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Characterizing Ancylostoma caninum transcriptome and exploring nematode parasitic adaptation

Author(s): Wang Zhengyuan | Abubucker Sahar | Martin John | Wilson Richard | Hawdon John | Mitreva Makedonka
Molecular determinants archetypical to the phylum Nematoda

Author(s): Yin Yong | Martin John | Abubucker Sahar | Wang Zhengyuan | Wyrwicz Lucjan | Rychlewski Leszek | McCarter James | Wilson Richard | Mitreva Makedonka
Systematic analysis of insertions and deletions specific to nematode proteins and their proposed functional and evolutionary relevance

Author(s): Wang Zhengyuan | Martin John | Abubucker Sahar | Yin Yong | Gasser Robin | Mitreva Makedonka
NemaPath: online exploration of KEGG-based metabolic pathways for nematodes

Author(s): Wylie Todd | Martin John | Abubucker Sahar | Yin Yong | Messina David | Wang Zhengyuan | McCarter James | Mitreva Makedonka

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