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Periosteal osteoid osteoma of the distal femur

Author(s): Mohammed Fahd Amar | Salma Almoubaker | Badr Chbani | Sanae Chahbouni | Amine Marzouki | Afaf Amarti | Fawzi Boutayeb
Open posterior dislocation of the knee with rupture of the patellar tendon and a tibial plateau fracture

Author(s): Mohammed Fahd Amar | Badr Chbani | Oussama Ammoumri | Amine Marzouki | Fawzi Boutayeb
Femoral Neck Fracture Associated To Homolateral Cotyle Treated By Cemented Hip Total Arthroplasty

Author(s): * Fawzi Boutayeb, # Saïd Boujraf, ж Lotfi Ameziane
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