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In vitro evaluation of the efficacy of peach stones as mycotoxin binders

Author(s): Lopičić Zorica R. | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Stojanović Mirjana D. | Milojković Jelena V. | Pantić Vladimir R. | Adamović Milan J.
Glucose concentration and blood acid-basis status in high-yielding dairy cows during heat stress

Author(s): Vujanac Ivan | Kirovski Danijela | Šamanc Horea | Prodanović Radiša | Adamović Milan | Ignjatović Marija
Determination of NABE in urine of high-yield dairy cows in early lactation in conditions of moderate heat stress

Author(s): Fratrić Natalija | Vujanac Ivan | Šamanc Horea | Kirovski Danijela | Gvozdić Dragan | Adamović Milan
Effect of administering energy supplement in feed on body condition and performance of high-yield dairy cows

Author(s): Šamanc Horea | Kirovski Danijela | Adamović Milan | Vujanac Ivan | Prodanović Radiša | Radivojević Mihajlo | Nikić D. | Tulcan Camelia
Effect of zeolite on health condition of canines

Author(s): Vučićević Ivana | Trailović Dragiša | Šamanc Horea | Adamović Milan
Effect of natural zeolite on biochemical and hematological parameters in blood, body mass and growth of calves

Author(s): Šamanc Horea | Kirovski Danijela | Adamović Milan | Vujanac Ivan | Fratrić Natalija | Prodanović Radiša
Esubacute acidosis in rumen of high-yield dairy cows: Prevalence and prevention

Author(s): Petrujkić Branko T. | Šamanc Horea | Adamović Milan | Kirovski Danijela | Vujanac Ivan | Miljas Niko
Rumen acidosis: Possibilities of prevention using of mineral mix with buffering effect

Author(s): Šamanc Horea | Stojić Velibor | Adamović Milan | Vujanac Ivan | Petrujkić Branislav
Efficiency of zeolite basis preparation in fattening Lamb diets

Author(s): Stojković Jovan | Sinovec Zlatan J. | Adamović Milan | Tomašević-Čanović Magdalena R. | Daković Aleksandra S. | Adamović Ognjen
Mycotoxins in pathophysiology of cattle diet

Author(s): Mašić Zoran | Adamović Milan | Đilas Sandra M. | Mihaljev Željko A.
The influence of mineral adsorbent „Minazel” on the reduction of residual zearalenone and its metabolites in cow's milk

Author(s): Nešić Srđan | Grubić Goran | Adamović Milan | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Daković Aleksandra S.
Trading quality and breadmaking performance of wheat treated with natural zeolite and diatomaceous earth

Author(s): Bodroža-Solarov Marija I. | Kljajić Petar | Andrić Goran | Pražić-Golić Marijana | Filipčev Bojana V. | Šimurina Olivera | Adamović Milan
Application of Principal Component Analysis in Assessment of Relation Between the Parameters of Technological Quality of Wheat Grains Treated with Inert Dusts Against Rice Weevil (Sitophilus oryzae L.)

Author(s): Marija Bodroža-Solarov | Petar Kljajić | Goran Andrić | Bojana Filipčev | Olivera Šimurina | Marijana Pražić Golić | Milan Adamović
Microbiological and mycotoxicological correctness of protein feed ingredients in Vojvodina

Author(s): Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Salma Nataša M. | Pantić Vladimir R. | Adamović Milan J. | Miljković Aleksandra D. | Suzić Svetlana V.
Microbiological investigation of peppermint and pumpkin seed kernels drying in batch dryer

Author(s): Matavulj Milan N. | Martinov Milan L. | Karaman Maja A. | Veselinov Branislav V. | Adamović Dušan S.
Influence of pelleting on microbiological and mycotoxical correctness of feed mixtures with bentonite supplement

Author(s): Adamović Milan J. | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Pantić Vladimir R. | Radivojević Mihailo A. | Adamović Ivana D. | Stojanović Bojan D.
The quality of silage of corn grain and spent P. ostreatus mushroom substrate

Author(s): Adamović Milan J. | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Milenković Ivanka M. | Štrbac Snežana S. | Adamović Ivana
Mycotoxins in the silage: Causes of creating, aftermath and protection from acting

Author(s): Adamović Milan J. | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Đorđević Nenad Ž. | Daković Aleksandra S. | Adamović Ivana D.
Mycopopulations of alfalfa silage with particular review on toxigenic Fusarium spp.

Author(s): Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Adamović Milan J. | Đorđević Nenad Ž.
Efficacy of organozeolite to ameliorate the toxic effects of zearalenone in lambs

Author(s): Stojšić D. | Stojković Mileta | Daković Aleksandra S. | Adamović Milan | Tomašević-Čanović Magdalena R.
Influence of addition of Zenural 70, urea and Min-A-Zel Plus on chemical composition and quality of whole maize plant silage

Author(s): Đorđević Nenad | Grubić Goran | Adamović Milan | Nježić Dušan | Nježić Aleksandar | Stojanović Bojan
Influence of min-a-zel plus and maize meal addition on the quality of lucerne silage

Author(s): Đorđević Nenad 1 | Grubić Goran | Adamović Milan | Koljajić Viliman
Influence of Min-a-zel Plus on biochemical, microbiological and mycotoxicological parameters of lucerne silage

Author(s): Đorđević Nenad 1 | Adamović Milan | Grubić Goran | Koljajić Viliman | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S.
The influence of zeolite on the quality of fresh beet pulp silages

Author(s): Koljajić Viliman | Đorđević Nenad 1 | Grubić Goran | Adamović Milan

Author(s): Jovica Jovanović | Milan Jovanović | Mirjana Arandjelović | Svetlana Adamović
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