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An Enhanced Secure and Scalable Model for Enterprise Applications using Automated Monitoring

Author(s): A. Kannammal | V. Ramachandran | N. Ch.S.N. Iyengar
A Study on Security Threats in Cloud

Author(s): Na Jeyanthi | Hena Shabeeb | N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar
Studying genetic determinants of natural variation in human gene expression using Bayesian ANOVA

Author(s): Cartier Kevin C | Miscimarra Lara | Dazard Jean-Eudes | Song Yeunjoo | Iyengar Sudha K | Rao J Sunil
GSTM1 null polymorphism – a possible key for oral carcinogenesis

Author(s): Tanwar Renu | Asha R. Iyengar | Kekkeri Sitaram Nagesh
Treatment of metal rich wastewater by fungal biomass

Author(s): J.T. Matheickal | L. Iyengar | C. Venkobachar
Design of an Expert System for Mitigating Trace Element Toxicity in Cancer Risk Management

Author(s): P.T. Krishna Kumar | P.T. Vinod | Vir V. Phoha | S.S. Iyengar | Puneeth Iyengar
Environmental Impact Analysis Study of Gare Sector- III Coal Block, Mand-Raigarh Coalfield

Author(s): Asso. Prof. & Head, Iyengar Bhargava | Professor, Bodhankar Ninad | Dy. GM (Geol. & Env.), Singh Satyam
Creative Writing: Past and Present

Author(s): G.A. Ghanshyam Iyengar
Contractile Activity Regulates Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression and NOi Production in Cardiomyocytes via a FAK-Dependent Signaling Pathway

Author(s): Miensheng Chu | Yevgeniya Koshman | Rekha Iyengar | Taehoon Kim | Brenda Russell | Allen M. Samarel

Author(s): Range Gowda Ramachandrappa | Diwya | Iyengar Pushpa

Author(s): R Ramachandrappa | Joseph Usha | Iyengar Pushpa
Gottwald Melborune (0–1) test for chaos in a plasma

Author(s): D. R. Chowdhury | A. N. S. Iyengar | S. Lahiri
Coverage Assessment and Target Tracking in 3D Domains

Author(s): Noureddine Boudriga | Mohamed Hamdi | Sitharama Iyengar
Pediatric functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging: tactics for encouraging task compliance

Author(s): Schlund Michael | Cataldo Michael | Siegle Greg | Ladouceur Cecile | Silk Jennifer | Forbes Erika | McFarland Ashley | Iyengar Satish | Dahl Ronald | Ryan Neal
The Kynurenine Pathway: a Proposed Mechanism Linking Diabetes and Periodontal Disease in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Rishabh Kapila | KS Nagesh | Asha R. Iyengar | Subash BV. Adiga
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks

Author(s): S. S. Iyengar | R. R. Brooks | G. Karjoth
Real-Time Sensor-Actuator Networks

Author(s): Shivakumar Sastry | S. S. Iyengar

Author(s): S. S. Iyengar | Richard Brooks | Guenter Karjoth
Data Integrity Protocol for Sensor Networks

Author(s): Arjan Durresi | Vamsi Paruchuri | Rajgopal Kannan | S. S. Iyengar

Author(s): KAILASH CHANDER | Dr. Dimple Juneja, | Dr. S.S Iyengar | Dr. SUPRATIK MUKHOPADHYAY
Offline Navigation System for Mobile Devices

Author(s): Prithumit Deb | Nitin Singh | Saket Kumar | Nitish Rai | N.Ch.Sriman Narayana Iyengar | P. A. S. Naidu
Liver involvement in tuberculoid leprosy.

Author(s): Koranne R | Singh R | Iyengar B
A study of fibroepithelial tumours of the breast.

Author(s): Badhe Bhawana | Iyengar Krishnan | Alva N
An Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Author(s): N. Ch. Sriman Narayana Iyengar | Syed Mohammad Ansar Sachin kumar | Piyush Nagar | Siddharth Sharma | Akshay Atrey
A Novel and Efficient Algorithm for Deploying Mobile Sensors in Subsurface

Author(s): Dimple Juneja | Atul Sharma | Punit Kumar | S.S. Iyengar | A.K Sharma
Store and Forward Applications in Telemedicine for Wireless IP Based Networks

Author(s): Poondi Srinivasan Pandian | Kadavath Peedikayil Safeer | Doddamallur Thirumala Iyengar Shakunthala | Parvati Gopal | Vinod Chidambar Padaki
Postoperative management of pulmonary endarterectomy and outcome

Author(s): Narayana Iyengar Ramakrishna | Hegde Deviprasad | Chattuparambil Binoy | Gupta Ratan | Patil Lakshmi
Prevalence and awareness regarding diabetes mellitus in rural Tamaka, Kolar

Author(s): Muninarayana C | Balachandra G | Hiremath S | Iyengar Krishna | Anil N
Child/Adolescent Anxiety Multimodal Study (CAMS): rationale, design, and methods

Author(s): Compton Scott | Walkup John | Albano Anne Marie | Piacentini John | Birmaher Boris | Sherrill Joel | Ginsburg Golda | Rynn Moira | McCracken James | Waslick Bruce | Iyengar Satish | Kendall Phillip | March John
A Frame Work for Ontological Privacy Preserved Mining

Author(s): Geetha Mary. A | Sriman Narayana Iyengar. N.Ch.
Infiltrating duct carcinoma within a fibroadenoma

Author(s): Iyengar K | Peh S | Yip C | Vijayananthan A
Treatment of metal rich wastewater by fungal biomass

Author(s): C. Venkobachar | J.T. Matheickal | L. Iyengar
SNAVI: Desktop application for analysis and visualization of large-scale signaling networks

Author(s): Ma'ayan Avi | Jenkins Sherry | Webb Ryan | Berger Seth | Purushothaman Sudarshan | Abul-Husn Noura | Posner Jeremy | Flores Tony | Iyengar Ravi
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) Immobilized Poly(aniline-co-m-aminophenol) Film Electrodes–fabrication and Evaluation as Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor

Author(s): Kang-Deuk Seo | Kwang-Pill Lee | Anantha Iyengar Gopalan | Sang J. Chung | Yong Taik Lim | Seong-Ho Choi
Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Content Using Visual, Audio, and Text Cues

Author(s): John R. Smith | Harriet J. Nock | Chalapathy Neti | Milind Ramesh Naphade | Ching-Yung Lin | Giridharan Iyengar | W. H. Adams
De novo identification of in vivo binding sites from ChIP-chip data

Author(s): Jin Victor | Rabinovich Alina | O'Geen Henny | Iyengar Sushma | Farnham Peggy
Halo nevus-a clinicopathological evaluation

Author(s): Misra R | Iyengar Bhanu
Effect of genotyping error in model-free linkage analysis using microsatellite or single-nucleotide polymorphism marker maps

Author(s): Thompson Cheryl | Baechle Dan | Lu Qing | Mathew George | Song Yeunjoo | Iyengar Sudha | Gray-McGuire Courtney | Goddard Katrina
Optimizing the evidence for linkage by permuting marker order

Author(s): Jun Gyungah | Song Yeunjoo | Iyengar Sudha | Elston Robert
An autosome-wide search using longitudinal data for loci linked to type 2 diabetes progression

Author(s): Jun Gyungah | Song Yeunjoo | Stein Catherine | Iyengar Sudha
Structural equation model-based genome scan for the metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Stein Catherine | Song Yeunjoo | Elston Robert | Jun Gyungah | Tiwari Hemant | Iyengar Sudha
Cryptococcal Lymphadenitis Diagnosed by FNAC in a Hiv Positive Individual

Author(s): Shravanakumar B | Iyengar K | Parasappa Y | Ramprakash R
Simultaneous overexpression of GH and STAT5b genes inhibits the STAT5 signalling pathway in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) embryos

Author(s): Marins Luis Fernando | Iyengar Arati | Maclean Norman | Levy Jose A. | Sohm Frédéric
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