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Proceedings of the 35th National Congress of the Italian Society of Histochemistry

Author(s): Guest Editors: Paola Sirigu, Maria Teresa Perra, Cristina Maxia, Franca Piras
Protective Effect of Ephedra nebrodensis on Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Rats

Author(s): S. Shah | M. M. Mohan | S. Kasture | C. Sanna | A. Maxia
Nestin expression associates with poor prognosis and triple negative phenotype in locally advanced (T4) breast cancer

Author(s): F. Piras | M.T. Ionta | S. Lai | M.T. Perra | F. Atzori | L. Minerba | V. Pusceddu | C. Maxia | D. Murtas | P. Demurtas | B. Massidda | P. Sirigu
Biological Assays and Chemical Composition of Volatile Oils of Bupleurum fruticosum L. (Apiaceae)

Author(s): Andrea Maxia | Maria A. Frau | Bruno Marongiu | Alessandra Piras | Silvia Porcedda | Danilo Falconieri | Maria J. Gonçalves | Carlos Cavaleiro | Ligia Salgueiro
Prognostic prediction of the immunohistochemical expression of p16 and p53 in cutaneous melanoma: a comparison of two populations from different geographical regions

Author(s): P Sirigu | F Piras | L Minerba | D Murtas | C Maxia | R Colombari | A Corbu | MT Perra | J Ugalde
The relationship of adverse childhood experiences to a history of premature death of family members

Author(s): Anda Robert | Dong Maxia | Brown David | Felitti Vincent | Giles Wayne | Perry Geraldine | Valerie Edwards | Dube Shanta

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