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Display measuring system СМ-100 for LCD characterization

Author(s): V. M. Sorokin | R. Ya. Zelinskyy | A. V. Rybalochka | A. S. Oliynyk
Activity in ventral premotor cortex is modulated by vision of own hand in action

Author(s): Luciano Fadiga | Luana Caselli | Laila Craighero | Benno Gesierich | Andriy Oliynyk | Banty Tia | Riccardo Viaro
Expression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins MPT63 and MPT83 as a fusion: purification, refolding and immunological characterization

Author(s): Taras Redchuk | Natalia Korotkevich | Oksana Gorbatiuk | Pavlo Gilchuk | Andrii Kaberniuk | Olena Oliynyk | Denis Kolibo | Serhiy Komisarenko
Some aspects of financial instruments portfolio optimization

Author(s): V.M. Oliynyk | S.M. Frolov | Yu.I. Leshchenko
Analysis of promotions

Author(s): V.V. Bozhkova | I.V. Oliynyk
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