with Parkinson disease

Author(s): Alberto J. Espay, MD, MSc | Yoram Baram, PhD | Alok Kumar Dwivedi, PhD | Rakesh Shukla, PhD | Maureen Gartner, RN, MEd | Laura Gaines, BA, CCRC | Andrew P. Duker, MD | Fredy J. Revilla, MD
Recent Visual Decline—A Health Hazard with Consequences for Social Life: A Study of Home Care Clients in 12 Countries

Author(s): Else Vengnes Grue | Harriet Finne-Soveri | Paul Stolee | Jeff Poss | Liv Wergeland Sörbye | Anja Noro | John P. Hirdes | Anette Hylen Ranhoff
Assessment of visual evoked potentials in stable COPD patients with no visual impairment

Author(s): Gupta Prem | Sood Sushma | Atreja Atulya | Agarwal Dipti
The effect of benfothiamine in the therapy of diabetic polyneuropathy

Author(s): Nikolić Ana | Kačar Aleksandra | Lavrnić Dragana | Basta Ivana | Apostolski Slobodan
Relationship between degree of dyspnoea and health-related quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Gvozdenović Branislav S. | Mitić Saša | Žugić Vladimir G. | Gvozdenović Aleksandar T. | Lazović Nada M. | Plavšić Slavica
Prevalence and Causes of Blindness and Visual Impairment in Plateau State, Nigeria

Author(s): Caleb Mpyet | Perpetua Odugbo | Olukorede Adenuga | Lohdip Velle | Amos Nyonkyes
Reaction time and efficiency of the goalball player in interception/defense of throwing/attack

Author(s): G.P. Silva | V.R. Pereira | P.P. Deprá | J.I. Gorla
Leading causes of blindness and visual impairment in the region of Eastern Herzegovina

Author(s): Ćeklić Lala | Latinović Slobodanka | Aleksić Petar
A reliable measure of frailty for a community dwelling older population

Author(s): Kamaruzzaman Shahrul | Ploubidis George | Fletcher Astrid | Ebrahim Shah
Neurotrophic keratitis in a patient with disseminated lymphangiomatosis

Author(s): Jared E Knickelbein | Susan T Stefko | Puwat Charukamnoetkanok
Surgical management of glaucoma: Evolving paradigms

Author(s): Sharaawy Tarek | Bhartiya Shibal
Prevalence of visual impairment, cataract surgery and awareness of cataract and glaucoma in Bhaktapur district of Nepal: The Bhaktapur Glaucoma Study

Author(s): Thapa Suman | Berg Rosa | Khanal Shankar | Paudyal Indira | Pandey Pooja | Maharjan Nhukesh | Twyana Shankha | Paudyal Govinda | Gurung Reeta | Ruit Sanduk | Rens Ger
Pediatric Ocular Trauma in Taiwan

Author(s): Ching-Hsing Lee | Wan-Ya Su | Lan Lee | Meng-Ling Yang
Sensory testing of the human gastrointestinal tract

Author(s): Christina Brock, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Oliver Wilder-Smith, Asbjørn Mohr Drewes
Prevalence of Ocular Morbidity Among School Adolescents of Gandhinagar District, Gujarat

Author(s): Prakash Prajapati, | Jaydeep Oza, | Jagruti Prajapati, | Geeta Kedia, | Rajesh K Chudasama,
Factors that impact health-related quality of life in adults with celiac disease: A multicenter study

Author(s): F Casellas, L Rodrigo, J López Vivancos, S Riestra, C Pantiga, JS Baudet, F Junquera, V Puig Diví, C Abadia, M Papo, J Gelabert, JR Malagelada
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Corneal Ulcer Related to Overnight Orthokeratology.

Author(s): Ching-Hsi Hsiao | Lung-Kun Yeh | An-Ning Chao | Yeong-Fong Chen | Ken-Kuo Lin
Study of the effect of nortriptyline and fluvoxamine on psychomotor functions in healthy volunteers

Author(s): Khade Ajay | Bashir Mohammed Shakeel | Kale A | Turankar Avinash
Carbon ion therapy for advanced sinonasal malignancies: feasibility and acute toxicity

Author(s): Jensen Alexandra | Nikoghosyan Anna | Ecker Swantje | Ellerbrock Malte | Debus Jürgen | Münter Marc
Postural control in blind subjects

Author(s): Antonio Vinicius Soares | Cláudia Silva Remor de Oliveira | Rodrigo José Knabben | Susana Cristina Domenech | Noe Gomes Borges Junior
Relationship between depressive symptoms and cognitive status in acute ischemic stroke

Author(s): Bugarski Vojislava | Semnic Marija | Slankamenac Petar

Author(s): Quijano Martínez, María Cristina | Cuervo Cuesta , María Teresa
Prevalence of Visual Impairment in Low Birth Weight and Normal Birth Weight School Age Children

Author(s): Ashraf Mohammadzadeh | Akbar Derakhshan | Farhat Ahmadshah | Rana Amiri | Habiballah Esmaeli

Author(s): Ismat Bano | Syed Abir Hassan Naqvi | Dr.Muhammad Aamir Hashmi | Dr.Shaoukat Ali Raza | Faiz.M.Shaikh
5-HT3 antagonist for cognition improvement in schizophrenia: a double blind, placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Neyousha Mohammadi | Maryam Noroozian | Naregs Karamghadiri | Shahin Akhondzadeh
Relation of computer esthesiometry and symptom scores in diagnostics of diabetic polyneuropathy

Author(s): Olga Kurumchina | Natalia Shnayder | Marina Petrova | Leonid Lipinskiy | Artem Faustov | Elena Terenteva | Elena Kantimirova | Olga Darsavelidze | Ilya Kiselev | Ekaterina Kozulina | Dmitriy Terskov

Psychophysical measurements of luminance and chromatic spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Author(s): Marcelo Fernandes Costa | Mirella Telles Salgueiro Barboni | Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Rationale and methods of the multicenter randomised trial of a heart failure management programme among geriatric patients (HF-Geriatrics)

Author(s): Pascual Carlos | Galán Emilio | Guerrero Jose | Colino Rocio | Soler Pedro | Calvo Mercedes | Jaurieta Juan | Arambarri Jorge | Casado Jose | Rodríguez-Artalejo Fernando
inVestIgating the pSychologIcal and ecONomic impAct of cataRact surgerY in Vietnam: The VISIONARY observational study protocol

Author(s): Essue Beverley | Hackett Maree | Mueller Andreas | Hanh Duc Nguyen | Phuc Huynh | Jan Stephen
Manifestation of a sellar hemangioblastoma due to pituitary apoplexy: a case report

Author(s): Schär Ralph | Vajtai Istvan | Sahli Rahel | Seiler Rolf
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Tualang honey in alkali injury on the eyes of rabbits: Experimental animal study

Author(s): Bashkaran Karuppannan | Zunaina Embong | Bakiah Shaharuddin | Sulaiman Siti | Sirajudeen KNS | Naik Venkatesh
Diabetic retinopathy (DR): everybody's business

Author(s): Iris Winter | David Yorston
Thoracoscopic sympathectomy of T2 and T3 ganglions for palmar hyperhydrosis

Author(s): Toolabi K | Rouientan A | Salimi J | Rabani A | Meisami A
Vertigo Imaging; Clinical Radiology'

Author(s): Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Abdolhamid Hosein Nia | Aliakbar Ameri

Author(s): A. Abdollahi | M. H. Malekmadani | M. R. Mansoori | A. Bostak | M. R. Abbaszadeh A. Mirshahi
Psychiatric Characteristics and Quality of Life in Patients with Pathologic Skin Picking

Author(s): Mohammad Arbabi | Vahid Farnia | Kamran Balighi | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Ali Akbar Nejatisafa | katayoon Yazdchi
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and cognitive impairment: effects of CPAP

Author(s): Alessandra Giordano | Alessandro Cicolin | Roberto Mutani
Ophthalmic, Hearing, Speaking and School Readiness Outcomes in Low Birth Weight and Normal Birth Weight Primary School Children in Mashhad-Iran

Author(s): Ashraf Mohammadzadeh | Mohsen Jafarzade | Ahmad Shah Farhat | Rana Amiri | Habiballah Esmaeli
Persistent subretinal fluid due to central serous chorioretinopathy after retinal detachment surgery

Author(s): Moreno-López M | Pérez-López M | Casas-Llera P | Jarrín E | Muñoz-Negrete FJ
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
Ranibizumab in the treatment of patients with visual impairment due to diabetic macular edema

Author(s): Bandello F | De Benedetto U | Knutsson KA | Battaglia Parodi M | Cascavilla ML | Iacono P
Congenital aplasia of the optic chiasm and esophageal atresia: a case report

Author(s): Pensiero Stefano | Cecchini Paolo | Michieletto Paola | Pelizzo Gloria | Madonia Maurizio | Parentin Fulvio
O ambiente visual noturno: eficiência energética, comodidade e acuidade visual na iluminação das cidades

Author(s): Aloísio Leoni Schmid | Helena Conelian Gentili | Gabriel Gallarza Rossi | Alexandre Valles | Renato Dombrowski
Robot-aided therapy for upper limbs in patients with stroke-related lesions. Brief report of a clinical experience

Author(s): Bovolenta Federica | Sale Patrizio | Dall'Armi Valentina | Clerici Pierina | Franceschini Marco
Interviewer versus self-administered health-related quality of life questionnaires - Does it matter?

Author(s): Puhan Milo | Ahuja Alka | Van Natta Mark L | Ackatz Lori | Meinert Curtis
Functional impairment related to painful physical symptoms in patients with generalized anxiety disorder with or without comorbid major depressive disorder: post hoc analysis of a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Romera Irene | Montejo Ángel | Caballero Fernando | Caballero Luis | Arbesú José | Polavieja Pepa | Desaiah Durisala | Gilaberte Inmaculada
Pontine tegmental cap dysplasia: developmental and cognitive outcome in three adolescent patients

Author(s): Briguglio Marilena | Pinelli Lorenzo | Giordano Lucio | Ferraris Alessandro | Germanò Eva | Micheletti Serena | Severino Mariasavina | Bernardini Laura | Loddo Sara | Tortorella Gaetano | Ormitti Francesca | Gasparotti Roberto | Rossi Andrea | Valente Enza
Cluster analysis of behavioural and event-related potentials during a contingent negative variation paradigm in remitting-relapsing and benign forms of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Gonzalez-Rosa Javier | Vazquez-Marrufo Manuel | Vaquero Encarnacion | Duque Pablo | Borges Monica | Gomez-Gonzalez Carlos | Izquierdo Guillermo
Cognitive performance in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: A longitudinal study in daily practice using a brief computerized cognitive battery

Author(s): Edgar Chris | Jongen Peter | Sanders Evert | Sindic Christian | Goffette Sophie | Dupuis Michel | Jacquerye Philippe | Guillaume Daniel | Reznik Regine | Wesnes Keith
Postural Evaluation of Vertebral Column in Children and Teenagers with Hearing Loss

Author(s): Melo, Renato de Souza | Silva, Polyanna Waleska Amorim da | Silva, Lícia Vasconcelos Carvalho da | Toscano, Carla Fabiana da Silva
Unilateral optic neuritis as a presentation of neurobrucellosis

Author(s): Rita Marques | Cristina Martins | Inês Machado | José Paulo Monteiro | Nuno Campos | Paulo Calhau
Outcome of Vision Impairment and Diabetes Insipidus in Suprasellar Region Germinoma

Author(s): Satoshi Utsuki | Hidehiro Oka | Yoshiteru Miyajima | Chihiro Kijima | Kiyotaka Fujii | Shinichi Kan
Pilot study to test effectiveness of video game on reaching performance in stroke

Author(s): Ana Maria Acosta, PhD; | Hendrik A. Dewald | Jules P. A. Dewald, PT, PhD
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