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Completely obstructed colorectal anastomosis: A new non-electrosurgical endoscopic approach before balloon dilatation

Author(s): Gabriele Curcio, Marco Spada, Fabrizio di Francesco, Ilaria Tarantino, Luca Barresi, Gaetano Burgio, Mario Traina
The Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database: From Bioinformatics to Lexomics

Author(s): Simon J. Greenhill | Robert Blust | Russell D. Gray


Author(s): Rotaru Simona | Bardas Petru | | Cocosila Mihaela
Seeing Beyond the Surface: Understanding and Tracking Fraudulent Cyber Activities

Author(s): Longe O. B. | Mbarika V. | Kourouma M | Wada F. | Isabalija R
Use of the internet as a source of health information by Spanish adolescents

Author(s): Jiménez-Pernett Jaime | de Labry-Lima Antontio | Bermúdez-Tamayo Clara | García-Gutiérrez Jose | del Carmen Salcedo-Sánchez Maria
Patient safety in primary care: a survey of general practitioners in the Netherlands

Author(s): Gaal Sander | Verstappen Wim | Wensing Michel
SSL/TLS Web Server Load Optimization using Adaptive SSL with Session Handling Mechanism

Author(s): R. K. Pateriya | J. L. Rana | S. C. Shrivastava
Assessment and validation of the CAESAR predictive model for bioconcentration factor (BCF) in fish

Author(s): Lombardo Anna | Roncaglioni Alessandra | Boriani Elena | Milan Chiara | Benfenati Emilio
Improving fatigue performance of rail thermite welds

Author(s): Jezzini-Aouad M. | Flahaut P. | Hariri S. | Winiar L.
A systematic review of economic evaluations of therapy in asthma

Author(s): Katayoun Bahadori | Bradley S Quon | Mary M Doyle-Waters | et al
Introduction of virtual patients onto a final year anesthesia course: Hong Kong experience

Author(s): Joseph YC Leung | Lester AH Critchley | Alex LK Yung | et al
Minimal invasive single-site surgery in colorectal procedures: Current state of the art

Author(s): Diana Michele | Dhumane Parag | Cahill R | Mortensen N | Leroy Joel | Marescaux Jacques
Idiopathic non-hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in an infant successfully treated via endoscopic approach

Author(s): Wikrom Karnsakul | Mary L Cannon | Stacey Gillespie | Richard Vaughan
Aging management program of the reactor building concrete at Point Lepreau Generating Station

Author(s): Aldea C.-M. | Shenton B. | DeMerchant M.M. | Gendron T.
Empirical Analysis of Colors in Indian Web Applications

Author(s): Supriya S. Ambarkar | B.L.Mathur | S. K. Dixit
A Randomized Secure Data Hiding Algorithm Using File Hybridization for Information Security

Author(s): K. Venkata Ramana, | Dr.B.Raveendra Babu, | Sri Ch.Ratna Babu
Diagnostic omission errors in acute paediatric practice: impact of a reminder system on decision-making

Author(s): Ramnarayan Padmanabhan | Winrow Andrew | Coren Michael | Nanduri Vasanta | Buchdahl Roger | Jacobs Benjamin | Fisher Helen | Taylor Paul | Wyatt Jeremy | Britto Joseph
Development of a Tool for the Analysis of Plant Stress Proteins

Author(s): Muhammad Ali | Rana Rehan Khalid | Muhammad Nawaz | Nauman Qamar
Controlling Access to Suicide Means

Author(s): Marco Sarchiapone | Laura Mandelli | Miriam Iosue | Costanza Andrisano | Alec Roy
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Himanshu Aggarwal | Vishal Goyal
Urban Delivery Distribution Routing Optimizing Key Technology Based on Web GIS

Author(s): Yongchang Ren | Tao Xing | Haijun Song | Xiaoji Chen
"MY PKU": increasing self-management in patients with phenylketonuria. A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): ten Hoedt Amber | Hollak Carla | Boelen Carolien | van der Herberg-van de Wetering N Ada | ter Horst Nienke | Jonkers Cora | Wijburg Frits | Bosch Annet
Implementation of Secure Cross-site Communication on QIIIEP

Author(s): Dilip Kumar Sharma | Ashok Kumar Sharma
Safe Guard Anomalies against SQL Injection Attacks

Author(s): Romil Rawat | Chandrapal Singh Dangi | Jagdish Patil
HAZOP Analysis Management System with Dynamic Visual Model Aid

Author(s): Nan B.M. Sahar | Syahril Ardi | Suzuki Kazuhiko | Munesawa Yoshiomi | Minowa Hirotsugu
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