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Partial Study of Yam Tuber (Dioscorea spp.) Parts during the Growth Period

Author(s): Kouadio Claver Degbeu | Yao Denis N’dri | Achille Fabrice Tetchi Charlemagne Nindjin | Georges N’guessan Amani | Adama Bakayoko
Influence of Traditional Inoculum and Fermentation Time on the Organoleptic Quality of "Attiéké”

Author(s): Nimaga Daouda | Tetchi Fabrice Achille | Kakou Cela Abodjo | Nindjin Charlemagne | Amani N’guessan Georges
Minerals Composition of the Cashew Apple Juice (Anacardium occidentale L.) of Yamoussoukro, Cote D'ivoire

Author(s): Adou Marc | Tetchi Fabrice Achille | Gbane Mory | P.V. Niaba Koffi | Amani N`guessan Georges
Influence of the Variety and Cooking Method on Glycemic Index of Yam

Author(s): Nestor Kouakou Kouassi | Georges Gnomblesson Tiahou | Jacko Rhedoor Fete Abodo | Massara Camara-Cisse | Georges N`Guessan Amani
Effect of genotype, explants, growth regulators and sugars on callus induction in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Author(s): Zouzou Michel | Kouakou Tanoh Hilaire | Koné Mongomaké | Amani Nguessan Georges | Kouadio Yatty Justin

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