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Super fast plasma streams as drivers of transient and anomalous magnetospheric dynamics

Author(s): S. Savin | E. Amata | L. Zelenyi | V. Lutsenko | J. Safrankova | Z. Nemecek | N. Borodkova | J. Buechner | P. W. Daly | E. A. Kronberg | J. Blecki | V. Budaev | L. Kozak | A. Skalsky | L. Lezhen
Supermagnetosonic subsolar magnetosheath jets and their effects: from the solar wind to the ionospheric convection

Author(s): H. Hietala | N. Partamies | T. V. Laitinen | L. B. N. Clausen | G. Facskó | A. Vaivads | H. E. J. Koskinen | I. Dandouras | H. Rème | E. A. Lucek
Quasi-two-day wave in the lower atmosphere over Hyderabad during summer of 2009

Author(s): G. Dutta | S. Mohammad | M. Satyakumar | Y. K. Reddy | P. Vinay Kumar | P. V. Rao | M. C. Ajay Kumar
Non-storm irregular variation of the Dst index

Author(s): S. Nakano | T. Higuchi
Direct observations of the formation of the solar wind halo from the strahl

Author(s): C. Gurgiolo | M. L. Goldstein | A. F. Viñas | A. N. Fazakerley
Use of a Real-Time Remote Monitoring Network (RTRM) to Characterize the Guadalquivir Estuary (Spain)

Author(s): Gabriel Navarro | Isabel Emma Huertas | Eduardo Costas | Susana Flecha | Manuel Díez-Minguito | Isabel Caballero | Victoria López-Rodas | Laura Prieto | Javier Ruiz
Economy of Renewable Resources of Energy Operation

Author(s): Zdenek Hradilek | Martin Vyslouzil
Operating of Small Wind Power Plants with Induction Generators

Author(s): Jakub Nevrala | Stanislav Misak
Calculating the Effect of Dispersion Wind Power Plants in the Electrical Network Reliability

Author(s): Saeid Nahi | Seyed M.H Nabavi | Aidin Sakhavati | S. Hajforoosh
Predominant Nearshore Sediment Dispersal Patterns in Manila Bay

Author(s): Fernando Siringan | Cherry Ringor
Development of a Storm Surge Prediction Model

Author(s): Paul Rivera | Jorge Delas Alas
Site suitability to tourist use or management programs South Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt

Noise Model Analysis and Estimation of Effect due to Wind Driven Ambient Noise in Shallow Water

Author(s): S. Sakthivel Murugan | V. Natarajan | R. Rajesh Kumar
On the Geoeffectiveness Structure of Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling Functions during Intense Storms

Author(s): B. Olufemi Adebesin | S. Oluwole Ikubanni | J. Stephen Kayode
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Using Differential Evolution

Author(s): Travis J. Carrigan | Brian H. Dennis | Zhen X. Han | Bo P. Wang
Renewable Energy Systems: Development and Perspectives of a Hybrid Solar-Wind System

Author(s): J. B. V. Subrahmanyam | P. Alluvada | Bandana | K. Bhanupriya | C. Shashidhar

Author(s): D. Markova | S. Platikanov | M. Konstantinoff | P. Tsankov

Design and Construction of a Live Insulator Washing System for Transformers

Author(s): Lizama-Cámara Y.A. | Mendieta-Antúnez J.A. | Blanco-Brisset E. | Olivares Galván J.C. | Escarela-Pérez R.
Identificación de las islas de calor de verano e invierno en la ciudad de Toluca, México

Author(s): Sonia Romero Dávila | Carlos Constantino Morales Méndez | Xanat Antonio Némiga
Morphology, composition and mixing state of individual carbonaceous aerosol in urban Shanghai

Author(s): H. Fu | M. Zhang | W. Li | J. Chen | L. Wang | X. Quan | W. Wang
Identification and localization of layers in the ionosphere using the eikonal and amplitude of radio occultation signals

Author(s): A. G. Pavelyev | Y. A. Liou | K. Zhang | C. S. Wang | J. Wickert | T. Schmidt | V. N. Gubenko | A. A. Pavelyev | Y. Kuleshov
Spatial and temporal CO2 exchanges measured by Eddy Covariance over a temperate intertidal flat and their relationships to net ecosystem production

Author(s): P. Polsenaere | E. Lamaud | V. Lafon | J.-M. Bonnefond | P. Bretel | B. Delille | J. Deborde | D. Loustau | G. Abril
Hardware-software system for simulating and analyzing earthquakes applied to civil structures

Author(s): J. P. Amezquita-Sanchez | R. A. Osornio-Rios | R. J. Romero-Troncoso | A. Dominguez-Gonzalez
One decade of parallel PM10 and PM2.5 measurements in Europe: trends and variability

Author(s): I. Barmpadimos | J. Keller | D. Oderbolz | C. Hueglin | A. S. H. Prévôt
How relevant is the deposition of mercury onto snowpacks? – Part 1: A statistical study on the impact of environmental factors

Author(s): D. A. Durnford | A. P. Dastoor | A. O. Steen | T. Berg | A. Ryzhkov | D. Figueras-Nieto | L. R. Hole | K. A. Pfaffhuber | H. Hung
Comparing Lagrangian and Eulerian models for CO2 transport – a step towards Bayesian inverse modeling using WRF/STILT-VPRM

Author(s): D. Pillai | C. Gerbig | R. Kretschmer | V. Beck | U. Karstens | B. Neininger | M. Heimann
Enhanced solar energy absorption by internally-mixed black carbon in snow grains

Author(s): M. G. Flanner | X. Liu | C. Zhou | J. E. Penner
High lightning activity in maritime clouds near Mexico

Author(s): B. Kucienska | G. B. Raga | R. Romero-Centeno
Fault Rid Through Protection of DFIG Based Wind Generation System

Author(s): S. Sajedi | F. Khalifeh | T. Karimi | Z. Khalifeh
Power Quality Investigation in a Wind Power Generation System

Author(s): F. Gharehdaghi | H. Jamali | M. Deysi | A. Khalili
Stochastic Electric Power Generation Unit Commitment in Deregulated Power Market Environment

Author(s): F. Gharehdaghi | H. Jamali | M. Deysi | A. Khalili
Multi-scale variability of winds in the complex topography of southwestern Norway

Author(s): Marius O. Jonassen | Haraldur Ólafsson | Joachim Reuder | Jan A. Olseth
Comparison of Four Distributions for Frequency Analysis of Wind Speed

Author(s): Sabereh Darbandi | Mohammad Taghi Aalami | Hakimeh Asadi
CFD Modeling in Development of Renewable Energy Applications

Author(s): Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi
Solar wind and geomagnetism: toward a standard classification of geomagnetic activity from 1868 to 2009

Author(s): J. L. Zerbo | C. Amory Mazaudier | F. Ouattara | J. D. Richardson
The stand development of "forest of age classes" in TANAP after the wind disturbance

Author(s): Milan Saniga | Stanislav Kucbel | Peter Jaloviar | Miroslav Balanda
Ancient woodland plant species in a landscape park in central Poland

Author(s): Józef Mitka | Janina Jakubowska-Gabara
Analysis of satellite-derived Arctic tropospheric BrO columns in conjunction with aircraft measurements during ARCTAS and ARCPAC

Author(s): S. Choi | Y. Wang | R. J. Salawitch | T. Canty | J. Joiner | T. Zeng | T. P. Kurosu | K. Chance | A. Richter | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | J. A. Neuman | J. B. Nowak | J. E. Dibb | A. J. Weinheimer | G. Diskin | T. B. Ryerson | A. da Silva | J. Curry | D. Kinnison | S. Tilmes | P. F. Levelt
Evolution of trace gases and particles emitted by a chaparral fire in California

Author(s): S. K. Akagi | J. S. Craven | J. W. Taylor | G. R. McMeeking | R. J. Yokelson | I. R. Burling | S. P. Urbanski | C. E. Wold | J. H. Seinfeld | H. Coe | M. J. Alvarado | D. R. Weise
Transport and mixing patterns over Central California during the carbonaceous aerosol and radiative effects study (CARES)

Author(s): J. D. Fast | W. I. Gustafson Jr. | L. K. Berg | W. J. Shaw | M. Pekour | M. Shrivastava | J. C. Barnard | R. A. Ferrare | C. A. Hostetler | J. A. Hair | M. Erickson | B. T. Jobson | B. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | S. Springston | R. B. Pierce | L. Dolislager | J. Pederson | R. A. Zaveri
Effect of wind speed on aerosol optical depth over remote oceans, based on data from the Maritime Aerosol Network

Author(s): A. Smirnov | A. M. Sayer | B. N. Holben | N. C. Hsu | S. M. Sakerin | A. Macke | N. B. Nelson | Y. Courcoux | T. J. Smyth | P. Croot | P. K. Quinn | J. Sciare | S. K. Gulev | S. Piketh | R. Losno | S. Kinne | V. F. Radionov
Detection of open water dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of land surface modelling at high latitudes

Author(s): A. Bartsch | A. M. Trofaier | G. Hayman | D. Sabel | S. Schlaffer | D. B. Clark | E. Blyth
Coupling of fog and marine microbial content in the near-shore coastal environment

Author(s): M. E. Dueker | G. D. O'Mullan | K. C. Weathers | A. R. Juhl | M. Uriarte
Extreme climate, not extreme weather: the summer of 1816 in Geneva, Switzerland

Author(s): R. Auchmann | S. Brönnimann | L. Breda | M. Bühler | R. Spadin | A. Stickler
Projected Future Wind Speed and Wind Power Density Trends over the Western US High Plains

Author(s): Mark Morrissey | Steve Stadler | J. Scott Greene | Matthew Chatelain
Using a Parafoil Kite for Measurement of Variations in Particulate Matter—A Kite-Based Dust Profiling Approach

Author(s): Carsten Hoffmann | Yong Li | Michael Sommer | Matthias Reiche | Roger Funk | Zhuodong Zhang
Analysis of Winds Affecting Air Pollutant Transport atLa Plata, Argentina

Author(s): Fabián Videla | Andrés Nico | Jorge Reyna Almandos | Gustavo Ratto | Ricardo Maronna | Patricia Repossi
Application of Data Mining Techniques in Weather Prediction and Climate Change Studies

Author(s): Folorunsho Olaiya | Adesesan Barnabas Adeyemo
Effects of climate model radiation, humidity and wind estimates on hydrological simulations

Author(s): I. Haddeland | J. Heinke | F. Voß | S. Eisner | C. Chen | S. Hagemann | F. Ludwig
Evolution of marine storminess in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Author(s): D. Van den Eynde | R. De Sutter | P. Haerens
Implementation and validation of a coastal forecasting system for wind waves in the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): R. Inghilesi | F. Catini | G. Bellotti | L. Franco | A. Orasi | S. Corsini
A multi-decadal meridional displacement of the Subpolar Front in the Newfoundland Basin

Author(s): I. Núñez-Riboni | M. Bersch | H. Haak | J. H. Jungclaus | K. Lohmann
Cornice dynamics and meteorological control at Gruvefjellet, Central Svalbard

Author(s): S. Vogel | M. Eckerstorfer | H. H. Christiansen
Correcting spaceborne reflectivity measurements for application in solar ultraviolet radiation levels calculations at ground level

Author(s): P. N. den Outer | A. van Dijk | H. Slaper | A. V. Lindfors | H. De Backer | A. F. Bais | U. Feister | T. Koskela | W. Josefsson
Using sonic anemometer temperature to measure sensible heat flux in strong winds

Author(s): S. P. Burns | T. W. Horst | P. D. Blanken | R. K. Monson
Areal-averaged trace gas emission rates from long-range open-path measurements in stable boundary layer conditions

Author(s): K. Schäfer | R. H. Grant | S. Emeis | A. Raabe | C. von der Heide | H. P. Schmid
Characterization and airborne deployment of a new counterflow virtual impactor inlet

Author(s): T. Shingler | S. Dey | A. Sorooshian | F. J. Brechtel | Z. Wang | A. Metcalf | M. Coggon | J. Mülmenstädt | L. M. Russell | H. H. Jonsson | J. H. Seinfeld
Little Ice Age climate and oceanic conditions of the Ross Sea, Antarctica from a coastal ice core record

Author(s): R. H. Rhodes | N. A. N. Bertler | J. A. Baker | H. C. Steen-Larsen | S. B. Sneed | U. Morgenstern | S. J. Johnsen
Initial sea-ice growth in open water: properties of grease ice and nilas

Author(s): A. K. Naumann | D. Notz | L. Håvik | A. Sirevaag
Statistical adaptation of ALADIN RCM outputs over the French alpine massifs – application to future climate and snow cover

Author(s): M. Rousselot | Y. Durand | G. Giraud | L. Mérindol | I. Dombrowski-Etchevers | M. Déqué
Biogenic influence on cloud microphysics over the global ocean

Author(s): A. Lana | R. Simó | S. M. Vallina | J. Dachs
The EMEP MSC-W chemical transport model – Part 1: Model description

Author(s): D. Simpson | A. Benedictow | H. Berge | R. Bergström | L. D. Emberson | H. Fagerli | G. D. Hayman | M. Gauss | J. E. Jonson | M. E. Jenkin | A. Nyíri | C. Richter | V. S. Semeena | S. Tsyro | J.-P. Tuovinen | Á. Valdebenito | P. Wind
Seasonal cycle and source analyses of aerosol optical properties in a semi-urban environment at Puijo station in Eastern Finland

Author(s): A. Leskinen | A. Arola | M. Komppula | H. Portin | P. Tiitta | P. Miettinen | S. Romakkaniemi | A. Laaksonen | K. E. J. Lehtinen
A multi-model study of impacts of climate change on surface ozone in Europe

Author(s): J. Langner | M. Engardt | A. Baklanov | J. H. Christensen | M. Gauss | C. Geels | G. B. Hedegaard | R. Nuterman | D. Simpson | J. Soares | M. Sofiev | P. Wind | A. Zakey
OH reactivity measurements in a coastal location in Southwestern Spain during DOMINO

Author(s): V. Sinha | J. Williams | J. M. Diesch | F. Drewnick | M. Martinez | H. Harder | E. Regelin | D. Kubistin | H. Bozem | Z. Hosaynali-Beygi | H. Fischer | M. D. Andrés-Hernández | D. Kartal | J. A. Adame | J. Lelieveld
Ozone pollution over the Arabian Gulf – role of meteorological conditions

Author(s): L. Smoydzin | M. Fnais | J. Lelieveld
A General Probabilistic Forecasting Framework for Offshore Wind Power Fluctuations

Author(s): Pierre-Julien Trombe | Pierre Pinson | Henrik Madsen
Caracterización de la brisa de mar en el balneario de Monte Hermoso, Argentina

Author(s): Huamantinco Cisneros, María Andrea | Piccolo, M. Cintia
Performance Evalution of Double Flow Solar Air Heater

Author(s): Chetan Mamulkar | V.P.Katekar
Deviation of Cup and Propeller Anemometer Calibration Results with Air Density

Author(s): Santiago Pindado | Alfredo Sanz | Alain Wery

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