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MPTP-induced increase in c-Fos- and c-Jun-like immunoreactivity in the monkey cerebellum

Author(s): D Necchi | C Soldani | F Ronchetti | G Bernocchi | E Scherini
Diffusion tensor imaging differences relate to memory deficits in diffuse traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Palacios Eva | Fernandez-Espejo Davinia | Junque Carme | Sanchez-Carrion Rocio | Roig Teresa | Tormos Jose | Bargallo Nuria | Vendrell Pere
Cortical and subcortical anatomy of chronic spatial neglect following vascular damage

Author(s): Golay Laetitia | Schnider Armin | Ptak Radek
Two Multiple Sclerosis Cases Confused with Cerebral Tumor

Author(s): Vaner Köksal | Mehmet Ali Ekici | Ahmet Menkü | Turgay Bulut | İbrahim Suat Öktem
Neonatal high pressure hydrocephalus is associated with elevation of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-18 and IFNγ in cerebrospinal fluid

Author(s): Sival Deborah | Felderhoff-Müser Ursula | Schmitz Thomas | Hoving Eelco | Schaller Carlo | Heep Axel
Apraxic agraphia: An insight into the writing disturbances of posterior aphasias

Author(s): Krishnan Gopee | Rao Soorya | Rajashekar Bellur
The Ca2+ activated SK3 channel is expressed in microglia in the rat striatum and contributes to microglia-mediated neurotoxicity in vitro

Author(s): Schlichter Lyanne | Kaushal Vikas | Moxon-Emre Iska | Sivagnanam Vishanthan | Vincent Catherine
Multimodal surface-based morphometry reveals diffuse cortical atrophy in traumatic brain injury.

Author(s): Turken And | Herron Timothy | Kang Xiaojian | O'Connor Larry | Sorenson Donna | Baldo Juliana | Woods David
Texture analysis of MR images of patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Author(s): Holli Kirsi | Harrison Lara | Dastidar Prasun | Wäljas Minna | Liimatainen Suvi | Luukkaala Tiina | Öhman Juha | Soimakallio Seppo | Eskola Hannu
White matter fractional anisotropy is related to processing speed in metabolic syndrome patients: a case-control study

Author(s): Segura Bàrbara | Jurado María | Freixenet Núria | Bargalló Núria | Junqué Carme | Arboix Adrià
Multi-parametric neuroimaging evaluation of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis and its correlation with neuropsychological presentations

Author(s): Chang Chiung-Chih | Lui Chun-Chung | Wang Jiun-Jie | Huang Shu-Hua | Lu Cheng-Hsien | Chen Ching | Chen Chih-Feng | Tu Min-Chien | Huang Chi-Wei | Chang Wen-Neng
Modeling the impact of COPD on the brain

Author(s): Soo Borson | James Scanlan | Seth Friedman | Elizabeth Zuhr | Julie Fields | et al
A “Conceptual Nervous System” for multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Vitor Geraldi Haase | Daniel Medeiros Gonzaga | Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas | Marco Aurélio Lana-Peixoto
Neuroradiological findings of an adolescent with early treated phenylketonuria: is phenylalanine restriction enough?

Author(s): Mayara Thays Beckhauser | Mirella Maccarini Peruchi | Gisele Rozone de Luca | Katia Lin | Sofia Esteves | Laura Vilarinho | Jaime Lin
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of normal appearing white matter in early relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: correlations between disability and spectroscopy

Author(s): Ruiz-Peña Juan Luis | Piñero Pilar | Sellers Guillermo | Argente Joaquín | Casado Alfredo | Foronda Jesus | Uclés Antonio | Izquierdo Guillermo
Evidence for a wide extra-astrocytic distribution of S100B in human brain

Author(s): Steiner Johann | Bernstein Hans-Gert | Bielau Hendrik | Berndt Annika | Brisch Ralf | Mawrin Christian | Keilhoff Gerburg | Bogerts Bernhard
The assessment of carotid wall thickness as a predictive value of risk of stroke in hypertensive patients

Author(s): Abdulkadir KOCER | Eren GOZKE | Nurhan INCE | Mehmet CETINKAYA
Stroke in central nervous system infections

Author(s): Carod-Artal Francisco
Neuroprotective Effects of Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Margaret H. Cadden | Nancy S. Koven | Mitchell K. Ross
Diffusion Weighted and Trace Images

Author(s): Helen Nayeri
Human response and adaptation to drought in the arid zone: lessons from southern Africa

Author(s): P.J. O'Farrell | P. M.L. Anderson | S. J. Milton | W. R.J. Dean
Advances in Oligoprotection

Author(s): Hong Liao | Dixit Sanjaya Mani
Comparison of Dose Response Models for Predicting Normal Tissue Complications from Cancer Radiotherapy: Application in Rat Spinal Cord

Author(s): Magdalena Adamus-Górka | Panayiotis Mavroidis | Bengt K. Lind | Anders Brahme
The Autistic Phenotype Exhibits a Remarkably Localized Modification of Brain Protein by Products of Free Radical-Induced Lipid Oxidation

Author(s): Teresa A. Evans | Sandra L. Siedlak | Liang Lu | Xiaoming Fu | Zeneng Wang | Woody R. McGinnis | Evelyn Fakhoury | Rudy J. Castellani | Stanley L. Hazen | William J. Walsh | Allen T. Lewis | Robert G. Salomon | Mark A. Smith | George Perry | Xiongwei Zhu
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