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Senescence of human vocal fold fibroblasts in primary culture

Author(s): George M. Adams | Chet C. Xu | Roger W. Chan
Mechanics of lipid bilayer junctions affecting the size of a connecting lipid nanotube

Author(s): Karlsson Roger | Kurczy Michael | Grzhibovskis Richards | Adams Kelly | Ewing Andrew | Cans Ann-Sofie | Voinova Marina
Biochemical isolation and purification of ovulation-inducing factor (OIF) in seminal plasma of llamas

Author(s): Ratto Marcelo | Delbaere Louis | Leduc Yvonne | Pierson Roger | Adams Gregg
Two novel human NUMB isoforms provide a potential link between development and cancer

Author(s): Karaczyn Aldona | Bani-Yaghoub Mahmud | Tremblay Roger | Kubu Chris | Cowling Rebecca | Adams Tamara | Prudovsky Igor | Spicer Douglas | Friesel Robert | Vary Calvin | Verdi Joseph
Level set segmentation of bovine corpora lutea in ex situ ovarian ultrasound images

Author(s): Rusnell Brennan | Pierson Roger | Singh Jaswant | Adams Gregg | Eramian Mark
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation Does Not Reduce Visceral Adipose Tissue in Middle-Aged Men Engaged in a Resistance-Training Program

Author(s): Adams Roger | Hsueh Andie | Alford Betty | King Clay | Mo Huanbiao | Wildman Robert
Reliability of two goniometric methods of measuring active inversion and eversion range of motion at the ankle

Author(s): Menadue Collette | Raymond Jacqueline | Kilbreath Sharon | Refshauge Kathryn | Adams Roger
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