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Kinetics of Adsorption of Nickel Ion on Kankara Kaolinite

Author(s): Lawrence C. EDOMWONYI-OTU | Simon O. GABOR | Oyewemi A. IDOWU | Solomon G. BAWA
Regeneration of Used Engine Oil

Author(s): Isah A. G. | Abdulkadir M. | Onifade | K. R. | Musa U. | Garba M. U. | Bawa A. A | Sani | Y.
Common fixed point theorem for two, three and four maps in fuzzy metric spaces

Author(s): Y. K. Vijaywar | N. P. S. Bawa | P. K. Shrivastava | D. P. Shukla
A Markov Switching Regime Model of Malaysia Property Cycle

Author(s): Abdul M. Beksin | Bawa C Abdullahi | Abdul M. Beksin | Bawa C Abdullahi
In Vitr Antioxygenic Activity of Ridge Gourd (Luffa acutangula) Pulp, Peel and Their Extracts on Peroxidation Models

Author(s): Ananthan Padmashree | Gopal Kumar Sharma | Anil Dutt Semwal | Amarinder Singh Bawa
Congestion based Route Discovery AOMDV Protocol

Author(s): Onkar Singh Bawa, Mr. Supratik Banerjee
Teaching Immigrants Norwegian Culture to Support Their Language Learning

Author(s): Awal Mohammed Alhassan | Ahmed Bawa Kuyini
An Efficient Novel Key Management Scheme for Enhancing User Authentication in A WSN

Author(s): Harjot Bawa | Parminder Singh | Rakesh Kumar
Effects of ethanolic extract of Rhynchosia sublobata (Schumach) Meikle on estrous cycle in Wistar rats

Assessing Biodiversity from Space: an Example from the Western Ghats, India

Author(s): Kamaljit Bawa | Joseph Rose | K.N. Ganeshaiah | Narayani Barve | M.C. Kiran | R. Umashaanker
In-Vitro Studies on the Antioxidant Assay Profiling of Root of Withania somnifera L. (Ashwagandha) Dunal: Part 2

Author(s): Ajay Pal | Mahadeva Naika | Farhath Khanum | Amarinder Singh Bawa
Reliable Resource Selection in Grid Environment

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Bawa | Gaurav Sharma
Decision based Resource Selection in Grid Environment

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Bawa | Gaurav Sharma
Open Source in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Gaurav Bawa | Sheena Girdhar
Uric acid profile in apparently healthy people and diabetics

Author(s): Ibrahim Khalil Adam | Folorunsho Adekunle Sheye | Saminu Musa Magami | Muhammad Bawa Yusuf

Author(s): Obaid Afzal | Sandhya Bawa | Suresh Kumar | Rajiv K. Tonk
Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

Author(s): Kovanya Moodley | Viness Pillay | Yahya E. Choonara | Lisa C. du Toit | Valence M. K. Ndesendo | Pradeep Kumar | Shivaan Cooppan | Priya Bawa
Effect of Harvest and Cook Processing on Cyanides Content of Cassava Cultivars and Cassava-Based Dough Consumed In Lomé, Togo

Author(s): T. Tchacondo | S.D. Karou | E. Osseyi | A. Agban | L.M. Bawa | A.R. Atcha | K. Soumana | K. Assignon | A. Kpemoua | C. De Souza
Characterization of some Togo surface waters

Author(s): Y. Boukari | L.M. Bawa | G. Djaneye-Boundjou

Author(s): Sandhya Bawa | Rajiv K. Tonk | Gita Chawla | Suresh Kumar | Obaid Afzal
Recognition of Handwritten Character of Manipuri Script

Author(s): Tangkeshwar Thokchom | P.K. Bansal | Renu Vig | Seema Bawa
Automated Coin Recognition System using ANN

Author(s): Shatrughan Modi | Seema Bawa
Quality of diet related to food insecurity and food stamps use among older people

Author(s): Maria F Montoya | Andre W Hite | Patricia Rohrbeck | Binky Bawa | Oladayo O Akinwolemiwa | Alicia M Benson | Mary Luna Hollen | Carlos A Reyes Ortiz
Nutritional, Medicinal and Industrial Uses of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Seeds - An Overview

Author(s): Kandangath Raghavan Anilakumar | Ajay Pal | Farhath Khanum | Amarinder Singh Bawa
TUX-INTERO: A Portal for secure interoperation of Grids

Author(s): Shashi Bhanwar | Seema Bawa
Covered exstrophy with anorectal malformation and vaginal duplication

Author(s): Bawa Monika | Rao K. L. N. | Singh Jitendra | Mahajan J
Interoperability: Bridging the Gap

Author(s): Shashi | Seema Bawa
Replacement Value of Normal Maize with Quality Protein Maize (Obatampa) in Broiler Diets

Author(s): P.A. Onimisi | J.J. Omage | I.I. Dafwang | G.S. Bawa
Effect of Different Methods of Processing Neem (Azadirachta indica) Seeds on Performance of Young Rabbits

Author(s): G.S. Bawa | M. Orunmuyi | A.S. Agbaji | Z. Ladan | U.O. Okekeifi
Antimicrobial Peptides-New Weapons Against Enteric Pathogens

Author(s): V. Puttalingamma | Khyrunnisa Begum | A.S. Bawa
Effects of Graded Levels of Palm-Kernel Cake on Performance of Grower Rabbits

Author(s): M. Orunmuyi | G.S. Bawa | F.D. Adeyinka | O.M. Daudu | I.A. Adeyinka
A Descriptive Retrospective Study of the Pattern of Malignant Diseases in Sokoto, North Western Nigeria (1999-2004)

Author(s): Sani Abubakar Malami | Umar Hamidu Pindiga | Bawa Ahmed Abimiku | Ismaila Arzika Mungadi | Abubakar Danjuma Abdullahi | Ayuba Dauda | Sadiku Malami Sahabi
A Privacy Policy Framework for Grid and Web Services

Author(s): Sarbjeet Singh | Seema Bawa
Effect of Lactic Acid and Irradiation on the Shelf Stability Characteristics of Hurdle Processed Chicken Legs

Author(s): K. Jayathilakan | Khudsia Sultana | K. Radhakrishna | A.S. Bawa
Structural modifications of quinoline-based antimalarial agents: Recent developments

Author(s): Bawa Sandhya | Kumar Suresh | Drabu Sushma | Kumar Rajiv
(8-Chloro-3-methyl-1H-pyrazolo[4,3-c]cinnolin-1-yl) (pyridin-4-yl)methanone

Author(s): Sandhya Bawa | Rajiv Kumar | Gita Chawla | Suresh Kumar | Ravinesh Mishra
Effect of bees wax polyphenols on hexachlorocyclohexane-induced oxidative stress in rat liver

Author(s): K R Anilakumar | Farhath Farhath Khanum | A S Bawa
Enzymatic Reduction of Ketones to Optically Active Secondary Alcohols

Author(s): R.A. Bawa | F. Ajjabou | E. Shalfooh
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 2-chloro-6-methylquinoline hydrazone derivatives

Author(s): Bawa Sandhya | Kumar Suresh | Drabu Sushma | Kumar Rajiv
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 2-chloroquinoline incorporated pyrazoline derivatives

Author(s): Bawa Sandhya | Kumar Suresh | Drabu Sushma | Panda Bibhu | Kumar Rajiv
Career Opportunities in Pharmacy Profession: An informative note

Author(s): Sandhya Bawa | Rajiv k Tonk | Jyoti A Tonk | Suresh Kumar | Sumit Singla
Micro RNA, A Review: Pharmacogenomic drug targets for complex diseases

Author(s): Ritesh Bajaj | Neelima Goel | Sushma Chaturvedi | Sandhya Bawa | Sushma Drabu
Review: DNA Microarray Technology and Drug Development

Author(s): Sana Khan | Sushma Chaturvedi | Neelima Goel | Sandhya Bawa | Sushma Drabu
Synthesis and Antimicrobial activity 2-chloro-6-methylquinoline Hydrazone derivatives

Author(s): Sandhya Bawa | Suresh Kumar | Sushma Drabu | Rajiv Kumar
Synthesis and Antimicrobial activity of 2-Chloroquinoline Incorporated Pyrazoline Derivatives.

Author(s): Sandhya Bawa | Suresh Kumar | Sushma Drabu | Bibhu P Panda | Rajiv kumar
The syncytin-A envelope gene of retroviral origin is essential for mouse placental development

Author(s): Dupressoir Anne | Vernochet Cécile | Bawa Olivia | Harper Francis | Pierron Gérard | Opolon Paule | Heidmann Thierry

Author(s): Suresh Kumar | Sandhya Bawa | Sushma Drabu
Passive Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Banana (Cv. Cavendish) Using Silicone Membrane

Author(s): O.P. Chauhan | P.S. Raju | D.K. Dasgupta | A.S. Bawa
Modified/Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Minimally Processed Mango Slices (Var. Arka anmol)

Author(s): O.P. Chauhan | P.S. Raju | D.K. Dasgupta | R. Shylaja | Sudhakar Rao | A.S. Bawa
Granulomatous prostatitis - an infrequent diagnosis

Author(s): Punia RPS | Amanjit | Mohan Harsh | Bawa A
Linking biodiversity conservation and livelihoods in India.

Author(s): Shanker Kartik | Hiremath Ankila | Bawa Kamal
Spermatic cord metastasis from prostatic cancer.

Author(s): Bawa A | Singh R | Bansal V | Punia R
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