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Effects of temperature and fertilization on the structure of total versus active bacterial communities from sub-Antarctic seawater exposed to crude oil and diesel fuel

Author(s): Arturo Rodríguez-Blanco | Audrey Duval | Emilien Pelletier | Daniel Delille | Jean-François Ghiglione
Revision of the plectorthoid brachiopod Platystrophia dentata (Pander, 1830) from the Middle Ordovician of the East Baltic

Author(s): Michael A. Zuykov | David A. T. Harper | Sergei S. Terentiev | Emilien Pelletier
Oxidative stress and immunologic responses following a dietary exposure to PAHs in Mya arenaria

Author(s): Pichaud Nicolas | Pellerin Jocelyne | Fournier Michel | Gauthier-Clerc Sophie | Rioux Pascal | Pelletier Émilien
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