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Optimising the scan delay for arterial phase imaging of the liver using the bolus tracking technique

Author(s): RS Chan | G Kumar | BJJ Abdullah | KH Ng | A Vijayananthan | H Mohd. Nor | YW Liew
Uterine artery embolisation for symptomatic fibroids: the University of Malaya Medical Centre experience

Author(s): RN Subramaniam | A Vijayananthan | SZ Omar | MA Noor Azmi | O Nawawi | BJJ Abdullah
Transarterial embolisation of hepatocellular carcinoma with doxorubicin-eluting beads: single centre early experience

Author(s): O Nawawi | MN Hazman | BJJ Abdullah | A Vijayananthan | J Manikam | S Mahadeva | KL Goh
Mastoiditis secondary to mycobacterium abscessus imaged with gallium-67 scintigraphy

Author(s): A Vijayananthan | AV Arumugam | G Kumar | D Harichandra
Infiltrating duct carcinoma within a fibroadenoma

Author(s): Iyengar K | Peh S | Yip C | Vijayananthan A
Gartner duct cyst in pregnancy presenting as a prolapsing pelvic mass

Author(s): AV Arumugam | G Kumar | LK Si | A Vijayananthan
Malignant ovarian mixed germ cell tumour: a rare combination

Author(s): M. Koshy | A. Vijayananthan | V. Vadiveloo
Benign teratoma of the liver: a rare cause of cholangitis

Author(s): K Rahmat | A Vijayananthan | BJJ Abdullah | SM Amin
Accidental blood exposure: risk and prevention in interventional radiology

Author(s): A. Vijayananthan | LH Tan | A. Owen | R Bhat | R Edwards | I Robertson | JG Moss | R Nichols

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