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Socioeconomic Characteristics and Motivations for Entering a Medical College – Differences between Graduate and Undergraduate Saudi Medical Students

Author(s): Hamdan AL-Jahdali | Turki Alqarni | Sarah AL-Jahdali | Salim A Baharoon | Abdullah S AL-Harbi | Salih A Binsalih | Abdulah Alshimemeri | Abdullah A Al sayyari
Imaging Review of Procedural and Periprocedural Complications of Central Venous Lines, Percutaneous Intrathoracic Drains, and Nasogastric Tubes

Author(s): Hamdan Al-Jahdali | Klaus L. Irion | Carolyn Allen | Daniel Marafiga de Godoy | Ali Nawaz Khan
Asbestos-the Silent Killer: a review of screening and diagnostic imaging of asbestos related lung disease

Author(s): Ali Nawaz Khan | Hamdan Al-Jahdali | Klaus L. Irion | Shyam Sunder Koteyar
Pulmonary vascular complications of chronic liver disease: Pathophysiology, imaging, and treatment

Author(s): Khan Ali | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Abdullah Khalid | Irion Klaus | Sabih Quratulain | Gouda Alaa
Imaging lung manifestations of HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Allen Carolyn | AL-Jahdali Hamdan | Irion Klaus | Al Ghanem Sarah | Gouda Alaa | Khan Ali
Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia : Experience at three hospitals in Riyadh

Author(s): Alsaghir Abdullah | Al-Mobeireek Abdullah | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Al-Eithan Abdulsalam | Al-Otair Hadil | Al-Dayel Fouad
Insomnia in chronic renal patients on dialysis in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Khogeer Haithm | Al-Qadhi Waleed | Baharoon Salim | Tamim Hani | Al-Hejaili Fayez | Al-Ghamdi Saeed | Al-Sayyari Abdullah
Factors associated with decision-making about end-of-life care by hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Baharoon Salim | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Al-Sayyari Abdullah | Tamim Hani | Babgi Yaser | Al-Ghamdi Saeed
The calcified lung nodule: What does it mean?

Author(s): Khan Ali | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Allen Carolyn | Irion Klaus | Al Ghanem Sarah | Koteyar Shyam
Restless legs syndrome in patients on dialysis

Author(s): Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Al-Qadhi Waleed | Khogeer Haithm | Al-Hejaili Fayez | Al-Ghamdi Saeed | Al Sayyari Abdullah
Advance care planning preferences among dialysis patients and factors influencing their decisions

Author(s): Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Bahroon Salim | Babgi Yaser | Tamim Hani | Al-Ghamdi Saeed | Al-Sayyari Abdullah
Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia: Pathogenesis, clinical features, imaging and therapy review

Author(s): Al-Ghanem Sara | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Bamefleh Hanaa | Khan Ali
Pathogenesis, etiology and treatment of bronchiectasis

Author(s): AL-Shirawi Nehad | AL-Jahdali Hamdan | Al Shimemeri Abdullah
Impact of an extensive asthma education campaign for physicians on their drug prescription practices

Author(s): Al-Shimemeri Abdullah | Al-Ghadeer Hend | Giridhar Hema | Al-Jahdali Hamdan | Al-Moamary Mohamed | Khan Javid | Al-Mobeireek Abdullah | Al Wazzan Abdullah
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