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Poverty in Israel

Author(s): Michel, Dirk | Schertges, Claudia
Collaboration Policies: Access Control Management in Decentralized Heterogeneous Workflows

Author(s): Mine Altunay | Douglas E. Brown | Gregory T. Byrd | Ralph A. Dean
Nonblocking Distributed Replication of Versioned Files

Author(s): Lukáš Hejtmánek | Luděk Matyska
Southeast Asian Adolescents’ Perceptions of Immigrant Parenting Practices

Author(s): Zha Blong Xiong | Daniel F. Detzner | Michael J. Cleveland
Working mothers: Family-work conflict, job performance and family/work variables

Author(s): Cynthia J Patel | Vasanthee Govender | Zubeda Paruk | Sarojini Ramgoon
Antecedents of Work-Family Conflict: Review and Prospect

Author(s): Jianwei Zhang | Yuxin Liu | Yuxin Liu
What about Us? Measuring the Work-Life Balance of People Who Do Not Have Children

Author(s): Julie A. Waumsley | Diane M. Houston | Gillian Marks
Contextual Influences on Superintendents' Time Usage

Author(s): Kim Jones | Aimee Howley
O homoerotismo masculino e o seu grupo familiar

Author(s): Jo o Jorge Raupp Gurgel | J lia S. N. F. Bucher Maluschke
Working conditions and Work-Family Conflict in German hospital physicians: psychosocial and organisational predictors and consequences

Author(s): Fuß Isabelle | Nübling Matthias | Hasselhorn Hans-Martin | Schwappach David | Rieger Monika
An exploration of social determinants of health amongst internally displaced persons in northern Uganda

Author(s): Roberts Bayard | Odong Vicky | Browne John | Ocaka Kaducu | Geissler Wenzel | Sondorp Egbert
Social Relationships at Work: Moderator or Mediator of the Association Between Role Variables and Burnout?

Author(s): Philippe Dubreuil | Marie-Christine Laughrea | Alexandre Morin | François Courcy | Olivier Loiselle
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti | Alejandro Padilla
Gene × environment interactions for ADHD: synergistic effect of 5HTTLPR genotype and youth appraisals of inter-parental conflict

Author(s): Nikolas Molly | Friderici Karen | Waldman Irwin | Jernigan Katherine | Nigg Joel
Psychosocial work load and stress in the geriatric care

Author(s): Nübling Matthias | Vomstein Martin | Schmidt Sascha | Gregersen Sabine | Dulon Madeleine | Nienhaus Albert
Impediments to Women Accountants’ Career Progression in Malaysia

Author(s): Zubaidah Zainal Abidin | Frances Penafort | Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Marzlin Marzuki
Occupational stress related to the use of psychoactive substances among nurses who working in university hospital

Author(s): Taciana Mirella Batista dos Santos, Iracema da Silva Frazão, Delmilena Maria Ferreira de Aquino
Psychosocial stress and strategies for managing adversity: measuring population resilience in New South Wales, Australia

Author(s): Taylor Melanie | Barr Margo | Stevens Garry | Bryson-Taylor Donald | Agho Kingsley | Jacobs Jennifer | Raphael Beverley
Communication of job-related information and work family conflict in dual-career couples

Author(s): Bedelia Theunissen | L. J. Van Vuuren | Deléne Visser
Las madres solteras por elección. ¿Ciudadanas de primera y madres de segunda?

Author(s): Rivas, Ana María | Jociles, María Isabel | Moncó, Beatriz
Ciudadanía: ¿Un asunto de familia?

Author(s): Agra Romero, María Xosé
Work-life balance among married women employees

Author(s): Reddy N | Vranda M | Ahmed Atiq | Nirmala B | Siddaramu B
Work-life conflict and musculoskeletal disorders: a cross-sectional study of an unexplored association

Author(s): Hämmig Oliver | Knecht Michaela | Läubli Thomas | Bauer Georg

Author(s): CONTENTS Vol. 5, No.3, 2009
Views on sick-listing practice among Swedish General Practitioners – a phenomenographic study

Author(s): Swartling Malin | Peterson Stefan | Wahlström Rolf
Time Management in Travel and Tourism Companies in Jordan

Author(s): Mohammad Nayef Alsarayreh | Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Abu Rumman | Marwan M. Al-Nsour | Omar (mohamad raouf) Hayajneh

Author(s): Stoilkovska Aleksandra
Resilience of refugees displaced in the developing world: a qualitative analysis of strengths and struggles of urban refugees in Nepal

Author(s): Thomas Fiona | Roberts Bayard | Luitel Nagendra | Upadhaya Nawaraj | Tol Wietse

Effect of Time Management Training on Work-Family Conflict among Hospital Nurses

Author(s): P Rasooli (MSc.) | HR Khankeh (Ph.D) | M Falahi Khoshknab (Ph.D) | M Rahgozar (Ph.D)
Family Aware TV Program and Settings Recommender

Author(s): Thyagaraju GS | Umakant P Kulkarni
O Impacto do Testemunho da Violência Interparental em Crianças: Uma Breve Pesquisa Bibliométrica e Bibliográfica

Author(s): Lélio Moura Lourenço | Fellipe Soares Salgado | Ana Carolina Amaral | Suzana Fajardo Leal Gomes | Luciana Xavier Senra
One year outcomes of a mentoring scheme for female academics: a pilot study at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Author(s): Dutta Rina | Hawkes Sarah | Kuipers Elizabeth | Guest David | Fear Nicola | Iversen Amy
Persistent work-life conflict and health satisfaction - A representative longitudinal study in Switzerland

Author(s): Knecht Michaela | Bauer Georg | Gutzwiller Felix | Hämmig Oliver
Work Family Conflict of Women Managers in Dhaka

Author(s): M Sayeed Alam | Abdus Sattar | S.I Nusrat Chaudhury
The Adjustment of the Manufacturing Labors in the Northeastern, Thailand

Author(s): Junlasun Thuninart | Jaruwan Tammawat | Prasopsuk Rittidet | Budsakorn Saenyabud
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