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Fluoride Concentration in Potable Groundwater in Rural Areas of Khaf City, Razavi Khorasan Province, Northeastern Iran

Author(s): AI Amouei | AH Mahvi | AA Mohammadi | HA Asgharnia | SH Fallah | AA Khafajeh
Investigation of Indirect Contact Freezing Process in Desalination of Boshehr Beach's Saline Water

Author(s): M Mahdavi | S Naseri | M Yunesian | A.H Mahvi | M Alimohaadi
Study of Nitrate Reduction from Water Using Nanosized Iron

Author(s): A.R Mesdaghi Nia | A.H Mahvi | S Naseri | A.A Mohamadi | M Shekarriz | M Alimohamadi
Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF): an Innovative Technology in Activated Sludge Process

Author(s): AR Mesdaghinia | AH Mahvi | R Saeedi | H Pishrafti
Study of Cadmium Removal from Environmental Water by Biofilm Covered Granular Activated Carbon

Author(s): RA Dianati-Tilaki | AH Mahvi | M Shariat | S Nasseri
Improving Efficiency of Disinfection of Water for Non-contact UV System

Author(s): AR Mesdaghinia | F Vaezi | AH Mahvi | K Naddafi | M Alimohammadi

Author(s): Mokhtari M. Naddafi K | Mahvi A.H. | Naseri S
Environmental health impact assessment of an industrial estate

Author(s): M.J Dastoorani | M Yunesian | J. Nouri | A.H. Mahvi | A.A. Neshat | S.S. Mahmoodian
UV-Lamp Intensity Determination Without Use of Radiometer

Author(s): AR Mesdaghinia | F Vaezi | AH Mahvi | M Alimohammadi
Determination the Level of Dust ond Free Silica in Air of Khaf Iron Stone Quarries

Author(s): A Naghizadeh | AH Mahvi | H Jabbari | A Dadpour4 | M karimi
Photocatalytic degradation of phenol in Aqueous Solutions by Fe(III)-doped TiO2/UV Process

Author(s): S Hemmati Borji | S Nasseri | R Nabizadeh Nodehi | A.H Mahvi | A.H Javadi
Investigating the Efficiency of UV/H2O2 Process for Removal of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) in Aqueous Solutions

Author(s): M.H Dehghani | S Nasseri | M Ghaderpoori | A.H Mahvi | R Nabizadeh Nodehi
Determination of Pb,Cd,Cr and Ni concentration in Imported Indian Rice to Iran

Author(s): M Malakootian | K Yaghmaeian | M Meserghani | A.H Mahvi | M Danesh pajouh
Use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Shredded Waste Polystyrene (SWAP) Beads for Control of Mosquitoes

Author(s): A Soltani | H Vatandoost | H Jabbari | AR Mesdaghinia | AH Mahvi | M Younesian | AA Hanafi-Bojd | S Bozorgzadeh | MR Abai | A Pakari | H Shabkhiz
Degradation and toxicity reduction of phenol by ultrasound waves

Author(s): A. Maleki | A.H. Mahvi | A. Mesdaghinia
Inactivation of Nematodes by Ultrasonic

Author(s): A.H. Mahvi | Hadi Dehghani | E.B.Kia
An Experimental Study of Macro and Micro Elements in Groundwater

Author(s): A.A. Babaei | A.H. Mahvi | J.Nouri | E. Ahmadpour | F. Mohsenzadeh
Survey of Dissolved Air Flotation System Efficiency for Reduce of Pollution of Vegetable Oil Industry Wastewater

Author(s): H. Keramati | H. Alidadi | A.R. Parvaresh | H. Movahedian | A.H. Mahvi
Study of Natural Organic Matter Fractions in Water Sources of Tehran

Author(s): M.A. Zazouli | S. Nasseri | A.H. Mahvi | A.R. Mesdaghinia | M. Gholami
Advanced Oxidation of Phenol by Ultraviolet Irradiation in Aqueous System

Author(s): A. Maleki | A.H. Mahvi | M. Alimohamadi | Azar Ghasri
An Experimental Study of Heavy Metal Extraction, Using Various Concentration of EDTA in a Sandy Loam Soils

Author(s): D. Naghipoor Khalkhaliani | A.R. Mesdaghinia | A.H. Mahvi | J. Nouri | F. Vaezi
Investigation of Heavy Metals in Groundwater

Author(s): J. Nouri | A.H. Mahvi | A.A. Babaei | G.R. Jahed | E. Ahmadpour
Energy Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Plant

Author(s): J. Nouri | M. Jafarinia | K. Naddafi | R. Nabizadeh | A.H. Mahvi | N. Nouri
Isolation and Detection of MTBE Degrading Bacteria

Author(s): A. Mesdaghinia | S. Rezaie | M. Shariat | S. Nasseri | A.H. Mahvi | G.A. Omrani | S. Nazmara | A. Ghasri | M. Alimohammadi
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Clay Pots in Removal of Water Impurities

Author(s): K Naddafi , AH Mahvi, S Nasseri, M Mokhtari, H Zeraati
Correlation between Arsenic Concentration in Drinking Water and Human Hair

Author(s): M Mosaferi, M Yunesian, AR Mesdaghinia, S Nasseri, AH Mahvi, H Nadim

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