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Impact of work place stresses on work ability index in patients with depressive disorders

Author(s): Brekalo-Lazarević Sanja | Pranjić Nurka | Selmanović Senada | Grbović Mensur
Interlinking journal and wiki publications through joint citation: Working examples from ZooKeys and Plazi on Species-ID

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Gregor Hagedorn | Daniel Mietchen | Teodor Georgiev | Pavel Stoev | Guido Sautter | Donat Agosti | Andreas Plank | Michael Balke | Lars Hendrich | Terry Erwin
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Rapport in Distance Education

Author(s): Elizabeth Murphy | María A. Rodríguez-Manzanares
Two Round Scheduling (TRS) Scheme for Linearly Extensible Multiprocessor Systems

Author(s): Abdus Samad | M. Qasim Rafiq | Omar Farooq
Eye Problems in Radiologists

Author(s): Morteza Tahmasebi | Morteza Joorabian
Ergonomic risk assessment by REBA method

Author(s): E. Habibi | S. Poorabdian | P. Ahmadinejad | A. Hassanzadeh
Energy Efficient Dynamic Integration of Thresholds for Migration at Cloud Data Centers

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteishi Diwanji
Understanding Job Stress among Healthcare Staff

Author(s): Dola Saha | Rajesh Kumar Sinha | Kankshi Bhavsar

Author(s): Sabine Krautgasser | Peter Scheiber | Serge P. von Duvillard | Erich Müller
Molecular System Bioenergics of the Heart: Experimental Studies of Metabolic Compartmentation and Energy Fluxes versus Computer Modeling

Author(s): Mayis Aliev | Rita Guzun | Minna Karu-Varikmaa | Tuuli Kaambre | Theo Wallimann | Valdur Saks
Percentile values for physical condition for Cali, Colombian children and adolescents Percentiles de condición física de niños y adolescentes de Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Author(s): Ana Cecilia Aguilar | Alberto Pradilla | Mildrey Mosquera | Ana Beatriz Gracia | José Guillermo Ortega | Jaime Humberto Leiva | Robinson Ramírez-Vélez
Power Aware Live Migration for Data Centers in Cloud using Dynamic Threshold

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteshi Diwanji
Evaluation Of Scheduling And Load Balancing Techniques In Mobile Grid Architecture

Author(s): Debabrata Singh | Sandeep Nanda | Sarbeswara Hota | Manas Kumar Nanda
Nurse’s Roles and the Mediating Effects of Stress on Job Performance in Low and Developing Economies

Author(s): Joshua Chiroma Gandi | Wukatda Wokji Beben | Yohanna Gyarazama
Synthetic Workload Generation for Cloud Computing Applications

Author(s): Arshdeep Bahga | Vijay Krishna Madisetti
Introduction to Secure PRNGs

Author(s): Majid Babaei | Mohsen Farhadi
School nurses' experiences of delivering the UK HPV vaccination programme in its first year

Author(s): Hilton Shona | Hunt Kate | Bedford Helen | Petticrew Mark
Framework and indicator testing protocol for developing and piloting quality indicators for the UK quality and outcomes framework

Author(s): Campbell Stephen | Kontopantelis Evangelos | Hannon Kerin | Burke Martyn | Barber Annette | Lester Helen
Performance Evaluation of UML2-Modeled Embedded Streaming Applications with System-Level Simulation

Author(s): Arpinen Tero | Salminen Erno | Hämäläinen TimoD | Hännikäinen Marko
A Formal Model for Performance and Energy Evaluation of Embedded Systems

Author(s): Nogueira Bruno | Maciel Paulo | Tavares Eduardo | Andrade Ermeson | Massa Ricardo | Callou Gustavo | Ferraz Rodolfo
Methods to identify, study and understand End-user participation in HIT development

Author(s): Høstgaard Anna | Bertelsen Pernille | Nøhr Christian
Using the needs of WHO to prioritise Cochrane reviews: The case of antipsychotic drugs

Author(s): Purgato Marianna | Barbui Corrado | Adams Clive
A comparison of the workload of rural and urban primary care physicians in Germany: analysis of a questionnaire survey

Author(s): Steinhaeuser Jost | Joos Stefanie | Szecsenyi Joachim | Miksch Antje
Uplink Cross-Layer Scheduling with Differential QoS Requirements in OFDMA Systems

Author(s): Bai Bo | Chen Wei | Cao Zhigang | Ben Letaief Khaled
Combining UML2 Application and SystemC Platform Modelling for Performance Evaluation of Real-Time Embedded Systems

Author(s): Kreku Jari | Hoppari Mika | Kestilä Tuomo | Qu Yang | Soininen Juha-Pekka | Andersson Per | Tiensyrjä Kari
Design and Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Resource Management Framework for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Author(s): Shankaran Nishanth | Roy Nilabja | Schmidt DouglasC | Koutsoukos XenofonD | Chen Yingming | Lu Chenyang
Hardware-Enabled Dynamic Resource Allocation for Manycore Systems Using Bidding-Based System Feedback

Author(s): Theocharides Theocharis | Michael MariaK | Polycarpou Marios | Dingankar Ajit
Workload-aware VM Scheduling on Multicore Systems

Author(s): Insoon Jo | Im Y. Jung | Heon Y. Yeom
A Hybrid Metaheuristic Approach to Optimize the Districting Design of a Parcel Company

Author(s): R.G. González-Ramírez | N. R. Smith | R. G. Askin | Pablo A. Miranda | J.M. Sánchez

Author(s): Victor Manuel López Pastor
Nursing workload measurement scales in Intensive Care Units. Correlation between NAS and NEMS

Author(s): Gloria Mª Rollán Rodríguez | Francisco Javier Carmona Monge | Cristina Quirós Herranz | Isabel Cerrillo González | Ana Jara Pérez | Sonia García Gómez | Rosana Alameda Varela | Montserrat Martínez Lareo
Using Workload to Predict Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis in Candidates for Coronary Angiography

Author(s): Saeed Sadeghian | Abbasali Karimi | Mojtaba Salarifar | Masoumeh Lotfi Tokaldany | Elham Hakki Kazzazi | Mahmood Sheikh Fathollahi
Comparison the inflammatory effects of early supplemental parenteral nutrition plus enteral nutrition versus enteral nutrition alone in critically ill patients

Author(s): R Abrishami | A Ahmadi | M Abdollahi | A Moosivand | H Khalili | A Najafi | K Gholami | H Hamishehkar | A Peivandi Yazdi | M Mojtahedzadeh
Workload Benefits of Using a Synthetic Rope Strawline in Cable Yarder Rigging in Norway

Author(s): Giovanna Ottaviani | Bruce Talbot | Morten Nitteberg | Karl Stampfer
Job Stress and Burnout Syndrome in a Sample of Rural Health Workers, Behvarzes, in Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Seyed Kazem Malakouti | Marzieh Nojomi | Maryam Salehi | Bita Bijari
Assessment of Cold Stress and Its Effects on Workers in a Cold-Storage Warehouse

Author(s): Farideh Golbabaei | Mohammad–Hossein Sajadi | Keramat Nouri Jelyani | Farhang Akbar-Khanzadeh
The outcome of the vertical vein left intact during the surgery for total anomalous venous connection and its effects on ventricular functions

Author(s): Bülent Sarıtaş | Mehmet Çelik | Tolga Tatar | Murat Özkan | Kürşad Tokel | Sait Aşlamacı
The Study of Joint Acoustic Holography Algorithms based on Continuous Scanning

Author(s): Desen Yang | Xiaoxia Guo | Shengguo Shi | Jianan Ma
A Scheme for Evaluating XML Engine on RDBMS

Author(s): Guannan Si | Zhengji Zhou | Nan Li | Jing Xu | Jufeng Yang
Investigating transportation system in container terminals and developing a yard crane scheduling model

Author(s): Hassan Javanshir | Seyed Mohammad Taghi Fatemi Ghomi | Marjan Fatemi Ghomi
Being altruistically egoistic—Nursing aides’ experiences of caring for older persons with mental disorders

Author(s): Gunilla Martinsson | Lena Wiklund-Gustin | Christina Lindholm | Ingegerd Fagerberg
A Framework of Transferring Mobile Services with Agent Based Middleware

Author(s): Weidong Zhao | Haifeng Wu | Weihui Dai | Wenjuan Wang | Guangxue Yue
Provable Data Possession of Resource-constrained Mobile Devices in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Jian Yang | Haihang Wang | Jian Wang | Chengxiang Tan | Dingguo Yu
Feature Aware Multiresolution Animation Models Generation

Author(s): Shixue Zhang | Jinyu Zhao
A Cloud Computing Infrastructure on Heterogeneous Computing Resources

Author(s): Baomin XU | Ning Wang | Chunyan Li
Power Aware Job Scheduling in Multi-Processor System with Service Level Agreements Constraints

Author(s): Congfeng Jiang | Jian Wan | Xindong You | Yinghui Zhao
Organizational Environment and its Impact on Turnover Intensions in Education Sector of Pakistan

Author(s): Ayaz Ul Haq | Asad Iqbal Khattak | Syed Neiman Raza Shah | Kashif-ur-Rehman
Renal dysfunction prevalence and clinical impact in heart failure

Author(s): Palazzuoli A | Benincasa S | Grothgar S | Di Sipio P | Paganini G | Pellegrini M | Nuti R.
ïSCOPE: Safer care for older persons (in residential) environments: A study protocol

Author(s): Cranley Lisa | Norton Peter | Cummings Greta | Barnard Debbie | Estabrooks Carole

Author(s): Atef Boujelben | Hedi Tmar | Jameleddine Mnif | Mohamed Abid
Operators of firewood kettle and workload Operadores de caldeira à lenha e carga de trabalho Operadores de caldeira à lenha e carga de trabalho

Author(s): Eduarda Tirelli Hennig | Mônica Peruchi | Lívia Rodrigues da Rosa | Fernando Gonçalves Amaral
An Introductory of a Content Provider Agent in Higher Learning Institutions

Author(s): B A Jesica Malani | Abu Bakar Md Sultan
Performansa Göre Ücretlendirme’nin Doktorlar Tarafından Algılanan Negatif Yönleri

Author(s): Burcu ERŞAHAN | İsmail BAKAN | Ahmet Melih EYİTMİŞ
Air Traffic Volume and Air Traffic Control Human Errors

Author(s): Woo-Choon Moon | Kwang-Eui Yoo | Youn-Chul Choi
Assessment physical load of dockers in a worker cooperative

Author(s): Hernán D. Zapata | Gloria L. Arango | Luz M. Estrada
Food insecurity, school absenteeism and educational attainment of adolescents in Jimma Zone Southwest Ethiopia: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Belachew Tefera | Hadley Craig | Lindstrom David | Gebremariam Abebe | Lachat Carl | Kolsteren Patrick
Home visits - central to primary care, tradition or an obligation? A qualitative study

Author(s): Theile Gudrun | Kruschinski Carsten | Buck Marlene | Müller Christiane | Hummers-Pradier Eva
Comparison of user groups' perspectives of barriers and facilitators to implementing electronic health records: a systematic review

Author(s): McGinn Carrie | Grenier Sonya | Duplantie Julie | Shaw Nicola | Sicotte Claude | Mathieu Luc | Leduc Yvan | Légaré France | Gagnon Marie-Pierre
Associations of cardiovascular risk factors, carotid intima-media thickness and manifest atherosclerotic vascular disease with carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Shiri Rahman | Heliövaara Markku | Moilanen Leena | Viikari Jorma | Liira Helena | Viikari-Juntura Eira
Key factors leading to reduced recruitment and retention of health professionals in remote areas of Ghana: a qualitative study and proposed policy solutions

Author(s): Snow Rachel | Asabir Kwesi | Mutumba Massy | Koomson Elizabeth | Gyan Kofi | Dzodzomenyo Mawuli | Kruk Margaret | Kwansah Janet
Modern technologies for phytosanitary treatments application in orchards

Author(s): Ion Pirna | Iosif Cojocaru | Eugen Marin | Dragos Manea | Nicolae Constantin
Profile and evaluation of participants in distance learning continuing education courses about inclusive practices in education

Author(s): Vera Lúcia Messias Fialho Capellini | Olga Maria Piazentin Rolim Rodrigues | Tania Gracy do Valle | Lígia Ebner Melchiori | Eliana Marques Zanata | Lucia Pereira Leite | Rita Melissa Lepre
Reducing Fuel Consumption in Bucharest Terminal Area for Flights Using a Standard Instrument Departure

Author(s): Alin George DIACONU | Octavian Thor PLETER | Virgil STANCIU
Customer Care Management Model for Service Industry

Author(s): Muthuswamy Shanmugaraja | Muthusamy Nataraj | Nallasamy Gunasekaran
Calculation and Management for Mining Loss and Dilution under 3D Visualization Technical Condition

Author(s): Weijing Wang | Shaofeng Huang | Xiaobo Wu | Qingfei Ma
Program Slicing Based Buffer Overflow Detection

Author(s): Yingzhou Zhang | Wei Fu | Xiaofei Qian | Wei Chen
FEL-H Robust Control Real-Time Scheduling

Author(s): Bing Du | Chun Ruan
SimNP: A Flexible Platform for the Simulation of Network Processing Systems

Author(s): David Bermingham | Zhen Liu | Xiaojun Wang
O cuidado começa na escuta: profissionais de saúde mental e as vicissitudes da prática

Author(s): Thaís Thomé Seni S. e Oliveira | Fernanda Ribeiro da Gama Leme | Kathia Regina Galdino Godoy

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