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Systems Biology Profiling of AMD on the Basis of Gene Expression

Author(s): Mones S. Abu-Asab | Jose Salazar | Jingsheng Tuo | Chi-Chao Chan
Religiosity and Spirituality and the Intake of Fruit, Vegetable, and Fat: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Min-Min Tan | Carina K. Y. Chan | Daniel D. Reidpath
Wave-Induced Flow in Meridians Demonstrated Using Photoluminescent Bioceramic Material on Acupuncture Points

Author(s): C. Will Chen | Chen-Jei Tai | Cheuk-Sing Choy | Chau-Yun Hsu | Shoei-Loong Lin | Wing P. Chan | Han-Sun Chiang | Chang-An Chen | Ting-Kai Leung
Inhibition of Acute Phase Inflammation by Laminaria japonica through Regulation of iNOS-NF-κB Pathway

Author(s): Seong Kyu Park | Sook Jahr Park | Sang Mi Park | Il Je Cho | Chan Ik Park | Young Woo Kim | Sang Chan Kim
Oral Zinc Supplementation for the Treatment of Acute Diarrhea in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Laura M. Lamberti | Christa L. Fischer Walker | Kit Y. Chan | Wei-Yan Jian | Robert E. Black
A Recent Survey of Circuit Design Tools for Teaching

Author(s): A. Alasdoon | P.W.C. Prasad | A. Beg | A. Chan
La Red Internacional de Inventarios Forestales (BIOTREE-NET) en Mesoamérica: avances, retos y perspectivas futuras

Author(s): L. Cayuela | L. Gu00E1lvez-Bravo | F.S. de Albuquerque | D.J. Golicher | M. Gonzu00E1lez-Espinosa | N. Ramu00EDrez-Marcial | J.M. Rey Benayas | R.A. Zahawi | J.A. Meave | B.M. Benito | C. Garibaldi | I. Chan | R. Pu00E9rez Pu00E9rez | R. Field | P. Balvanera | M.A. Castillo | B.L. Figueroa-Rangel | D.M. Griffith | G.A. Islebe | D.L. Kelly | M. Olvera-Vargas | S.A. Schnitzer | E. Velazquez | G. Williams-Linera | S.W. Brewer | A. Camacho-Cruz | I. Coronado | B. de Jong | R. del Castillo | I. Granzow-de la Cerda | J. Fernu00E1ndez | W. Fonseca | L. Galindo-Jaimes | T.W. Gillespie | B. Gonzu00E1lez-Rivas | J.E. Gordon | J. Hurtado | J. Linares | S.G. Letcher | S.A. Mangan | V.E. Mu00E9ndez | V. Meza | S. Ochoa-Gaona | C.J. Peterson | V. Ruiz-Gutierrez | K.A. Snarr | F. Tun Dzul | M. Valdez-Hernu00E1ndez | K.M. Viergever | D.A. White | J.N. Williams | F.J. Bonet | R. Zamora
Device-Based Learning for Biomedical Engineering

Author(s): Ezra Kwok | Anthony Chan
Acceptance of Smartphone in Enhancing Patient-Caregivers Relationship

Author(s): Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail | Paul Hong Kit Chan | Nora Buhari | Azlina Muzaini
Management of postmenopausal osteoporosis

Author(s): Yeap SS | Hew FL | Chan SP
Short Chain N-Acylhomoserine Lactone Production by Clinical Multidrug Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Strain CSG20

Author(s): Yun Fong Ngeow | Huey Jia Cheng | Jian Woon Chen | Wai-Fong Yin | Kok-Gan Chan
Differential expression of αB-crystallin causes maturation-dependent susceptibility of oligodendrocytes to oxidative stress

Author(s): Ji Young Kim | Eun Young Lee | Hyun Joon Sohn | Si Wook Kim | Chan Hyung Kim | Hee Yul Ahn | Dong Woon Kim | Sa Sun Cho | Je Hoon Seo
Degradation of Bacterial Quorum Sensing Signaling Molecules by the Microscopic Yeast Trichosporon loubieri Isolated from Tropical Wetland Waters

Author(s): Cheng-Siang Wong | Chong-Lek Koh | Choon-Kook Sam | Jian Woon Chen | Yee Meng Chong | Wai-Fong Yin | Kok-Gan Chan
Quorum Sensing Activity of Enterobacter asburiae Isolated from Lettuce Leaves

Author(s): Yin Yin Lau | Joanita Sulaiman | Jian Woon Chen | Wai-Fong Yin | Kok-Gan Chan
Pandoraea sp. RB-44, A Novel Quorum Sensing Soil Bacterium

Author(s): Robson Ee Han-Jen | Yin Wai-Fong | Chan Kok-Gan
Effect of growth temperature on the terahertz-frequency conductivity of the epitaxial transparent conducting spinel NiCo2O4 films

Author(s): Punam Silwal | Chan La-o-vorakiat | Elbert E. M. Chia | Dae Ho Kim | Diyar Talbayev
A Comparison of Two Vertical-Mixing Schemes on the Simulation of the Mixed Layer Depth and Upper Ocean Temperature in an Ocean General Circulation Model

Author(s): Dong-Won Yi | Chan Joo Jang | Sang-Wook Y | Taewook Park | Ho-Jeong Shin | Donghoon Kim | Jong-Seong Kug
The properties of fuzzy relations

Author(s): Yong Chan Kim | Young Sun Kim
The categories of L-FTOP and L-FINT

Author(s): Yong Chan Kim | Young Sun Kim
Multi-Channel Hyperspectral Fluorescence Detection Excited by Coupled Plasmon-Waveguide Resonance

Author(s): Chan Du | Le Liu | Lin Zhang | Jun Guo | Jihua Guo | Hui Ma | Yonghong He
A meta-analysis of studies on cosmetically tinted soft contact lenses

Author(s): Rah MJ | Schafer J | Zhang L | Chan O | Roy L | Barr JT
Medical image of the week: Kartagener syndrome

Author(s): Chan NH | Viggiano RW | Wesselius LJ
Dexamethasone induces the expression of LRRK2 and α-synuclein, two genes that when mutated cause Parkinson’s disease in an autosomal dominant manner

Author(s): Ji-Min Park | Dong-Hwan Ho | Hye Jin Yun | Hye-Jung Kim | Chan Hong Lee | Sung Woo Park | Young Hoon Kim | Ilhong Son | Wongi Seol
OERScout Technology Framework: A Novel Approach to Open Educational Resources Search

Author(s): Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena | Chee Seng Chan | Choy Yoong Tham
Urinary Biomarkers for the Prediction of Reversibility in Acute-on-Chronic Renal Failure

Author(s): Cathy Choi-Wan Luk | Kai-Ming Chow | Jeffrey Sung-Shing Kwok | Bonnie Ching-Ha Kwan | Michael Ho-Ming Chan | Ka-Bik Lai | Fernand Mac-Moune Lai | Gang Wang | Philip Kam-Tao Li | Cheuk-Chun Szeto
The Usefulness of 3-Dimensional Virtual Simulation Using Haptics in Training Orotracheal Intubation

Author(s): Dong Hoon Lee | Jae Gyu Kim | Chan Woong Kim | Chang Ha Lee | Jae Hee Lim
Potential Therapeutic Role of Hispidulin in Gastric Cancer through Induction of Apoptosis via NAG-1 Signaling

Author(s): Chao Yuan Yu | Kang-Yi Su | Po-Lei Lee | Jie-Yu Jhan | Po-Hung Tsao | De-Chuan Chan | Yi-Lin Sophia Chen
Hemoglobin subunit beta (HBB) is a potential biomarker for predicting response to Gefitinib in NSCLC patients

Author(s): Poh Kuan Chong | Huiyin Lee | Marie Chiew Shia Loh | Wan-Teck Lim | Siew Pang Chan | Ross Andrew Soo | Yoon Pin Lim
Proteomic identification of plasma signatures in type 2 diabetic nephropathy

Author(s): Peir-Haur Hung | Ying-Chieh Lu | Yi-Wen Chen | Hsiu-Chuan Chou | Ping-Chiang Lyu | Ying-Ray Lee | Hong-Lin Chan
Relationships between Harmonic Characteristics and Different Types of Voltage Source

Author(s): Risnidar Chan | I. Daut | Syafruddin H | Yusniati Yusniati
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition to forest and estuary environments in the Pearl River Delta region, southern China

Author(s): Xuemei Wang | Zhiyong Wu | Min Shao | Yunting Fang | Leiming Zhang | Fei Chen | Pak-wai Chan | Qi Fan | Qian Wang | Shengjie Zhu | Ruoyu Bao
Development and Validation of a Mental Wellbeing Scale in Singapore

Author(s): Chan Mei Fen | Isnis Isa | Chang Weining Chu | Chew Ling | Sng Yan Ling
Antenatal anxiety in the first trimester: Risk factors and effects on anxiety and depression in the third trimester and 6-week postpartum

Author(s): Chui Yi Chan | Antoinette Marie Lee | Siu Keung Lam | Chin Peng Lee | Kwok Yin Leung | Yee Woen Koh | Catherine So Kum Tang
Randomized controlled trial of Letrozole versus Clomiphene citrate for induction of ovulation in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): A Malaysian experience

Author(s): Nik Hazlina Nik Hussain | Munawwirah Ismail | Murizah Mohd. Zain | Pu Chan Yeu | Roszaman Ramli | Wan Mohd Zahiruddin Wan Mohammad
The Effects of Microwave Pretreatment of Dairy Manure on Methane Production

Author(s): Ian Chan | Asha Srinivasan | Ping H. Liao | Kwang V. Lo | Donald S. Mavinic | Jim Atwater | James R. Thompson
Charged Gravastar in a Dark Energy Universe

Author(s): C. F. C. Brandt | R. Chan | M. F. A. da Silva | P. Rocha
The effects of stent porosity on the endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms located near a bifurcation

Author(s): Abraham Yik-Sau Tang | Hiu-Ning Chan | Anderson Chun-On Tsang | Gilberto Ka-Kit Leung | Kar-Ming Leung | Alfred Cheuk-Hang Yu | Kwok-Wing Chow
Direct medical cost of radiation therapy for cancer patients in Taiwan

Author(s): Henry W. C. Leung | Agnes L. F. Chan
Flavonoids from Orostachys japonicus A. Berger Inhibit the Invasion of LnCaP Prostate Carcinoma Cells by Inactivating Akt and Modulating Tight Junctions

Author(s): Dong Yeok Shin | Won Sup Lee | Ji Hyun Jung | Su Hyun Hong | Cheol Park | Hye Jung Kim | Gi-Young Kim | Hye Jin Hwang | Gon Sup Kim | Jin-Myung Jung | Chung Ho Ryu | Sung Chul Shin | Soon Chan Hong | Yung Hyun Choi
Foreign policy and global public health: working together towards common goals

Author(s): Margaret Chan | Jonas Gahr Støre | Bernard Kouchner
Open Access Integrated Therapeutic and Diagnostic Platforms for Personalized Cardiovascular Medicine

Author(s): Patrick A. Gladding | Andrew Cave | Mehran Zareian | Kevin Smith | Jagir Hussan | Peter Hunter | Folarin Erogbogbo | Zoraida Aguilar | David S. Martin | Eugene Chan | Margie L. Homer | Abhijit V. Shevade | Mohammad Kassemi | James D. Thomas | Todd T. Schlegel
Leachability and strength of kaolin stabilized with cement and rubber

Author(s): Meei-Hoan Ho | Ahmad Tarmizi | Chee-Ming Chan | Ismail Bakar
Protective Effect of Dealcoholized Persimmonwine on H2O2 - Induced Oxidative Injury in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes

Author(s): Jin Taek Hwang | Chan Kyu Han | Sang Yoon Choi | Sung Soo Kim
Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Hong Kong Students that Engage in Bullying

Author(s): Annis L.C. FUNG | Lawrence H. GERSTEIN | Yuichung CHAN | Ashley HUTCHISON
A Case of Possible Neurosarcoidosis Presenting as Intractable Headache and Panhypopituitarism

Author(s): Jin Kyung Hwang | Joo Hee Cho | So Young Park | Jung Il Son | Uk Jo | Sang Ouk Chin | Yun Jung Lee | Moon Chan Choi | Sang Youl Rhee | Eui Jong Kim | Suk Chon
Effects of Qigong Exercise on Fatigue, Anxiety, and Depressive Symptoms of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-Like Illness: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Jessie S. M. Chan | Rainbow T. H. Ho | Chong-wen Wang | Lai Ping Yuen | Jonathan S. T. Sham | Cecilia L. W. Chan
Low-dose amitriptyline combined with proton pump inhibitor for functional chest pain

Author(s): Se Woo Park | Hyuk Lee | Hyun Jik Lee | Jun Chul Park | Sung Kwan Shin | Sang Kil Lee | Yong Chan Lee | Ji Eun Kim
Maps on fuzzy complete lattices

Author(s): Yong Chan Kim | Jung Mi Ko

Author(s): Yongjian Cao, | Felisa Chan, | Ying-Hei Chui, | Huining Xiao
Targeting the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain of Cryptococcus through Antifungal Chemosensitization: A Model for Control of Non-Fermentative Pathogens

Author(s): Jong H. Kim | Ronald P. Haff | Natália C. G. Faria | Maria de L. Martins | Kathleen L. Chan | Bruce C. Campbell
Formation of Silicon/Carbon Core-Shell Nanowires Using Carbon Nitride Nanorods Template and Gold Catalyst

Author(s): Ilyani Putri Jamal | Su Kong Chong | Kee Wah Chan | Maisara Othman | Saadah Abdul Rahman | Zarina Aspanut
A Review of the Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Activities of Raphani Semen

Author(s): Tung-Ting Sham | Ailsa Chui-Ying Yuen | Yam-Fung Ng | Chi-On Chan | Daniel Kam-Wah Mok | Shun-Wan Chan
Sargassum fulvellum Protects HaCaT Cells and BALB/c Mice from UVB-Induced Proinflammatory Responses

Author(s): Chan Lee | Gyu Hwan Park | Eun Mi Ahn | Chan-Ik Park | Jung-Hee Jang
Diorganotin(IV) Derivatives of N-Methyl p-Fluorobenzo-Hydroxamic Acid: Preparation, Spectral Characterization, X-ray Diffraction Studies and Antitumor Activity

Author(s): Naqeebullah | Yang Farina | Kok Meng Chan | Lo Kong Mun | Nor Fadilah Rajab | Theng Choon Ooi
Hepatic adenoma mimicking a metastatic lesion on computed tomography-positron emission tomography scan

Author(s): Darryl Lim | Ser Yee Lee | Kiat Hon Lim | Chung Yip Chan
Managing Vulnerabilities of Tactical Wireless RF Network Systems: A Case Study

Author(s): Philip Chan | David Nowicki | Hong Man | Mo Mansouri
Various connections on interior sets

Author(s): Yong Chan Kim | Young Sun Kim
Relations and upper sets on partially ordered sets

Author(s): Yong Chan Kim | Young Sun Kim
Study of high indium InXGa1-XN alloys with synchrotron radiation

Author(s): Wei Zheng | Zhe Chuan Feng | Rui Sheng Zheng | Hao-Hsiung Lin | Xin Qiang Wang | Ting-Shan Chan | Ling-Yun Jang | Chee Wee Liu
Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Robot Soccer System

Author(s): Ching-Chang Wong | Chi-Tai Cheng | Hsiang-Min Chan
Various connections induced by functions

Author(s): Yong Chan Kim | Jin Won Park

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