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Interface Between Macro and Nano Worlds

Author(s): Gregor Skorc | Riko Safaric | David Lukman | Sirhiy Ivanovich Protsenko | Simon Zapusek
Aortic dissection: visualisation of aortic blood flow and quantification of wall shear stress using time-resolved, 3D phase-contrast MRI

Author(s): Pitcher Alex | Cassar Tom | Leeson Paul | Francis Jane | Blair Edward | Wordsworth Paul | Forfar J | Petersen Steffen | Markl Michael | Neubauer Stefan
New media of urbanity

Author(s): Laurant-Paul Robert | Vesna Petrešin Robert
Modelling Cell Cycle using Different Levels of Representation

Author(s): Thomas Anung Basuki | Antonio Cerone | Rafael V. Carvalho
Quantitative ultrasound biomicroscopy for the analysis of healthy and repair cartilage tissue

Author(s): K Gelse | A Olk | S Eichhorn | B Swoboda | M Schoene | K Raum
MLPAinter for MLPA interpretation: an integrated approach for the analysis, visualisation and data management of Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification

Author(s): van Eijk Ronald | Eilers Paul | Natté Remco | Cleton-Jansen Anne-Marie | Morreau Hans | van Wezel Tom | Oosting Jan
A database and API for variation, dense genotyping and resequencing data

Author(s): Rios Daniel | McLaren William | Chen Yuan | Birney Ewan | Stabenau Arne | Flicek Paul | Cunningham Fiona
GeneBrowser 2: an application to explore and identify common biological traits in a set of genes

Author(s): Arrais Joel | Fernandes João | Pereira João | Oliveira José
Application of Petri nets for transport streams modeling

Author(s): Filipova Krasimira | Stojadinova Tanja | Hadjiatanasova Vihra
EMA - A R package for Easy Microarray data analysis

Author(s): Servant Nicolas | Gravier Eleonore | Gestraud Pierre | Laurent Cecile | Paccard Caroline | Biton Anne | Brito Isabel | Mandel Jonas | Asselain Bernard | Barillot Emmanuel | Hupé Philippe
Integrated Monitoring of Multi-Domain Backbone Connections

Author(s): Patricia Marcu | David Schmitz | Wolfgang Fritz | Mark Yampolskiy | Wolfgang Hommel
CNV-WebStore: Online CNV Analysis, Storage and Interpretation

Author(s): Vandeweyer Geert | Reyniers Edwin | Wuyts Wim | Rooms Liesbeth | Kooy R Frank
Incidental cardiac findings on computed tomography imaging of the thorax

Author(s): Foley Paul | Hamaad Ali | El-Gendi Hossam | Leyva Francisco
Real-Time 3D Visualisation for Inverted Pendulum

Author(s): Nikola Stojanović | Vladan Vučković
Graph Creation, Visualisation and Transformation

Author(s): Maribel Fernández | Olivier Namet
3-D imaging of particle tracks in solid state nuclear track detectors

Author(s): D. Wertheim | G. Gillmore | L. Brown | N. Petford
Free Access Remote Controlled Laboratory on the Internet

Author(s): VÁRADINÉ SZARKA Angéla
Accurate non-invasive image-based cytotoxicity assays for cultured cells

Author(s): Marqués-Gallego Patricia | den Dulk Hans | Backendorf Claude | Brouwer Jaap | Reedijk Jan | Burke Julian
Trichobezoar gastrique - à propos de deux cas

Author(s): Karim Ibn Majdoub Hassani | Hicham El Bouhaddouti | Youssef Benamar | khalid mazaz | Khalid Ait Taleb
3D visualisation of MRI images using MATLAB

Author(s): Kleut Duška | Jovanović Milorad | Reljin Branimir D.

Author(s): Parízková Jana | Beliansky Michal
Strategic programming on graph rewriting systems

Author(s): Maribel Fernández | Olivier Namet
Characterization, Delineation and Visualization of Agro- Ecozones Using Multivariate Geographical Clustering

Author(s): Annamaria Castrignanò | Daniela De Benedetto | Giacoma Girone | Francesca Guastaferro | Donato Sollitto
Visualisation of aortic flow disturbance in Marfan syndrome by 4D phase-contrast CMR

Author(s): Pitcher Alex | Cassar Tom | Suttie Joseph | Francis Jane | Leeson Paul | Blair Edward | Wordsworth B | Forfar J | Myerson Saul | Markl Michael | Neubauer Stefan | Petersen Steffen
New spaces for new uses

Author(s): Gambles, Brian
tourr: An R Package for Exploring Multivariate Data with Projections

Author(s): Hadley Wickham | Dianne Cook | Heike Hofmann | Andreas Buja
On the nucleolar size and density in human early granulocytic progenitors, myeloblasts

Author(s): K Smetana | H Klamová | D Mikulenková | M Pluskalová | Z Hrkal
The laboratory stand for didactic and research of a Fluidic Muscle

Author(s): G. Wszołek | G. Stawarz | P. Zub
Temporal and spatial distribution of human cryptosporidiosis in the west of Ireland 2004-2007

Author(s): Callaghan Mary | Cormican Martin | Prendergast Martina | Pelly Heidi | Cloughley Richard | Hanahoe Belinda | O'Donovan Diarmuid
MINER: exploratory analysis of gene interaction networks by machine learning from expression data

Author(s): Kadupitige Sidath | Leung Kin | Sellmeier Julia | Sivieng Jane | Catchpoole Daniel | Bain Michael | Gaëta Bruno
Analysis of parameter for Local Colour Scale in Ion Trajectories

Author(s): J. M. Sharif | M. S. A. Latiff | M. A. Ngadi
The visualisation of manufacturing process of pipes welding

Author(s): S. Topolska | D. Szewieczek
Fast multi-core based multimodal registration of 2D cross-sections and 3D datasets

Author(s): Scharfe Michael | Pielot Rainer | Schreiber Falk
A Clustering Framework for Real-time Rendering of Tree Foliage

Author(s): Cristina Rebollo | Inmaculada Remolar | Miguel Chover | Jesús Gumbau | Oscar Ripollés
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Ebroul Izquierdo | Anthony TS Ho | Hyoung Joong Kim | Qianni Zhang
Random Assisted Browsing of Rushes Archives

Author(s): Tijana Janjusevic | Sergio Benini | Ebroul Izquierdo | Riccardo Leonardi
Application of High Power Ultrasound in Drying of Fruits and Vegetables

Author(s): Režek Jambrak, A | Lelas, V. | Herceg, Z. | Badanjak, M. | Werner, Z.
SpectraClassifier 1.0: a user friendly, automated MRS-based classifier-development system

Author(s): Ortega-Martorell Sandra | Olier Iván | Julià-Sapé Margarida | Arús Carles
EDUCORE project: a clinical trial, randomised by clusters, to assess the effect of a visual learning method on blood pressure control in the primary healthcare setting

Author(s): Rodríguez-Salceda Isidro | Escortell-Mayor Esperanza | Rico-Blázquez Milagros | Riesgo-Fuertes Rosario | Asúnsolo-del Barco Angel | Valdivia-Pérez Antonio | del Cura-González Isabel | García-Cañón Ana | Ortiz-Jiménez María | Cabello-Ballesteros Luisa | Garrido-Elustondo Sofia | Chamorro-González Laura | Rodríguez-Barrientos Ricardo
High-contrast three-dimensional imaging of the Arabidopsis leaf enables the analysis of cell dimensions in the epidermis and mesophyll

Author(s): Wuyts Nathalie | Palauqui Jean-Christophe | Conejero Geneviève | Verdeil Jean-Luc | Granier Christine | Massonnet Catherine
Personality Trait Based Simulation Model of the E-mail System

Author(s): Mark Jyn-Huey Lim | Michael Negnevitsky | Jacky Hartnett
The significance of hepatopulmonary syndrome in liver transplantation

Author(s): Ćulafić Đorđe | Đukić Vladimir | Ješić Rada
Visualisation of a mathematical model of blast furnace operation for distance learning purposes

Author(s): Babich, A. | Senk, D. | Gudenau, H. W. | Mavrommatis, K. | Spaniol, O. | Babich, Y. | Formoso, A.
Una Biblioteca Digitale Semantica per il Comune di Milano

Author(s): Claudio Cortese | Michele Barbera | Romeo Zitarosa | Emilia Adele Groppo
Description and uses of the traces in the Aplusix learning environment

Author(s): Hamid Chaachoua | Marie-Caroline Croset | Denis Bouhineau | Marilena Bittar | Jean-François Nicaud
Social Networks and the Management of Water Resources for Agriculture in Rio Caia Catchment (Portugal)

Author(s): Luís Rodrigues | Carlos Russo Machado | Nelson Lourenço
Social Networks and the Management of Water Resources for Agriculture in Rio Caia Catchment (Portugal)

Author(s): Luís Rodrigues | Carlos Russo Machado | Nelson Lourenço
Comparison of the McGrath® Series 5 and GlideScope® Ranger with the Macintosh laryngoscope by paramedics

Author(s): Piepho Tim | Weinert Kathrin | Heid Florian | Werner Christian | Noppens Rüdiger
Identification of genes differentially expressed during interaction of Mexican lime tree infected with "Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia"

Author(s): Zamharir Maryam | Mardi Mohsen | Alavi Seyed | Hasanzadeh Nader | Nekouei Mojtaba | Zamanizadeh Hamid | Alizadeh Ali | Salekdeh Ghasem
A genome alignment algorithm based on compression

Author(s): Cao Minh | Dix Trevor | Allison Lloyd
A proper methodology aimed at surface wave tomography

Author(s): F. J. Sabadell | F. J. Serón | J. Badal
Real-time monitoring of seismic data using satellite telemetry

Author(s): G. Calderoni | B. De Simoni | F. M. De Simoni | L. Merucci

Author(s): Nora (Dumitriu) Miron | Ivona Anghelache-Lupașcu | Demetra Socolov | Cristina David | R.Socolov
The concretization of the term sustainable spatial development for the assessment of child and juvenile awareness

Author(s): Tadeja Zupančič | Tomaž Novljan | Matevž Juvančič | Špela Verovšek | Maruška Šubic Kovač | Andreja Istenič Starčič | Matija Svetina
Ultrasonography of the omasum in 30 Saanen goats

Author(s): Braun Ueli | Jacquat Désirée

Author(s): Gerard Van Dalen | Peter Nootenboom | Lucas J Van Vliet | Lennard Voortman | Erik Esveld
Visualisation of Magnetic Fields Generated by Helmholtz Coils

Author(s): Jozef Suriansky | Tibor Frank
Assessment of proliferative activity of thyroid HĂźrthle cell tumors using PCNA, Ki-67 and AgNOR methods.

Author(s): Albert Augustynowicz | Janusz Dziecioł | Małgorzata Barwijuk-Machała | Jacek Dadan | Zbigniew Puchalski | Stanisław Sulkowski
Surgical therapy of neuroendocrine tumours of the pancreas

Author(s): Tadeusz Popiela | Janusz Legutko | Piotr Szybiński
Resonant communicators, effective communicators. Communicator’s flow and credibility

Author(s): Irene García-Ureta, Ph.D | Gotzon Toral-Madariaga, Ph.D. | Jon Toral-Madariaga, Ph.D.
Improving patient safety through education: how visual recognition skills may reduce medication errors on surgical wards

Author(s): Christopher R. Davis | Edward C. Toll | Paul M. Bevis | Helena P. Burden
Biodiversity information platforms: From standards to interoperability

Author(s): Walter Berendsohn | Anton Güntsch | Niels Hoffmann | Andreas Kohlbecker | Katja Luther | Andreas Müller

Author(s): R. M. Aileni | D. Farima | M. Ciocoiu
Visualisation of Magnetic Fields Generated by Helmholtz Coils

Author(s): Jozef Suriansky | Tibor Frank
An Online Landscape Object Library to Support Interactive Landscape Planning

Author(s): Subhash Sharma | Christopher Pettit | Ian Bishop | Pang Chan | Falak Sheth
Virtual Reality in Engineering Education: The Future of Creative Learning

Author(s): Abdul-Hadi Ghazi Abulrub | Alex Attridge | Mark A Williams
A protein short motif search tool using amino acid sequence and their secondary structure assignment

Author(s): Arun Venkataraman | Teong Han Chew | Zeti Azura Mohamed Hussein | Mohd Shahir Shamsir
Significance testing in ridge regression for genetic data

Author(s): Cule Erika | Vineis Paolo | De Iorio Maria
Multi-membership gene regulation in pathway based microarray analysis

Author(s): Pavlidis Stelios | Payne Annette | Swift Stephen
Compact Visualisation of Video Summaries

Author(s): Ćalić Janko | Campbell Neill W
Natural Resource Knowledge and Information Management via the Victorian Resources Online Website

Author(s): Mark Imhof | Matthew Cox | Angela Fadersen | Wayne Harvey | Sonia Thompson | David Rees | Christopher Pettit
Competence of Science Foundation students in basic intellectual skills

Author(s): Mailoo Selvaratnam | Nkosana Mavuso
Metal–biomass interactions: a comparison of visualisation techniques available in South Africa

Author(s): B. A. Moore | C. Mack | J. R. Duncan | J. E. Burgess
Detection, Quantification, and Microlocalisation of Targets of Pesticides Using Microchannel Plate Autoradiographic Imagers

Author(s): Mabruka H. Tarhoni | Vasanthy Vigneswara | Marie Smith | Susan Anderson | Peter Wigmore | John E. Lees | David E. Ray | Wayne G. Carter
A Semantic Sensor Web for Environmental Decision Support Applications

Author(s): Alasdair J. G. Gray | Jason Sadler | Oles Kit | Kostis Kyzirakos | Manos Karpathiotakis | Jean-Paul Calbimonte | Kevin Page | Raúl García-Castro | Alex Frazer | Ixent Galpin | Alvaro A. A. Fernandes | Norman W. Paton | Oscar Corcho | Manolis Koubarakis | David De Roure | Kirk Martinez | Asunción Gómez-Pérez
A Simple 3D Visualisation of Joints in a Migmatized Gneiss, AgoIwoye NE, SW Nigeria

Author(s): Omosanya, K.O | Akimosin, A | Adio, N.A | Omosanya, H.O | Akinbodewa A.E | Lawal, M.A
EuroPineDB: a high-coverage web database for maritime pine transcriptome

Author(s): Fernández-Pozo Noé | Canales Javier | Guerrero-Fernández Darío | Villalobos David | Díaz-Moreno Sara | Bautista Rocío | Flores-Monterroso Arantxa | Guevara M Ángeles | Perdiguero Pedro | Collada Carmen | Cervera M Teresa | Soto Álvaro | Ordás Ricardo | Cantón Francisco | Avila Concepción | Cánovas Francisco | Claros M Gonzalo
BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): simple prokaryote genome comparisons

Author(s): Alikhan Nabil-Fareed | Petty Nicola | Ben Zakour Nouri | Beatson Scott
Editorial: Making Politics Visible

Author(s): Anja Besand | Christoph Bieber
Monitoring and visualising of night time activity patterns of people with early dementia

Author(s): Huiru Zheng | Haiying Wang | Haiying Wang | Paul Jeffers | Paul Jeffers | Hoda Nikamalfard | Hoda Nikamalfard | Maurice Mulvenna | Maurice Mulvenna | Suzanne Martin | Suzanne Martin | William Carswell | William Carswell | Juan C. Augusto | Juan C. Augusto | Jonathan Wallace | Jonathan Wallace | Paul McCullagh | Paul McCullagh | Barbara Taylor | Barbara Taylor | Kevin McSorley | Kevin McSorley
Statistical methods for detecting periodic fragments in DNA sequence data

Author(s): Epps Julien | Ying Hua | Huttley Gavin
PHENOPSIS DB: an Information System for Arabidopsis thaliana phenotypic data in an environmental context

Author(s): Fabre Juliette | Dauzat Myriam | Nègre Vincent | Wuyts Nathalie | Tireau Anne | Gennari Emilie | Neveu Pascal | Tisné Sébastien | Massonnet Catherine | Hummel Irène | Granier Christine
Conformational and functional analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories by Self-Organising Maps

Author(s): Fraccalvieri Domenico | Pandini Alessandro | Stella Fabio | Bonati Laura
Gebiss: an ImageJ plugin for the specification of ground truth and the performance evaluation of 3D segmentation algorithms

Author(s): Kriston-Vizi Janos | Thong Ng | Poh Cheok | Yee Kwo | Ling Joan | Kraut Rachel | Wasser Martin

Author(s): Ion LĂNCRĂNJAN | Cătălin NAE | Mihai-Victor PRICOP | Diana DAMIAN | Mircea UDREA
Programming in Biomolecular Computation: Programs, Self-Interpretation and Visualisation

Author(s): L. Hartmann | N.D. Jones | J.G. Simonsen | S.B. Vrist
Fully Automatic Method for 3D T1-Weighted Brain Magnetic Resonance Images Segmentation

Author(s): Bouchaib Cherradi | Omar Bouattane | Mohamed Youssfi | Abdelhadi Raihani

Author(s): Dominique Lafon | Tahiana Ramananantoandro
Augmented Reality Prototype for Visualizing Large Sensors’ Datasets

Author(s): Folorunso Olufemi A. | 1, Mohd Shahrizal S. | Ikotun Abiodun M.
Measurement of Near Wall Fluid Interaction with an Atomised Spray

Author(s): N. Lad | A. Aroussi | D. Adebayo
Interactive Computing Framework for Engineering Applications

Author(s): J. Knezevic | J. Frisch | R.-P. Mundani | E. Rank
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