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Distributed Phased Arrays and Wireless Beamforming Networks

Author(s): David Jenn | Yong Loke | Tong Chin Hong Matthew | Yeo Eng Choon | Ong Chin Siang | Yeo Siew Yam
Potentiel pour la production d'asticots sur des sous-produits en Côte d'Ivoire

Author(s): Bouafou, KGM. | Kouame, KG. | Amoikon, KE. | Offoumou, AM.
Antinutritional Assessment of D. alata Varieties

Author(s): E.A. Udensi | H.O. Oselebe | A.U. Onuoha
Glycemic index, glycemic load and insulinemic index of Chinese starchy foods

Author(s): Meng-Hsueh Amanda Lin, Ming-Chang Wu, Shin Lu, Jenshinn Lin
Caudal Epidural Block for Minor Gynecologic Procedures in Outpatient Surgery.

Author(s): Shu-Yam Wong | Jihn-Yih Li | Chit Chen | Chi-Hao Tseng | Shiue-Chin Liou | Shih-Chang Tsai | Yi-Chuan Kau | Kit-Man Wong
Anesthesia for Pediatric Patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome: Report of Two Cases

Author(s): Chi-Hao Tseng | Chit Chen | Chung-Hang Wong | Shu-Yam Wong | Kit-Man Wong
Glycemic Indices and Glycemic Load of Some Nigerian Foods

Author(s): E.S. Omoregie | A.U. Osagie
Anthropogenic stressors and eutrophication processes as recorded by stable isotopes compositions in coral skeletons

Author(s): O. Levy | M. Rosenfeld | Y. Loya | R. Yam | I. Mizrachi | A. Shemesh
Fatal inadvertent intracranial insertion of a nasogastric tube

Author(s): Roka Yam | Shrestha M | Puri P | Aryal S
Evaluation of Yam Starch (Discorea rotundata) as Aquatic Feed Binder

Author(s): A.M. Orire | S.O.E. Sadiku | L.O. Tiamiyu
Aspiration of a Dislodged Endotracheal Tube: A Rare Cause of Acute Total Airway Obstruction

Author(s): Shu-Yam Wong | Chi-Hao Tseng | Kit-Man Wong | Kuo-Ting Chen | Chit Chen
Pregnancy in Premature Ovarian Failure after Therapy Using Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Author(s): Shiouh-Lirng Chao | Lee-Wen Huang | Hung-Rong Yen
HPLC and Anti-Inflammatory Studies of the Flavonoid Rich Chloroform Extract Fraction of Orthosiphon Stamineus Leaves

Author(s): Mun Fei Yam | Vuanghao Lim | Ibrahim Muhammad Salman | Omar Ziad Ameer | Lee Fung Ang | Noersal Rosidah | Muthanna Fawzy Abdulkarim | Ghassan Zuhair Abdullah | Rusliza Basir | Amirin Sadikun | Mohd Zaini Asmawi
Evaluación de métodos para la conservación de hongos fitopatógenos del ñame (Dioscorea sp).

Author(s): Yeimy Alexandra Pinzón Gutiérrez | Silvia Lizette Bustamante | Gustavo Buitrago
Uso de distintos tratamientos de desinfección en el cultivo in vitro de Dioscorea alata L. clon caraqueño

Author(s): Borges García Misterbino | Estrada Abeal Edil | Pérez Rodríguez Idelisa | Meneses Rodríguez Silvio
Evaluación en campo de plantas de ñame (Dioscorea alata L.) obtenidas de los microtubérculos formados en Sistema de Inmersión Temporal

Author(s): Cabrera Jova Manuel | Gómez Kosky Rafael | Rayas Cabrera Aymé | DeFeria Manuel | López Torres Jorge | Medero Vega Víctor | Basail Pérez Milagros | Rodríguez Rodríguez Germán | Santos Pino Arletys
In vitro Analysis of Growth Media and the Control of Yam Minisett-rot

Author(s): E. Asare-Bediako | F.A. Showemimo | Y. Opoku-Asiama | D.H.A.K. Amewowor
Vasorelaxant Properties of Loranthus ferrugineus Roxb. Methanolic Extract

Author(s): O.Z. Ameer | I.M. Salman | M.F. Yam | H.H. Abd Allah | M.H. Abdulla | A.M. Shah | A. Sadikun | M.Z. Asmawi
Anti-Angiogenic and Anti Oxidant Properties of Orthosiphon stamineus Benth. Methanolic Leaves Extract

Author(s): H.B. Sahib | A.F. Aisha | M.F. Yam | M.Z. Asmawi | Z. Ismail | S.M. Salhimi | N.H. Othman | A.M.S. Abdul Majid
Vascular Responsiveness to Macrosolen cochinchinensis Extracts inIsolated Rat Thoracic Aorta

Author(s): O.Z. Ameer | I.M. Salman | Md. J.A. Siddiqui | M.F. Yam | R.N. Sriramaneni | A.F. Mutee | A. Sadikun | Z. Ismail | M.Z. Asmawi
Technical Efficiency and Productivity of Yam in Kogi State Nigeria

Author(s): Peter A. Ekunwe | Sylvester I. Orewa
Experimental Evaluation of Healing Process of Burn-wound Treated by Lyophilized Aloe vera Dressing

Author(s): Yam Mun Fei | Jamaludin Zainol | A. G. Pillay | Norimah Yusof
Carotenoids Content of Some Locally Consumed Fruits and Yams in Cameroon

Author(s): Gouado Inocent | R. Aba Ejoh | T. Some Issa | Florian J. Schweigert | M.F. Tchouanguep
Amino Acid Composition of Dioscorea dumetorum Varieties

Author(s): Y. Alozie | M.I. Akpanabiatu | E.U. Eyong | I.B. Umoh | G. Alozie
Influence of the Variety and Cooking Method on Glycemic Index of Yam

Author(s): Nestor Kouakou Kouassi | Georges Gnomblesson Tiahou | Jacko Rhedoor Fete Abodo | Massara Camara-Cisse | Georges N`Guessan Amani
Beta Carotene Content of Commonly Consumed Foods and Soups in Nigeria

Author(s): Rasaki Ajani Sanusi | Abimbola Eniola Adebiyi
Effect of Soaking Time on the Pasting Properties of Two Cultivars of Trifoliate Yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) Flours

Author(s): Olufunmilola Adunni Abiodun | Jacob Adeyosoye Adegbite | Tajudeen Solagbade Oladipo
Freeze-dried pregelatinized Dioscorea starches as tablet matrix for sustained release

Author(s): Oluwatoyin A. Odeku | Katharina M. Picker-Freyer
Caracterización morfológica y patogénica de Colletotrichum sp. como agente causal de la antracnosis en ñame Dioscorea sp

Author(s): Pérez Castro Libia María | Baquero María José | Beltrán Herrera Javier Darío
Enraizamiento in vitro de Dioscoreas sp.

Author(s): Quintero Irma | Polo Janer | Jarma Alfredo | Espitia Amaury
Caracterización molecular del germoplasma de ñame colombiano utilizando

Author(s): Bustamante Silvia L | Guzmán Mónica | Buitrago Gustavo
Microtuberización en Ñame (Dioscorea alata L.) var.

Author(s): Robinson Salazar Díaz | Javier Darío Beltrán Herrera

Author(s): Néstor Antonio Heredia Zárate | Maria do Carmo Vieira | Edgard Jardim Rosa Junior | Cristiane Gomes da Silva

Author(s): Néstor Antônio Heredia Zárate | Maria do Carmo Vieira | Nilbe Carla Mapeli | Abel César Siqueira
Assessment of Microbiological Qualities of Yam Chips Marketed in Togo

Author(s): Karou D Simplice | B. Djeri; Y. Ameyapoh; K. Anani; K. Soncy; Y. Adjrah and C. Souza
In vivo Anti-inflammatory and in vitro Antioxidant Activities of Peperomia pellucida

Author(s): A.F. Mutee | S.M. Salhimi | M.F. Yam | C.P. Lim | G.Z. Abdullah | O.Z. Ameer | M.F. Abdulkarim | M.Z. Asmawi

Author(s): CESÁRIO, Moisés Rômolos | MOURA, Danyelle Medeiros de Araújo | MACEDO, Daniel Araújo de | LIMA, Cícero Bosco Alves de
Functional, Particle Size and Sorption Isotherm of Cocoyam Cormel Flours

Author(s): E.C. Nwanekezi | C.I. Owuamanam | N.C. Ihediohanma | J.O. Iwouno
Generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for marker development in yam (Dioscorea alata L.)

Author(s): Narina Satya | Buyyarapu Ramesh | Kottapalli Kameswara | Sartie Alieu | Ali Mohamed | Robert Asiedu | Hodeba Mignouna | Sayre Brian | Scheffler Brian
Avoidable readmission in Hong Kong - system, clinician, patient or social factor?

Author(s): Yam Carrie | Wong Eliza | Chan Frank | Leung Michael | Wong Fiona | Cheung Annie | Yeoh EK
Accuracy of a New Body Length-based Formula for Predicting Tracheal Tube Size in Chinese Children

Author(s): Ming-Hung Shih | Chin-Yang Chung | Bai-Chuan Su | Chao-Tsen Hung | Shu-Yam Wong | Teresa Kit-Man Wong
Does Intrapartum Epidural Analgesia Affect Nulliparous Labor and Postpartum Urinary Incontinence?

Author(s): Ching-Chung Liang | Shu-Yam Wong | Yao-Lung Chang | Pei-Kwei Tsay | Shuenn-Dhy Chang | Liang-Ming Lo
Comparison of Patient-controlled Epidural Analgesia and Continuous Epidural Infusion for Labor Analgesia

Author(s): Sheng-Huan Chen | Shiue-Chin Liou | Chao-Tsen Hung | Ming-Hung Shih | Chit Chen | Shih-Chang Tsai | Chi-Hao Tseng | Shu-Yam Wong
Extensive Sensory Block Caused by Accidental Subdural Catheterization during Epidural Labor Analgesia

Author(s): Sheng-Huan Chen | Ho-Yen Chiueh | Chao-Tsen Hung | Shih-Chang Tsai | Shu-Yam Wong
Profound Hypoxemia during Major Abdominal Surgery in a Small Infant with Tetralogy of Fallot

Author(s): Teresa Kit-Man Wong | Shu-Yam Wong | Shih-Chang Tsai | Yi-Chuan Kau | Jin-Yao Lai
Postpartum Unilateral Horner's Syndrome Following Lumbar Epidural Anesthesia after a Cesarean Delivery.

Author(s): Shu-Yam Wong | Ching-Feng Lin | Liang-Ming Lo | Tsui-Chin Peng | Eng-Chye Chuah
HPLC method modification and validation for quantification of Ibuprofen

Author(s): Ghassan Z. Abdullah | Muthanna F. Abdulkarim | Ibrahim M. Salman | Omar Z. Ameer | Mallikarjun Chtneni | Elrashid S. Mahdi | Mun F Yam | Sakeena Hameem | Mahiran Basri | Munavvar A. Sattar | Azmin M. Noor
Formulation and characterization of palm oil esters based nano-cream for topical delivery of piroxicam

Author(s): Muthanna F. Abdulkarim | Ghassan Zuhair Abdullah | Mallikarjun Chitneni | Elrashid Saleh Mahdi | Mun Fei Yam | Ahmed Faisal | Ibrahim M. Salman | Omar Ziad Ameer | Mohanad N. Sahib | Munavvar Zubaid Abdulsattar | Mahiran Basri | Azmin Mohd Noor
Stability studies of nano-cream containing piroxicam

Author(s): Muthanna F. Abdulkarim | Ghassan Zuhair Abdullah | Mallikarjun Chitneni | Elrashid Saleh Mahdi | Mun Fei Yam | Ahmed Faisal | Ibrahim M. Salman | Omar Ziad Ameer | Mohanad N Sahib | Munavvar Zubaid Abdulsattar | Mahiran Basri | Azmin Mohd Noor
Modification and Validation of an HPLC Method for Quantification of Piroxicam

Author(s): Muthanna F. Abdulkarim | Ghassan Z. Abdullah | M.H.F. Sakeena | Mallikarjun Chitneni | Mun F. Yam | Elrashid S. Mahdi | Ibrahim M. Salman | Omar Z. Ameer | Munavvar A. Sattar | Mahiran Basri | Azmin M. Noor
Stability Studies of Nano-Scaled Emulsions Containing Ibuprofen for Topical Delivery

Author(s): Ghassan Z Abdullah | Muthanna F. Abdulkarim | Ibrahim M. Salman | Omar Z. Ameer | Mallikarjun Chitneni | Elrashid S. Mahdi | Mun F. Yam | Sakeena Hameem | Mahiran Basri | Munavvar A. Sattar | Azmin M. Noor
Study of Pseudoternary Phase Diagram Behaviour and the Effect of Several Tweens and Spans on Palm Oil Esters Characteristics

Author(s): Muthanna F. Abdulkarim | Ghassan Z. Abdullah | M.H.F. Sakeena | Mallikarjun Chitneni | Mun F. Yam | Elrashid S. Mahdi | Ibrahim M Salman | Omar Z. Ameer | Munavvar A. Sattar | Mahiran Basri | Azmin M. Noor
Awake Fiberoptic Intubation for Cesarean Section in a Parturient with Odontoid Fracture and Atlantoaxial Subluxation

Author(s): Shu-Yam Wong | Kit-Man Wong | An-Shine Chao | Ching-Chung Liang | Jee-Ching Hsu
Antihyperglycemic Effect of Orthosiphon Stamineus Benth Leaves Extract and Its Bioassay-Guided Fractions

Author(s): Elsnoussi Ali Hussin Mohamed | Ali Jimale Mohamed | Mohd. Zaini Asmawi | Amirin Sadikun | Omar Saad Ebrika | Mun Fei Yam
Development of a Stepping Force Analgesic Meter for a Rat Arthritic Model

Author(s): Mun Fei Yam | Lip Yee Por | Kok Khiang Peh | Mariam Ahmad | Mohd. Zaini Asmawi | Lee Fung Ang | Delina Beh Mei Yin | Sim Ying Ong | Muthanna Fawzy Abdulkarim | Ghassan Zuhair Abdullah | Ibrahim Muhammad Salman | Omar Ziad Ameer | Elsnoussi Ali Hussin Mohamed | Mohd Akmal Hashim | Elham Farsi | Sook Yee Hor
Efficacy of Intramuscular Nalbuphine versus Diphenhydramine for the Prevention of Epidural Morphine-induced Pruritus after Cesarean Delivery

Author(s): Chia-Chih Liao | Chieh-Szu Chang | Chi-Hao Tseng | Michael J. Sheen | Shih-Chang Tsai | Yao-Lung Chang | Shu-Yam Wong
Phytochemical constituents and biological activities of Erythrina indica

Author(s): Faheem Amir | Wan Sinn Yam | Yen Chin Koay
Analysis of resistance to Yam mosaic virus, genus Potyvirus in white guinea yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) genotypes

Author(s): Babajide Odu O. | Asiedu Robert | Shoyinka Stephen A. | D’a Hughes Jacqueline

Author(s): Néstor Antônio Heredia Zárate | Maria do Carmo Vieira | Nilbe Carla Mapeli | Abel César Siqueira
The chemical evolution of the Galactic Bulge seen through micro-lensing events

Author(s): Feltzing S. | Bensby T. | Meléndez J. | Adén D. | Asplund M. | Gould A. | Johnson J. | Lucatello S. | Gal-Yam A.
Glycemic Index of Some Commonly Consumed Staples in Nigeria

Author(s): Okafor, E.N. | I. Onyechi | A.U. Ozumba | G.N. Elemo | O.F. Kayode | G.O. Asieba
Design of a Process Plant for the Production of Poundo Yam

Author(s): Ayodeji Sesan Peter | Olabanji, Olayinka Mohammed | Adeyeri Michael Kanisuru
DPPH Radical Scavenging Capacity of Phenolic Extracts from African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa)

Author(s): Sunday A. Malomo | Aderonke I. Olagunju | Victor N. Enujiugha | Justina Y. Talabi
Effect of Replacing Maize with Ripe Plantain and Yam Peels in the Diet of Weaner Rabbits

Author(s): A.H. Akinmutimi | V.U. Odoemelam | S.F. Obasienkong
Comparison of Bilirubin Level Changes in Schizophrenia and Type I Bipolar Disorder

Author(s): Yousef Semnani | Farzad Nazemi | Mohammad Javad Ehsani Ardakani | Aileen Azari Yam
Buying Attitude of Yam Consumers in Southeastern, Nigeria

Author(s): Nwachukwu, IN. | Oteh, OU. | Ugoh, CC. | Ochomma, C.

Validation of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Model for Photosensitizer Activity Prediction

Author(s): Neni Frimayanti | Mun Li Yam | Hong Boon Lee | Rozana Othman | Sharifuddin M. Zain | Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman
Barriers to effective discharge planning: a qualitative study investigating the perspectives of frontline healthcare professionals

Author(s): Wong Eliza | Yam Carrie | Cheung Annie | Leung Michael | Chan Frank | Wong Fiona | Yeoh Eng-Kiong
Effect of Peptide Size on Antioxidant Properties of African Yam Bean Seed (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Protein Hydrolysate Fractions

Author(s): Comfort F. Ajibola | Joseph B. Fashakin | Tayo N. Fagbemi | Rotimi E. Aluko
Chemical constituents and biological applications of Lippia nodiflora

Author(s): Faheem Amir* ,Wan Sinn Yam & Koay Yen Chin
Risk factors of hospitalization and readmission of patients with COPD in Hong Kong population: Analysis of hospital admission records

Author(s): Chan Frank | Wong Fiona | Yam Carrie | Cheung Wai-ling | Wong Eliza | Leung Michael | Goggins William | Yeoh Eng-kiong
Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Functional Properties of Chitin and Chitosan Produced by Mucor circinelloides Using Yam Bean as Substrate

Author(s): Ana Elizabeth C. Fai | Thayza C.M. Stamford | Thatiana M. Stamford-Arnaud | Petrus D´Amorim Santa-Cruz | Marta C. Freitas da Silva | Galba M. Campos-Takaki | Tânia L.M. Stamford
Effects of Diosgenin on Myometrial Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 and -9 Activity and Expression in Ovariectomized Rats

Author(s): Chi-Chen Chang, Tang-Ching Kuan, Yao-Yuan Hsieh, Ying-Jui Ho, Yu-Ling Sun, Chih-Sheng Lin
Dietary Fibre Components of Four Common Nigerian Dioscorea Species

Author(s): A.E. Abara | E.N. Tawo | M.E. Obi-Abang | G.O. Obochi
Optimización de un medio de cultivo para plantas micropropagadas de Dioscorea alata L.

Author(s): Borges García Misterbino | Destrade Batista Reisel | Meneses Rodríguez Silvio | Gómez Kosky Rafael | Malaurie Bernard | Hamon Perla | Charles Demenorval Louis
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