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Is Darwin on the cross?

Author(s): Greco Pietro
Estudio comparativo de los aceites esenciales de Lippia alba Mill N.E. Brown ex Britton & Wills cultivada con tres tipos de compostaje

Author(s): Andrea Juliana Agudelo Niño | Elena E. Stashenko | Katerine Maria Blanco Velandia

Author(s): Sánchez Gonzalo | Wills Maria Emma
The Value of a Network

Author(s): Nick Wills-Johnson | Peter Hornby

Author(s): Richard A Vitale
Response to Peter Monkhouse

Author(s): Nick Wills-Johnson
Chlorine Gas: An Evolving Hazardous Material Threat and Unconventional Weapon

Author(s): Jones, Robert MD | Wills, Brandon DO | Kang, Christopher MD
Massive Pneumoperitoneum

Author(s): Hull, Aicha M | Buckley, Peter | Wills, Brandon K
Cervical Spine Fracture in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Author(s): Carnell, Jennifer | Fahimi, Jahan | Wills, Charlotte Page
Images in Emergency Medicine: Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum

Author(s): Johnson, Jeremy N | Jones, Robert | Wills, Brandon K

Author(s): Virginie Laurent . | María Emma Wills Obregón.
Los partidos colombianos y la representación de las mujeres (1990-2006).

Author(s): María Emma Wills Obregón. | Florentina Cardozo García.
Interaction concept analysis based on the wilsonian method. A reflective study

Author(s): Leila MP Moraes | Mônica OB Oriá | Lorita MF Pagliuca
Managing refractory glaucoma with a fixed combination of bimatoprost (0.03%) and timolol (0.5%)

Author(s): Moataz E Gheith | Jason R Mayer | Ghada A Siam | Daniela S Monteiro de Barros | Tricia L Thomas | L Jay Katz
Wills Tumor: A coincident finding

Author(s): Jaime Galindo López | Nelly Lecompte Beltrán | Lila Visbal Spirko | Adriana Consuegra Gallo
From Advance Directives or Living Wills to Advance Care Planning

Author(s): Inés Maria Barrio Cantalejo | Pablo Simón Lorda | Javier Júdez Gutiérrez
A Delivery Engine for QTI Assessments

Author(s): Dave E Millard | Lester Gilbert | David Argles | Jiri Kajaba | Jonathon S Hare | Gary Brian Wills
Recent Developments in the Area of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation

Author(s): Martin Wills | Matthew Palmer | Athene Smith | Jennifer Kenny | Tim Walsgrove
Improved results in proteomics by use of local and peptide-class specific false discovery rates

Author(s): Sennels Lau | Bukowski-Wills Jimi-Carlo | Rappsilber Juri
BigBackground-Based Illumination Compensation for Surveillance Video

Author(s): M. Ryan Bales | Dana Forsthoefel | Brian Valentine | D. Scott Wills | Linda M. Wills

Author(s): Julia Isabel Martínez Fuentes | Eduardo Andrés Sandoval Forero
Eumalacostracan phylogeny and total evidence: limitations of the usual suspects

Author(s): Jenner Ronald | Dhubhghaill Ciara | Ferla Matteo | Wills Matthew
A principal components approach to parent-to-newborn body composition associations in South India

Author(s): Veena Sargoor | Krishnaveni Ghattu | Wills Andrew | Hill Jacqueline | Fall Caroline
The experience of providing young people attending general practice with an online risk assessment tool to assess their own sexual health risk

Author(s): Bilardi Jade | Sanci Lena | Fairley Christopher | Hocking Jane | Mazza Danielle | Henning Dot | Sawyer Susan | Wills Michelle | Wilson Debra | Chen Marcus
Bone marrow cell derived arginase I is the major source of allergen-induced lung arginase but is not required for airway hyperresponsiveness, remodeling and lung inflammatory responses in mice

Author(s): Niese Kathryn | Collier Ann | Hajek Amanda | Cederbaum Stephen | O'Brien William | Wills-Karp Marsha | Rothenberg Marc | Zimmermann Nives
Identification of light-independent inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus-1 infection through bioguided fractionation of Hypericum perforatum

Author(s): Maury Wendy | Price Jason | Brindley Melinda | Oh ChoonSeok | Neighbors Jeffrey | Wiemer David | Wills Nickolas | Carpenter Susan | Hauck Cathy | Murphy Patricia | Widrlechner Mark | Delate Kathleen | Kumar Ganesh | Kraus George | Rizshsky Ludmila | Nikolau Basil
MicroRNA-125a is over-expressed in insulin target tissues in a spontaneous rat model of Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Herrera Blanca | Lockstone Helen | Taylor Jennifer | Wills Quin | Kaisaki Pamela | Barrett Amy | Camps Carme | Fernandez Christina | Ragoussis Jiannis | Gauguier Dominique | McCarthy Mark | Lindgren Cecilia
An aerosol chamber investigation of the heterogeneous ice nucleating potential of refractory nanoparticles

Author(s): R. W. Saunders | O. Möhler | M. Schnaiter | S. Benz | R. Wagner | H. Saathoff | P. J. Connolly | R. Burgess | M. Gallagher | R. Wills | B. J. Murray | J. M. C. Plane
An aerosol chamber investigation of the heterogeneous ice nucleating potential of refractory nanoparticles

Author(s): R. W. Saunders | O. Möhler | M. Schnaiter | S. Benz | R. Wagner | H. Saathoff | P. J. Connolly | R. Burgess | B. J. Murray | M. Gallagher | R. Wills | J. M. C. Plane
Incentive payments to general practitioners aimed at increasing opportunistic testing of young women for chlamydia: a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Bilardi Jade | Fairley Christopher | Temple-Smith Meredith | Pirotta Marie | McNamee Kathleen | Bourke Siobhan | Gurrin Lyle | Hellard Margaret | Sanci Lena | Wills Michelle | Walker Jennifer | Chen Marcus | Hocking Jane
AnnAnn and AnnAnn.Net: Tools for Teaching Programming

Author(s): Clare Hooper | Leslie A Carr | Hugh C Davis | David E Millard | Su A White | Gary B Wills
Heterogeneous freezing of water droplets containing kaolinite and montmorillonite particles

Author(s): B. J. Murray | T. W. Wilson | S. L. Broadley | R. H. Wills
Comparison of two dengue NS1 rapid tests for sensitivity, specificity and relationship to viraemia and antibody responses

Author(s): Tricou Vianney | Vu Hang | Quynh Nhu | Nguyen Chau | Tran Hien | Farrar Jeremy | Wills Bridget | Simmons Cameron
Mucosal sensitization to German cockroach involves protease-activated receptor-2

Author(s): Page Kristen | Ledford John | Zhou Ping | Dienger Krista | Wills-Karp Marsha
Development of stable reporter system cloning luxCDABE genes into chromosome of Salmonella enterica serotypes using Tn7 transposon

Author(s): Howe Kevin | Karsi Attila | Germon Pierre | Wills Robert | Lawrence Mark | Bailey Richard
Lighting during grow-out and Salmonella in broiler flocks

Author(s): Volkova Victoriya | Byrd J Allen | Ann Hubbard Sue | Magee Danny | Bailey Richard | Wills Robert
Los Afroporteños, 1821-1825

Author(s): Rosal, Miguel Ángel
Imperforate anus with a rectovestibular fistula and pseudotail: a case report

Author(s): Raines Miranda | Wills Marcia | Jackson Gretchen
Evaluation of FTIR Spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool for lung cancer using sputum

Author(s): Lewis Paul | Lewis Keir | Ghosal Robin | Bayliss Sion | Lloyd Amanda | Wills John | Godfrey Ruth | Kloer Philip | Mur Luis
Treatment decision-making and the form of risk communication: results of a factorial survey

Author(s): Hembroff Larry | Holmes-Rovner Margaret | Wills Celia
Herbal medicine use during pregnancy in a group of Australian women

Author(s): Forster Della | Denning Angela | Wills Gemma | Bolger Melissa | McCarthy Elizabeth
Discussing advance preferences for end-of-life: The role of nurses and other health proffessionals

Author(s): Apolo García Palomares | Eva Abad Corpa | María Jesús Pascau González-Garzón | Ruth Sánchez Pérez
Development of bioluminescent Salmonella strains for use in food safety

Author(s): Karsi Attila | Howe Kevin | Kirkpatrick Tasha | Wills Robert | Bailey R Hartford | Lawrence Mark
Convex-Faced Combinatorially Regular Polyhedra of Small Genus

Author(s): Egon Schulte | Jörg M. Wills
Discounted Deer Quality Value as a Criterion for Deer Management Decisions

Author(s): Scott P. Wills | David C. Guynn, Jr | Thomas James Straka
Protease-activated receptor 2 activation of myeloid dendritic cells regulates allergic airway inflammation

Author(s): Lewkowich Ian | Day Scottie | Ledford John | Zhou Ping | Dienger Krista | Wills-Karp Marsha | Page Kristen
BigBackground-Based Illumination Compensation for Surveillance Video

Author(s): Bales MRyan | Forsthoefel Dana | Valentine Brian | Wills DScott | Wills LindaM
Emerging Aspects of Robotics Technology

Author(s): Nauman Khan | Mateen Ahmed
Development of strategies for effective communication of food risks and benefits across Europe: Design and conceptual framework of the FoodRisC project

Author(s): Barnett Julie | McConnon Aine | Kennedy Jean | Raats Monique | Shepherd Richard | Verbeke Wim | Fletcher Jon | Kuttschreuter Margôt | Lima Luisa | Wills Josephine | Wall Patrick
Status of Child in Islamic Society

Author(s): Hafiz Hifazatullah | Hussain Farooq | Syed Naeem Badshah | Shafiq ur Rahman
El testamento, un símbolo de la «peregrinatio»

Author(s): Pavón Benito, Julia
Heterogeneous freezing of water droplets containing kaolinite particles

Author(s): B. J. Murray | S. L. Broadley | T. W. Wilson | J. D. Atkinson | R. H. Wills
A Study of Mashup as a Software Application Development Technique with Examples from an End-User Programming Perspective

Author(s): Liu Na | Ahmed Patel | Rodziah Latih | Rabia Mulla | Zarina Shukur | Christopher Wills
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