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Author(s): Andrew Leach | Antony Moulis | Christine McCarthy | Ari Seligmann | Marco Biraghi | Julie Willis | Lee Stickells | Julia Gatley | Nigel Westbrook | Martino Stierli | Amy Clarke
The Effect of Ethnicity on 2D and 3D Frontomaxillary Facial Angle Measurement in the First Trimester

Author(s): Jennifer Alphonse | Jennifer Cox | Jill Clarke | Philip Schluter | Andrew McLennan
Presenting evaluation results from the usage of the inCASA Remote Healthcare Monitoring Platform

Author(s): Joanna Fursse | Georgios Lamprinakos | Konstantinos Papadopoulos | Russell Jones | Malcolm Clarke | Nicole Jones | Andreas Kapsalis | Dimitra I Kaklamani | Sotirios Patsilinakos | Iakovos S Venieris | Shona Thomson
Monitoring habits and physiological data in the frail elderly

Author(s): Joanna Fursse | Hulya Gokalp | Malcolm Clarke | Russell Jones

Effect of Telmisartan on Cerebral and Systemic Haemodynamics in Patients with Recent Ischaemic Stroke: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Author(s): Gillian M. Sare | Andrew Ghadami | Sandeep Ankolekar | Timothy England | Fiona Hammonds | Margaret Adrian | Judith Clarke | Lynn Stokes | Dorothee Auer | Philip M. W. Bath
An airborne assessment of atmospheric particulate emissions from the processing of Athabasca oil sands

Author(s): S. G. Howell | A. D. Clarke | S. Freitag | C. S. McNaughton | V. Kapustin | V. Brekovskikh | J.-L. Jimenez | M. J. Cubison
Uterine Rupture Due to Invasive Metastatic Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasm

Author(s): David I Bruner | Amy M Pritchard | Jonathan Clarke
Habitat protection for sensitive species: Balancing species requirements and human constraints using bioindicators as examples

Author(s): Joanna Burger | Michael Gochfeld | Charles W. Powers | Lawrence Niles | Robert Zappalorti | Jeremy Feinberg | James Clarke
Determining Environmental Impacts for Sensitive Species: Using Iconic Species as Bioindicators for Management and Policy

Author(s): Joanna Burger | Michael Gochfeld | Charles W. Powers | James H. Clarke | Kevin Brown | David Kosson | Lawrence Niles | Amanda Dey | Christian Jeitner | Taryn Pittfield
Characterisation Studies of the Structure and Properties of As-Deposited and Annealed Pulsed Magnetron Sputtered Titania Coatings

Author(s): Justyna Kulczyk-Malecka | Peter J. Kelly | Glen West | Gregory C.B. Clarke | John A. Ridealgh
Contribuição para o estudo dos Rhinotragini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). II. Revisão de Ommata White, 1855

Author(s): Antonio Santos-Silva | Ubirajara R. Martins | Robin O.S. Clarke
Reporting the findings of clinical trials: a discussion paper

Author(s): D Ghersi | M Clarke | J Berlin | AM Gülmezoglu | R Kush | P Lumbiganon | D Moher | F Rockhold | I Sim | E Wager
p53-Independent checkpoint controls in a plant cell model


Author(s): JIA Jiansan | CLARKE David
Magnetoresistive biochips

Author(s): Freitas P. P. | Ferreira H. | Graham D. | Clarke L. | Amaral M. | Martins V. | Fonseca L. | Cabral J. S.
Streptococcus group C meningitis with cavernous sinus thrombosis

Author(s): Clarke M | Enuh H | Saverimuttu J | Nfonoyim J
Impact of Hepatocyte Growth Factor on Skeletal Myoblast Transplantation Late After Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Stacy B. O’Blenes | Audrey W. Li | Chris Bowen | Drew DeBay | Mohammed Althobaiti | James Clarke
Common Pursuits

Author(s): Ben Clarke
Benchmark low-mass objects in Moving Groups

Author(s): Gálvez-Ortiz M.C. | Kuznetsov M. | Clarke J.R.A. | Pavlenko Ya.V. | Pinfield D.J. | Jones H.R.A. | Jenkins J.S. | Barnes J. | Burningham B. | Day-Jones A.C. | Martín E.L. | Pérez A.E. García | Pokorny R.S.
Measuring ultracool properties from the UKIDSS Large Area Survey

Author(s): Day-Jones Avril | Marocco Federico | Pinfield David | Zhang Zenghua | Burningham Ben | Deacon Nial | Ruiz Maria-Teresa | Gallardo Jose | Jones Hugh | Lucas Phil | Jenkins James | Gomes Joana | Folkes Stuart | Clarke James
Enhancing integrative experiences: Evidence of student perceptions of learning gains from cross-course interactions

Author(s): Jason R. Wingert | Sally A. Wasileski | Karin Peterson | Leah Greden Mathews | Amy Joy Lanou | David Clarke
Genome-Wide Association Study of Antiphospholipid Antibodies

Author(s): M. Ilyas Kamboh | Xingbin Wang | Amy H. Kao | Michael M. Barmada | Ann Clarke | Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman | Susan Manzi | F. Yesim Demirci
Ultrafine sea spray aerosol over the south eastern Pacific: open-ocean contributions to marine boundary layer CCN

Author(s): R. Blot | A. D. Clarke | S. Freitag | V. Kapustin | S. G. Howell | J. B. Jensen | L. M. Shank | C. S. McNaughton | V. Brekhovskikh
PROSPERO at one year: an evaluation of its utility

Author(s): Booth Alison | Clarke Mike | Dooley Gordon | Ghersi Davina | Moher David | Petticrew Mark | Stewart Lesley
The nuts and bolts of PROSPERO: an international prospective register of systematic reviews

Author(s): Booth Alison | Clarke Mike | Dooley Gordon | Ghersi Davina | Moher David | Petticrew Mark | Stewart Lesley
Differential requirements of ciliogenic/ciliopathy module components in restricting Joubert syndrome-associated Arl13b to a C. elegans Inv-like ciliary compartment

Author(s): Blacque O | Cevik S | Clarke L | Van Wijk E | Sanders A | Van Reeuwijk J | Boldt K | Ueffing M | Roepman R | Kremer H
Low levels of ATM in breast cancer patients with clinical radiosensitivity

Author(s): Fang Zhiming | Kozlov Sergei | McKay Michael J | Woods Rick | Birrell Geoff | Sprung Carl N | Murrell Dédée F | Wangoo Kiran | Teng Linda | Kearsley John H | Lavin Martin F | Graham Peter H | Clarke Raymond A
Linking genes to diseases with a SNPedia-Gene Wiki mashup

Author(s): Good Benjamin M | Clarke Erik L | Loguercio Salvatore | Su Andrew I
Fetal alcohol exposure leads to abnormal olfactory bulb development and impaired odor discrimination in adult mice

Author(s): Akers Katherine G | Kushner Steven A | Leslie Ana T | Clarke Laura | van der Kooy Derek | Lerch Jason P | Frankland Paul W
The use of incentives in vulnerable populations for a telephone survey: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Knoll Megan | Soller Lianne | Ben-Shoshan Moshe | Harrington Daniel | Fragapane Joey | Joseph Lawrence | La Vieille Sebastien | St-Pierre Yvan | Wilson Kathi | Elliott Susan | Clarke Ann
Short and long term gene expression variation and networking in human proximal tubule cells when exposed to cadmium

Author(s): Garrett Scott H | Clarke Kaitlin | Sens Donald A | Deng Youping | Somji Seema | Zhang Ke K
Complementary and alternative medicine: knowledge, interest and attitudes of medical students

Author(s): Loh KP | Ghorab H | Clarke E | Conroy R | Barlow J
Evaluation of patient satisfaction with the day surgical services in an Irish teaching hospital

Author(s): Soon YH | Gethin G | Meshkat B | Walsh TN | Cowman S | Wiley M | Brick A | Clarke E
Disulphide bond reduction of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody during cell culture manufacturing operations

Author(s): Mullan Brian | Dravis Bryan | Lim Amareth | Clarke Ambrose | Janes Susan | Lambooy Pete | Olson Don | O’Riordan Tomas | Ricart Bruce | Tulloch Alexander G
El futuro de la educación superior

Author(s): Charles Clarke

Author(s): J. Borissova | R. Kurtev | F. Peu00F1aloza | C. Bonatto | S. L. Folkes | S. E. Sale | J. Clarke | D. Minniti | M. Catelan | M. Hempel | I. Toledo | R. Saito | V. Ivanov | A. N. Chene | D. Geisler | E. Bica

Author(s): T. A. EnBlin | T. Clarke | C. Vogt | A. Waelkens | A. A. Schekochihin
Feedback Processes in Massive Star Formation

Author(s): C J. Clarke | J E. Dale | R G. Edgar
Multiple protostars, jets, and the origin of brown Dwarfs

Author(s): Cathie Clarke | Bo Reipurth | Eduardo Delgado Donate
From ancestral knowledge to clinical practice: the case of agonias and Portuguese clinicians in America

Author(s): Susan James | Geoffrey S. Navara | Jonathon Lomotey Wilfrid | Juanne N. Clarke
Mercados para la televisión regional y flujos de programas

Author(s): Joseph Straubhaar | Sug´Min Youn | Consuelo Campbell | Karen Champanie | Luisa Ha | Seema Shrikhande | Michel Elasmar | Taeg Ho Ahn | Ming Chu Chen | Scott Clarke | Makiko Takahashi
Eco-Histopathology of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) from Industrially Contaminated Locations of Ologe Lagoon, South-western, Nigeria

Author(s): Akintade O Adeboyejo | Adedapo O Fagbenro | Yemisi E Adeparusi | Edwin O Clarke | Oladidupo Lawal | Albert O Amosu | Olalekan W Bashorun
Free troposphere as the dominant source of CCN in the Equatorial Pacific boundary layer: long-range transport and teleconnections

Author(s): A. D. Clarke | S. Freitag | R. M. C. Simpson | J. G. Hudson | S. G. Howell | V. L. Brekhovskikh | T. Campos | V. N. Kapustin | J. Zhou
In Silico Discovery of Mitosis Regulation Networks Associated with Early Distant Metastases in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancers

Author(s): Yuriy Gusev | Rebecca B. Riggins | Krithika Bhuvaneshwar | Robinder Gauba | Laura Sheahan | Robert Clarke | Subha Madhavan
Effect of Berry Extracts and Bioactive Compounds on Fulvestrant (ICI 182,780) Sensitive and Resistant Cell Lines

Author(s): Denzel R. Woode | Harini S. Aiyer | Nicole Sie | Alan L. Zwart | Liya Li | Navindra P. Seeram | Robert Clarke
3D Pathology Volumetric Technique: A Method for Calculating Breast Tumour Volume from Whole-Mount Serial Section Images

Author(s): G. M. Clarke | M. Murray | C. M. B. Holloway | K. Liu | J. T. Zubovits | M. J. Yaffe
A meta-database comparison from various European Research and Monitoring Networks dedicated to forest sites

Author(s): Danielewska A | Clarke N | Olejnik J | Hansen K | Vries W | Lundin L | Tuovinen J | Fischer R | Urbaniak M | Paoletti E
Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Author(s): Benjamin Clarke | Arti Sinha | Dipak N. Parmar | Evripidis Sykakis
Training Program in Reproduction, Early Development, and the Impact on Health (REDIH): Evaluation of Year 1

Author(s): Colla J. MacDonald | Douglas Archibald | Jay M. Baltz | Gerald Kidder | Hugh Clarke
2-Bromophenyl Salicylate

Author(s): Donovan Thompson | Sierra Mitchell | Kevin Clarke | Kerry Sarden | Karelle S. Aiken
The PRISMA statement for reporting systematic reviews and meta-analysis of studies that evaluate health care interventions: explanation and elaboration

Author(s): Alessandro Liberati | Douglas G. Altman | Jennifer Tetzlaff | Cynthia Mulrow | Peter C. Gøtzsche | John P. A. Ioannidis | Mike Clarke | P. J. Devereaux | Jos Kleijnen | David Moher
(S)-(−)-1-Phenylethanaminium hexanoate

Author(s): Mary H. Wood | Stuart M. Clarke
Safety and efficacy of once-daily single generic fixed-drug combination tablet of tenofovir, lamivudine and efavirenz among HIV-infected Thais

Author(s): W Maek-a-Nantawat | A Avihingsanon | W Thainsanguankul | J Wongsabut | M Gorowara | R Ramautarsing | A Clarke | D Hsu | K Ruxrungtham
Benzylammonium hexanoate

Author(s): Mary H. Wood | Stuart M. Clarke
A Type-Safe Model of Adaptive Object Groups

Author(s): Joakim Bjørk | Dave Clarke | Einar Broch Johnsen | Olaf Owe
A Procedure for Splitting Processes and its Application to Coordination

Author(s): Sung-Shik T.Q. Jongmans | Dave Clarke | José Proença
National trends in resection of the distal pancreas

Author(s): Armando Rosales-Velderrain | Steven P Bowers | Ross F Goldberg | Tatyan M Clarke | Mauricia A Buchanan | John A Stauffer | Horacio J Asbun
Prediction in several conventional contexts

Author(s): Bertrand Clarke | Jennifer Clarke
Characterization of the Tumor-Microenvironment in Patient-Derived Cervix Xenografts (OCICx)

Author(s): Naz Chaudary | Melania Pintilie | Joerg Schwock | Neesha Dhani | Blaise Clarke | Michael Milosevic | Anthony Fyles | Richard P. Hill
INQUIRE: a case study in evaluating the potential of online MCQ tests in a discursive subject

Author(s): Sophie Clarke | Katharine Lindsay | Chris McKenna | Steve New
INQUIRE: a case study in evaluating the potential of online MCQ tests in a discursive subject

Author(s): Sophie Clarke | Katharine Lindsay | Chris McKenna | Steve New
Validation of chemical analyses of atmospheric deposition in forested European sites

Author(s): Rosario MOSELLO | Monica AMORIELLO | Tiziana AMORIELLO | Silvia ARISCI | Andrea CARCANO | Nicholas CLARKE | John DEROME | Kirsti DEROME | Nils KOENIG | Gabriele TARTARI | Erwin ULRICH
Validation of chemical analyses of atmospheric deposition on forested sites in Europe: 2. DOC concentration as an estimator of the organic ion charge

Author(s): Rosario MOSELLO | Tiziana AMORIELLO | Sue BENHAM | Nicholas CLARKE | John DEROME | Kirsti DEROME | Gerrit GENOUW | Nils KOENIG | Arianna ORRÙ | Gabriele TARTARI | Anne THIMONIER | Erwin ULRICH | Antti-Jussi LINDROOS
Researching the acceptability of using Skype to provide Speech and Language Therapy

Author(s): Rebecca Alison Matthews | Bencie Woll | Mike Clarke
Towards an integrated and interoperable platform for telehealth and telecare

Author(s): Malcolm Clarke | Russell Jones | Joanna Fursse
A holistic model for coastal flooding using system diagrams and the Source-Pathway-Receptor (SPR) concept

Author(s): S. Narayan | S. Hanson | R. J. Nicholls | D. Clarke | P. Willems | V. Ntegeka | J. Monbaliu
Quality of Life in Men Treated for Early Prostate Cancer: A Prospective Patient Preference Cohort Study

Author(s): Carmel Nirupa Anandadas | Susan Elizabeth Davidson | Noel William Clarke | Stephen Charles William Brown | John Paul Logue | Lynne Gilmore | Richard Swindell | Gerald Nicholas Collins | Patrick Henry O’Reilly | Guy David Wemyss-Holden | Maurice Waiming Lau | Pradip Madhukar Javle | Vijay Alini Chandi Ramani | Richard James Brough | James Pinson Wylie | Richard Andrew Cowan
Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis: validation of a clinic-based nerve conduction measurement device

Author(s): Timothy P. Green | Mika Kallio | Malcolm R. A. Clarke | Pankaj Pathak | Veijo Lesonen | Uolevi Tolonen
Factors influencing the stable carbon isotopic composition of suspended and sinking organic matter in the coastal Antarctic sea ice environment

Author(s): S. F. Henley | A. L. Annett | R. S. Ganeshram | D. S. Carson | K. Weston | X. Crosta | A. Tait | J. Dougans | A. E. Fallick | A. Clarke
Evidence of Gas Hydrates in Block 26—Offshore Trinidad

Author(s): Jill Marcelle-De Silva | Adrian Thomas | Wanda Lee De Landro Clarke | Michelle Allum
The Consequences of a Problem-Based Mathematics Curriculum

Author(s): David Clarke | Margarita Breed | Sherry Fraser
Depressive Symptoms among Fourth Form Students in St. Kitts and Nevis High Schools

Author(s): Gillian A. Lowe | Garth Lipps | Sharon Halliday | Amrie Morris | Nelson Clarke | Rosemarie N. Wilson

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