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Novel RNA-binding properties of the MTG chromatin regulatory proteins

Author(s): Rossetti Stefano | van Unen Leontine | Sacchi Nicoletta | Hoogeveen Andre
ROS Induction by Human Calprotectin in K562 and the Reversal Effect of Vitamin E

Author(s): R.Yousefi | S. K. Ardestani | M. Imani | A.A. Saboury | A. Kariminia
Mouse Homologue of the Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene ZNF804A as a Target of Hoxc8

Author(s): Hyun Joo Chung | Ji-Yeon Lee | Custer C. Deocaris | Hyehyun Min | Sang Hoon Kim | Myoung Hee Kim
Mutational analysis of the potential catalytic residues of the VV G1L metalloproteinase

Author(s): Honeychurch Kady | Byrd Chelsea | Hruby Dennis
Predicting zinc binding at the proteome level

Author(s): Passerini Andrea | Andreini Claudia | Menchetti Sauro | Rosato Antonio | Frasconi Paolo
Identification and characterisation of the angiotensin converting enzyme-3 (ACE3) gene: a novel mammalian homologue of ACE

Author(s): Rella Monika | Elliot Joann | Revett Timothy | Lanfear Jerry | Phelan Anne | Jackson Richard | Turner Anthony | Hooper Nigel
Genome-wide analysis of CCCH zinc finger family in Arabidopsis and rice

Author(s): Wang Dong | Guo Yinghui | Wu Changai | Yang Guodong | Li Yingying | Zheng Chengchao
Studies on the Interaction between Zinc-Hydroxybenzoite Complex and Genomic DNA

Author(s): Ali Arslantas | A. Kadir Devrim | Neceti Kaya | Hacali Necefoglu
In Silico Analysis for Transcription Factors With Zn(II)2C6 Binuclear Cluster DNA-Binding Domains in Candida albicans

Author(s): Sergi Maicas | Inmaculada Moreno | Almudena Nieto | Micaela Gómez | Rafael Sentandreu | Eulogio Valentín
RNA/MBNL1-containing foci in myoblast nuclei from patients affected by myotonic dystrophy type 2: an immunocytochemical study

Author(s): M. Malatesta | R. Cardani | M. Giagnacovo | E. Mancinelli | G. Meola | C. Pellicciari
Transcription factors Elk-1 and SRF are engaged in IL1-dependent regulation of ZC3H12A expression

Author(s): Kasza Aneta | Wyrzykowska Paulina | Horwacik Irena | Tymoszuk Piotr | Mizgalska Danuta | Palmer Karren | Rokita Hanna | Sharrocks Andrew | Jura Jolanta
AIP56: A Novel Bacterial Apoptogenic Toxin

Author(s): Manuel T. Silva | Nuno M. S. dos Santos | Ana do Vale
Efficient motif finding algorithms for large-alphabet inputs

Author(s): Kuksa Pavel | Pavlovic Vladimir
The Metal-Dependent Regulators FurA and FurB from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Author(s): Debora Lucarelli | Michael L. Vasil | Wolfram Meyer-Klaucke | Ehmke Pohl
High-throughput cell-based screening reveals a role for ZNF131 as a repressor of ERalpha signaling

Author(s): Han Xiao | Guo Jinhai | Deng Weiwei | Zhang Chenying | Du Peige | Shi Taiping | Ma Dalong
Production of Biosorbents from Waste Olive Cake and Its Adsorption Characteristics for Zn2+ Ion

Author(s): Ana Fernando | Sofia Monteiro | Filomena Pinto | Benilde Mendes
Characterization of Zur-dependent genes and direct Zur targets in Yersinia pestis

Author(s): Li Yingli | Qiu Yefeng | Gao He | Guo Zhaobiao | Han Yanping | Song Yajun | Du Zongmin | Wang Xiaoyi | Zhou Dongsheng | Yang Ruifu
A transcript profiling approach reveals the zinc finger transcription factor ZNF191 is a pleiotropic factor

Author(s): Li Jianzhong | Chen Xia | Gong Xuelian | Liu Ying | Feng Hao | Qiu Lei | Hu Zhenlin | Zhang Junping
Both Ca2+ and Zn2+ are essential for S100A12 protein oligomerization and function

Author(s): Moroz Olga | Burkitt Will | Wittkowski Helmut | He Wei | Ianoul Anatoli | Novitskaya Vera | Xie Jingjing | Polyakova Oxana | Lednev Igor | Shekhtman Alexander | Derrick Peter | Bjoerk Per | Foell Dirk | Bronstein Igor
Horizontal gene transfer of zinc and non-zinc forms of bacterial ribosomal protein S4

Author(s): Chen Ke | Roberts Elijah | Luthey-Schulten Zaida
Loss of the insulator protein CTCF during nematode evolution

Author(s): Heger Peter | Marin Birger | Schierenberg Einhard
ZifBASE: a database of zinc finger proteins and associated resources

Author(s): Jayakanthan Mannu | Muthukumaran Jayaraman | Chandrasekar Sanniyasi | Chawla Konika | Punetha Ankita | Sundar Durai
A subset of the diverse COG0523 family of putative metal chaperones is linked to zinc homeostasis in all kingdoms of life

Author(s): Haas Crysten | Rodionov Dmitry | Kropat Janette | Malasarn Davin | Merchant Sabeeha | de Crécy-Lagard Valérie
Trend overtime of total haemoglobin, iron metabolism and trace minerals in veal calves fed high amounts of two different solid feeds

Author(s): Paola Prevedello | Letizia Moro | Marta Brscic | Flaviana Gottardo | Anna-Lisa Stefani
Variable structure motifs for transcription factor binding sites

Author(s): Reid John | Evans Kenneth | Dyer Nigel | Wernisch Lorenz | Ott Sascha
The Zur regulon of Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032

Author(s): Schröder Jasmin | Jochmann Nina | Rodionov Dmitry | Tauch Andreas
Testes and brain gene expression in precocious male and adult maturing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Author(s): Guiry Aoife | Flynn Denis | Hubert Sophie | O'Keeffe Allan | LeProvost Olivier | White Samantha | Forde Patrick | Davoren Pamela | Houeix Benoit | Smith Terry | Cotter Deirdre | Wilkins Noel | Cairns Michael
Mutagenesis analysis of the zinc-finger antiviral protein

Author(s): Wang Xinlu | Lv Fengxiang | Gao Guangxia
The ancient mammalian KRAB zinc finger gene cluster on human chromosome 8q24.3 illustrates principles of C2H2 zinc finger evolution associated with unique expression profiles in human tissues

Author(s): Lorenz Peter | Dietmann Sabine | Wilhelm Thomas | Koczan Dirk | Autran Sandra | Gad Sophie | Wen Gaiping | Ding Guohui | Li Yixue | Rousseau-Merck Marie-Françoise | Thiesen Hans-Juergen
Zinc Binding Properties of Engineered RING Finger Domain of Arkadia E3 Ubiquitin Ligase

Author(s): Christos T. Chasapis | Ariadni K. Loutsidou | Malvina G. Orkoula | Georgios A. Spyroulias
Identification of a novel anti-σE factor in Neisseria meningitidis

Author(s): Hopman Carla Th | Speijer Dave | van der Ende Arie | Pannekoek Yvonne
Novel structural features in two ZHX homeodomains derived from a systematic study of single and multiple domains

Author(s): Bird Louise | Ren Jingshan | Nettleship Joanne | Folkers Gert | Owens Raymond | Stammers David
The Drosophila homolog of the mammalian imprint regulator, CTCF, maintains the maternal genomic imprint in Drosophila melanogaster

Author(s): MacDonald William | Menon Debashish | Bartlett Nicholas | Sperry G Elizabeth | Rasheva Vanya | Meller Victoria | Lloyd Vett
Conservation and divergence of ADAM family proteins in the Xenopus genome

Author(s): Wei Shuo | Whittaker Charles | Xu Guofeng | Bridges Lance | Shah Anoop | White Judith | DeSimone Douglas
Cyanogenic Potential in Food Crops and its Implication in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Production

Author(s): Charles N. Fokunang | Paul T. Tomkins | Alfred G.O. Dixon | Estella A. Tembe | B. Salwa | E. N. Nukenine
Trans-activation of the human SOX3 promoter by MAZ in NT2/D1 cells

Author(s): Kovačević-Grujičić Nataša | Yokoyama Kazunari K. | Stevanović Milena
Carbonic Anhydrase I Is Recognized by an SOD1 Antibody upon Biotinylation of Human Spinal Cord Extracts

Author(s): Jian Liu | Armin Akhavan | Mengde Lu | Arie Gruzman | Vishwanath R. Lingappa | Jiyan An | Robert Bowser
Evidence of altered DNA integrity in the brain regions of suicidal victims of Bipolar Depression

Author(s): Mustak Mohammed | Hegde Muralidhar | Dinesh Athira | Britton Gabrielle | Berrocal Ruben | Rao K | Shamasundar N | Rao K.S.J | Sathyanarayana Rao T
Predicting success of oligomerized pool engineering (OPEN) for zinc finger target site sequences

Author(s): Sander Jeffry | Reyon Deepak | Maeder Morgan | Foley Jonathan | Thibodeau-Beganny Stacey | Li Xiaohong | Regan Maureen | Dahlborg Elizabeth | Goodwin Mathew | Fu Fengli | Voytas Daniel | Joung J | Dobbs Drena
Systems-level comparison of host responses induced by pandemic and seasonal influenza A H1N1 viruses in primary human type I-like alveolar epithelial cells in vitro

Author(s): Lee Suki | Chan Renee | Gardy Jennifer | Lo Cheuk-kin | Sihoe Alan | Kang Sara | Cheung Timothy | Guan Yi | Chan Michael | Hancock Robert | Peiris Malik
Possible role of oxidative stress in acute cadmium hepatotoxicity in rats

Author(s): Mladenović Dušan | Radosavljević Tatjana | Ninković Milica | Vučević Danijela | Šljivančanin Tamara | Grbatinić I. | Ješić-Vukićević Rada
Differential gene expression in liver and small intestine from lactating rats compared to age-matched virgin controls detects increased mRNA of cholesterol biosynthetic genes

Author(s): Athippozhy Antony | Huang Liping | Wooton-Kee Clavia | Zhao Tianyong | Jungsuwadee Paiboon | Stromberg Arnold | Vore Mary
Faecal calprotectin concentrations in apparently healthy children aged 0-12 years in urban Kampala, Uganda: a community-based survey

Author(s): Hestvik Elin | Tumwine James | Tylleskar Thorkild | Grahnquist Lena | Ndeezi Grace | Kaddu-Mulindwa Deogratias | Aksnes Lage | Olafsdottir Edda
The CTCF insulator protein forms an unusual DNA structure

Author(s): MacPherson Melissa | Sadowski Paul
Polymorphisms of HIV-2 integrase and selection of resistance to raltegravir

Author(s): Bercoff Danielle | Triqueneaux Perrine | Lambert Christine | Oumar Aboubacar | Ternes Anne-Marie | Dao Sounkalo | Goubau Patrick | Schmit Jean-Claude | Ruelle Jean
Investigating dynamic and energetic determinants of protein nucleic acid recognition: analysis of the zinc finger zif268-DNA complexes

Author(s): Torella Rubben | Moroni Elisabetta | Caselle Michele | Morra Giulia | Colombo Giorgio
Mapping of liver-enriched transcription factors in the human intestine

Author(s): Frank Lehner, Ulf Kulik, Juergen Klempnauer,Juergen Borlak
MiRNA-205 modulates cellular invasion and migration via regulating zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 2 expression in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells

Author(s): Matsushima Kayoko | Isomoto Hajime | Yamaguchi Naoyuki | Inoue Naoki | Machida Haruhisa | Nakayama Toshiyuki | Hayashi Tomayoshi | Kunizaki Masaki | Hidaka Shigekazu | Nagayasu Takeshi | Nakashima Masahiro | Ujifuku Kenta | Mitsutake Norisato | Ohtsuru Akira | Yamashita Shunichi | Korpal Manav | Kang Yibin | Gregory Philip | Goodall Gregory | Kohno Shigeru | Nakao Kazuhiko
Role of ZnuABC and ZinT in Escherichia coli O157:H7 zinc acquisition and interaction with epithelial cells

Author(s): Gabbianelli Roberta | Scotti Raffaella | Ammendola Serena | Petrarca Patrizia | Nicolini Laura | Battistoni Andrea
Botulinum Neurotoxins and Botulism: A Novel Therapeutic Approach

Author(s): Jeeraphong Thanongsaksrikul | Wanpen Chaicumpa
Molecular characterization of the HIV-1 gag nucleocapsid gene associated with vertical transmission

Author(s): Wellensiek Brian | Sundaravaradan Vasudha | Ramakrishnan Rajesh | Ahmad Nafees
Special phase transformation and crystal growth pathways observed in nanoparticles†

Author(s): Gilbert Benjamin | Zhang Hengzhong | Huang Feng | Finnegan Michael | Waychunas Glenn | Banfield Jillian
Functional studies of BCL11A: characterization of the conserved BCL11A-XL splice variant and its interaction with BCL6 in nuclear paraspeckles of germinal center B cells

Author(s): Liu Hui | Ippolito Gregory | Wall Jason | Niu Teresa | Probst Loren | Lee Baeck-Seung | Pulford Karen | Banham Alison | Stockwin Luke | Shaffer Arthur | Staudt Louis | Das Chhaya | Dyer Martin | Tucker Philip
A DSC study of zinc binding to bovine serum albumin (BSA)

Flax shive as a sources of activated carbon for metals remediation

Author(s): Marshall, W. E. | Wartelle, L. H. | Akin, D. E.
Rybp, a polycomb complex-associated protein, is required for mouse eye development

Author(s): Pirity Melinda | Wang Wei-Lin | Wolf Louise | Tamm Ernst | Schreiber-Agus Nicole | Cvekl Ales
Vertebrate DM domain proteins bind similar DNA sequences and can heterodimerize on DNA

Author(s): Murphy Mark | Zarkower David | Bardwell Vivian
Intracellular HIV-1 Gag localization is impaired by mutations in the nucleocapsid zinc fingers

Author(s): Grigorov Boyan | Décimo Didier | Smagulova Fatima | Péchoux Christine | Mougel Marylène | Muriaux Delphine | Darlix Jean-Luc
Bcl11b mutations identified in murine lymphomas increase the proliferation rate of hematopoietic progenitor cells

Author(s): Karlsson Anneli | Nordigården Amanda | Jönsson Jan-Ingvar | Söderkvist Peter
Establishment of an early liver fibrosis model by the hydrodynamics-based transfer of TGF-β1 gene

Author(s): Yang Kun-Lin | Hung Kuo-Chen | Chang Wen-Teng | Li Eric
Mowat-Wilson syndrome

Author(s): Garavelli Livia | Mainardi Paola
Transcriptional regulation of human eosinophil RNases by an evolutionary- conserved sequence motif in primate genome

Author(s): Wang Hsiu-Yu | Chang Hao-Teng | Pai Tun-Wen | Wu Chung-I | Lee Yuan-Hung | Chang Yen-Hsin | Tai Hsiu-Ling | Tang Chuan-Yi | Chou Wei-Yao | Chang Margaret
Design of a zinc finger protein binding a sequence upstream of the A20 gene

Author(s): Wei Yong | Ying Dajun | Hou Chunli | Cui Xiaoping | Zhu Chuhong
A software application for comparing large numbers of high resolution MALDI-FTICR MS spectra demonstrated by searching candidate biomarkers for glioma blood vessel formation

Author(s): Titulaer Mark | Mustafa Dana | Siccama Ivar | Konijnenburg Marco | Burgers Peter | Andeweg Arno | Smitt Peter | Kros Johan | Luider Theo
Virtual screening for novel COX-2 inhibitors using the ZINC database

Author(s): Kotaprolu Naga Sudha | Mohammed Shakira | Paturi Prasanthi | Nalla Sarika | Ch Narasimha Kumar | Padavala Ajay Babu
A GATA4/WT1 cooperation regulates transcription of genes required for mammalian sex determination and differentiation

Author(s): Miyamoto Yoko | Taniguchi Hiroaki | Hamel Frédéric | Silversides David | Viger Robert
Identification of Pou5f1, Sox2, and Nanog downstream target genes with statistical confidence by applying a novel algorithm to time course microarray and genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation data

Author(s): Sharov Alexei | Masui Shinji | Sharova Lioudmila | Piao Yulan | Aiba Kazuhiro | Matoba Ryo | Xin Li | Niwa Hitoshi | Ko Minoru
The host protein Staufen1 interacts with the Pr55Gag zinc fingers and regulates HIV-1 assembly via its N-terminus

Author(s): Chatel-Chaix Laurent | Boulay Karine | Mouland Andrew | DesGroseillers Luc
The Mechanisms of Catalysis by Metallo β-Lactamases

Author(s): Michael I. Page | Adriana Badarau
Modulation of microtubule assembly by the HIV-1 Tat protein is strongly dependent on zinc binding to Tat

Author(s): Egelé Caroline | Barbier Pascale | Didier Pascal | Piémont Etienne | Allegro Diane | Chaloin Olivier | Muller Sylviane | Peyrot Vincent | Mély Yves
Impact of nine common type 2 diabetes risk polymorphisms in Asian Indian Sikhs: PPARG2 (Pro12Ala), IGF2BP2, TCF7L2 and FTO variants confer a significant risk

Author(s): Sanghera Dharambir | Ortega Lyda | Han Shizhong | Singh Jairup | Ralhan Sarju | Wander Gurpreet | Mehra Narinder | Mulvihill John | Ferrell Robert | Nath Swapan | Kamboh Mohammed
Evolutionary conservation of zinc finger transcription factor binding sites in promoters of genes co-expressed with WT1 in prostate cancer

Author(s): Eisermann Kurtis | Tandon Sunpreet | Bazarov Anton | Brett Adina | Fraizer Gail | Piontkivska Helen
Functional assignment to JEV proteins using SVM

Author(s): Ganesh Chandra Sahoo | Manas Ranjan Dikhit | Pradeep Das
Molecular Characterization of Porcine MMP19 and MMP23B Genes and Its Association with Immune Traits

Author(s): Shuanping Zhao, Yongzhen Zhao, Pengxia Niu, Ning Wang, Zhonglin Tang, Linsen Zan, Kui Li
The Curious Case of Arenavirus Entry, and Its Inhibition

Author(s): Jack H. Nunberg | Joanne York
Structural Modeling and Biochemical Characterization of Recombinant KPN_02809, a Zinc-Dependent Metalloprotease from Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578

Author(s): Mun Teng Wong | Sy Bing Choi | Chee Sian Kuan | Siang Ling Chua | Chiat Han Chang | Yahaya Mohd Normi | Wei Cun See Too | Habibah A. Wahab | Ling Ling Few
Metabolic pathway analysis and molecular docking analysis for identification of putative drug targets in Toxoplasma gondii: novel approach

Author(s): Budhayash Gautam1 | Gurmit Singh | Gulshan Wadhwa | Rohit Farmer | Satendra Singh | Atul Kumar Singh | Prashant Ankur Jain | Pramod Kumar Yadav
Terbium to Quantum Dot FRET Bioconjugates for Clinical Diagnostics: Influence of Human Plasma on Optical and Assembly Properties

Author(s): Frank Morgner | Stefan Stufler | Daniel Geißler | Igor L. Medintz | W. Russ Algar | Kimihiro Susumu | Michael H. Stewart | Juan B. Blanco-Canosa | Philip E. Dawson | Niko Hildebrandt
Excitons into one-axis crystals of zinc phosphide (Zn3P2)

Author(s): D.M. Stepanchikov | G.P. Chuiko
RNA/MBNL1-containing foci in myoblast nuclei from patients affected by myotonic dystrophy type 2: an immunocytochemical study

Author(s): F. Perdoni | M. Malatesta | R. Cardani | M. Giagnacovo | E. Mancinelli | G. Meola | C. Pellicciari
Differential gene expression analysis of in vitro duck hepatitis B virus infected primary duck hepatocyte cultures

Author(s): Nair Sajith | Arathy Devaki | Issac Aneesh | Sreekumar Easwaran
Metal Preferences of Zinc-Binding Motif on Metalloproteases

Author(s): Kayoko M. Fukasawa | Toshiyuki Hata | Yukio Ono | Junzo Hirose
The four Zn fingers of MBNL1 provide a flexible platform for recognition of its RNA binding elements

Author(s): Cass Danielle | Hotchko Rachel | Barber Paul | Jones Kimberly | Gates Devika | Berglund J Andrew
ZFN-Site searches genomes for zinc finger nuclease target sites and off-target sites

Author(s): Cradick Thomas | Ambrosini Giovanna | Iseli Christian | Bucher Philipp | McCaffrey Anton
Confounders in the assessment of the renal effects associated with low-level urinary cadmium: an analysis in industrial workers

Author(s): Haddam Nahida | Samira Sekkal | Dumont Xavier | Taleb Abdesselem | Lison Dominique | Haufroid Vincent | Bernard Alfred
Immunogenicity of autoantigens

Author(s): Backes Christina | Ludwig Nicole | Leidinger Petra | Harz Christian | Hoffmann Jana | Keller Andreas | Meese Eckart | Lenhof Hans-Peter
Structural insights into the binding of MMP9 inhibitors

Author(s): Arpit Tandon | Siddharth Sinha
Predicted metal binding sites for phytoremediation

Author(s): Ashok Sharma | Pratibha Roy | Sudeep Roy | Kumar Parijat Tripathi | Manoj Mishra | Abha Meena | Feroz Khan
Regulation of Ikaros function by casein kinase 2 and protein phosphatase 1

Author(s): Chunhua Song | Zhanjun Li | Amy K Erbe | Aleksandar Savic | Sinisa Dovat
Zinc finger structure-function in Ikaros Marvin A Payne

Author(s): Marvin A Payne | Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry | La Sierra University | 4500 Riverwalk Parkway | Riverside | CA 92515 | United States
Biofunctionalized Zinc Oxide Field Effect Transistors for Selective Sensing of Riboflavin with Current Modulation

Author(s): Joshua A. Hagen | Sang N. Kim | Burhan Bayraktaroglu | Kevin Leedy | Jorge L. Chávez | Nancy Kelley-Loughnane | Rajesh R. Naik | Morley O. Stone