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Using NHANES oral health examination protocols as part of an esophageal cancer screening study conducted in a high-risk region of China

Author(s): Dye Bruce | Wang Ru | Lashley Ruth | Wei Wenqiang | Abnet Christian | Wang Guoqing | Dawsey Sanford | Cong Wei | Roth Mark | Li Xiaojie | Qiao Youlin
Higher urine 1-hydroxy pyrene glucuronide (1-OHPG) is associated with tobacco smoke exposure and drinking maté in healthy subjects from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Author(s): Fagundes Renato | Abnet Christian | Strickland Paul | Kamangar Farin | Roth Mark | Taylor Philip | Dawsey Sanford
Control region mutations and the 'common deletion' are frequent in the mitochondrial DNA of patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Abnet Christian | Huppi Konrad | Carrera Ana | Armistead David | McKenney Keith | Hu Nan | Tang Ze-Zong | Taylor Philip | Dawsey Sanford

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