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Infestation and dispersal speed of dactylopius opuntiae cockerell on giant cactus pea, 1896 in the State Of Paraíba, Brazil

Author(s): Edson Batista Lopes | Ivanildo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque | Carlos Henrique de Brito | Jacinto de Luna Batista
Drifters, Drogues, and Circulation

Author(s): Thomas O. Manley
Wind-dispersed traits of cypselas in ten Asteraceae alien invasive species

Author(s): HAO Jian-Hua | QIANG Sheng | Du Kang-Ning | GAO Yuan-Xing
Population genetic structure of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes on Lake Victoria islands, west Kenya

Author(s): Chen Hong | Minakawa Noboru | Beier John | Yan Guiyun
Predominant Nearshore Sediment Dispersal Patterns in Manila Bay

Author(s): Fernando Siringan | Cherry Ringor
Ancient woodland plant species in a landscape park in central Poland

Author(s): Józef Mitka | Janina Jakubowska-Gabara
Mode of pollen spread in clonal seed orchard of Pinus koraiensis

Author(s): Fu-Juan Feng | Xin Sui | Min-Min Chen | Dan Zhao | Hi-Jie Han | Mai-He Li
Fruit and seed floras from exceptionally preserved biotas in the European Paleogene

Author(s): Collinson M | Manchester S R | Wilde V | Hayes P
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