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Medida de la Orientación, Posición y Desplazamiento en el Plano de un Objeto por Codificación de Fase

Author(s): Nu00E9stor A. Arias H. | Jaime E. Meneses | Miguel A. Suu00E1rez | Tijani Gharbi
Measurement Of Optical Thickness In Human Corneas By Mean Of A Chromatic Confocal Probe

Author(s): Johnson Garzu00F3n R. | Q. Derfrey Duque | Tijani Gharbi | Jaime Meneses
Leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava

Author(s): Ben Abid Sadri | Attaoui Mohamed Amine | Mzoughi Zeineb | Miloudi Nizar | Gharbi Lassad | Mohamed Tahar Khalfallah
Toxic megacolon complicating a first course of Crohn’s disease: about two cases

Author(s): Rania Hefaiedh | Mariem Cheikh | Rym Ennaifer | Lassad Gharbi | Najet Bel Hadj
Pseudotumoral autoimmune pancreatitis mimicking a pancreatic cancer: a very difficult disease to diagnose

Author(s): Sadreddine Ben Abid | Rania Hefaiedh | Sameh Zghab | Nizar Miloudi | Lassad Gharbi | Mohamed Taher Khalfallah
Pseudo-tumoral hepatic tuberculosis discovered after surgical resection

Author(s): Miloudi Nizar | Mzoughi Zeineb | Ben Abid Sadri | Sabbagh Safa | Marsaoui Lobna | Arfa Nafaa | Gharbi Lassaad | Khalfallah Mohamed Taher
Insuficiencia renal aguda secundaria al síndrome de resección transuretral de próstata Acute renal failure secondary to the transurethral resection of the prostate syndrome

Author(s): Faissal Tarrass | Meryem Benjelloun | Khadija Hachim | Ghislaine Medkouri | Mohamed Gharbi Benghanem | Benyounes Ramdani
Effect of Different Near-Wall Treatments on Indoor Airflow Simulations

Author(s): N.El Gharbi | . Rafik ABSI | A Benzaoui
Time of Day Effect on Soccer—Specific Field Tests in Tunisian Boy Players

Author(s): Adnene Gharbi | Liwa Masmoudi | Sleheddine Ghorbel | Noureddine Ben Saïd | Riadh Maalej | Zouhair Tabka | Monia Zaouali
Optimal Production Control of Hybrid Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Failure-Prone Systems under Diffusion-Type Demand

Author(s): Samir Ouaret | Vladimir Polotski | Jean-Pierre Kenné | Ali Gharbi
The Postmodern Consumer: An Identity Constructor?

Author(s): Manel Hamouda | Abderrazak Gharbi
Ribosomal Initiation Complex Assembly within the Wild-Strain of Coxsackievirus B3 and Live-Attenuated Sabin3-like IRESes during the Initiation of Translation

Author(s): Amira Souii | Manel Ben M'hadheb-Gharbi | Bruno Sargueil | Audrey Brossard | Nathalie Chamond | Mahjoub Aouni | Jawhar Gharbi
Analysis of Complex Electromagnetic Structures by Hybrid FDTD/WCIP Method

Author(s): Gharbi Ramzi | Zairi Hassen | Trabelsi Hichem | Baudrand Henri
New Onset of Atrial Fibrillation in a Medical ICU: Prevalence and Risk Factors

Author(s): S. Della Ayed | S. Ayed, R. Atig | N. Tilouche | H. Ben Sik Ali | R. Gharbi | M. Fekih Hassen | S. Elatrous
Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary of Hypercalcemic Type: A Case Report

Author(s): S. Zaied | O. Gharbi | A. Zayène | R. Rjiba | R. Hadhri | A. Hadded | M. Hochlef | L. Ben Fatma | S. Ben Ahmed
Effect of Different Near-Wall Treatments on Indoor Airflow Simulations

Author(s): N. El Gharbi | R. Absi | A. Benzaoui
Efficient Analysis of Complex FSS Structure Using the WCIP Method

Author(s): Sassi Aroussi | Latrach Latrach | Noureddine Sboui | Ali Gharsallah | Abdelhafidh Gharbi | Henry Baudrand
Hydrothermal Synthesis of V3O7..H2O Nanobelts and Study of Their Electrochemical Properties

Author(s): Mohamed Kamel Chine | Faouzi Sediri | Neji Gharbi
Efficient Analysis of Complex FSS Structure Using the WCIP Method

Author(s): Ali Gharsallah | Abdelhafidh Gharbi | Henry Baudrand | Sassi Aroussi | Latrach Latrach | Noureddine Sboui
Control of the Morphology of Molybdenum Dioxide Nanoparticles

Author(s): R. Naouel | F. Touati | N. Gharbi
Follicular Status and Embryo Production in Ouled Djellal (Algeria) Ewes Breed Pretreated with a GnRH Agonist

Author(s): I. Gharbi | M .Ferrouk | A. Dechicha | G. Baril | J.F. Beckers | D. Guetarni
The Potential of a Surfactant/Polymer Flood in a Middle Eastern Reservoir

Author(s): Ridha Gharbi | Abdullah Alajmi | Meshal Algharaib
Call Centers Performance An Application of Structuration Theory

Author(s): Wafa Kort | Jamel Eddine Gharbi
An analytical model for the intercell interference power in the downlink of wireless cellular networks

Author(s): Pijcke Benoit | Zwingelstein-Colin Marie | Gazalet Marc | Gharbi Mohamed | Corlay Patrick
Association between body mass index and risk of breast cancer in Tunisian women

Author(s): Awatef Msolly | Olfa Gharbi | Kacem Mahmoudi | Sami Limem | Makram Hochlef | Slim Ben
Time series analysis of dengue incidence in Guadeloupe, French West Indies: Forecasting models using climate variables as predictors

Author(s): Gharbi Myriam | Quenel Philippe | Gustave Joël | Cassadou Sylvie | Ruche Guy | Girdary Laurent | Marrama Laurence
Molecular analysis of HBV genotypes and subgenotypes in the Central-East region of Tunisia

Author(s): Hannachi Naila | Fredj Nadia | Bahri Olfa | Thibault Vincent | Ferjani Asma | Gharbi Jawhar | Triki Henda | Boukadida Jalel
Very slow creep tests on salt samples

Author(s): Bérest P. | Béraud J.F. | Brouard B. | Blum P.A. | Charpentier J.P. | de Greef V. | Gharbi H. | Valès F.
Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Aegilops geniculata Roth Accessions using Morphological and RAPD Markers

Author(s): A. Mahjoub | Mohamed Salah El Gharbi | K. Mguis | Mohamed El Gazzah | N.B. Brahim
Heavy metal distribution in soil and plant in municipal solid waste compost amended plots

Author(s): F. Ayari | H. Hamdi | N. Jedidi | N. Gharbi | R. Kossai
Postirradiation Osteosarcoma of the Maxilla: A Case Report and Current Review of Literature

Author(s): Imene Chabchoub | Olfa Gharbi | Sami Remadi | Sami Limem | Amel Trabelsi | Makrem Hochlef | Leila Ben Fatma | Amel Landolsi | Moncef Mokni | Chekib Kraiem | Slim Ben Ahmed
Metastatic hidradenocarcinoma: Surgery and chemotherapy

Author(s): Trabelsi Amel | Gharbi Olfa | Hammedi Faten | Hochlef Makrem | Ben Ahmed Slim | Mokni Moncef

Author(s): Anissa Bouassida | Jean-Claude Chatard | Karim Chamari | Monia Zaouali | Youssef Feki | Najoua Gharbi | Abdelkarim Zbidi | Zouhaïr Tabka
Genetic dissection of MHC-associated susceptibility to Lepeophtheirus salmonis in Atlantic salmon

Author(s): Gharbi Karim | Glover Kevin | Stone Louise | MacDonald Elizabeth | Matthews Louise | Grimholt Unni | Stear Michael
Smoking Habits, Knowledge and Attitudes among Hospital Staff in Tunisia

Author(s): Fakhfakh R | Boujemaa O | Ben Salah F | Gharbi R | Klouze A | Lakhal M | Belkahia C | Achour N
Distribution of ancestral proto-Actinopterygian chromosome arms within the genomes of 4R-derivative salmonid fishes (Rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon)

Author(s): Danzmann Roy | Davidson Evelyn | Ferguson Moira | Gharbi Karim | Koop Ben | Hoyheim Bjorn | Lien Sigbjorn | Lubieniecki Krzysztof | Moghadam Hooman | Park Jay | Phillips Ruth | Davidson William

Author(s): Adnene Gharbi | Karim Chamari | Amjad Kallel | Saîd Ahmaidi | Zouhair Tabka | Zbidi Abdelkarim
Characterization of Microstrip Ring with a Narrow Gap by an Iterative Method

Author(s): M. Yeddes | A. Gharsallah | A. Gharbi | H. Baudrand
Some biological parameters of the red mullet, Mullus barbatus L., 1758, from the Gulf of Tunis

Author(s): Mourad CHERIF | Rafik ZARRAD | Houcine GHARBI | Hechimi MISSAOUI | Othman JARBOUI
Rentabilité économique de l’élevage laitier en Tunisie : cas des Gouvernorats de l’Ariana et de Mahdia

Author(s): Faten Rejeb Gharbi, Ridha Lahsoumi, Fathi Gouhis et Zouhair Rached | Faten Rejeb Gharbi, Ridha Lahsoumi, Fathi Gouhis et Zouhair Rached | Faten Rejeb Gharbi, Ridha Lahsoumi, Fathi Gouhis et Zouhair Rached | Faten Rejeb Gharbi, Ridha Lahsoumi, Fathi Gouhis et Zouhair Rached
Atlanto-axial rotatory fixation in a girl with Spondylocarpotarsal synostosis syndrome

Author(s): Al Kaissi Ali | Ben Chehida Farid | Gharbi Hassan | Ben Ghachem Maher | Grill Franz | Klaushofer Klaus

Author(s): Anissa Bouassida | Imed Latiri | Semi Bouassida | Dalenda Zalleg | Monia Zaouali | Youssef Feki | Najoua Gharbi | Abdelkarim Zbidi | Zouhair Tabka
Comparative mapping of expressed sequence tags containing microsatellites in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Rexroad Caird | Rodriguez Maria | Coulibaly Issa | Gharbi Karim | Danzmann Roy | DeKoning Jenefer | Phillips Ruth | Palti Yniv
Matter diffusion in hexagonal columnar phases

Author(s): Daoud M. | Raïos K. | Gharbia M. | Gharbi A. | Nguyen H.T.
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