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Degree of mycotoxicological contamination of feed and complete feed mixtures for pigs and poultry during the period 2007-2012. on the territory of the republic of serbia

Author(s): Radulović Stamen S. | Marković Radmila V. | Milić Dragan D. | Jakić-Dimić Dobrila P. | Šefer Dragan S.
Application of aromatic plant extract apples in nutrition chinchillas (Chinchilla lanigera)

Author(s): Obradović Saša | Vukašinović Marija | Šefer Dragan | Đekić Vera | Ivanc Aleksandar
Effect of different varieties of triticale on product characteristics in broiler chickens

Author(s): Đekić Vera | Mitrović Sreten | Obradović Saša | Vukašinović Marija | Šefer Dragan
Chemical composition of complete fodder mixes for pig diet during 2007-2009

Author(s): Šefer Dragan | Petrujkić Branislav | Marković Radmila | Grdović Svetlana | Radulović Stamen | Jovanović Dragoljub
Possibilities for using plant extracts added to ruminant feed aimed at improving production results

Author(s): Grdović Svetlana | Šefer Dragan | Petrujkić Branko
Nutritive value of fodder mixes for nutrition of cattle in territory of Republic of Serbia

Author(s): Šefer Dragan | Marković Radmila | Šperanda Marcela | Petrujkić Branko
Presence and importance of mycotoxins in pig feed

Author(s): Marković Radmila | Šefer Dragan | Radulović Stamen | Šperanda Marcela
Role of minerals in animal health disorders

Author(s): Sinovec Zlatan J. | Šefer Dragan | Jokić Živan
Additives in swine nutrition

Author(s): Sinovec Zlatan J. | Jokić Živan | Šefer Dragan
Mould and mycotoxin contamination of pig and poultry feed

Author(s): Marković Radmila V. | Jovanović Nebojša D. | Šefer Dragan S. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Pathomorphological alterations and degree of reparatory processes in the liver of broilers treated with t-2 toxin

Author(s): Šefer Dragan | Knežević Milijana A. | Sinovec Snežana M. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
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