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Evaluation of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Risk Factors

Author(s): Javad Golmirzaei | Shole Namazi | Shahrokh Amiri | Shahram Zare | Najme Rastikerdar | Ali Akbar Hesam | Zahra Rahami | Fatemeh Ghasemian | Seyyed Shojaeddin Namazi | Abbas Paknahad | Forugh Mahmudi | Hamidreza Mahboobi | Tahereh Khorgoei | Bahareh Niknejad | Fatemeh Dehghani | Shima Asadi
An Overview of Analytical Determination of Diltiazem, Cimetidine, Ranitidine, and Famotidine by UV Spectrophotometry and HPLC Technique

Author(s): Nighat Shafi | Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui | Huma Naseem | Nawab Sher | Arif Zubair | Azhar Hussain | Ali Akbar Sial | Mirza Tasawer Baig
CFD Study on Wall/Nanoparticle Interaction in Nanofluids Convective Heat Transfer

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Tarybakhsh | Ali Akbar Lotfi Neyestanak | Hamed Tarybakhsh
Pollutants Source Control and Health Effects

Author(s): Roya Kelishadi | Mohammad Mehdi Amin | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Ajay K. Gupta | Tuula Anneli Tuhkanen
Tulgeity of Line Graphs

Author(s): Akbar Ali | S. Panayappan
Wernicke's Encephalopathy in a Young Girl Suffering from Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia

Author(s): Askar Ghorbani | Farzad Fatehi | Akbar Soltanzadeh | Amir Ali Hamidieh | Zahra Vahabi
Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Strength and Balance in Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

Author(s): Nahid Nazari | Ali Akbar Hashemi-Javaheri | Amir Rashid-Lamir | Emad Alaviniya
Genotyping of hepatitis B virus from dried and stored serum on filter paper

Author(s): Rino A. Gani | A. D. Handayu | Reny Mulatsih | L. A. Lesmana | Ali Sulaiman | Nurul Akbar
Combination of interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin in relapsed or nonresponding chronic hepatitis C patients following interferon therapy

Author(s): Laurentius A. Lesmana | Unggul Budihusodo | Nurul Akbar | Ali Sulaiman | Sjaifoellah Noer | Inge A. Kristanti | Rianto Setiabudy
Genotyping of hepatitis B virus from dried and stored serum on filter paper

Author(s): Rino A. Gani | A. D. Handayu | Reny Mulatsih | L. A. Lesmana | Ali Sulaiman | Nurul Akbar
Combination of interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin in relapsed or nonresponding chronic hepatitis C patients following interferon therapy

Author(s): Laurentius A. Lesmana | Unggul Budihusodo | Nurul Akbar | Ali Sulaiman | Sjaifoellah Noer | Inge A. Kristanti | Rianto Setiabudy
The Distribution of Quadratic Expressions in Elliptically Contoured Vectors

Author(s): Serge B. Provost | Ali Akbar Mohsenipour
The Role of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Managing Rangelands Sustainably in Northern Iran

Author(s): Mehdi Ghorbani | Hossein Azarnivand | Ali Akbar Mehrabi | Mohammad Jafari | Hooshang Nayebi | Klaus Seeland
L-carnitine of red meat consumption contributes less in heart diseases progression as compared to low expressed PPARα leading to activation of mTOR1C

Author(s): Umar Bacha | Muhammad Nasir | Muhammad Asif Ali | Naveed Akbar | Aftab Ahmad Anjum | Javed Muhammad | Tanveer Hussain | Abdul Wajid | Tayyab Shahzad | Anjum Rashid
A study on the effect of brand experience on consumer purchase experiences: A case study of food industry

Author(s): Arash Hosseinzadeh | Naser Azad | Seyed Mohsen Seyed Ali Akbar
Intensive Care Unit Staff and Resource Utilization: Is It an Effective Factor?

Author(s): Majid Golestani Eraghi | Taghi Mohammad Beigmohammadi | Ali Akbar Soleimani | Mojtaba Mojtahedzadeh
A study on relationship between organizational climate and creativity

Author(s): Ali Akbar Ahmadi | Zainab Emamipour
Stability of alternate dual frames

Author(s): Ali Akbar Arefijamaal
Autologous Fibrin Sealant in Tubeless Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy; A Prospective Study

Author(s): Seyyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, | Reza Sarhangnejad | Hassan Abolghasemi | Peyman Eshghi | Mohammad Hadi Radfar | Ali Ahanian | Muhammet Ihsan Karaman | Nasser Amirizadeh | Akbar Nouralizadeh
Efficacy Platelet/Spleen Diameter Ratio for Detection of Esophageal Varices in Cirrhotic Patients

Author(s): Abdol Rahim Masjedizadeh | Eskandar Hajiani | Pejman Alavi nejad | Jalal Hashemi | Ali Akbar Shayesteh | Zinab Yasin
Comparison of Congenital Abnormalities of Infants Conceived by Assisted Reproductive Techniques versus Infants with Natural Conception in Tehran

Author(s): Mansoureh Farhangniya | Eshagh Dortaj Rabori | Ramin Mozafari Kermani | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Abbas Bahrampour | Pezhman Bagheri | Paul A. L. Lancaster | Mahnaz Ashrafi | Ahmad Vosough Taqi Dizaj | Hamid Gourabi | Abolhassan Shahzadeh Fazeli
Relationship of risk factors and ST segment changes with symptoms of acute coronary syndrome0.

Author(s): Hamid Sharifnia | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Roghieh Nazari | Nasim Bahrami | Mohammad Ali Soleimani | Kamran Pormand
Characterizations of stability for discrete semigroups of bounded linear operators

Author(s): Akbar Zada | Gul Rahmat | Afshan Tabassum | Gohar Ali
Anthropometric measurements of lip-nose complex in 11-17 years old males of Mashhad using photographic analysis

Author(s): Pourmomeni Abbas Ali | Asiaei Hosein | Mirshamsi Maryam | Amir Rajab Amirrajab | Akbar Hasanzadeh
The Effect of Ketamine on Posttonsillectomy Pain in Children: A Clinical Trial

Author(s): Akbar Pirzadeh | Mohammad Ali Mohammadi | Sooreh Allaf-Akbari | Masood Entezariasl
Antioxidant Capacity of Calendula Officinalis Flowers Extract and Prevention of Radiation Induced Oropharyngeal Mucositis in Patients with Head and Neck Cancers: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Study

Author(s): Neda Babaee | Dariush Moslemi | Mohammad Khalilpour | Fatemeh Vejdani | Yasaman Moghadamnia | Ali Bijani | Mahmoud Baradaran | Mohammad Taghi Kazemi | Asieh Khalilpour | Mahdi Pouramir | Ali Akbar Moghadamnia
Heavy Metals Concentrations in Mashhad Drinking Water Network

Author(s): Roya Peiravi | Hossein Alidadi | Ali Akbar Dehghan | Mohammad Vahedian
The Role of Cytomegalovirus, Haemophilus Influenzae and Epstein Barr Virus in Guillain Barre Syndrome

Author(s): Shahriar Nafissi | Zahra Vahabi | Maryam Sadeghi Ghahar | Ali Akbar Amirzargar | Soheil Naderi
Kinetic Study of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis over co Precipitated Iron-Cerium Catalyst

Author(s): Ali Akbar Mirzaei | Maryam Arsalanfar | Faza Ebrahimzadeh | Hossein Atashi | Sayed Hadi Mirhoseini Moghaddam
The Evaluation of Increase in Hemodialysis Frequency on C-Reactive Protein Levels and Nutritional Status

Author(s): Ali Akbar Rashidi | Ali Reza Soleimani | Hassan Nikoueinejad | Shokooh Sarbolouki
Determination of toxicological indexes of carbon nanotubes and Chrysotile according to invitro cytotoxicity  on Human Lung epithelium cells

Author(s): Yousef Mohammadian | Seyed Jamaledin Shahtaheri | Ali akbar Sabour yaraghi | Hossein Kakooei | Mohammad Hajaghazadeh
Factors Affecting Isfahanian Mobile Banking Adoption Based on the Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior

Author(s): Ali Kazemi | Akbar Nilipour | Nastaran Kabiry | Mahnaz Mohammad Hoseini
The auditory attention status in Iranian bilingual and monolingual people

Author(s): Nayiere Mansoori | Seyed Ali Akbar Tahaei | Zahra Jafari | Mohammad Kamali
Deficit of auditory temporal processing in children with dyslexia-dysgraphia

Author(s): Sima Tajik | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman | Ali Akbar Tahaie | Fahimeh Hajiabolhassan | Leila Jalilvand Karimi | Shohreh Jalaie
Relationship Between Number Of Involved Coronary Artery With Some Risk Factors By Angiography 

Author(s): Seyed Abedein Hosseini | Ali Akbar Abdollahi | Naser Behnampour | Aref Salehi
Determinants of Fast Food Consumption among Iranian High School Students Based on Planned Behavior Theory

Author(s): Gholamreza Sharifirad | Parastoo Yarmohammadi | Leila Azadbakht | Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad | Akbar Hassanzadeh
Clinical Manifestations Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Different Age Groups

Author(s): Farhan Ali | Adnan Bashir Bhatti | Siddique Akbar Satti | Syed Irfan Ahmed
A Prevalence Study of Hearing Loss among Primary School Children in the South East of Iran

Author(s): Aqeel Absalan | Ibrahim Pirasteh | Gholam Ali Dashti Khavidaki | Azam Asemi rad | Ali Akbar Nasr Esfahani | Mohammad Hussein Nilforoush
Association of Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors “Results from a Community Based Study on 5900 Adult Subjects”

Author(s): Hamid Najafipour | Tayebeh Malek Mohammadi | Foad Rahim | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Mitra Shadkam | Mahdi Afshari
Is Modified Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection Alive for Clinical Stage I Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Testicular Tumor?

Author(s): Abbas Basiri | Mohammad Ali Ghaed | Nasser Simforoosh | Ali Tabibi | Abdolkarim Danesh | Akbar Nouralizadeh | Mehdi Kardoust Parizi
Direct Electrochemistry of Hemoglobin Immobilized on a Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Gold Nanoparticles Nanocomplex-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

Author(s): Jun Hong | Ying-Xue Zhao | Bao-Lin Xiao | Ali Akbar Moosavi-Movahedi | Hedayatollah Ghourchian | Nader Sheibani
The role of cultural intelligence of managers in promoting employees’ collaboration

Author(s): Seyed Ali Akbar Ahmadi | Hosein Safarzadeh | Mohammad Javad Hozoori | Fariba Dehnavi
The Association of -475 and -631 Interleukin-2 Gene Polymorphism with Multiple Sclerosis in Iranian Patients

Author(s): Aida Sayad | Abdolamir Allameh | Arezou Sayad | Mehrdad Noruzinia | Mohammad Taghi Akbari | Ali Sarzaeem | Reza Haji Hoseini | Akbar Akbari
Construction of pcDNA3.1-FSHβ expression vector in order to transfer FSHβ gene into a mammalian cellline

Author(s): Reza Nasr | Mohammad Reza Akbarieidgahi | Ali Akbar Shaebani | Azarsadat Rezapourjavareshk | Ahmad Reza Bandegi | SaeidValizadeh
Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Wheat Classification Based on Cultivation Calendar by IHS Algorithm

Author(s): Ashourloo Davood | Matkan A. Akbar | Aghighi Hossain | Hosseni Amin | Gholampour Ali | Ashourloo Morteza
The Study of Diversity of Ciliate Protozoa in Ghizel Sheep Fed in Pasture and Nourished by Dried Grape by-Product

Author(s): Taghizadeh Akbar | Mahbob S. Ali | Zarini G. Reza | Besharati Maghsoud | Ansari Adel
Evaluation of some by-Products using In situ and In vitro Gas Production Techniques

Author(s): Besharati Maghsoud | Taghizadeh Akbar | Janmohammadi Hossein | Moghadam G. Ali
Prevalence of Obesity, Overweight and Underweight among Elementary School Children in Southern Iran, 2009

Author(s): Elham Ahmadi | Ali R. Tehrani | Akbar Ahmadi | Elham Ahmadi | Ali R. Tehrani | Akbar Ahmadi
A Study of the Effect of Infilled Brick Walls on Behavior of Eccentrically Braced Frames Using Explicit Finite Elements Method

Author(s): Amir S. Daryan | Masood Ziaei | Ali Golafshar | Akbar Pirmoz | Mohammad A. Assareh
Optimizing Coagulation Process for Low to High Turbidity Waters Using Aluminum and Iron Salts

Author(s): Akbar Baghvand | Ali D. Zand | Nasser Mehrdadi | Abdolreza Karbassi
GGE Biplot Analysis of Yield Stability in Multi-environment Trials of Lentil Genotypes under Rainfed Condition

Author(s): Rahmatollah KARIMIZADEH | Mohtasham MOHAMMADI | Naser SABAGHNI | Ali Akbar MAHMOODI | Barzo ROUSTAMI | Faramarz SEYYEDI | Fariba AKBARI
Clusterization of Surface Water Quality and Its Relation to Climate and Land Use/Cover

Author(s): Tahir Ali Akbar | Quazi K. Hassan | Gopal Achari
Quantum Circuit Automatic Synthesizer (QCAS)

Author(s): Ali Moghadaszadeh, | Majid Mohamadi, | Ali Akbar Niknafs, | Peyman Keshavarzian,
The retired`s viewpoints regarding leisure time: A focus on sport

Author(s): Habib Honari | Saeed Ali Abadi | Akbar Heydari
Protein quality evaluation of two rice- and milk-based weaning foods

Author(s): Zatolah Asemi | Ashraf Khorrami | Mohsen Taghizade | Zahra Abedini | Zohreh Azarbad | Ali akbar Rashidi
Variation of the latissimus dorsi muscle: a case report

Author(s): Shabnam Mohammadi | Ali Akbar Rajab Zadeh | Sohyela Jafarpour | Fatemeh Alipour | Akram Sadeghi
Cytotoxic Effect of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by MTT Assay

Author(s): Homa Mohseni Kouchesfehani | Sahar Kiani | Ali Akbar Rostami | Rahman Fakheri
Biotechnological Reduction of Tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum L.) Toxicity

Author(s): Samane Sattar | Gholamreza Asghari | Ali Akbar Ehsanpour
Studying the Impact of Attitude towards Knowledge Sharing on Employees' Happiness (Case Study: Employees of University of Isfahan)

Author(s): Ali Nasr Isfahani | Akbar Nilipour | Tahereh Aghababapour | Mohammad Hasan Tanhaei
Expression of Galectin-3 As A Testis Inflammatory Marker in Vasectomised Mice

Author(s): Hamed Haddad Kashani | Ghazale Moshkdanian | Mohammad Ali Atlasi | Ali Akbar Taherian | Homayoun Naderian | Hossein Nikzad
Effect of an Integrated Case-based Nutrition Curriculum on Medical Education at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Author(s): Ahmad Afaghi | Ali Akbar Haj Agha Mohamadi | Amir Ziaee | Ramin Sarchami
Effect of Concentrated Pomegranate Juice Consumption on Glucose and Lipid Profile Concentrations in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Ali Akbar Rashidi | Fatemeh Jafari-Menshadi | Akram Zinsaz | Zahra Sadafi
Early Marjolin’s Ulcer after Minimal Superficial Burn

Author(s): Ali Akbar Mohammadi | Seyed Morteza Seyed Jafari | Masoud Hosseinzadeh
Iranian Medicinal Plants for Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Ali Akbar Rashidi | Seyyed Mehdi Mirhashemi | Mohsen Taghizadeh | Parisa Sarkhail
Psychometric properties of Spector’s job satisfaction survey in the Iranian population

Author(s): Ali Akbar Akbaritabar | Hamidreza Mokarami | Morteza Nazifi | Amid Rahi | Ehsane mirkamandar | Mehdi Hosseinpouri
Selection of two cut-off points via generalized Youden index and receiving operating characteristic surface to predict preeclampsia using the hemoglobin levels in the first trimester of pregnancy

Author(s): Hamid AlaviMajd | Nasrin Borumandnia | Ali akbar Khadem Mabudi | Norosadat Kariman | Nastaran Safavi Ardabili | Abbas Hajifathali
Effect of alprazolam on analgesic action of ibuprofen in treatment of dysmenorrhea in 18-25 years old girls

Author(s): Mahmoud Baradaran | Manouchehr Ashrafpour | Shiva Amirsoleimani | Afsane Bakhtiari | Fateme Nasiri | Ali Akbar Moghadamnia
The effect of Cinnamaldehyde on mucositis and salivary antioxidant capacity in gamma-irradiated rats (a preliminary study)

Author(s): Molania Tahereh | Moghadamnia Ali Akbar | Pouramir Mahdi | Aghel Sara | Moslemi Dariush | Ghassemi Leila | Motallebnejad Mina
A calorimetric investigation for the bindings of mushroom tyrosinase to p-phenylene-bis dithiocarbamate and xanthates

Author(s): Rezaei Behbehani Gholam Reza | Mehreshtiagh Melisa | Barzegar Lyla | Saboury Akbar Ali

Author(s): Mehrzad Moghadasi | Eskandar Rahimi | Mohadeseh Nematollahzadeh Mahani | Ali Akbar Molaee
Anti-Oxidative Stress Activity of Stachys lavandulifolia Aqueous Extract in Human

Author(s): Kobra Rahzani | Ali Akbar Malekirad | Akbar Zeraatpishe | Naser Hosseini | Seyed Mohammad Reza Seify | Mohammad Abdollahi
Effects of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort) Extract on Renal Ischemic Reperfusion Injury in Rats

Author(s): Ali Akbar Abolfathi | Yousef Doustar | Pejman Mortazavi | Ali Rezai
Mixed enzymatic-explant protocol for isolation of mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton’s jelly and encapsulation in 3D culture system

Author(s): Saeed Azandeh | Mahmoud Orazizadeh | Mahmoud Hashemitabar | Ali Khodadadi | Ali Akbar Shayesteh | Darioush Bijan Nejad | Anneh Mohammad Gharravi | Elham Allahbakhshi
Effect of calcium hydroxide and chlorhexidine medicaments on the apical seal

Author(s): Mahmoud Reza Hamidi | Elham Mahmoudi | Ali Akbar Moghadamnia | Samir Zahedpasha
Strategy for the Development of a Smart NDVI Camera System for Outdoor Plant Detection and Agricultural Embedded Systems

Author(s): Volker Dworak | Joern Selbeck | Karl-Heinz Dammer | Matthias Hoffmann | Ali Akbar Zarezadeh | Christophe Bobda
Virtuous organization: A structural equation modeling approach

Author(s): Majid Zamahani | Ali Akbar Ahmadi | Mohammad Ali Sarlak | Hamideh Shekari
Association between Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase-1 (ERAP-1) and Susceptibility to Ankylosing Spondylitis in Iran

Author(s): Mahdi Mahmoudi | Ahmad Reza Jamshidi | Ali Akbar Amirzargar | Elham Farhadi | Keramat Nourijelyani | Sasan Fallahi | Mona Oraei | Sahar Noori | Mohammad Hossein Nicknam
Thermal investigation of Human Serum Albumin upon Interaction with Ytterbium (III)

Author(s): Mohammad Mirzaie | Lyla Barzegar | Gholamreza Rezaei Behbehani | Ali Akbar Saboury
The Effect of Cinnamaldehyde on Mucositis and Salivary Antioxidant Capacity in Gamma-irradiated Rats (a Preliminary Study)

Author(s): Tahereh Molania | Ali Akbar Moghadamnia | Mahdi Pouramir | Sara Aghel | Dariush Moslemi | Leila Ghassemi | Mina Motallebnejad
Study of Syngas Conversion to Light Olefins by Response Surface Methodology

Author(s): Hossein Atashi | Mehdi Shiva | Farshad Farshchi Tabrizi | Ali Akbar Mirzaei
Association of G/A Polymorphism, rs266882, in AREI Region of the Prostate-Specific Antigen Gene with Prostate Cancer Risk and Clinicopathological Features

Author(s): Mohammad Samzadeh | Mandana Hasanzad | Seyed Hamid Jamaldini | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Mahdi Afshari | Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee
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