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Studies on wide compatibility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): M. Vaithiyalingan and N. Nadarajan
Genetic Analysis for Some Characteristics in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Author(s): Saeed Ahmad | Abdul Karim | Abdul Jabbar | Mahmood-ul-Hassan | Taj Muhammad | Muhammad Iqbal
designGG: an R-package and web tool for the optimal design of genetical genomics experiments

Author(s): Li Yang | Swertz Morris | Vera Gonzalo | Fu Jingyuan | Breitling Rainer | Jansen Ritsert
Disentangling molecular relationships with a causal inference test

Author(s): Millstein Joshua | Zhang Bin | Zhu Jun | Schadt Eric
Genomic expression dominance in allopolyploids

Author(s): Rapp Ryan | Udall Joshua | Wendel Jonathan
Modelling dominance in a flexible intercross analysis

Author(s): Rönnegård Lars | Besnier Francois | Carlborg Örjan
Genetic mapping of wild introgressions into cultivated peanut: a way toward enlarging the genetic basis of a recent allotetraploid

Author(s): Foncéka Daniel | Hodo-Abalo Tossim | Rivallan Ronan | Faye Issa | Sall Mbaye | Ndoye Ousmane | Fávero Alessandra | Bertioli David | Glaszmann Jean-Christophe | Courtois Brigitte | Rami Jean-Francois
Sampling nucleotide diversity in cotton

Author(s): Van Deynze Allen | Stoffel Kevin | Lee Mike | Wilkins Thea | Kozik Alexander | Cantrell Roy | Yu John | Kohel Russel | Stelly David
Observations of the upper frequency cutoffs of the auroral kilometric radiation

Author(s): J. Hanasz | R. Schreiber | H. de Feraudy | M. M. Mogilevsky | T. V. Romantsova
Spatial and temporal variations of the high-altitude cusp precipitation

Author(s): Z. Němeček | J. Šimůnek | J. Šafránková | L. Přech
"Storms of crustal stress" and AE earthquake precursors

Author(s): G. P. Gregori | M. Poscolieri | G. Paparo | S. De Simone | C. Rafanelli | G. Ventrice
A novel approach to investigate tissue-specific trinucleotide repeat instability

Author(s): Lee Jong-Min | Zhang Jie | Su Andrew | Walker John | Wiltshire Tim | Kang Kihwa | Dragileva Ella | Gillis Tammy | Lopez Edith | Boily Marie-Josee | Cyr Michel | Kohane Isaac | Gusella James | MacDonald Marcy | Wheeler Vanessa
Genome-wide mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci for fatness, fat cell characteristics and fat metabolism in three porcine F2 crosses

Author(s): Geldermann Hermann | Čepica Stanislav | Stratil Antonin | Bartenschlager Heinz | Preuss Siegfried
Criteria for Developing Second-cycle Hybrids in Maize

Author(s): C.G. Ipsilandis | I.S. Tokatlidis | B. Vafias | D. Stefanis
Interspecific hybridization of Vigna radiata x 13 wild Vigna species for developing MYMV donar

Author(s): M. Pandiyan , N.Senthil, N. Ramamoorthi, AR.Muthiah, N.Tomooka V.Duncan and T.Jayaraj
Association and Path analysis for seed cotton yield improvement in interspecific crosses of Cotton (Gossypium spp)

Author(s): K. Thiyagu, N. Nadarajan, S. Rajarathinam, D. Sudhakar and K. Rajendran
Effect of cytoplasm on expression of genes for resistance to Puccinia triticina

Author(s): Jerković Zoran I. | Putnik-Delić Marina

Author(s): Veridiano dos Anjos Cutrim | Elcio Perpétuo Guimarães
A novel multifunctional oligonucleotide microarray for Toxoplasma gondii

Author(s): Bahl Amit | Davis Paul | Behnke Michael | Dzierszinski Florence | Jagalur Manjunatha | Chen Feng | Shanmugam Dhanasekaran | White Michael | Kulp David | Roos David
Multivariate screening among black beans accessions to participation in crossing blocks

Author(s): Diego Stähelin | Giseli Valentini | Luciano Rogério Braatz de Andrade | Mario Alvaro Aloisio Verissimo | Juliano Garcia Bertoldo | Altamir Frederico Guidolin | Jefferson Luis Meirelles Coimbra
Fine mapping and replication of QTL in outbred chicken advanced intercross lines

Author(s): Besnier Francois | Wahlberg Per | Rönnegård Lars | Ek Weronica | Andersson Leif | Siegel Paul | Carlborg Orjan
Combining ability of inbred lines of maize and stability of their respective single-crosses

Author(s): Aguiar Aurélio Mendes | Carlini-Garcia Luciana Aparecida | Silva Adelmo Resende da | Santos Mateus Figueiredo | Garcia Antonio Augusto Franco | Souza Jr. Cláudio Lopes de
Quantitative trait loci in Anopheles gambiae controlling the encapsulation response against Plasmodium cynomolgi Ceylon

Author(s): Zheng Liangbiao | Wang Shuang | Romans Patricia | Zhao Hongyu | Luna Coralia | Benedict Mark
The genetics of ray pattern variation in Caenorhabditis briggsae

Author(s): Baird Scott | Davidson Cynthia | Bohrer Justin
A novel nuclear-encoded mitochondrial poly(A) polymerase PAPD1 is a potential candidate gene for the extreme obesity related phenotypes in mammals

Author(s): Qianjun Xiao, Xiao-Lin Wu, Jennifer J. Michal, Jerry J. Reeves, Jan R. Busboom, Gary H. Thorgaard, Zhihua Jiang
Diversity in conserved genes in tomato

Author(s): Van Deynze Allen | Stoffel Kevin | Buell C Robin | Kozik Alexander | Liu Jia | van der Knaap Esther | Francis David
Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor stimulation reverses key deficits in distinct rodent models of Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Harkavyi Alexander | Abuirmeileh Amjad | Lever Rebecca | Kingsbury Ann | Biggs Christopher | Whitton Peter
Identification of SNPs and INDELS in swine transcribed sequences using short oligonucleotide microarrays

Author(s): Bischoff Steve | Tsai Shengdar | Hardison Nicholas | York Abby | Freking Brad | Nonneman Dan | Rohrer Gary | Piedrahita Jorge
Resistance to brown leaf rust of hybrids between wheat and amphiploids wheat-thinopyrum

Author(s): Alexander Lvovivh SECHNYAK | Alexei Anatolievich VASILIEV | Irina Sergeevna TKACHENKO
Chlorophyll a + b Content and Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Avocado

Author(s): Stewart Reed | Raymond Schnell | J. Michael Moore | Christopher Dunn
Genetic Divergence Analysis on some Bread Wheat Genotypes Grown in Ethiopia

Author(s): Daniel HAILEGIORGIS | Mebrahtom MESFIN | Tsige GENET
Qxpak.5: Old mixed model solutions for new genomics problems

Author(s): Pérez-Enciso Miguel | Misztal Ignacy
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