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Nutritional Evaluation of Alkali Treated Neem Kernel Cake Fed to Fattening Uda Rams

Author(s): A. Aruwayo | S.A. Maigandi | B.S. Malami | A.I. Daneji | L.A. Saulawa | M.G. Garba
Yield characteristics of goat’s meat in the semi-arid zone of north-western Nigeria

Author(s): M. Jibir | W.A. Hassan | S.A. Maigandi | S. Garba | A. Bello | S.A. Hena | M.A. Umaru | Y.A. Adamu
Gas Chromatographic Prediction of Equilibrium Phase Atrazine after Sorption onto Derived Activated Carbon

Author(s): A.U. Itodo | F.W. Abdulrahman | L.G. Hassan | S.A. Maigandi | H.U. Itodo
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