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Giant Asterional Dermoid Cyst with Dermal Sinus; a Case Report

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Sudhakar Ratanlal Joharapurkar | Vinay Vasudev Shahapurkar
Hemihydranencephaly; a Case Report

Author(s): Damodar Nanaji Balpande | Chandra Shekhar Pathak | Amit Agrawal | Brij Raj Singh
Design of A Embedded Ethernet Packet Sniffer

Author(s): Rahul Pal, | Rahul Gotiya, | Pankaj Singh, | Amit Agrawal,
Controlling DC Motor using Microcontroller (PIC16F72) with PWM

Author(s): Shruti Shrivastava, Jageshwar Rawat, Amit Agrawal
Prevalence of Three-Rooted Mandibular First Molars among Indians Using SCT

Author(s): Amit Kumar Garg | Rajendra Kumar Tewari | Neha Agrawal

Author(s): Reecha Ranjan Singh | Amit Chauhan | Sangeeta Agrawal | Saurabh Kapoor
Feasibility of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Under Spinal Anaesthesia

Author(s): Nivesh Agrawal, | *Amit Gupta, | *Kumkum Gupta, | **Satyam Khare
Spontaneous Intracerebral Haemorrhage in a Child

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Vikram Jeet Singh Dhingra
Giant Asterional Dermoid Cyst with Dermal Sinus; a Case Report

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Sudhakar Ratanlal Joharapurkar | Vinay Vasudev Shahapurkar
Accidental Puncture of Shunt Tube by Subcutaneous Suture

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Anshul Yadav
Hemihydranencephaly; a Case Report

Author(s): Damodar Nanaji Balpande | Chandra Shekhar Pathak | Amit Agrawal | Brij Raj Singh
Antenatal Hypoxic-ischemic Insult

Author(s): Amit Agrawal
Implementation of WAP through an Innovative and Efficient Technique

Author(s): Shorya Agrawal | Nirved K. Pandey | Amit Kanskar
Cariogenic Potential of Most Commonly Prescribed Liquid Oral Medicines for Children

Author(s): Nikita Agrawal | N.D. Shashikiran | Amit Vanka, | Rupesh Thakur | S.S. Sandhu
Warkany Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Rashmi Agrawal
What is your diagnosis?

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Brij Raj Singh
What is your diagnosis?

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | Nitish Baisakhiya | Brij Raj Singh

Author(s): Amit Chauhan | Reecha Ranjan Singh , Sangeeta Agrawal , Saurabh Kapoor ,S. Sharma
Eco-friendly spectrophotometic estimation of atenolol tablets using metformin hydrochloride as hydrotropic solubilizing agent

Author(s): R K Maheshwari | Archana Agrawal | Amit Rathore | Megha Agrawal | Sonali Jayronia
Multiple-ring enhancing lesions in an immunocompetent adult

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Bhake Arvind | Sangole V | Singh Brij
Early management of mesenteric cyst prevents catastrophes: A single centre analysis of 17 cases

Author(s): Prakash Advait | Agrawal Amit | Gupta Rahul | Sanghvi Beejal | Parelkar Sandesh
A case of quadriplegia with gastric perforation

Author(s): Dwivedi Sankalp | Agrawal Amit | Bhatt Manisha | Singh Surya
Midline frontal depressed skull fracture with venous infarct

Author(s): Anand Kakani | Amit Agrawal
Adenosquamous carcinoma of breast in a 19 years old woman: a case report

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Saha Shopon | Ellis Ian | Bello Alache
Cerebellar infarction after head injury

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Kakani Anand
Supporting Privacy Policies in a Publish-Subscribe Substrate for Pervasive Environments

Author(s): Lukasz Opyrchal | Atul Prakash | Amit Agrawal
Tumor markers and the central nervous system

Author(s): Amit Agrawal | J.P.Shetty | Rajanish Joshi
Giant lumbar paraspinal atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor in a child

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Bhake Arvind | Cincu Rafael
Minimal access surgery for multiorgan hydatid cysts

Author(s): Mishra Pankaj | Agrawal Amit | Joshi Milind | Sanghvi Beejal | Gupta Rahul | Parelkar Sandesh
Gastric volvulus in children: Experience of 6 years at a tertiary care centre

Author(s): Joshi Milind | Parelkar Sandesh | Sanghvi Beejal | Agrawal Amit | Mishra Pankaj | Pradeep S
Dolichoectasia of basilar artery causing obstructive hydrocephalous and cranial nerves compression

Author(s): Amit Mittal | Ajay Mittal | B. K. Agrawal | Vinod Mehta
The role of Coenzyme Q10 in statin-associated myopathy

Author(s): Sanjay Kalra | Navneet Agrawal | Bharti Kalra | Amit Sharma | Ritu Kamboj
Primary Intraosseus Haemagioma of The Clivus Mimicking Giant Pituitary Macroadenomoa

Author(s): Amit AGRAWAL | Nitish BAISAKHIYA | Rafael CINCU | Arvind BHAKE
Traumatic dural sinus thrombosis causing persistent headache in a child

Author(s): Lakhkar Bhavana | Lakhkar Bhushan | Singh Brij | Agrawal Amit
Primary Ewing′s sarcoma of the frontal bone with intracranial extension

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Dulani Rajesh | Mahadevan Anitha | Vagaha S | Vagha Jayant | Shankar S
Isolated transverse process fracture of the lumbar vertebrae

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Srivastava Sandeep | Kakani Anand
Vasopressin in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit: Myth or reality

Author(s): Singh Vishal | Sharma Rajesh | Agrawal Amit | Varma Amit
Extensive gliosis in the wall of cervico-dorsal syrinx masquerading intramedullary tumor

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Dulani Rajesh | Bhake Arvind | Hiwale Kishore | Mahadevan Anita | Shankar S
Disc prolapse and cord contusion in a case of Klippel-Feil syndrome following minor trauma

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Badve Arvind | Swarnkar Nikhil | Sarda Kaustubh
Characteristics of associated craniofacial trauma in patients with head injuries: An experience with 100 cases

Author(s): Rajendra Prasad | Mathew Tony | Agrawal Amit | Sabharawal Gagan
Severe delirium following single dose of tramadol

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Diwan S | Mahajan Rajesh
Role of magnetic resonance urography in diagnosis of duplex renal system: Our initial experience at a tertiary care institute

Author(s): Joshi Milind | Shah Heemanshi | Parelkar Sandesh | Agrawal Amit | Sanghvi Beejal
Early tracheostomy in severe head injuries at a rural center

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Joharapurkar S | Golhar K | Shahapurkar V
Re: Conferences

Author(s): Agrawal Amit
Teaching-learning and patient care

Author(s): Agrawal Amit
Dilemmas of Plenty

Author(s): Agrawal Amit
Head injuries in a rural setup: Challenges and potential solutions

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Joharapurkar Sudhakar | Golhar Keshav | Shahapurkar Vinay | Dwivedi Sankalp | Meghe Abhuday
Blunt trauma to the parotid gland in child

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Golhar K | Dwivedi Sankalp | Baisakhiya Nitish | Banode Pankaj | Sachchar Abhishek
Functioning ganglioneuroma of the adrenal gland - case report and review of literature

Author(s): Mishra Anand | Agrawal Amit | Kar Dilip | Prasad K | Agrawal Gaurav | Dabadgaonkar Priti | Pal Lily | Mishra S
Fatal orbitocranial injury by fencing and spectacle sidebar

Author(s): Shahpurkar Vinay | Agrawal Amit
Subperiosteal hematoma of the orbit associated with subfrontal hematoma presenting as proptosis

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Dwivedi Sankalp | Joshi Rajnish | Gupta Dilip | Yunus Mohammed
Ganglion: An uncommon cause of compressive peroneal neuropathy

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Shetty B | Makannavar J | Shetty Lathika | Shetty Rajesh
Post-traumatic syringomyelia

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Shetty M | Pandit Lekha | Shetty Lathika | Srikrishna U
Correction of post-traumatic kyphosis using intermediate facet joints as fulcrum in dorso-lumbar spine injuries

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Shetty M | Shetty J | Srikrishna U | Nagvenkar Swapnil
Giant retroperitoneal fetus-in-fetu: An unusual cause of respiratory distress

Author(s): Singh Satyendra | Pratap Akshay | Sinha Arvind | Kumar Anand | Lakshmi R | Shakya Vikal | Agrawal Amit
Tincture benzoin as an antiseptic and adhesive for preoperative surgical preparation

Author(s): Cincu Marsalic Rafael | Agrawal Amit | Dange Nitin | Goel Atul
Primary aneurysmal bone cyst of coronoid process

Author(s): Goyal Amit | Tyagi Isha | Syal Rajan | Agrawal Tanu | Jain Manoj
Intramedullary diffuse tubercular lesion resembling glioma

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Joshi Rajnish | Badole C | Gangane Nitin | Dwivedi Sankalp
An artificial neural network to detect eeg seizures

Author(s): Sinha Rakesh | Ray Amit | Agrawal Navin
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