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A Seasonal Box-Jenkins Model for Nigerian Inflation Rate Series

Author(s): Ette HARRISON Etuk | Stella Asuquo Attoe | Isaac Didi Essi
Teratogenic Effect of Crude Ethanolic Root Bark and Leaf Extracts of Rauwolfia vomitoria (Apocynaceae) on Nissl Substances of Albino Wistar Rat Fetuses

Author(s): Mokutima A. Eluwa | Theresa B. Ekanem | Paul B. Udoh | Moses B. Ekong | Olaitan R. Asuquo | Amabe O. Akpantah | Agnes O. Nwakanma
Fear of HIV Susceptibility Influencing Burden of Care among Nurses in South-East Nigeria

Author(s): Ekaete Francis Asuquo | Prisca Adejumo | Josephine Etowa | Adebayo Adejumo
Conserving Biological Diversity for Sustainable Uses in Tropical Rainforest of Nigeria

Author(s): Ekpo, F. E. | Asuquo, M. E | Akpabio Jeremiah
Blunt Abdominal Trauma in a Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Nigeria

Author(s): Maurice Asuquo | Victor Nwagbara | Mark Umoh | Gabriel Ugare | Cyril Agbor | Emmanuel Japhet | Anthonia Ikpeme
Penetrating Abdominal Trauma: Experience in A Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Southern Nigeria

Author(s): Maurice Asuquo | Mark Umoh | Victor Nwagbara | Gabriel Ugare | Cyril Agbor | Emmanuel Japhet

Author(s): F. A. Makinde | C. T. Ako | O. D. Orodu | I. U. Asuquo
The effect of zinc supplementation on diarrheal diseases in children in the Niger Delta Sub-Region of Nigeria

Author(s): Eme Asuquo | Udeme Georgewill | Idorenyin Nta | Nkechinyere Enyidah | Essiet Umofia | Suanu Deekae
Basal Cell Carcinoma: Experience in a Teaching Hospital, Calabar-South Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo Maurice | Otei Otei | Nwagbara Victor | Ebughe Godwin | Omotoso Joshua
NonOperative Management of Blunt Solid Abdominal Organ Injury in Calabar, Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo Maurice | Bassey Okon | Etiuma Anietimfon | Ngim Ogbu | Ugare Gabriel | Anthonia Ikpeme
Production of Cellulosic Polymers from Agricultural Wastes

Author(s): A. U. Israel | I. B. Obot | S. A. Umoren | V. Mkpenie | J. E. Asuquo
Recovery of Glycerol from Spent Soap LyeBy - Product of Soap Manufacture

Author(s): A. U. Israel | I. B. Obot | J. E. Asuquo
Socio-Demographic Determinants of Response Strategies by Resource-Poor Farmers to Climate Change in South-Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo I Afangideh | Phillip A. Akpan | Emmanuel P. Udofia | Donald A. Ukeh
Two Dimensional Laminar Flow of a Liquid with Circular Hydraulic Jump

Author(s): Asuquo Essien Eyo | Enobong E. Joshua | Paul J. Udoh
Instructional Computer Technology: Implications for Gender Achievement in Nigeria

Author(s): S.A. Onasanya | C.O. Olumorin | E.N. Asuquo | G.B. Ogunojemite
Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberance: Case Reports

Author(s): Asuquo M | Umoh M | Ebughe G
Cholecystectomy: Indications at university of Calabar teaching hospital, Calabar, Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo M | Umoh M | Nwagbara V | Inyang A | Agbor C
Kaposi sarcoma: Changing trend in Calabar, south eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo M | Ogunkeyede A | Bassey E | Ebughe G
Incidence and risk factors for caesarean wound infection in Lagos Nigeria

Author(s): Ezechi Oliver | Edet Asuquo | Akinlade Hakim | Gab-Okafor Chidinma | Herbertson Ebiere
Effect of Water Quality on the Performance of Boiler in Nigerian Petroleum Industry

Bacterial isolates from blood cultures of children with suspected septicaemia in Calabar, Nigeria

Author(s): Meremikwu Martin | Nwachukwu Chukwuemeka | Asuquo Anne | Okebe Joseph | Utsalo Simon
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