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Thin-film superconducting resonator tunable to the ground-state hyperfine splitting of 87Rb

Author(s): Z. Kim | C. P. Vlahacos | J. E. Hoffman | J. A. Grover | K. D. Voigt | B. K. Cooper | C. J. Ballard | B. S. Palmer | M. Hafezi | J. M. Taylor | J. R. Anderson | A. J. Dragt | C. J. Lobb | L. A. Orozco | S. L. Rolston | F. C. Wellstood
A single blind randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavioural therapy in a help-seeking population with an At Risk Mental State for psychosis: the Dutch Early Detection and Intervention Evaluation (EDIE-NL) trial

Author(s): Rietdijk Judith | Dragt Sara | Klaassen Rianne | Ising Helga | Nieman Dorien | Wunderink Lex | Delespaul Philippe | Cuijpers Pim | Linszen Don | van der Gaag Mark

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