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Hydrodynamic Modelling of Fluid body interaction by Fully Non-Linear Numerical Towing Tank

Author(s): Arash Abbasnia | Mahmoud Ghiasi | Seyed Mohammad Hossein Sharifi
Tympanoplasty without use of gelfoam in the middle ear

Author(s): Samad Ghiasi | Seyyd javad Tootoonchi
Value of MRI in Local Staging of Bladder Cancer

Author(s): Mahyar Ghafoori | Madjid Shakiba | Atefeh Ghiasi | Nazanin Asvadi | Kamal Hosseini | Manijeh Alav
Design of the Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter for Assaluyeh Port

Author(s): Mehdi Nazari | Hassan Ghassemi | Mahmoud Ghiasi | Mesbah Sayehbani
Effect of Onion (Allium cepa. Linn) Aqueous Extract on Serum Concentration of LH, FSH and Testosterone Compared with Zinc Sulfate Supplementation in the Rats

Author(s): Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi | Ahmad Asghari | Rahim Beheshti | Mohammadreza Valilu | Abdolreaz Yeghaneh
Effect of Different Levels of Perlite on Blood Parameters in Broiler Chicks

Author(s): Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi | Ahmad Asghari | Yahya Ebrahimnazhad | Saeed Ghaemmaghami | Mohammad Reza Valilu
Lessons of 10 years experience on CCHF in Iran

Author(s): Chinikar S | Ghiasi SM | Moradi M | Goya MM | Shirzadi MR | Zeinali M | Fayaz A
Comparing the Level of Stress on War Veterans and Healthy People

Author(s): Abolhasan Afkar | Mehdi Shams | Mohammad Ghiasi | Mohammad Mahboobi
Synthesis of thiadiazolobenzamide via cyclization of thioxothiourea and its Ni and Pd complexes

Author(s): Adhami Forogh | Nabilzadeh Nasim | Emmerling Franziska | Ghiasi Mina | Heravi Majid M.
A Study of the effect of Aluminium Hydroxide on the Wound Healing Process in Rat

Author(s): A.M. Alizadeh, | M.A. Mohagheghi, | M. Khaniki, | Kh. Saeedpour, | D. Khalilvand, | S. Ghiasi, | A.R. Doostdar, | M. Karimi,
Specifying Human Platelet cAMP and cGMP Phosphodiesterase Inhibitory Activity of the Plants Used in Traditional Iranian Medicine for the Purpose of Erectile Dysfunction

Author(s): M. Khanavi | H. Azimi | S. Ghiasi | S. Hassani | R. Rahimi | S. Nikfar | Y. Ajani | M.R. Shams-Ardekani | M. Abdollahi
Serum uric acid levels in patients with psoriasis

Author(s): Ghiasi M | Ehsani AH | Dahande A | Abdoreza M
The Effects of Removal Mineral Premix at Different Periods of Rearing on Performance, Carcass Yield and Tibia Bone of Broiler Chicks

Author(s): Y. Ebrahimnezhad | R. Hajihosseini | K. Nazeradl | N. Maheri-Sis | J. Ghiasi Ghalehkandi
Floodwater Spreading Effects on Soil Fertility Changes in Floodwater Spreading Stations

Author(s): K. Kamali | M. Mahdian2, M. Arabkhedri1, A. Charkhabi1, N. Ghiasi1 and A. M. Mahdian | M. Arabkhedri | A. Charkhabi | N. Ghiasi | A. Sarreshtehdari
Evaluation of primary cutaneous malignant melanoma according to Breslow and Clarke pathological indices

Author(s): Z. Safaii Naraghi | M. Bahadori | A.H. Ehsani | R. Mahmoud Robati | M. Ghiasi | Z. Nozan
Ocular findings in patients with vitiligo: a case- control study

Author(s): Abdollahi A | Hallaji Z | Ghiasi M | Afzal zade A
Comparison of 6 PET Scanners, A Simulation Study

Author(s): Kourosh Ebrahimnezhad Gorji | Hossein Rajabi | Habib Zaidi | Ebrahim Hajizadeh | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi | Hamid Reza Ghiasi
"Platelet-based MPLE Algorithm for Denoising of SPECT Images: Phantom and Patient Study "

Author(s): Abbas Takavar | HR Ghiasi | Naghmeh Alibabaei | Nader Riyahi-Alam | Armaghan Fard-Esfahani | Mehdi Sohrabi | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi
Effect of Different Levels of Zinc Oxide Supplement on Mucosal Lucin Aminopeptidase Enzyme Activity in Small Intestine of Male Broiler Chicks

Author(s): Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi | Habib Karamouz | Hossein Zadeh Adam Nazhad | Naser Maheri Sis | Rahim Beheshti
Effect of Different Levels of Perlite on Mucosal Amylase Enzymes Activity in Small Intestine of Broiler Chicks

Author(s): Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi | Habib Karamouz | Naser Maheri Sis | Yahya Ebrahim Nezhad | Hossein Zadeh Adam Nazhad
Comparison of the frequency of antinuclear antibodies in patients with pemphigus vulgaris and a control group

Author(s): Seyedeh Noushin Ghalandarpour Attar | Narges Ghandi | Kambiz Kamyab Hesari | Maryam Ghiasi | Maryam Daneshpazhooh | Mojgan Karbakhsh | Cheyda Chams-Davatchi
Effect of Different Levels of Zinc Oxide Supplement on Mucosal Sucrase Enzyme Activity in Small Intestine of Male Broiler Chicks

Author(s): H. Karamouz | J. Ghiasi Ghalehkandi, H. Zadeh Adam Nazhad, Y. Ebrahim Nezhad and N. Maheri Sis
Effect of intrahippocampal CA1 injection of insulin on spatial learning and memory deficits in diabetic rats

Author(s): Golbarg Ghiasi | Amir Farshchi | Ali Pourmotabbed | Gholam-Reza Bahrami | Sayyed-Ershad Nedaee
Benzene-1,3-diammonium bis(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato-κ3O2,N,O6)cobaltate(II) pentahydrate

Author(s): Hoda Pasdar | Saghi Sadat Kashani | Reza Ghiasi | Hossein Aghabozorg | Behrouz Notash
Quick Diagnosis

Author(s): Nazli Ghiasi | Susanne M. Benseler
The Use of Locus Specific Microsatellite Markers for Detecting Genetic Variation in Hatchery bred Probarbus jullienii

Author(s): N. Ghiasi | Z.A. Rashid | S. Hooshmand | K. Yusoff | S.G. Tan | S. Bhassu
Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Teucrium chamaedrys Leaves Aqueous Extract in Male Rats

Author(s): Ali Pourmotabbed | Amir Farshchi | Golbarg Ghiasi | Peyman Malek Khatabi
Effects of Boswellia Papyrifera Gum Extract on Learning and Memory in

Author(s): Amir Farshchi | Golbarg Ghiasi | Samireh Farshchi | Peyman Malek Khatabi
Risk of colorectal cancer in relatives: A case control study

Author(s): Safaee A | Moghimi-Dehkordi B | Pourhoseingholi M | Vahedi M | Maserat E | Ghiasi S | Fatemi S | Zali M
Antinociceptive Effect of Promethazine in Mice

Author(s): Amir Farshchi | Golbarg Ghiasi | Peyman Malek Khatabi | Hosein Farzaee | Amin Niayesh
Benign and malignant skin lesions in renal transplant recipients

Author(s): Ghaninejad H | Ehsani A | Ghiasi M | Noormohammadpour P | Najafi E | Naderi G | Ganji M | Mirnezami M | Nezami R | Kiani P
Correlation of the severity of cutaneous rosacea with ocular rosacea

Author(s): Keshtcar-Jafari Alireza | Akhyani Maryam | Ehsani Amir | Ghiasi Maryam | Lajevardi Vahide | Baradran Oldoos | Toosi Siavash
A role for the JAK-STAT1 pathway in blocking replication of HSV-1 in dendritic cells and macrophages

Author(s): Mott Kevin | UnderHill David | Wechsler Steven | Town Terrence | Ghiasi Homayon
Optimal Energy Aware Clustering in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Soheil Ghiasi | Ankur Srivastava | Xiaojian Yang | Majid Sarrafzadeh
ABO blood groups, rhesus factor and pemphigus

Author(s): Valikhani Mahin | Kavand Sima | Toosi Siavash | Kavand Golnaz | Ghiasi Maryam
Theoretical Study of Alkali Metals Interactions with Thymine Tautomers: Comparison and Analysis

Author(s): M. Monajjemi | R. Ghiasi | H. Passdar | F. Mollaamin | S. Ketabi | F. Asaddian | B. Chahkandi | M. Karimkhani
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