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Comparison of Indicators of Metabolic Syndrome in Iranian Smokers

Author(s): Leila Jamshidi | Asghar Seif | Hossein Vazinigheysar
Report of a Rare Case of Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of Mandible

Author(s): Hamid reza Abdolsamadi | Shahrbanou Raedi | Poorandokht Davoodi | Abbas Shokri | Shokufe Jamshidi | Ali Heidari | Mohsen Rostami | Fatemeh Ahmadi-Motamayel
Is Age of Menarche Related with Body Mass Index?

Author(s): Kazem Mohamad | Leila Jamshidi | Keramat Nouri Jelyani
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis among Pregnant Women Referring to the Reference Laboratory of Zahedan, Iran

Author(s): Adel Ebrahimzadeh | Saeed Mohammadi | Alireza Salimi-Khorashad | Ali Jamshidi
On the Relationship between the Social Intelligence and Aggression: A Case Study of High School Boy Students

Author(s): Abbas Shekarey | Hajar Jannesari Ladani | Mostafa Sedaghat Rostami | Monir Jamshidi
Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasmosis among Pregnant Women Referring to the Reference Laboratory of Zahedan, Iran (2011)

Author(s): Ebrahimzadeh, A. (PhD) | Mohammadi, S. (MSc) | Davoodi, T. (MSc) | Salimi Khorashad, A. (MSc) | Jamshidi, A. (MSc)
GA Based PHOG-PCA Feature Weighting for On-RoadVehicle Detection

Author(s): Nima Khairdoost | S. Amirhassan Monadjemi | Zohreh Davarzani | Kamal Jamshidi
Front and Rear Vehicle Detection Using Hypothesis Generation and Verification

Author(s): Nima Khairdoost | S. Amirhassan Monadjemi | Kamal Jamshidi
Stratification and analysis of housing indicators of rural areas of Isfahan province using factor and cluster analyses

Author(s): S. E. Seidaiy | Z. Hedayati Moghaddam | E. Fathi | M. Jamshidi | A. Jamshidi
Results of neuro-endoscopic pituitary surgery in 26 patients with pituitary adenoma

Author(s): Mohammad Shirani | Seyyed meysam Alimohammadi | Hadi Samimi Ardekani | Seyyed ebrahim Ketabchi | abbas Amir Jamshidi
Self-Care Behaviors among Patients with Heart Failure in Iran

Author(s): Vahid Zamanzadeh | Leila Valizadeh | Fatemeh Jamshidi | Hossein Namdar | Ahdieh Maleki
Sensor-Based Programming of Central Pattern Generators in Humanoid Robots

Author(s): Hamed Shahbazi | Kamal Jamshidi | Amir Hasan Monadjemi
Frequency-dependent anti arrhythmic effects if Crataegus monogyna on extracellular field potential recording in experimental model of AF atrioventricular Node of rabbit.

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Mohammad Azadbakht | Mohsen Nayebpour | Amirhosean Jamshidi | Mona Pourabouk | Alimohammad Alizadeh | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Shima Changizi | Maryam Rajaei
A Study on Concentrations of Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorophyll-a in the Coastal Waters of Babolsar

Author(s): Siamak Jamshidi | Noordin B.A.I. Bakar | Marzieh Yousefi
Power Enhancement of Weightlifters during Snatch through Reducing Torque on Joints by Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Firooz Salaami | Nima Jamshidi | Mostafa Rostami | Siamak Najarian
Knowledge and Attitude of Persons Living with HIV+/AIDS

Author(s): Jamshidi M. Mahin | Davoodian Parivash | Abdoul H. Madani | Allemohammad Azadeh | Amiri Zinab | Daryanavard Ali | Golvardi Y.M. Sadegh | Pourbahri Maryam | Moosavi Afsaneh
PIC Simulation of nonlinear Landau damping in the collisionless and collisional plasma

Author(s): M Jamshidi | M Chaboksavar | S Darvish Molla | MR Rouhani | H Hakimi Pajouh
Association between Vitamin D Receptor Gene BsmI Polymorphism and Bone Mineral Density in A Population of 146 Iranian Women

Author(s): Farkhondeh Pouresmaeili | Javad Jamshidi | Eznollah Azargashb | Shahdokht Samangouee
Comparative Study of The Effect of LPS on The Function of BALB/c and C57BL/6 Peritoneal Macrophages

Author(s): Sara Soudi | Ahmad Zavaran-Hosseini | Zuhair Muhammad Hassan | Masoud Soleimani | Fatemeh Jamshidi Adegani | Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi
Thermodynamics modeling of gas phase processes in polycrystalline diamond deposition during thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition

Author(s): R. Jamshidi | M. S. Yaghmaee | A. Sarani | S. I. Hosseini | Y. Ahmadizadeh | B. Shokri
Psychological problems in patients awaiting coronary angiography: a preliminary study

Author(s): Nahid Jamshidi | Abbas Abbaszadeh | Majid Najafi Kalyani
Effect of functional fatigue on vertical ground reaction force among individuals with flat feet

Author(s): Boozari Sahar | Jamshidi Ali | Sanjari Mohammad | Jafari Hassan
Design and Implementation of a Fully Autonomous UAV's Navigator Based on Omni-directional Vision System

Author(s): Seyed Mohammadreza Kasaei | Kamal Jamshidi | Seyed Amir Monajemi
Identification of Different Malassezia Species Isolated from Skin of Healthy Dog Owners in Tabriz, Iran

Author(s): Hayatrouhi Ali | Jamshidi Shahram | Bayat Mansour | Shabestari Asl Ali | Mohammadi Parviz | Mashhadi Rafie Siamak | Bizhan Mahmoudi
Series solution of entropy generation toward an isothermal flat plate

Author(s): Malvandi Amir | Ganji Domairry Davood | Hedayati Faraz | Kaffash Hossein Mohhamad | Jamshidi Moein
Association between Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase-1 (ERAP-1) and Susceptibility to Ankylosing Spondylitis in Iran

Author(s): Mahdi Mahmoudi | Ahmad Reza Jamshidi | Ali Akbar Amirzargar | Elham Farhadi | Keramat Nourijelyani | Sasan Fallahi | Mona Oraei | Sahar Noori | Mohammad Hossein Nicknam
Knee extension syndrome: a focus on symptoms and treatments

Author(s): mohammad Reza Pourahmadi | Ismaeil Ebrahimi Takamjani | Saeed Talebian | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Holako Mohsenifar
Relationship between facial identity discrimination and social function in schizophrenic patients

Author(s): Farkhondeh Jamshidi | Malahat Akbarfahimi | Hamid Taherkhani | Mitra Khalaf Beigi
Qualitative Evaluation of Central Library\'s Web Sites of Medical Universities in Iran with WEBQEM

Author(s): MR Alibeyk | R Jamshidi Orak | M Haji Zeinolabedini | F Pashazadeh
Trend of Iranians’ Scientific Papers in Medical Fields in 1978-2007

Author(s): R Eskrootchi | H Hassanzadeh | MR Gohari | R Jamshidi
Prioritization of the Factors Affecting Sport Tourism Development

Author(s): S.N. Sajjadi | Arefeh Jamshidi | Akbar Heidary
Tuberculosis Surveillance Using a Hidden Markov Model

Author(s): A Rafei | E Pasha | R Jamshidi Orak
Associations of red blood corpuscle mean volume and hematocrit with severity of beta-globin gene mutations in beta-thalassemia carriers

Author(s): M Behfar | M A Ehsani | P Salamati | K Holakouie Naieni | R Jamshidi | P Derakhshandeh-Peykar
Effects of Video Instruction on Fatigue and Back Pain in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography

Author(s): Nahid Jamshidi | Abbas Abbaszadeh | majid najafi kalyani
Treatment of Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Male Rats by Immunoisolated Transplantation of Islet Cells

Author(s): A. Akbarzadeh | Sh. Jamshidi | B. Farahmand | B. Lame Rad | S.M.A. Mofidian
Community Capacity Assessment in Preventing Substance Abuse: A Participatory Approach

Author(s): KH Shahandeh | R Majdzadeh | E Jamshidi | N Loori
Identify and simulation a furnace of steam boiler based on a new fuzzy modeling approach

Author(s): Mohammad(behdad) Jamshidi | Qaem Jahangiri | Rohollah Esmaeli Manesh | Saeed Azimi | Hamzeh Darvishi | Bizhan Nemati
Presentation an approach for useful availability servers cloud computing in schedule list algorithm

Author(s): Rohollah Esmaeli Manesh | Mohammad(behdad) Jamshidi | Ahmad Zareie | Somayeh Abdi | Meysam Khosravi | Farzad Parseh
Effects of Gentamicin on Urinary Electrolyte Excretion in Admitted Neonate

Author(s): B. Falakolaflaki | M. Habibi | M.R. Jamshidi
The Effects of Prophylactic Knee Braces on Athletes\' Performance

Author(s): N. Morteza | E. Ebrahimi Takamjani | V. Abdollah | A. A. Jamshidi | M. Kamali

Author(s): KH Jamshidi | M Jabal Ameli | E Ameri Mahabadi
Strategies Formulation of Cycling Federation in Iran

Author(s): Arefeh Jamshidi | S. N. Sajjadi | Mehrzad Hamidi
SWOT Analysis of strategic Position of Cycling Federation in Iran

Author(s): Arefeh Jamshidi | S. N. Sajjadi | Habib Honari
Carrier Sense Multiple Access Tuning Parameters Using Game Theory

Author(s): Mahdieh Ghazvini | Naser Movahedinia | Kamal Jamshidi
Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning for Pattern Classification Using a New Positive Valuation Function

Author(s): Yazdan Jamshidi Khezeli | Hossein Nezamabadi-pour
Recurrent Pneumonia due to Double Aortic Arch

Author(s): I. Sedighi | A. Tanasan | M. Jamshidi
An Investigation on Physicochemical and Microbial Water Quality of Swimming Pools in Yazd

Author(s): MT Ghaneian | MH Ehrampoush | V Dad | M Amrollahi | M Dehvari | B Jamshidi
Is Leukocytosis a Predictor for Recurrence of Ischemic Events after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery? A Cohort Study

Author(s): Farid Rashidi | Peiman Jamshidi | Marziah Kheiri | Shadi Ashrafizadeh | Amir Ashrafizadeh | Fatemeh Abdolalian | Fatemeh Mirzamohamadi
Effect of drought stress and plant density on yield, component yield and content oil of Safflower in province of Zanjan, Iran

Author(s): Sepideh Tarighi | Khalil Jamshidi | AfshinTavakoli | Mohammad Reza Azimi Moghadam
An Electrokinetic Process Coupled Activated Carbon Barrier for Nickel Removal from Kaolinite

Author(s): Ahmad Jamshidi Zanjani | Mohsen Saeedi | Chih-Huang WENG
Review on Seismic Behavior of Slab-on-girder Steel Highway Bridges

Author(s): Morteza Jamshidi | Taksiah A. Majid | Norazura M. Bunnoriand | Amir Darvishi
Fuzzy logic for pipelines risk assessment

Author(s): Ali Alidoosti | Ali Jamshidi | Siamak Haji Yakhchali | Mohammad Hossein Basiri | Ramin Azizi | Abdolreza Yazdani-Chamzini
The Effect of a Modified Perturbation Training on Muscle Activation Pattern and Function in ACL Deficient Patients

Author(s): Mehdi Naserpour | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Ali Amiry | Mohammad Reza Kihany
Effects of Educational Intervention on Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets Use in a Malarious Area, Southeast Iran

Author(s): Mussa Soleimani Ahmadi | Hassan Vatandoost | Mansoreh Shaeghi | Ahmad Raeisi | Farshid Abedi | Mohammad Reza Eshraghian | Teimur Aghamolaei | Abdol Hossein Madani | Reza Safari | Mahin Jamshidi | Alimorad
Adaptive Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network : Considering Nodes with Lowest Energy

Author(s): Amir Akhavan Kharazian | Kamal Jamshidi | Mohammad Reza Khayyambashi
Differentiation MicroRNAs Affect Stemness Status of USSCs

Author(s): F Jamshidi Adegani | L Langroudi | E Arefian | M Soleimani
Isokinetic extension torque summation of lower extremity and functional test in patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency

Author(s): Majid Ashraf Ganjui | Qolam Reza Olyaei | Saeed Talebian | Kazem Malmir | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
Biomechanical Mechanism for Energy Harvesting from Gait for Rehabilitation Purposes

Author(s): Nima. Jamshidi | Mohammadreza. Sadeghi | Atousa. Farzad | Omid. Danesh Shahraki | Maia. Jamshidi | Ramin. Goudarzi
In Situ Raman Spectroscopy of COOH-Functionalized SWCNTs Trapped with Optoelectronic Tweezers

Author(s): Peter J. Pauzauskie | Arash Jamshidi | Joseph M. Zaug | Sarah Baker | T. Y.-J. Han | Joe H. Satcher | Ming C. Wu
Multiple Imputation to Deal with Missing Clinical Data in Rheumatologic Surveys: An Application in the WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study in Iran

Author(s): M Mirmohammadkhani | A Rahimi Foroushani | F Davatchi | K Mohammad | A Jamshidi | A Tehrani Banihashemi | K Holakouie Naieni
"Bone mass density in normal Iranian population - Shariati Hospital (1996) "

Author(s): "Akbarian M | Davachi F | Salim Zadeh A | Shahram F | Gharib Doost F | Tajy A | Pajoohi M | Jamshidi AR "
Reliability of center of pressure measures during dynamic balance performance

Author(s): Seye Hamed Fazeli | Ali Amiry | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Mohammad Ali Sanjary
The relationship between isokinetic squat and vertical jump in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed patients

Author(s): Sanaz Shanbehzade | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Ali Amiri | Gholam Hossein Nassaj | Ali Aghili | Milad PirAli
PIC simulation of electron acceleration in an underdense plasma

Author(s): S Darvish Molla | M Chaboksavar | M Jamshidi | MR Rouhani | H Hakimipajouh
Particle simulation of forward Raman instability in a low-density plasma

Author(s): M Chaboksavar | S Darvish Molla | M Jamshidi | MR Rouhani | H Hakimipajouh

Author(s): Mohsen Zare Baghbidi | Kamal Jamshidi | Ahmad Reza Naghsh Nilchi | Saeid Homayouni
The Relationship between Family Cohesion and Flexibility with Dimensions of Perfectionism

Author(s): Behnam Jamshidi | Mohammad Reza Razmia | Shahrbanoo Haghighatb | Siamak Samani
Predicting Girls’ Runaway from Home Using the Big Five Factor Model of Personality

Author(s): Behnam Jamshidi | Farideh Sadat Hosieni | Narges Arab-Moghaddam
Effects of LI4 acupressure on labor pain in the first stage of labor

Author(s): Azam Hamidzadeh | Farangis shahpourian | Roohangiz Jamshidi Orak
Effects of LI4 acupressure on delivery satisfaction

Author(s): Azam Hamidzadeh | Farangis shahpourian | Roohangiz Jamshidi Orak | Leila Takfallah
Effect of xanthan-based CHLO-SITE chlorhexidine gel with scaling and root planing on the treatment of periodontitis

Author(s): Reza Birang | Parichehr Behfarnia | Jaber Yaghini | Mahsa Jamshidi | Fatemeh Taymoori
Bizarre parosteal osteochondromatous proliferation of the ring finger: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Dawood Jafari | Hamid Taheri | Hooman Shariatzadeh | Khodamorad Jamshidi | Alireza Pahlevansabagh
Chondroblastoma of the patella treated with curettage and bone graft: a case report

Author(s): Khodamorad Jamshidi | Mehdi Ramezan Shirazi | Mohammad Ghorban Hoseini
Prevalence Of Lung Involvement Due To Rheumatoid Arthritis Based On Clinical, Radiographic And Pulmonary Functions Test

Author(s): Jamshidi A | Safavi E | Naji A | Sedighi N | Gharib Doost F | Saber S | Gholshahi H
Prevalence of hypothyroidism in Shariati Hospital 2003-2004

Author(s): A.R Jamshidi | F. Gharib Doost | B. Larijani | M. Forouzesh nia Seyedeh
Vitamin E plasma concentration in osteoporotic patients

Author(s): Hajimahmoodi M | Sadeghi N | Hadjibabaie M | Jannat B | Jamshidi AR | Mirabzadeh M
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